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I Hate You Jace - Episode 43&44




I Hate You Jace - Episode 43&44


By Naomi Cindy B.


"No! Jace!" She gasped, and he gave her a sad smile as the cuffs were clasped on his wrists.

Craig and Gabby rushed into the hallway with several other students, and the two pushed the cops away from him, covering him from them.

"No one is taking him" Craig said.

"Really? After what he did to my grandson? Marcus was taken away in the pool of his own blood!" Granny Donna snapped.

"Jace is your grandson too!" Gabby snapped back.

"Grandson? Oh I guess he didn't tell you about his paternity. He's not my grandson! I'm only allowing him to bear the Braun surname cos I wanted to punish his devilish father for his sins! I wanted him to come out of his hiding but now it's useless cos this bastard here kept soiling the family name! He sells drugs, smokes, tattoos like a hooligan and rings like a god! From now on he's free to bear the surname of his evil father... Volkova... His name is Jace Volkova!" Granny Donna spat, and the jaws of everyone dropped.

"Take him!" She ordered again, and this time, the guys couldn't protect him.

Jace was taken away by the cops, and throughout, he didn't look sideways till he was completely out of the hallway.

The guys and Jarvis followed them, and they watched as he got in the car with them and was taken away.

"What are we doing next?" Craig asked.

"Collins dad won't be able to handle it this time, this granny is more influential" Gabby replied.

"Then?" Craig said worriedly.

"I have no idea, his anger got the best of him and I just hope Prof. Marcus wakes soon. And to think that he's his stepbrother...shit" Gabby said.

"I guess no one noticed his name is Marcus Braun" Craig replied, and they both turned at once to see Jarvis behind them, looking lost.

"You don't look shocked" Craig said, and she slowly looked at them.

"He told me about his family, not everything though but some parts" she replied.

"Jace did? When did you both grow so close?" Gabby said shockingly.

"I dunno... please get him out of the station" she replied desperately.

"We should meet Brenda then" Craig said.

"Cool, let's go" Gabby replied.

"I have to go meet someone else that might help too" she said.

"Great, we meet at the hostel" Craig said, and she nodded.

The guys got in their respective cars and drove out of the park while Jarvis rushed out of the school to board a taxi.

Collins and the gang are at the roof of the building as usual, watching from there.

"Isn't everything going in our favor?" Now that Wolfie is locked up, we can kill the witch without any hitch" Megan said.

"I know, right? She's drowning to hell tonight" Latto replied, drinking from a bottle of scotch.

"But....guys.." Ashley said, and they faced her.

"If we do this, and Jace gets released, won't he... come for us?" She asked fearfully.

"When I'm here? Jace can't beat me in a fight unless I allow him, so chill, baby" Collins replied, and Ashley smiled.

"Then let's do it"



Ms. Zoe will definitely be at the hostel kitchen by this time of the day, so Jarvis went there.

Luckily, she met her, about to start preparing lunch with the rest of the chefs.

"Jarvis?" She smiled large, and Jarvis held her hands.

"Ms. Zoe, please help"

"What's going on?" The woman asked.

"Jace got arrested" 

"What! What happened? How?"

"Something led to something, and he punched Prof. Marcus, then Donna showed up suddenly and got him arrested" Jarvis explained.

"Granny Donna is in Washington?" The woman's eyes widened again, and Jarvis nodded.

Zoe quickly pulled off her apron and threw it at one of the chefs 

"I'll be right back, continue the cooking without me" she said, taking Jarvis out of the kitchen.

They left the hostel together, but just in front of it, they met Gabby and Craig.

"We met Brenda" Craig said.

"No no I don't think that's a good idea. Brenda triggers granny Donna's anger just the way she triggers Jace's" Zoe said.

"She's here" Gabby replied, and Brenda came out of the car looking sick.

"I don't think she's needed at all. I'll talk to Donna myself though I'm not sure if it's gonna work. Donna is stubborn" Zoe said, and Brenda went on her knees straight.

"Please...do all it takes. Get my son out of Donna's captivity before nightfall... Zoe" she begged.

Without replying, Zoe got in the car with the guys.

Jarvis was looking at the woman pitifully as she got in the car too.

Brenda remained on her knees till they drove off completely.



Donna was just coming out of the building when Zoe arrived with the guys, and Zoe had to run to her before she could enter her car.

"Granny!" She called out, and the old woman looked back.

"Zoe? You're in Washington?" She said surprisingly.

"Yes. I love taking care of Jace like you know" Zoe smiled.

"No don't tell me you're here to beg for that bastard" Donna replied.

"Granny none of this is his fault. He was just unlucky to be the son of Klaus Volkova...he didn't give birth to himself" Zoe said.

