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Golden High 2024 - Episode 7&8




Golden High 2024 - Episode 7&8

Theme: Senior Year Serenade 

Genres: High School/Romance 


Written by Summer Gold R.


            [ HIS WILD THOUGHTS ]

"Seriously,why would you even stand in front of him to discuss?" Maxwell asked angrily when he got to Isabella. 

"What do you mean discuss? I told you I poured coffee on his shirt,was I supposed to ignore that and walk away,I still don't understand why you always tell me to stay away from him,you never gave me a reason but I obeyed" Isabella said. 

"Do you see the way he looks at you??" 

"Max,it's just a look,he didn't hug me......"

"Then I will kill him" Maxwell said. 

"Let's talk later...."

"Don't walk out on me!" Maxwell snapped. 

"I hate it when you shout at me! I didn't do anything wrong!!" Isabella shouted and walked away tearfully. 

Maxwell exhaled and immediately regretted shouting at her,but his pride would never allow him admit,he can't allow any guy close to Isabella and that's final. 

As Isabella was running to the restroom,She bumped into Theodore again,he was already in another shirt. 

"Hey,are you okay?" He asked. 

"Stop talking to me,please" Isabella said and looked up. 

"Did you cry?" Theo frowned. 

"Not your business" Isabella said and walked away. 

Theodore sighed out. 

"Why the f*+*k is she so stubborn?" He shook his head and walked away to get Chelsea's burger. 


"Whoa,that looks delicious" Romina said beside Theodore as he was buying the hamburger. 

"When did you get here?" Theo chuckled,looking amazed. 

"Buy for me too" Angelo joined and Theo groaned. 

"What I was avoiding" He mumbled and Romina chuckled. 

"Do you want one too?" Theo asked her and she immediately nodded. 

"Four" He said to the attendant. 

"You like it too?" Romina asked. 

"No,two for Chelsea,she's a foodie who never gets fat" Theo replied and Romina chuckled. 

"Where's Chelsea?" Angelo asked. 

"Not your business" Theo said. 

"Dude,I'm not taking her away from you....."

"They are not dating" Romina immediately said. 

"Why should you bother to answer him?" Theo scoffed and took his own package. Romina and Angelo also collected theirs. 

"Thanks dude" Angelo said. 

Theo ignored him and looked at Romina. 

"See you later" he said and ran off. 

"What's your name?" Angelo asked Romina. 

"Check my tag" Romina said,licking her lips. 

Like,she just got that snack from her crush,she wouldn't let it waste,even a little out of it. 

"Oh..Romina" Angelo smiled. 

"Would you mind giving me a tour?" He asked. 

"Let's go,we have just twenty minutes left before physics class"  Romina said and led the way.

"Oh,you're so nice" Angelo smiled. 


"Where were you? I was starving" Chelsea said when Theo entered. 

"I'm sorry foodie" Theo smiled and dropped it in front of her. 

"I got you hot cinnamon,that should help too" Theo said and Chelsea smiled. 

"I love you" She waved. 

Theo chuckled and sat down,watching her as she ate. 

"I think you should calm down though,you're gonna choke" He said and stood up,handing over the cinnamon tea to her. 

"Thank you best" Chelsea smiled

"You're welcome" Theo smiled and sat down again. 

Chelsea finished eating and sighed out fully. 

"It's almost time for our next class,are you sure you can go? I can help you to the dorm instead" Theodore suggested. 

"No,I'm fine. The tea helped,and also the drugs and I can manage. Let's go" 

Theo immediately stood up and helped her down,they left the ward while holding each other. 

"Babe!!" Phoenix ran to them as soon as they got out of the infirmary. 

Theodore let go of Chelsea's hand,giving Phoenix space to stand next to her. 

"Where are you going?" Chelsea immediately asked. 

"I suddenly feel thirsty,I will meet you in class" Theo winked and walked away,Chelsea's eyes followed him. 

"Babe,you're whipped,totally" Phoenix said and Chelsea sighed. 

