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I Hate You Jace - Episode 47&48




I Hate You Jace - Episode 47&48


By Naomi Cindy B.


"Grab my throat and kiss me insanely, i wanna eat your lips" she whispered, and Jace almost couldn't believe his damn ears.

Did that just come out of his cute kitty? His lids went up, and his gaze deepened on her face...

Jarvis covered her lips with the tip of her fingers immediately.

"I can't believe I just said that" she muttered, and a really gorgeous smile painted Jace's face. 

"You can devour it all you want little cat, and I'd want nothing but to grab your pretty throat right now, but nah, I haven't had a toothbrush in my mouth all day" he said.

"I haven't brushed too" she pouted lightly, and he slipped his right hand to the back of her head, pushing it gently to himself to whisper something in her ear which made her smile.

"Promise?" She said.

"Yeah" he replied, and she hugged him so damn tight immediately.

His lips touched her neck in the process, and he didn't hesitate to kiss the spot deeply, deep enough to leave a hickey. He could feel her body tense on him as he did.

Never in his whole life has he imagined himself carrying a girl this way, telling a girl he misses her and making unbreakable promises, but here he is.

It's like he's carrying his whole world in his arms right now, and even though she's weighty, he loves how it feels... she's his little cat anyways, one he's gonna cage to himself if she's not already...

"I dreamt about you" her voice disrupted his thoughts as she raised her head from his neck.

"Were we f*+*king?" He asked rawly, and she chuckled.

"MG! She's really awake!" Dorothy entered the ward with Scarlett.

"Dorothy" Jarvis smiled, and Jace dropped her gently.

Dorothy hugged her immediately, swaying her on a spot.

"I missed you" 

"I missed you too baby, wait...I haven't been sleeping for a month, have I?" She asked suddenly.

"Calm down, you got here yesterday" Scarlett replied, and she went to hug her too.

"Can't believe I missed the swimming hole visitation" she said.

"There's still time to spend. Tommorow is the outing" Scarlett replied as they broke the hug.

"I'm free to go to the hostel now, right?" She said 

"Nope, the doctor said you need a whooole lot of rest" Dorothy replied.

"So you're staying here till tommorow morning" Scarlett said.

"What! No I can't...

Scarlett and Dorothy pulled her to the bed before she could finish, and they covered her properly.

She looked at Jace who has been quiet since the girls came, and she pouted.

"Don't pout, you're staying till daybreak" he said coolly, and she stopped the pout to frown.

He started walking out of the ward, and she sat up quickly.

"Where are you going?" 

"Somewhere crucial, I'll be right back, little cat" he replied with a wink, and walked out of the ward...she bit her lip.

"Girl, what did I just witness? You in Wolfie's arms? I can bet anything that you're the first" Scarlett said, and Jarvis smiled.

"Don't tell me he came here straight after getting released" Dorothy said.

"He did" Jarvis blushed.

"F*+*k! Seriously? What did you do to him?" Scarlett said shockingly.

"I don't understand" Jarvis replied.

"Jace f*+*ks like a maniac. It's always s+x and nothing more, but ... You've got him wrapped around your friggin fingers" Scarlett said.

"You think he likes Jarvis?" Dorothy asked.

"What do you think? He's whipped!" Scarlett said.

"The playboy? I can't picture Jace in love, seriously" Dorothy shook her head 

"But it's happening, i can't imagine what it's gonna feel like to hear I LOVE YOU from Jace Volkov!" Scarlett replied excitedly.

"Why are you silent Jarvis?" They faced her at once and met her head on the pillow already. She's fast asleep.

"Look who was trying to get discharged earlier, she's obviously still tired" Scarlett smiled.

"Sleeping beauty" Dorothy said, kissing Jarvis's cheeks.


Jace got to the hospital park and met Gabby and Craig just driving in.

He waited till they came out of the car, and surprisingly they're with Ms. Zoe.

"Jace!" The woman squealed, looking joyous as she rushed to hold his face.

"Your face became so thin, I'll make you something delicious" she said.

"Care to tell us your relationship with her? Seems your secrets are finally sneaking up on you. First, you're Jace Volkov and not Braun. Second, Prof. Marcus is the real son of the Braun family, making him your stepbrother, and that only means Brenda is the mother of you both" Craig said.

"Zoe was a babysitter" Jace replied.

"And that's secret number three" Gabby said.

"I was his babysitter till he grew up, and when he left the Braun mansion in England, we left together and came to Washington together too" Zoe said.

"Cool, and I heard the psycho granny saying she was punishing you for your dad's sin, what exactly is that?" Gabby asked.

"Not a story for today. Guys you need to follow Zoe to the orphanage" Jace said.

"Orphanage?" The two chorused.

"I'll catch up soon" he replied, got in his car and drove away.

"Finally he's opening up, can tonight get any better?" Craig smiled, pocketing his right hand.

