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I Hate You Jace - Episode 45&46




I Hate You Jace - Episode 45&46


By Naomi Cindy B.



Nikki's car drove roughly into the hostel, and immediately he stopped the car at the park, he didn't wait to catch his breaths before jumping out.

He forgot to shut his car door, panting as he ran, making his way to the pool.

He was pushing everyone out of his way, even wounding some as he did the race, doubling it up till he got to the pool, but surprisingly, the scene has changed.

Jarvis isn't in the pool, but the gang members are lying wounded, scattered beside it including Collins himself and the girls.

They're all groaning in pains, struggling to stand.

"Where's Jarvis?" He muttered, rushing to Collins to pull him up by the collar.

"Where the hell is she!!!" He yelled demandingly, and Collins spit out blood before talking.

"You think I know?"

Nikki landed a punch on his face immediately he said that, and he fell back on the ground.

"Where's she?" Nikki asked again, placing his sneaker on Collins's face.

He pressed it so hard, and Collins yelped hurtfully...

"Some motherfûkers came to save her! Who do you think beat us like this?" He said.

"Who are the motherfûkers?" Nikki demanded, still breathing hard as he stared down at Collins...



A doctor came out of a ward with three nurses behind, and while the nurses returned to the reception, the doctor walked to a guy who's sitting patiently at the hallway.

"How's she?" He spranged up when he saw the doctor.

"Thanks for bringing her on time, Philip. We were able to save her, and she's now stable, but she needs a lot of rest, I mean a whole lot" the doctor replied, and Philip sighed in relief.

"Thanks doctor, can I go see her?" He asked.

"Sure, but don't wake her" the doctor replied, and he smiled before going in.

Jarvis is in bed, eyes closed and face slightly pale from the water effects. She's peacefully asleep.

He sat gently beside her and smiled again, inhaling softly.

"I'm glad we were able to save you" he said, remembering what actually happened.


Philip suddenly remembered the need for a new suit for the Mr and Miss Fresher competition, and he decided to go shopping that night, but then Jarvis is his partner... 

He decided to go ask her if she's interested in shopping for her dress too so they'd go together, and luckily he saw her at the corridor when he arrived at block C.

She looks unsettled with her phone gummed to her ear, it's like she's trying to call someone.

He smiled and was about to call her name when he bumped into a guy, and he fell.

"I'm so sorry!" He quickly apologized, and the nerdy guy packed his fallen books then stood before facing him.

"Watch it next time" he said.

"Sure!" He replied and turned around to call Jarvis again, but surprisingly, she's not there anymore.

"Where'd she go?" He muttered, walking down the corridor only to meet a girl with Jarvis's phone.

He recognized it immediately, thanks to the purple trendy pouch.

"Why is this with you?" He asked, taking the phone from her.

"I found it here on the ground" she replied and left.

Philip got suspicious immediately, but he has no idea what to do or where to face since he doesn't live here.

"I saw the gang taking her" someone said beside him, and he turned to see another girl.

"The gang?" He said in confusion.

"Rizz Gang, they went that way" the girl pointed, and his eyes followed her fingers till it landed on a door.

He didn't wait to thank the girl before rushing all the way down the lane till he got to the door.

It was locked, but he easily broke it with his leg, stepping in to find himself in another angle of the hostel.

Luckily for him, he saw beads on the ground, the pink beads from Jarvis's Barbie hairband.

He started following the beads trace, and in no time, he arrived at the pool.

His eyes widened when he met the gang surrounding the pool where they threw Jarvis in, and the poor girl was fighting for her life while they laughed.

"Why are you here?" Collins walked to him and made to grab him by the hair, but Philip pushed him away first, and Collins fell into the pool.

Philip jumped into the pool too, swimming fast to Jarvis.

She was already unconscious, so he carried her in his arms, but a cold metal pressed on his head from behind.

No doubt, it's a gun.

"Drop her now or drop dead" Collins said.

"Why are you doing this @sswipe!" Philip shouted, and Collins was about to pull the trigger on him when two more people came in.

Craig and Gabby

"Bloody hell" Gabby's eyes widened, but Craig wasted no time  to jump in the pool, punching the gun away from Collins.

Collins retaliated with a punch on his face, and Craig returned it immediately.

"Take her away!" Gabby said, and Philip climbed out of the pool, rushing out of the place with Jarvis in his arms.

"Now you can face us" Craig said, and Gabby joined him in the pool.

At once, the gang charged towards them, but thanks to their skills, they were able to take all the over twenty members down.


"Barbie wake up soon, we have a shopping to do" Philip said, smiling to himself as he stared at sleeping Jarvis.

The door opened, and he stood when Nikki came in.

"Jarvis!" He rushed to the bed, but Philip blocked him.

"No disturbance, don't wake her" he said, but Nikki pushed him out of the way.

