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I Hate You Jace - Episode 41&42




I Hate You Jace - Episode 41&42


By Naomi Cindy B.


"I want it....orgasm" her small voice said, and a n+ughty smile crept into Jace's lips.

"I got you" he said, and she bit her lip in anticipation as he took her to the bed then faced her.

"Lay on your back" he said, and she climbed the soft bed slowly, laying on her back like he instructed.

Anticipation was killing her, and she had to close her eyes as she expected what's coming next.

Jace smiled at her naivety before walking to the small freezer in the room.

He opened it and got three small pieces of ice blocks in a bowl, then he walked back to her and climbed the bed with her.

Slowly, he raised the sweatshirt from her thighs, from her tummy...till it got to her chest.

It was still covering her bre+sts, but it left her tummy and p+nts exposed.

"Jace..." Her nervous voice came, and he looked at her to find her eyes open.

"Don't panic, few touches will make you drip" he replied, and she swallowed as he picked one of the ice.

He placed it on her navel, and she froze as the coldness, unable to breath for a minute, then he picked the second ice...

"Spread your legs" he instructed, and she gently did, though her pants are still on, maybe it doesn't need to go off for what he's planning to do 

The ice on her navel was starting to melt as he got between her legs and started caressing her inner thighs with the second ice, making her breathing quiver.

"J... Jace..." She shook.

"Calm down for me, little cat" he whispered, tracing the ice deeper into her thighs and stopping it at the end of it, making it melt a little so the cold water penetrated into her core...

"Mhhmm!" She m0@ned sharply, grabbing the sheets as her cl+t vibrated.

He traced the ice backwards this time, and he made it stop farther from her core, but when it melted and released water again, it began flushing down her thighs, making her grab the sheets tighter.

"Oh my!" She gasped, folding her toes as pleasure shawled her ... The cold water entered her core again, and her legs began shaking.

"Ahh..hh" She m0@ned so good, the chilliness dancing sensationally across her skin.

"You look damn s+xy while m0@ning" Jace said, placing the ice on the waistband of her pants.

"Ohh" she moaned softly, and he went for the one on her navel, removing it and dropping it back in the bowl, then he began using his cold fingertips to caress her already cold skin...

"Oh my gawd!" She moaned sweetly,  and he smiled, tracing the fingers to the middle of her stomach before bringing them down to her tummy which immediately hollowed up...

"Jace...I'm...I.. it's..." She panted, talking incoherently, and he got it...

"Finish for me, little cat" he cooed, stopping the finger movements to tilt her up.

He attached his lips to hers, giving her a deep kiss, and at the same time pressing the ice on her waistband to her skin.

He could feel her body stiffening, and she held his arms tightly as she cûm hotly, orgasming in her p@nts real bad.

The ice fell from her waistband to the bed, and she started releasing heavily hot breaths, her face so sweaty as she tried to calm down.

He gave her a hug, and she coiled her arms on him too, dipping her sweaty face in his neck.

"You should use the bathroom, go have a warm shower" he said, but she kept hugging him, and he began stroking her hair.

"How was it?" He asked, and she broke the hug to look at him, but she immediately looked away shyly 

"C'mon, not like we had s+x, I only touched you with ice and my fingers, and I made you c+m" he teased.

"Jace" she closed her eyes, and he chuckled, picking her up from the bed.

She held him quickly, and he walked to the bathroom door, opened it and dropped her in.

"Take your time" he winked, leaving her.

She quickly walked to the mirror, and she gasped when she saw how red her cheeks are.

She bit her lip so hard, closing her eyes...he's surely gonna tease her with this later.

She opened her eyes, and a pretty smile spread on her face when she remembered what just happened.

No one has ever touched her that way, and she felt the sensations in triple folds...she enjoyed every bit of how it made her feel, but admitting it in front of Jace would only make him tease her..

She smiled again as she had a rerun of the scene in her head, but the smile vanished when she remembered she's probably the 100th girl he has done this with.

He's Wolfie after all,, there's hardly any girl he hasn't f**ked in the hostel.

She was still thinking about it when the door opened, and he came in.

"Jace?" She blinked.

"I haven't touched any girl like that before...I don't pleasure girls" he said seriously.


"You're the first girl I touched that way, the first girl I pleasured" he continued, licking his lip ring with his tongue_an habit Jarvis has come to love a lot.

He does that when he's having difficulty to say something...

"You...came in here to tell me that? What if I was already naked" she said.

"My luck" he replied, and though she wants to pick the soap bottle and throw at him, she couldn't.

She smiled instead, feeling more special  ...

"Be fast, I'm waiting" he said, leaving the bathroom.

Jarvis was smiling as she stripped herself.

When she took off her p+nts, she saw the juices she released, and the red on her cheeks burned...

She just had her first orgasm with the almighty Jace!

She had a fast shower in the cozy bathroom and dressed back in the sweatshirt before returning to the room.

