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I Hate You Jace - Episode 49&50




I Hate You Jace - Episode 49&50


By Naomi Cindy B.


"Get down from that f*+*king stage, fake writer. The stage is mine" Jace said charismatically, and Nikki stilled. 

He could see anger and fury clearly in Jace's eyes, burning so bright and ready to consume him, and that scared him a lot.

He quickly came down from the stage and began walking to him.

"What's happening?" Esther stood too.

"Nikki!" Mrs. Ronald shouted, but he wouldn't stop.

The award givers sat still, exchanging glances and ready to watch the upcoming drama.

"Remember when I told you I'll take back everything you took away from me? Time's here" Jace said, and Nikki stopped walking .


It's the resumption week, and as usual, students are flooding into Rizz, getting themselves rooms to stay for the school year.

Jace is one of the freshmen, but he resumed earlier, and he settled down really fast.

He returned from campus that hot summer afternoon and met a guy waiting in front of his room... Nikki.

"Hey" Nikki smiled, but Jace remained expressionless.

"Oh...not a fan of greetings? I've been paired with you for the orientation task, you're an English student right?" Nikki said.

"I was, till some minutes ago" Jace spoke icily.

"I don't quiet understand" Nikki said.

"I changed my course" Jace replied, opening his room door to go in.

"Why?" Nikki asked surprisingly.

"I hate a lecturer, madly" Jace replied spitefully from inside the room.

"Oh..." Nikki replied from the door.

"I didn't say you can't come in" Jace said.

"Thanks" Nikki smiled, coming in.

The smell of smoke hit his nostrils immediately... 

"You're a smoker?" He said, but then his eyes caught a pack of condoms on the bedstand.

"You're a f*+*ker too, what else?" He said, but Jace never replied.

"Anyways I'm Nikki Ronald, heard you're Jace Braun, we can be friends" Nikki said.

"Are you sure about that? We're total opposites" Jace replied, noticing he forgot a drawing in his workshop.

"I don't mind, you're human anyways" Nikki said.

"Need to get something from my workshop" Jace said and left the room.

Nikki dropped his bag and started looking around the room.

He was still wandering when his eyes suddenly caught the laptop on the bed.

He went for it and what he saw caught his attention immediately.

It's a novel, and he sat on the bed as he began scrolling to see details.

TITLE: Wet Kisses.

Jace started writing it five months ago, and now he's done with it.

Nikki clicked on the first chapter, and his eyes brightened at what he's reading.

How could someone so talented drop English cos of a lecturer he hates?

He fell in love with the novel so much that he was even unaware of when he finished the first chapter.

A wild idea crept into his head immediately, and he went back to his bag.

He got his flashdrive then went back to the laptop, inserted the drive and started copying the novel chapters.

His heart was beating so fast till he finished up, and he quickly removed the drive, cleared the laptop history and stood.

Jace came in immediately...

"You...took so long" he said awkwardly.

"Unexpected glitch" Jace replied, and Nikki carried his bag hastily.

"I'll see you around then" he flashed a quick smile and darted out of the room.

Jace didn't suspect anything, but throughout that semester, he didn't stumble on Nikki again in the hostel or in campus till the last day of the semester exams.

He was just returning from the exam that day when he saw students talking about something in circles.

It's not new, anytime a new pops up on the Hotspot, they gossip about it but it's on a different level this time.

He was still wondering what it was when a student walked past him, holding a novel.

His eyes caught something on it, so he went closer and snatched the book from her.

He almost ran mad when he saw the title as Wet Kisses, and the author as Nikki Ronald.

He was swallowing lumps as he opened the first chapter... it's his f*+*king book!

He rushed to his room, opened his laptop and searched the history, but no suspicious operation.

He went to deleted histories and saw what he's looking for.

The file was copied to a flashdrive two months ago, same day Nikki came in here.

He stood immediately....now he understands why he was being so awkward, why he rushed out and all.

He left the room in blind anger, ready to kill him if he laid eyes on him, and as he walked the corridor, students praises drummed in his ears.

* He's so good!

* This book should get as many awards as possible

* I love the steamy scenes! So detailed and sweet!

* Nikki is their boss!

* His sentence construction is crazy! His English is so well blended!

The praises only made him more mad till he got to his car and drove out of the hostel.

He drove to the campus and went straight to the English LH where he met just Nikki with Prof. Marcus.

"Congratulations once again, Nikki. I look forward to more of your works" Marcus said, handshaking Nikki before leaving the class.

Jace entered the class, and Nikki quickly turned when he heard footsteps.

"Jace? It's been a while!" He smiled, but he was replied with a punch which made him stagger with a bleeding nose.

"How dare you steal my work!" Jace spat lividly.