"Don't tell me what to do" he glared and made to go closer again, but Philip pushed him back.

"I just said no disturbance!" He said rigidly.

Craig came in with Gabby, Dorothy and Scarlett.

"Oh my gawd it's true!" Scarlett gasped.

"No noise, please" Philip begged.

Dorothy covered her mouth with her palms and started crying like a kid.

"I should have stayed with her in the room, I was too hungry and I came to the cafeteria to eat, I couldn't even eat the food cos of a playboy!! And now my Jarvis is unconscious!"

Tears were coming out of her eyes for real, and Scarlett had to start wiping them.

"Don't be a baby, she'll be fine ok?" She said, but she kept up the tears.

"I guess you guys were able to handle the gang" Philip said.

"They all take Molly and it weakens the system maybe they don't know, so it was easy to take them down" Craig replied.

"But how did you know about it?" Philip asked.

"Oh... Petra told us" Gabby replied.

"Petra?" Philip said, and the girl came in___the one who told Philip about the gang earlier.

"It's you?" He smiled.

"Yeah... I've seen her with Craig and Gabby a number of times, so I decided to inform them to come help you" she smiled prettily.

Dorothy's expression turned sour immediately she recognized her as the girl she saw Craig kissing.

"I recognize you as Craig's ex" Scarlett said.

"Yes I am" Petra replied, and Dorothy scoffed.

Ex? He kissed his ex? Well they might as well start dating again, she doesn't care anyways.

Her eyes met with Craig's, and she glared at him before looking away.

"So dude...you decided to make your surprising appearance here in the hospital" Gabby told Nikki.

"Jace called me to come save her" Nikki replied.

"Called? He's with his phone in detention?" Craig said surprisingly.

"I dunno" Nikki replied and walked out of the ward.

Craig got his phone immediately and dialled Jace's line, but it's off.

"Oops!" He said.

"We've got a research assignment, we should go now" Gabby said.

"Gotta go too, have a tutorial to attend" Philip said.

"Thanks guys, we'll stay with her" Scarlett replied, and he left instantly.

"Let's leave!" Petra held Craig's hand, and Dorothy smirked, but Craig took his hand from her immediately.

They left the ward separately, and Scarlett laughed shortly.

"Girl, you almost killed Petra with your eyes" she said.

"I hate her" Dorothy replied, walking to Jarvis's bed.

"But I don't care anyways, I just want my Jarvis to wake soon" she said and slept beside her, closing her eyes too.


Prof. Marcus is in this same hospital, but there's no access to his ward for anyone but Donna herself, so Gabby called his dad, and the man met them at the hallway.

"Prof. Marcus is responding to treatment, and I think he's gonna wake up faster than expected. The wound on his head didn't run deep" he said straight to the point.

"I'm glad, thank you by the way Dr. Rogers" Craig said.

"You're welcome" he smiled and faced Gabby.

"I'll see you around son!" He gave him a pat on the shoulder.

"Sure dad" Gabby nodded, and he left.

They started heading out of the hospital, and Petra started trying to hold Craig's hand again, but he shook her off and faced her.

"Stop this, Petra. You hugged and even kissed me yesterday without my permission" 

"And you responded, I thought you've started liking me again" she replied, and he almost laughed.

"That will never happen, I only got carried away" he said and started leaving.

"Do you like that thick girl? Heard her name is Dorothy" she said, and he stopped to look back at her.

"Who knows?" He replied, finally leaving completely.



Nikki got a call from his mum during his drive to the hostel, so he had to make a detour, branching at the mansion.

"Why am I here?" He asked without sitting.

Mrs. Ronald was standing on the middle of the stairs.

"You said you wanted to know who your father is and why you're bearing my surname Instead of his own" she said.

"Yeah" he replied.

"Then the ten novel awards you rejected, receive them in two days, and I'll tell you everything you want to know about your father" she said.

Nikki swallowed hard.



It's the second day of the freshmen festival, and today is the swimming hole visitation, but Dorothy has no plans to go anyways since Jarvis is still unconscious.

Her waking up is taking longer than expected, so while Dorothy stayed with her, Scarlett returned to the hostel to prepare for her classes.

She was about to open the room door when Ronnie appeared, and she faced him with a heave.

"What do you have to say again?"

"I'm sorry Scar, I know I f**ked up and...

"You f**ked down too, and the middle" Scarlett interrupted.

"I know I'm a prick, but I'm really very sorry. I didn't wanna believe but when Nicole told me she followed you everytime you went for the abortions, i couldn't defend it" he said.

"You took my f**king virginity Ronnie! I've never had s*x before you so tell me why! Tell me why you chose to believe what that lair said to you!" She yelled, and this time she couldn't stop her tears.

"It shouldn't have been you, Ronnie, it shouldn't" she cried hurtfully, and he went closer, but she moved back.