"Nikki is still not picking up" Gabby said, staring at his phone screen.

After Jace left the station earlier, Nikki also left too, and the guys have been trying to contact him, but he hasn't been picking.

"We keep trying in the car, let's move" Craig replied, getting in the car with Zoe and him.



Marcus's head is still bandaged as he stood beside the window alone, supporting himself with a drip stand as he stared out.

The buzzing of his phone in his pocket made him move, and he took it out to see a text from his fiancee who's in Britain.


A little smile occupied his face, and he was about to start typing a reply when Granny Donna came in.

"I got the news late, son. I'm glad you're awake" she hugged him fondly, but he didn't hug her back.

"What's wrong? You don't look good" she said as she broke the hug.

"What did you do to Jace?" He asked.

"I locked him up, but I'm sure he'd have been released by now since you're up. He payed for hurting you" she replied.

"And I never asked for it! I never asked for you to punish him!!" He yelled.


"I'm already dying with guilt for what I did to him but you only just worsened everything!" He yelled.

"And why would you feel guilty? You did the right thing!" She glared.

"Right thing? Beating him with folded wire every night is the right thing? I was just a child back then, you could have stopped me!" He spat.

"Why would I? He deserved it cos of his father's sin!" She yelled.

"Just listen to yourself granny, it's his father's sin and not his own! Klaus Volkov is damn different from Jace Volkov!" Marcus picked the drip stand and threw it at the wall, scaring her as tears came out of his eyes.

"Marcus calm down, ok? Calm...

He was already walking out of the ward before she could finish.

"Marcus!!" She went after him.



Nikki met Mrs. Ronald in the living room with Esther when he got in, they were both chatting but the two stood immediately he came in.

"Nikki?" Mrs. Ronald said as he stopped by the door.

"Sweetheart, you good?" Esther asked, and he took few steps closer to them.

"I'm taking the awards like you want tommorow" he said.

"That's my boy!" Mrs. Ronald smiled.

"And that's my man" Esther said.

"You have to hold up to your end of the deal though, you tell me everything I need to know about my father" Nikki continued.

"Trust me" Mrs. Ronald said.

"And one more thing, no publicity about the awards. It can be aired after I receive them, but during the ceremony, no live records" he said.

"And why is that?" Esther asked.

"I have my reasons" he replied and left the house.

He entered his car and released a huge sigh, grabbing the wheels tightly.

"I can do it,...I can" he muttered nervously.



"Do we really have to cook this shit?" Megan complained, entering the kitchen where Latto and Ashley are in already.

Their faces still have bruises from yesterday's thrashing, and Ashley suggested they cook a healing root to dry up the wounds overnight.

"We can't possibly go around with bruised faces, I hate it like shit" Latto replied.

"Fine, I'll get the kettle" Megan said.

"Jace is out of detention, and Collins isn't here, are we really safe?" Ashley asked.

"He's probably busy with that witch, I'm sure she's not conscious yet" Latto replied, and they suddenly heard sounds from the room, making them exchange glances.

"I'll go check" Megan said, and Latto left with her.

A minute after they left, Ashley suddenly felt a presence behind herself, and swiftly turned back to see the psycho... Jace!

"Damnit!" She spat, but he already picked the knife, and in the next minute, she felt it on her fingers.

He sliced off three of it, and a loud yelp came out of her mouth as she fell on her knees, blood pumping out of the cut fingers.

"Never take my warnings for jokes next time... I can be psychotic about it" he smiled notoriously and dropped the bloody knife on the ground beside her.

"My fingers!!!!" 

She was still crying loudly as he walked out of the kitchen, but Megan and Latto were already gone.

 They escaped, but maybe their punishment is not tonight, so he left the room and went to Collins apartment.

He met him outside of it, and just like the girls, his face is full of wounds too.

"I had my share of torture from your friends yesterday, don't near me" he shifted back.

"You don't need physical punishment, I'm gonna torture you with what you love most" Jace said, coming closer.

"Let's see what happens if you don't take Molly for one week. We both know what happened when you didn't take it for two days. You're an addict, so you'll probably run mad" he said meanly.

"You can't refuse to give me Molly, you need the money!" Collins shouted, and he laughed.

"Money? I've got shit load of it prick, enjoy your molly-less days in hell" Jace said and left the apartment.

"I can survive without it, you won't have what you want!!!" Collins yelled after him.



"In a nutshell, Jace owns this building" Craig said in awe after Ms. Zoe finished giving him and Gabby a tour of the place.

"Yeah, his father sends him money almost every week, and he hates him just the way he hates Brenda. He planned to throw the billions into the sea, but I convinced him to build this place, and he did" Zoe explained.

"You convinced him? So there's someone he listens to? I'm amazed" Craig said, and Zoe smiled.