Jace was already lying on his own side of the bed with his eyes closed.

She assumed he's already asleep, so she climbed her own side...

"You seriously aren't gonna sleep that far away from me" his voice came.

"You weren't asleep?" She looked at him, and he stretched his hand to pull her to himself, locking her with him.

"Told you I was waiting" he replied in a sleepy whisper, and she kept looking at him

"What is it?" He asked.

"I heard you're not a cuddler, that you don't like sleeping close to girls in bed and...

"You're not those girls" he interrupted, and her heart raced.

She cuddled closer to him as he covered them completely with the duvet.



Jarvis woke up to an empty room, no Jace in sight, and she quickly climbed down from the bed, looking around.

Did he fly to England again? Is he gonna come back later and push her away again?

Hundreds of thoughts floated in her head, but it all dissipated when she saw his phone on the bedstand.

She calmed down immediately, walking to the door to open it only to meet him about to come in.

He's holding a cat, the same one she saw under hyacinth flower on her first day here.

"Aw!" She gushed, taking the cute cat from him immediately.

"You love cats?" Jace said.

"Insanely!" she replied.

"You can have it" he said.

"Are you serious?" She faced him.

"The name is Milo" he replied simply.

"Aw! Thank you!" She squealed happily, stroking the cats fur, and the feline started licking her face gratefully.

"How was your night?" Jace asked the question she wasn't expecting.

"Splendid" she smiled, and he was already leaning in for a kiss when Ms. Zoe appeared .

"Guys! Breakfast is ready, you should eat before you...

"Nope! We should leave now" Jace cut her off and pulled Jarvis into the room.

"Why did you do that?" She asked, dropping Milo.

"It's Sunday, and she'd probably drag us to church after breakfast, I'm not ready for any damn sermon so dress up and let's leave" he said.

"Will Jace Braun ever change? No" she laughed as he handed her her clothes.

"Be quick, little cat" he replied with a groan, and she entered the bathroom to change this time.

They left the orphanage in ten minutes, Jarvis took Milo with her.

As they drove away, Prof. Marcus's car came to view not far from the orphanage.

He's inside, witnessing everything.


"Can I ask one more question?" Jarvis suddenly asked as Jace drove.

"We left the orphanage already" he replied, and she coiled back to her seat.

"Don't pout, just ask" he said, and she smiled before sitting upright.

"Who did you go to England to meet? Who gave you the wound?" She asked.

"Marcus's dad might be dead, but his dad's mother is still alive... Donna" he replied.

"The popular Granny?" She said shockingly.

"She hates me as much as Marcus does, so she invites me to England to bully me frequently" he replied.

"Then you can just stop going" she said.

"Nope, I love shoving myself in her ugly face" he replied stubbornly.

"But...why are you bearing the surname of Marcus's father?" She asked carefully.

"Granny Donna wants that, it's like a punishment to my f**king father who has been hiding for years" he replied irritably.

He didn't hide the hatred in his voice.

Jarvis wants to ask why his dad is hiding, and what his sin is, and how it's connected to Brenda, but she noticed he's starting the get uncomfortable with the questions, and she really doesn't want him to go moody.

It's still surprising that they've been together since yesterday and he hasn't swinged moods.

She wants it to continue like this at least till they'd arrive at the hostel.

"I almost forgot...you said you had something to show me when you came to my class, what is it?" She asked.

"You'll see it if you remove my belt" he replied rawly.

"Gosh!" she said, and he laughed lightly,  speeding up the car.



Jarvis was holding Milo as she came out of the car, and Jace joined her after shutting the doors.

"Any plans today?" He asked.

"I'm reading till noon, then hangout with my roomies" she replied.

"I forgot you're a nerd" he teased.

"I'm not a nerd Jace" she defended, and he pouted his bottom lip cutely.

"Have fun" He winked, and she started walking into her block.

She looked back multiple times to see he's still standing, staring at her till she went out of sight.

Getting to her room, she met just Dorothy and Scarlett...

"My gawd! Cute kitty!" Dorothy literally flew to her and took Milo from her.

The cheerful cat started licking her face too,..

"Jarvis just give it to me!" she said.

"In your dreams" Jarvis giggled.

"How was your night with Wolfie?" Scarlett asked, taking her ashtray away from the bed while spraying perfume

She obviously just finished smoking..

"Was...good" Jarvis smiled.

"Wait I know that smile!" Dorothy chirped. "You both did...

"No we didn't do what you're thinking, he only touched me with ice and fingers, and I... orgasmed" she replied.

"You got your first c+m? Great!" Dorothy said.

"You spent two nights with Wolfie already, and he didn't try to s+x you?" Scarlett said surprisingly.

"Why?" Jarvis asked.

"He's not the type to keep calm with a girl so you can say I'm shocked to the bones, but you still need to be careful" Scarlett replied.

"Thanks" Jarvis smiled.

"Check Rizz Hotspot, there's a big gist waiting" Dorothy said.