"You should tell him" Phoenix muttered when they started walking.

"How am I supposed to do that? When he only sees me as his best friend? I can't ruin that....."

"You think he doesn't feel the same?" Phoenix asked. 

"I know him more than you do,he doesn't even care about his own feelings,he definitely doesn't feel the same" Chelsea muttered. 

"I'm just worried,what if it's too late for you....."

"Stop it,nothing is late" Chelsea rolled her eyes. 

"Sorry" Phoenix smiled. 


It was P.E period and the students got changed into their sport wears,Theo came to drop his uniform inside his locker after getting changed,he was looking so handsome,he wore a bandana around his head making him even more hot. 

"Boom!" Someone screamed behind him. 

Theodore rolled his eyes and turned to see Angelo. 

"How come you didn't flinch?" Angelo asked,he was already in his sport wear too. 

"Because it was lame trying to scare me with a boom,are you crazy?" Theo scoffed and Angelo laughed. 

"My locker is even next for yours dude,are we soulmates?" He asked. 

Theo chuckled. 

"Don't be a pest" He muttered. 

"Don't make me like your angry face,I will continue making you even more mad,I got a degree in that" Angelo said. 

Maxwell walked in with Tristan and Jerry,Maxwell was holding a Soccerball in his hand,his eyes met with Theo's own and he came closer. 

"If you love your legs,don't join the game" He said with a smirk. 

Theo sighed and shook his head before going out without saying a word,Angelo glared at Maxwell. 

"What,do you wanna say something?" Tristan asked. 

"For now,NO" Angelo said and followed Theo,he got up with him. 

"Do you guys have any issue?" Angelo asked. 

"Issue? With who?" Theo asked. 

"You heard what he said,with the look of things,I think he got plans...."

"For me not you,so stop being extra" Theo said. 

"Stop acting Unbothered,what if he hurt your leg?" Angelo asked. 

Theo said nothing. 

"He's the principal's son though,he might get away with whatever he's doing" Angelo said. 

Theo burst into laughter and Angelo raised his brows. 

"What's funny? I'm right" Angelo said. 

"It's funny because it's funny of course" Theo said. 

They entered the sport arena,the students are already there,shouting. The girls are gathered on one side. 

*Theo! Come here!*

*No here*

The boys were beginning to argue on which team Theo was gonna join. 

"Not again" Theo groaned and Angelo chuckled. 

"You must be a good player" He said. 

"I wonder why I'm so good at everything too" Theo muttered and Angelo laughed. 

"I'm a good one too....right now we have two things in common" He said. 

"Two things? What and what?" Theo asked. 

"Sleeping and soccer" Angelo replied and Theo laughed. 

"You're crazy,just like me" He said between his loud laugh. 

"Of course,I told you" Angelo also laughed. 

"Let's be friends" Theo said,shaking him . 

"I thought we were friends already" Angelo mumbled and Theo scoffed. 

Some boys came to drag Theo away and Angelo followed. 

Romina was sitting down alone,away from the girls having fun. She was busy staring at Theo,following him with her eyes everywhere he goes. 

Maxwell and his friends came in too. 

"Of the boys are playing soccer,what are we supposed to be doing then?" Clara asked,among the girls. 

"Watch us of course,your legs aren't even that strong"  Lionel scoffed and the boys laughed. 

"That's a lie,we can play too" Phoenix said as she walked in with Chelsea. 

"With which legs?" Tristan asked. 

"Oh shut up,you're not even that great either" Phoenix scoffed. 

Chelsea waved at Theo and he winked at her which made her blush. 

"Are you sure she's just a friend? She's damn pretty" Angelo said. 

"You like her?" Theo asked. 

"I only said she's pretty" Angelo immediately said and Theo chuckled. 

He was about talking when Isabella walked in with Dakota and Cindy by her sides,the words vanished. 