"And I don't care! Don't bother waste your time begging me Zoe cos I won't wait for it. He's not leaving detention till Marcus wakes up, and that's final!" Donna said sharply and got in her car.

The guards shut the door, and she was driven away with two other cars containing guards behind her.

"She won't give in...she won't" Zoe said sadly at the verge of tears 

"So now we have to start praying for Marcus's quick recovery?" Gabby said.

"Cool, I just hope Jace will be able to hold it in there" Craig replied.

"He will, he always has" Gabby replied, and Jarvis started biting her lips repeatedly, holding back her tears.

To think that she once had him locked up for being a jerk, and now he's getting locked up again?

She bit her lip hard again, and Craig suddenly held her shoulders.

"Stop that , you'll wound yourself" he said, and she blinked.

"He'll be fine in there...he's tough yunno?" Craig said again, and she nodded.

"Judging by Donna's influence, Marcus will be taken to St.Matthias  hospital where my dad is a doctor, I'll talk to him and he'll update us with his health status every hour, so let's go back now" Gabby said, and Craig took Jarvis back to the car.



Esther is currently in her bathroom, sitting inside the bathtub full of fresh lather.

A glass of wine is beside the tub which she's teasing her buds with.

She's holding her phone, smiling as she scrolled up and down on the school blog.

"Come in!" She said when someone knocked, and Nikki came into the bathroom.

"Why the incessant calls? I thought you got over it already?" He said angrily.

"Scrub my legs for me" she pouted, pointing the soft sponge at him.

She raised her leg up..

Nikki glared at her, and she laughed, but it was short cos she suddenly picked the glass of wine and threw it at the wall behind him.

"Esther!" He yelled.

"Yunno I thought you were starting to get over the girl cos I haven't been seeing you around her lately, but your sneaky self had other plans" she said tactfully.

"What are you talking about?" Nikki maintained the glare on his face.

"I put tails on her, and she has been spending most of her time with Jace, the popular rude guy. They even spent a night together at the orphanage on Saturday, and I was like wow! She's having the time of her life but you! You've been watching her too aren't you?" She scoffed, and Nikki was silent.

" You obviously got jealous cos you're aware they spent the night together and you went ahead to tell her Aunt! The aunt came to the school, and at the same time, Donna visited the school. Jace wounded Marcus and he got arrested. Now he's locked up and you're probably planning to chase after Jarvis, again!!!" She yelled.

"I dunno what you're talking about!!" Nikki yelled back.

"Slow Poison...I heard it was Jace who gave you the name. Maybe he knows you're not a saint after all cos the name fits perfectly. Stop faking holiness when you're just like me, you'll go any length to get what you want!" She shot, and Nikki went closer, bending over her in the tub.

"If you don't stop talking right now, I promise to make you stop!" He spat.

"You can actually make me stop" she replied, pulling him with herself in the tub.

He landed in, and she slammed her lips on his, kissing him hungrily while he struggled to break 

She pulled out his belt in no time and was about to dip her hand in his pants when he successfully pushed her away.

He left the tub wetly and looked back at her, both breathing heavily.

"Burn in hell" he muttered.

"I love you too" she smiled, licking her lips maniacally as he walked out of the bathroom, dripping with water.



Dorothy settled for cafeteria food alone for dinner.

Jarvis is refusing to leave the hostel room, and Scarlett is not in.

Nicole hasn't come back since the beating Scarlett gave her, so she's all alone.

She presented her meal card and was served what she wants... Chicken casserole and juice.

She sat back, and her meal was brought to her.

She hasn't started eating when Craig settled in front of her, and she stood immediately, not bothering to touch her food before starting to walk away.

"Babyish!" He went after her.

"Craig I'm not in your mood tonight please" she replied.

"What did I do again?" He said in confusion.

"You did nothing" she folded her arms 

"Then?" He replied.

"Out of my face" she rolled eyes and turned to go another way...

"Dorothy!" He called her name, and she turned back.

"You kept trying to kiss me at every chance you get but the moment I deny you, you go ahead and kiss other girls like I mean nothing to you! I'm glad I didn't allow any of your kisses anyways cos it'd have hurt! Go ahead and kiss girls like you want! Playboy!" She spat at his face and walked away fast.

Craig understood immediately... She saw when Petra kissed him.

Petra is his ex.


ROOM 20*

Jarvis is laying quietly in bed, alone in the room while staring at her phone screen.

Is it weird that she misses Jace madly already?

She can't think about anything else right now except him...his rare smiles, dirty words and naughty facial expressions.

She couldn't get him off her head, and she found herself praying that he'd be fine wherever he's locked in.

Aunt Caroline sent her bunches of texts, telling her to do her best to stay away from Jace from now on, but she knows she can't.