"Seriously?" Jarvis quickly got her phone to log in, and she screamed when she saw the video of the beating


"F*+*k!" She gasped

"Now sit tight and let me gist you!" Dorothy squealed.



Finally the festival week is here,, it's the costume day today.

Freshmen could be seen in their various costumes in every nook of the campus already...

"Namaste! Call me Priyanka!" Dorothy said proudly, looking so pretty in her Indian Sari as she walked the hallway of each department.

Thanks to her thickness, the sari fits her so well, and her waist was moving as it should.

She suddenly saw Craig in the opposite direction, and she was about to go to him when another girl showed up, hugging him tight.

"What!" Dorothy gasped, and as if that wasn't enough, the girl kissed him publicly then she took him away.

Dorothy turned back immediately, bumping into Scarlett.

"Hey Priyanka" Scarlett smiled.

"My name is Dorothy!" She replied, pushing past her to rush down the hallway.

"What's up with her" Scarlett wondered.

"Scarlett!" Gabby hollered at her from the front, and when she saw him with two chilled soda, she rushed to him, and they left the hallway together.

Ronnie came out of a class, watching them with folded fists.


Jarvis choose Barbie costume, so everything she has on is Pink.

A strapless pink flayed gown with neat pleats, then pink heels too.

Thanks to Scarlett, she got makeup done, and her hair was tied into two...one on each side of her head, and that gave her a baby look.

She was about to enter the largest LH when Philip came out, wearing glasses and dressed sternly.

"You're Shakespeare!" she smiled.

"And you're Barbie" he replied, and they laughed.

"You're cute!" Philip said.

"Thank you!" she replied, and he chuckled.

She looked back when she heard a voice like Jace's,but it's not him..

"Let me guess...you're looking for School Psycho? I saw him at the park" Philip said.

"Thanks Phil!" She made to leave, but then she saw Nikki coming in same direction, and she turned around, going the other direction.

Nikki stopped walking, looking upset as he watched her avoid him.



Jarvis started looking for Jace's car when she arrived, she'd recognize his Maybach anywhere ... She gave it the first scratch anyways...

She smiled at the thought, and the familiar tingle hit her skin when someone grabbed her from behind, spinning her around.

She came face-to-face with him... Jace.

She smiled widely, and he captured her lips immediately.

Her hand went to his hair as she kissed him back, and he sighed as he made her back hit his car, deepening the kiss shortly before breaking it.

"Never seen Barbie look this hot before" he whispered, and she smiled cutely.

"Jarvis!!!" A loud voice interrupted their moment, and her eyes widened when she saw Caroline walking into the park.

The angry looking woman got to them and made to slap Jarvis straightaway, but Jace was quick to cover her, so the slap landed on his face instead.

"Aunt!' Jarvis gasped.

"So it wasn't a lie? This is who you've been wasting your time with? Look at his tattoos! Look at his multiple rings Jarvis! How could you!!" Caroline yelled.


"Oh please you're way better than this!!" Caroline yelled again .

"And who the f*+*k told you about me?" Jace asked, looking pissed already.

"See? Just look at the tone he's using Jarvis!" Caroline said.

"I said who!!" Jace growled.

"Why? So you can go kill him?" Caroline sneered.

"Him? A male? Damnit!" Jace smirked, dashing out of the park.

"Jace don't!" Jarvis made to go after him, but Caroline held her back.

"You're going nowhere!"

"He's gonna kill Prof. Marcus trust me I have to go stop him!" Jarvis struggled for freedom.

"You mean Prof. Marcus of this school? He's not the who told me" Caroline replied.



Jace was boiling lividly as he walked the hallway that led to Marcus's office...

He'd just kill him if he meets him, but it might not be fast enough cos he's not with his gun, he's gonna have to beat him till death.

He hasn't even gotten to the office when Marcus came out of a conference with several other lecturers

"Marcus!!!" He yelled ragingly, and Marcus faced his direction.

Jace rushed to him and channeled all his anger into that one punch, landing it so fatally on Marcus's face.

The lecturers gasped as Marcus flew to the wall, hitting his head hard.

Blood started oozing out, and Marcus lost consciousness on the tiled groud.

* Professor Marcus!

* Call an ambulance!

* Ambulance!!!

The lecturers started panicking, but Jace just stood there, breathing heavily as he stared hatefully at Marcus's body on the ground.

Just then, the unexpected visitor came in...Granny Donna.

She's with over twenty guards, and the men surrounded the hallway as she walked in furiously, looking like she could rain hellfire.

Paramedics came to get unconscious Marcus, and he was taken away on a stretcher.

Jace kept standing, looking at Granny Donna defiantly till cops rushed in, four of them.

"Get this bastard arrested. No one can see him, no one can bail him, no food nor water throughout.... Take him!" she commanded.

Jarvis rushed into the hallway, and her eyes widened when she saw he's already getting handcuffed.

"No! Jace!"


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