All eyes fell on Isabella,she was putting on the sport wear like everyone else but she tied her shirt up above her tummy,showing off her perfect slim hourglass shape,driving the guys crazy. 

None of them said a word tho,they could only stare at her. Theo wasn't left out,his eyes moved all the way from her ponytail down to her exposed tummy,to her legs and then back to her face,until a ball hit his face hard. 

Everyone gasped. 

"Hey!!" Angelo yelled at Maxwell who threw the ball. 

"Stare at my girl again that way and I'm gonna kill you" Maxwell said to Theo whose face was still down. 

The students all focused on them. Theo looked up and they gasped out loudly,his nose was bleeding. 

"Theo!" Chelsea immediately started running to him. 

"Hold her" Theo muttered to Angelo who immediately grabbed Chelsea before Theo threw a punch on Maxwell's Face,targeting his nose,precisely. 


*That was hard!*

Maxwell fell roughly on the floor,by the time he looked up,his nose was bleeding too. 

"I won't attack you first,but if any f*+*king shit hit my leg here,just a slight one,I swear I will make you cripple" Theo said and walked out of the sport arena,Chelsea pushed Angelo off and ran after him. 

Isabella stared at Theo as he went out,the students began to murmur. 

*Was he really staring at her?*

*Everyone was staring,so why would he pick on Theo?*

*So aggressive*

Romina was pressing her fingers where she was sitting down. 

Maxwell walked over to Isabella and grabbed her hand,dragging her out of the arena. 

"What's your problem!" Isabella screamed after he released her. 

"Just...why the heck would you dress this way?" Maxwell asked,trying his best to remain calm. 

"What are you talking about? I'm not naked,it's just...."

Maxwell pulled down her blouse and Isabella scoffed. 

"What is wrong with you today?" She asked. 

"Why would you throw that heavy ball on someone's face...."

"He was staring at you...."

"Everyone was staring! You should have hit all of them! And it's my body not yours!!" Isabella yelled. 

"You're my girlfriend okay? Why can't you just listen to me for once?" Maxwell asked. 

Isabella shook her head. 

"Today is messed up,you can come to me when you feel better and ready to talk to me without shouting,for now I'm done" She said and went back into the arena. 


"Where you really staring at Isabella?" Chelsea asked,watching as Theo watched his face,his nose already stopped bleeding. 

"Do I need permission before staring at someone?" Theo asked. 

"You know how obsessed Maxwell is,he can do anything because of her" Chelsea said. 

Theo raised his head. 

"Well I'm not part of those who watch him do crazy things without fighting back...."

"I don't want you to get hurt" Chelsea snapped. 

"You should watch yourself instead,don't run to me anytime I wanna fight,I won't care to look at you,so let me do what I want" Theo said and went out. 

Chelsea sighed and took her lips. 


After having dinner,Theo walked with Chelsea to her room,he returned to the dorm to meet Leo waiting for him in front of his room,he gave him a confused face. 

"You're finally her" Leo said. 

"What's going on?" Theo asked. 

"Can I borrow your iPhone charger? I think mine got spoilt and my phone is kinda low already" Leo said. 

"Why me tho? We are not that close" Theo muttered. 

"We don't have to be close before you do me a favor" Leo replied. 

"Fine,I'm not giving you" Theodore said and opened the door,Leo entered first. 

"Ya!(hey!)" Theo yelled. 

"Don't be a stingy guy,come on,it's just a charger" Leo said,looking around the room,he finally saw the charger on the table and took it right away,almost falling the laptop. 

"I will just charge my phone here" Leo muttered and sat down,he plugged the charger and insert it in his phone. 

"Wow,never knew people like this exists,this is your first time here and you're acting so comfortable? What if I strangle you now?" Theo asked. 

"I don't think you're stronger than me" Leo said. 

Theo scoffed and fell on the bed. 

"I saw you left with Chelsea" Leo faced him. 


"I heard you two are just friends? Is that true?" Leo asked. 

"Do you like her?" Theo asked. 