"He hates his mum, hates his dad, hates Marcus and the granny...is there even a family member he loves?" Gabby wondered.

"They deserve the hate" Zoe said, looking sad 

"Now I'm eager to hear what his father's sin is" Craig said.

"Me too" Gabby added.



It's the freshmen night outing tonight, more like a streetwalk, so the streets are filled to the brim with Finley students strolling leisurely.

Jarvis got discharged just this evening, and it was Jace who took her away, so Scarlett and Dorothy are alone.

"When will my Jarvis join us?" Dorothy suddenly asked, stopping in front of a claw machine.

"When she's done making out with her Wolf" Scarlett replied, and Dorothy laughed, placing an hand on the machine.

"No, we ain't picking teddies" Scarlett said.

"But I want one" Dorothy pouted.

"Scarlett?" Ronnie's voice interrupted them, and Scarlett faced him.

"I have something to show you" he said, and before she could answer, he took her away.

"All alone" Dorothy said and started trying to pick a teddy, but all her three trials failed, so she rested on the machine body frustratedly, feeling alone.

"Let me" Craig's voice said, and she stood straight to face him with a small smile.

"Sure" she said.

He was about to take the handle when Petra joined them.

"Craig pick one for me too!" She said.

Dorothy scoffed and made to walk away, but Craig grabbed her hand.

"Don't leave, we can go somewhere else" he said, taking her away.

Dorothy was smiling inwardly as he laced his fingers with hers, and she looked back secretly to make faces at Petra.

Petra rolled eyes maliciously.


"What are we doing here?" Scarlett asked when she got to a dinnerplace with Ronnie.

It's the classiest in this street, and she can remember they had their first date here.

"Still remember?" He asked.

"Of course" she replied, and he smiled.

"You brought me beautiful bouquet of flowers, and you gave me gorgeous earrings as our first dinner gift, then you promised never to make me cry" she said.

"But I broke that promise already" he replied, facing her.

"And I'm sorry. I know it'd take a while for the feelings to awake again, but I only have to try, Scar. Please allow me again" he begged, gently holding her face.

Scarlett couldn't move...

"I love you, Scar" he said, and her eyes closed when he claimed her lips.

Not minding the passerbys, she fisted his shirt and started kissing him back.

Meanwhile... at a distance, Gabby's wet eyes are on them.

Before his tears could fall, he turned around and disappeared into the crowd 

From another angle, Nicole is watching with a sly smile and few scars on her face from the beating.

"They made up so fast, I guess he didn't tell her the whole story. I'm not done yet" she said.



Jace's car halted in the driveway, and he came out with Jarvis.

The night outing will be on till 12, so they planned to have fun here till 9 before leaving for the streets.

"You said you wanted to eat my lips yesterday, you can have it all tonight" he said, biting his lip as she hung her arms on his neck.

"And?" She smiled.

"I'm thinking of doing more than what I did last time, I can make you c+m more than that, trust me that was just an intro" He replied n+ughtily, pressing her body to himself so her b*+*bs mashed his chest.

He could feel the shiver on her warm skin as her innocent eyes stared at his lips, and that sent mad heat down his c*+*k

"Can I...yunno... return the favor this time?" She asked.

"What are you gonna do?" He asked, sneaking a soft kiss on the corner of her lips.

"Anything you want" she replied slowly, and a knowing smile covered his lips.

"Then you can suck my...

His words were interrupted by a call, and he took his phone with one hand while still holding her with the other.

It's his agent calling, and immediately he finished taking the call, his mood changed.

"Jace are you ok?" She asked worriedly.

"What if I tell you you're getting the greatest shock of your life tonight?" He said seriously.

"Huh?" She blinked.


Ten minutes later, he was already driving out of the orphanage, but this time he's dressed in a suit, looking furious as he drove.

Jarvis stood with Zoe at the front porch, watching him.

"I wonder what's going on. Things always go bad whenever he wears suit, he hates it" Zoe said worriedly.

Jarvis is worried about him too, but at the same time she's sad about their ruined moment.

She was was already imagining what he's gonna do to her tonight again and what she's gonna do in return, then their street outing...

She sighed with a pout, feeling sadder.



The award ceremony is happening in one of the events hall of the hotel according to Jace's agent, so he drove there straight.

Tonight is gonna be long and the whole of Washington surely won't see it coming.

He was fuming till he got to that particular hall which was decked with guards at the front.

They immediately blocked him from entering, but the first one he kicked flew to the door, landing violently on it.

The door opened forcefully, and Jace stepped into the hall where the board of international award givers are in...more than twenty of them plus Esther, Mrs. Ronald, and the press.

Numerous cameras from reporters flashed on his handsome face.

"What is he doing here?" Mrs. Ronald stood.

Nikki's eyes widened on stage, he was just about to receive the first award...

"Come down from that f*+*king stage, fake writer. The stage is mine" Jace said charismatically.


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