She hasn't disobeyed her aunt before, and she'd have denied if anyone told her her first disobedience would be cos of a boy...

She stood from the bed and walked to her wardrobe, bringing out Jace's white shirt__the one he gave to her after saving her from rapists the other time...it's still with her.

She hugged the shirt to herself, inhaling his scent gently, but the ringing of her phone made her go back to the bed, and her eyes popped when she saw Jace on the caller ID.

She quickly picked, her heart racing so loud as she waited...

"Speechless? Little cat" his voice came, and her heart leapt.

"Jace! It's really you? How come you can call me, your phone wasn't seized?" She asked surprisingly.

"I hid it well" he replied, and she smiled widely, sitting on the bed.

"Feels good to hear your rude voice" she said, sucking her bottom lip.

"Rude? C'mon we both know that voice can make you breathless" he teased, and she laughed heartily, feeling alive again.

"What if I tell you i can't think of anything else in here? Just your lips" he whispered, and she felt a rush of heat on her cheeks...

That statement brought back memories of Saturday night, and the cold night air blew in through the window, remembering her of the ice as it hit her skin.

She wouldn't deny the arousal she felt immediately, and her breathing went up as expected.

Even on phone, the tension is so high from both ends, and she held the phone tighter, mistakenly pressing the red.

The call ended abruptly, and she gasped.

"Oh no!" 

She started trying his line again, but it wasn't going through.

Thinking it's a network issue, she left the room, dialling his line repeatedly as she walked the corridor.

The phone was suddenly snatched from her from behind, and when she turned to see who, her face was met with a spray cloud which made her lose consciousness.

Collins and the gang came to view afterwards.

"Take her" Megan ordered, and the boys carried her.



"Did she hang up on me?" Jace mumbled, dialling Jarvis's line for the third time, but she didn't pick.

He stood from the chair he's sitting on, walking around the small empty room as he dialled her line again.

She picked this time...

"You good? You suddenly hung up" he said.

"I saw this phone on the floor of block C corridor, the owner is not here" a female voice said, and he frowned.

"The f*+*k?"

Another call came in immediately, from Collins.

He picked suspiciously.

"Check your WhatsApp" Collins said and hung up.

Jace quickly went to WhatsApp to see a video from Collins.

Immediately he pressed play, his heart skipped a beat.

Jarvis is inside a pool, struggling to come out but no help ... The gang members are surrounding the pool, laughing and making fun of her as she cried to be saved, unable to swim.

She kept drowning and surfacing...

"Drink some water before dying!!!" Megan shouted.

"Prude! It's a pity you're dying a virgin!" Latto shouted too, and their laughter increased.

"I can't wait to see you take your last breath" Ashley laughed.

"Sav..e...me...e!!" Jarvis's broken voice came as she drowned in the pool again, and they laughed louder.

Jace stopped the video and dialled Collins line...

"Listen, prick. If anything happens to that baby, I'll make you regret the breaths you've been taking since you were born" he said calmly, grinding his jaw.

"You thought I was joking when I said you'd pay for the gang members you wounded because of her? You can't do anything Wolfie. You're trapped, and she's dying!" Collins laughed and hung up.

Jace threw the phone down and walked to the door.

He started hitting it, trying to open it just anyhow, but each hit wounded his fist.

"Open this damn door!!!" He yelled, giving the door the tenth hit as blood started pouring out of his knuckles.

He was breathing incoherently as he walked back to the phone and picked it, 

He has just one percent battery left, and he dipped his hand in his hair as he dialled the only line he could think of... Nikki's.

"Hey... dude" Nikki's voice came.

"Jarvis is in drowning in the hostel pool. Save her" he replied.

"What!" Nikki gasped.

"Now, I mean... now!" Jace spat.

"Just swear about one thing" Nikki replied.

"Seriously?" Jace said.

"That if I save her, you won't come anywhere near her when you finally get released" Nikki said.

"Screw you Nikki! Screw you!" Jace  growled.

"Give me your word, she's dying" Nikki replied.

"Nikki..." Jace gritted, closing his eyes.

"Swear it" Nikki said.

"I swear! I swear on my life I won't near her! I swear! Just save her...." Jace replied desperately.

"Good...we have a deal" Nikki said, and Jace's battery went flat immediately.

His phone went off, and he threw the phone at the wall furiously, punching the wall so hard that it left a dent.

He rested his forehead and palms on the wall, breathing heavily as blood poured out of his fist.

Never in his whole life has he felt this useless..

He hates himself for being here... for being locked up...not being there for her...

He feels so f**king down as his palms pressed against the cold wall.

"Little cat" he whispered hoarsely.


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