"Please forgive me baby, I want you back" he said and started crying too.

Gabby was about to enter that same corridor when he saw the scene...

He quickly snuck back and hid behind the wall, listening to their conversation with mixed feelings.



Jarvis was still unconscious in bed, and no one is in the ward with her when the door opened

Jace stepped in, looking utterly handsome in his long sleeved white shirt and ripped jean pants.

He walked to the bed and touched Jarvis's hair with his right hand, stroking it with affectionate eyes before bending over her.

He gently placed his lips on hers, kissing her tenderly, then her eyes opened slowly.

She sat up in bed, but no Jace in sight... That was a dream... Sweet dream.

She was about to start looking for her phone when Nikki came in, and his eyes brightened when he saw her awake..

"Gawd! You're awake?" He came closer and tried to feel her temperature, but she slapped his hand away, taking him aback.


"Why did you do it?" She asked with a disappointed look.

"Do what?"

"You found my aunt and reported me to her! It was you!" She snapped, and his eyes widened.

"Oh you think the secret won't leak cos you didn't tell her your name? She said he's a guy with bunny set of teeth! Tell me anyone else with bunny dentition in the whole of Finley" she said gently, and he came closer again...

"Don't touch me Nikki. How could you do that? Did you call his granny too? He got locked up cos of you!" She said loudly.

"I was only looking out for you, Jace is gonna hurt you trust me and...

"Leave" she cut him off.


"I wanna be alone, please leave" she lay back in bed, covering herself completely.

Reluctantly, Nikki walked out of the ward.

He was fighting back his tears when his phone rang... it's Craig calling.

"Prof. Marcus woke up already, Jace is getting released now. Come to the station" Craig said, and he hung up, leaving the hospital.

He drove to the Police Station, but he met Jace coming out already.

Gabby and Craig hugged him fondly, and he watched them from afar.

"How's Jarvis?" Was the first question Jace asked.

"Seriously? What did she do to you? You're really worried about a girl? This is new" Craig said.

"Tell me what I wanna hear" Jace replied with his sharp English accent, and Craig chuckled.

"She's fine, still unconscious in the hospital though. Philip was already with the gang before we got there, but we saved her anyways" Gabby explained.

"And what was Nikki doing?" Jace asked flatly.

"He arrived late, met us at the hospital" Gabby replied, and Nikki drove closer to them that moment.

He came out of the car and walked slowly to them, but immediately he stopped walking, Jace went closer and raised a punch to his face...

"Gee!" Craig quickly got in-between them.

"You only just got released, wanna go back in there?" He said.

"I don't bloody care! I made the mistake of calling this @ss last night with my last battery, asking him to save Jarvis, and you know what he did? He made me swear to never go near her anymore before agreeing to it!" Jace said.

"No that's not making any damn sense" Gabby said shockingly 

"Nikki you didn't, right dude?" Craig said, turning to him.

Nikki only looked on speechlessly, unable to speak.

"And yunno what? Even if you had saved her after I swore to you with my life, there's no way I'm staying away from that girl....i can't even control myself and you think you'll be able to control me with a stupid swear? I'm not dumb Nikki, and I've kept quiet long enough. It's time to start taking everything you took from me. Damn the best friend-ish stuff, let's start the war, petty freak!" Jace spat and got in his car brought by Craig.

"She's at my dad's hospital, Special Ward 7" Gabby said, and he drove off immediately.

It was all smooth and fast till he drove into the hospital, slamming the car door shut after coming out of it.

He rushed in and didn't bother to wait at the reception since he knows the ward already.

He got there in no time and pushed the door open, meeting the cute little cat beside her bed.

She's standing there, looking nervous alone, but her nervousness flew out the window when she set eyes on him.

She felt her heartbeats drumming in her chest immediately,, and she almost couldn't believe her eyes.

"Jace" she said emotively and made to rush to him...

"Don't move, baby. Don't f*+*king move" he told her, and she stopped on her tracks.

He took just three steps to her, and Jarvis felt handfuls of emotions as he carried her like a baby into his arms.

Her legs rounded his waist, and her arms rounded his shoulders, then he held her delicately by the butt as their eyes hooked so deeply.

"Am I nuts to say I missed you like crazy a lot? Like... A lot" He said seriously.


"I can't count how many times i beat myself inwardly last night for not being there to save you, the thought of you getting saved by another guy was maddening, but I'll make it up to you" he added, and Jarvis smiled warmly, her loud heartbeats getting crazier.

"Just tell me what you want, little cat. You want me to go on my knees?  Say the word" Jace whispered, and Jarvis gulped gently. 

She doesn't need to look for the right words to say, she knows exactly what she wants, and she whispered...

"Grab my throat and kiss me insanely...i wanna eat your lips."


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