"Let's be honest with each other. You weren't gonna publish it anyways since you stopped being a English student. I only helped you share it, and you can tell me how much want. I'll pay you for the rest of your life" Nikki replied.

"I'll kill you" Jace muttered with red eyes.

"You're only bearing the Braun surname. I made my research and I found out you're not a son of the family. You're a bastard and Granny Donna hates you. You can't do anything to me without her influence, my family is more powerful than you alone!" Nikki said proudly.

"You think this is a darn joke? Huh? Motherfûker!" Jace drew his gun, and Nikki fell on the nearest chair fearfully.

"You stole from me, and you have the nerves to talk back? I can kill you right now and make your death look like an accident. I'm a psycho, you didn't hear that part?" Jace muttered.

"No...no... don't pull that trigger... please!" Nikki fearfully said, holding his thighs together so he won't pee on himself.

"You know what they call your type? Slow Poison...you act all naive and gentle, but people like you are actually the worse. Keep being the fake writer, enjoy the stolen fame and popularity while it lasts, and we're still friends, in fact be my best friend, but this will haunt you for long, and I won't forgive you. I'll take back what's mine in the most disgraceful way ever!" Jace said.


"Holy cow! What the hell!" Esther gasped after the revelation.

"No...no that can't be true" Mrs. Ronald said.

The award givers started murmuring disappointing statements among themselves...

* How could he do that?

* He has been a fake for three years now!

* He's incorrigible!

* He stole the fame!

Nikki began sweating on his spot, unable to move anymore as water from his glands wet his face, backline and palms.

Cameras continued flashing, several recordings going on from the press.

"I'm taking back what i wrote with my fingers. You said your family is powerful than me alone, well I gathered enough money and power on my own for three years, and right now i can buy you and your family and I won't even feel it in my bank account!" Jace spat.

Nikki folded his fists tightly in shame.

"I know you've been sending cash from the book sales to the orphanage secretly, but I have a heart of ice and I'm proud of it. I said I'll never forgive you and I'm still standing on that, cos you never changed too... you're still the sneaky manipulative boy I met three years ago... Making a deal with Jarvis's life proved it" Jace continued, and Nikki swallowed emptiness.

"Keep my awards till tommorow, I'm coming for them" Jace told the men in suit, then he smirked at Esther and Mrs. Ronald before walking out of the hall.

The press started rushing after him.

"Nikki what just happened?" Mrs. Ronald walked to him.

"My man is just like me! He'll do anything to get what he wants, but isn't this shameful? You stole from the wrong person!" Esther mocked.

The international men started leaving the hall, and Nikki started rushing out too.

"Nikki!!!" Mrs. Ronald shouted.



Craig has a amused look on his face as he stared at Dorothy who's sitting in front of him, eating the third plate of ice cream and cake.

They're in front of an ice cream cafe.

"Hmm! Delicious!" She moaned in relish, and he finally smiled.

"You're not gonna eat another one after this, are you?" 

"If I'm still not full then I'll eat another" she replied, taking another spoon.

"So...am I forgiven now?" He asked carefully.

She didn't reply, but she ate the last bit of her cake and ice cream, then she stood.

"Dorothy" he stood too, and she walked to him.

"I'll think about it" she said, and surprisingly, she gave him a peck on the cheek then bolted off.

"Dorothy wait!" He laughed and was about to go after her when Gabby settled on her spot, eyes so red.

"Gee, did you cry?" Craig asked.

"Do you have a smoke?" Gabby asked, burying his face in his palms.

"You know I don't smoke, tell me what's up" Craig sat beside him, but then everyone started gathering in front of the the Wish Tower TV across the street.

There's a news airing live, and when their eyes caught Nikki and Jace on screen, they quickly rushed to join the group of students to watch the revelation.

Eyes widened, mouths went agape, jaws dropped on the ground, students couldn't hide their shocks as they watched the bomb drop!

Gabby and Craig faced each other at once.

"Bloody hell" they chorused shockingly.



Nikki's car stopped on the asphalt, and he came out of it, still sweating as he gathered saliva in his mouth.

He spit it out and rested his body on the car, thinking about what just happened.

How is he supposed to step into the campus and hostel from now on?

What is Prof. Marcus gonna think?

And Jarvis??? She won't even wanna see him anymore!

He was hoping to take the awards secretly, hoping Jace would keep shut again like he did three years ago, but he was wrong.

He drove a punch into the car body angrily, breathing hard as Jace's face registered itself in his memory.

He was about to punch the car again when his phone buzzed.


How can he even forget to turn off his phone? From now till tommorow he'll surely receive hate messages

He got the phone and was about to turn it off when he saw the new message from an unknown number.