"Mwo?!(what?!)" Leo frowned. 

"If you don't like her or interested in her,then stop asking me that question,close my door when you're out" Theo said.

The door suddenly opened and Angelo entered,Theo groaned. 

"Jamkkanman(Wait a minute)" Angelo said,looking at Leo before facing Theo back. 

"I thought I'm the only male friend you have" He said. 

Theo rolled his eyes and fell back on the bed. 

"I've been here before you ...."

"He's not my friend" Theo cut Leo off and Angelo smiled. 

"Oh wow" Leo muttered. 

"F*+*k!" Theo suddenly jumped down the bed. 

"What is it?" 

He checked his pocket. 

"My.....bracelet" He muttered. 

"Bracelet? You got one?" Leo asked. 

"I think I dropped it in the girls dorm,I will be back" Theo said and put on his shoes and hoodie before running out. 


He got to the girls dorm and just when he was about starting his search,Romina came out and their eyes locked. 

"Looking for this?" She raised the bracelet up. 

"Oh...yes,that's mine" Theo moved closer to her. 

"You dropped it earlier,and I saw it" Romina smiled. 

"Thank you,gosh" Theo sighed out and put it back into his pocket. 

"I've never seen you use it" Romina said. 

"I don't wear it around my wrist" Theo replied and Romina nodded. 

"Are you going somewhere?" He asked. 

"No,I saw you from upstairs" Romina replied. 

"Thank you" Theodore smiled. 

"You should go,I will wait till you're inside" He added. 

"Goodnight" Romina waved her tiny cute hands and Theo chuckled. 

"What's funny?" She asked. 

"You look cute,you should go,goodnight" Theo rushed his words. 

Romina blushed and went upstairs,,she waved at him again before entering her room. 

Theo also started walking back to the boys dorm.. 

He sighed out in relief when he took the bracelet from his pocket again. 

He's been keeping it for years and the person who gave him definitely doesn't even remember again but it's so precious to him,he was still walking when he saw Isabella,she was about going into the dorm library. He didn't think twice before putting the bracelet back into his pocket,he used the hoodie's hood to cover his head and went after her. 


"Where are you........" Isabella mumbled,she was searching for a text. She dragged a chair closer and climbed on it,the door opened slowly and she turned immediately in fear,she lost balance. 

"Ahh!" She screamed as she fell but someone caught her. 

"Are you okay?" The voice asked. 

Isabella balanced well and looked at the face. 

"You" She muttered,her hands on his shoulders while he held her waist. 

"You should be careful" Theo said. 

"I fell because I was scared,what are you doing here?" She asked and let go of his shoulder but Theo didn't leave her. 

"You're still holding me Mr" Isabella. 

"Oh" Theo immediately let go of her. 

She got down from the chair and continue walking to look for the text,Theo followed her. 

"What are you looking for?" He asked. 

"English Textbook,I left mine in the locker and I can't go there tonight,but I don't think it's here either" Isabella replied. 

"I will go with you" Theodore suggested and she faced him. 

"No,thank you" She said. 

"Why? Are you scared of your boyfriend?" Theodore asked. 

"Because I don't want his problem doesn't mean I'm scared of him......."

"So you can't talk to another guy because you're dating him? Is that why you always shun and avoid me?" Theo cut in. 

Isabella said nothing. 

"Goodnight" She mumbled and made to leave. 

Theo grabbed her hand and pulled her back. 

"What's your stress,what if someone comes in?" Isabella asked in a low voice. 

"He's here" Theo said and Isabella's eyes widened. 


Theo released her and roughed his hair. 

"You said you're not scared of him..."

"No I'm not" Isabella snapped. 

"Then,did he tell you not to talk to me in particular?" Theo asked. 

Isabella said nothing. 

"He did....why?" 

"Because he thinks you always stare at me,don't worry about him,He's just being overprotective....."

"You think he's lying?" Theo asked. 

"Huh?" Isabella looked at him with confusion written all over her face. 


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