His eyes popped, and he quickly dialled the number...

It went through, and he held his breath, waiting...

"Son" The voice finally came.

"Dad?" Nikki muttered.



It was already 10pm when Jace returned to the orphanage, and he met it silent as expected

He made his way to the main building, and he saw Ms. Zoe waiting outside.

He stopped in front of her, and the woman gave him a hug.

"I saw the news, but we'll talk tomorrow morning. You should go talk to Jarvis, she must still be in shock" she said, and he remained mute till she went in.

He entered the passage and opened his room door, stepping in to meet Jarvis pacing restlessly around the room, but she stopped immediately he walked in.

"Why did you keep quiet about it?" She asked straight.

"If i tried to sue him back then, his family would slap me back with money. Had to wait till I'm powerful enough to expose it" he replied.

"Why do you like bottling up your pains? Are you a robot? All these while, the writer of my favorite book has been beside me without my knowledge. Do you know how much I adore the book? Do you know I have every scene etched in my head? Do you know how hard I prayed last Christmas that I should at least meet the writer and give him a hug? Nikki has been a fake all these while? I was in love with him cos I thought he was the writer" She said emotionally, unable to blink her beautiful eyes.

They're staring deeply at Jace's

Jace came closer, and she didn't make any attempt to break the eye contact. Her eyes kept clinging to his own, and a small smile appeared on his face.

"Keep talking, I love hearing you talk non-stop" he said, sliding his tongue s+xily on his lip ring, and GODDÃMN IT!

Jarvis's body responded to that movement.

"You think this is funny? Do you even ever take me serious? You're such a jerk and i hate myself for growing this attraction to you. I hate you so much Jace, I...

She was cut short when his arm buckled her waist, causing her to gasp as he pulled her to himself, so close that their lips grazed.

They could feel heat radiating off of each other, and their eyes hooked once again.

His breaths fanned her face, but she couldn't even breath___not when his fox eyes are staring so deep into hers...

"Tell me you hate me, again" he whispered nasally like a dare, and she gulped...

"I hate you, i hate you so much that sometimes I can't think of anything else, just you... only you" she whispered, and he immediately grabbed her throat, crashing his lips hungrily into hers.

Her heart was racing unstoppably as she instantly began kissing him back, wrapping her arms on his body as their tongues hugged.

She has never felt anything like this before... Her feelings for this bad boy became bigger, and she felt her heart swelling at the intensity...she couldn't contain the feelings.

Her hands climbed his shoulders, and she peeled his suit away from his body.

His expensive Graff Diamonds wristwatch fell of in the process, but who cares? She pulled out his tie...

His hands found her @ss which is obviously his favorite part of her, and he pressed it into the curves of his palm, making her moan cutely as the kiss went feral.

His tongue dived into her mouth again and again, swirling with hers. Fire and electricity sparked from their collided lips, and time stopped.

His tender fingers traced the strip of bare skin below her top, and in the next minute, the top went up. She raised her hands so he could pull it off, tossing it on the ground.

Left in her bra and tight jean, Jace broke the kiss and set her down in bed, her head hitting the soft pillow as he began kissing her exposed tummy wetly, giving her navel a tip lick which made her grab the sheets.


She could feel the tightness in her core...the fire burning down there already when he hasn't even started...

She could smell her own arousal...

Jace closed his mouth on her navel and started sucking, tonguing at the same time, then his second hand went to her jean button...

"Mmm" she moaned, her n*+*ples hardening endlessly in her br@ cups. It could cut diamonds..

Jace suddenly stopped his ministrations to stare at her...

"Why did you stop?" She panted.

"Go first baby, you said you wanted to return the favor" he whispered, making her sit up.

"What should I do?" She asked naively.

"I got you" he replied, unbolting his belt.

He took off his trousers, and when he's left in his boxers, he took her right hand and dipped it inside.

Jarvis gasped at what she felt... He's already so hard, damn big.

"Wrap your hand on it and caress it, make me c+m in my boxers, little cat" he said rawly, and she licked her lips gently.

Slowly, she wrapped her warm palm on it, and sizzling pleasure consumed Jace instantly..

The f*+*king warmness...

"Damn! Little cat" He cursed out.

"Am i doing it right?" She whispered in the smallest voice ever as she rubbed her thumb on the tip...

The innocence in her  eyes as she said that made Jace lose his sanity,...if only she knows how damn s+xy she looks and sounds right now...

"Am i doing it right? Big Wolf" she whispered, caressing it to the base, and his c+ck hardened madly at the new nickname.

"Gawd, I wanna punish you for driving me so dàmn crazy" he whispered with a deep groan.

"Punish me, make me a good girl" she whispered.


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