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Golden High 2024 - Episode 5&6




Golden High 2024 - Episode 5&6

Theme: Senior Year Serenade 

Genres: High School/Romance 


Written by Summer Gold R.


               [ FIRST CHALLENGE ]

Isabella was walking with Dakota and Cindy beside her,they were talking and laughing,only Isabella was quiet,she suddenly stopped and faced them. 

"Why are you two following me?" She asked. 

"We are sleeping in your room tonight" Cindy winked and Isabella scoffed. 

"On the floor,I'm not giving up my bed for anyone of you" She said. 

"I think the bed should be enough for three" Dakota said and immediately they ran off,climbing the stairs before Isabella since she's staying on the second floor. 

"Those pests" She rolled her eyes. 

She was about going into her room when she saw Romina coming,she actually passed the other side leading into the girls dorm,and her room was just two rooms away from hers. Romina also saw her but she looked away first and went into her room,closing the door loudly. 

"Is she planning on breaking the door or what?" Isabella scoffed and entered her room. 

Dakota and Cindy were already on the bed with their phones. 

"Dummies! You two should get rid of those phones,it's almost study time" Isabella said. 

Cindy checked the time and groaned,it's almost 9pm. 

"Gosh I hate this school,why must we study again after all those hours we spend studying in class?" She asked. 

"Now I see why you're in the 15th place,how the heck did we end up as friends?" Isabella asked,getting rid of her clothes. 

She put on her pyjamas and settled on her study table. 

"Talking about that,isn't it weird?" Dakota asked and she turned. 

"Weird? What?" Isabella asked. 

"How Theo,from number thirty to number four?" Dakota asked. 

"Maybe he cheated" Cindy laughed. 

"Cheated? How? You know the school rules,how can he possibly cheat?" Dakota scoffed. 

"I'm just saying,it's surprising" Cindy muttered and got down from the bed. 

Isabella said nothing,she remembered the way Theo had solved the chemistry questions earlier without making a mistake and she sighed. 

"This is my favorite" Cindy smiled,taking out one of Isabella's pyjamas, the pink one. 

"I'm taking the blue" Dakota said. 

Isabella ignored them,she already started studying. 

"Do we have any assignment today?" Cindy asked after getting changed. 

"No" Dakota replied. 

"Then I'm sleeping" Cindy mumbled and climbed on the bed.

"Me too" Dakota groaned. 

They both fell beside each other and slept. 

Isabella shook her head and chuckled. Her phone beeped and she immediately took it,she got a text from Maxwell. 


She returned the text and dropped her phone to continue studying. 


"Can't I just sleep with you tonight?" Chelsea pouted as Theo walked her to her room. 

"What if someone hear that?" Theo looked around and she laughed. 

"First time seeing you scared" She said 

"I'm not scared,what are you saying?" Theodore scoffed. 

"But I'm going to miss you" Chelsea said 

"You are going to see me tomorrow morning,so stop the drama and go in" Theo said,stopping in front of the girls dorm entrance. 

"Fine then,goodnight" Chelsea waved. 

Theo smiled and waved back,she came back to kiss his cheek before running away 

"Gosh,she's an headache" Theo muttered. 

"Seriously? Those two aren't dating? They are just friends? Irony" Isabella scoffed,she was watching from upstairs,she was still there when Theo looked up,before she could think of turning away,he saw her and their eyes met. 

Theodore didn't waste time before running to take the staircase. 

"Don't tell me he's coming here" Isabella's eyes widened when she saw that. 

Soon,Theo showed up and she frowned. 

"What are you doing here?" Isabella asked. 

"I just came to see how this place looks like,maybe it's better than ours" Theo said,walking pass her. 

Isabella crossed her arms and looked at him. 

"Are you sure that's why you're Here?"

Theo faced her. 

"What,are you wishing I came because of you?" He asked. 

Isabella laughed out. 

"Are you a comedian? Gosh" 

Theo smiled. 

"What,is your boyfriend better than me?" He asked. 

"Double that,He's better,really" She said. 

"How?" Theo moved closer. 

"I don't need to say it,you know" Isabella said. 

Theodore chuckled. 

"Goodnight" he muttered and before she could blink again,he was gone. 

Isabella scoffed and went into her room. 


The maths teacher was already in class,it's been about thirty minutes since the class started,only Theodore wasn't in class yet. 

Chelsea secretly checked her phone to see if he returned her text but nothing like that,Romina was also worried,she kept staring at the empty seat beside her. 

Just then,Theodore walked into the class looking like someone who was forced to come to class. He was holding his tie in his hand,there are three buttons undone on his shirt, and his hair looked so fluffy,his two hands were in his pockets. He wanted to walk to his seat before the teacher called him back. 

"Theodore Andrew" He called. 

Theo rolled his eyes and turned back. 

"Are you seriously just coming?" The teacher asked. 

"As you can see" Theo mumbled. 

"Can I know the reason? This class started thirty minutes ago and you're just coming?" 

"No matter how much I try,sleeping is not enough for me" Theo replied and the class bursts into laughter. 

"What? Are you really a student? Why are you dressed like a street thug?" The teacher asked. 

Theo said nothing. 

"This is the reason why you're always the last in class,aren't you ashamed? Just because you were favored to go up to the forth rank doesn't mean your brain is that sharp......" The teacher was still saying when Theo yawned. 

The class laughed out again. 

The teacher glared at him furiously. 

"Come solve this if you want to stay in my class......."

"I don't want to stay" Theodore muttered and was about going out.

"I will be the one to decide that,solve this question for us,you're getting punished once you get it wrong"

The teacher wrote a long equation on the board,the whole class started murmuring. 

*What the f**k is that?*

*I've never seen such question*

*He's in trouble I guess*

Isabella was trying to capture the equation but she couldn't.

"What the heck" She mumbled and looked at Maxwell who seems confused as well. 

"I don't think that question is correct,I don't understand a thing" He said. 

Romina also shook her head. 

"Mr Andrew,go solve that" The teacher said and shifted away from the board. 

Theodore stared at the equation and took one of the white board marker,he walked to the board and began solving one after the other. 

The whole student were confused but the teacher wasn't confused,he was shocked,the first and second steps he took was something he shouldn't think of as an high school student. 

In less than two minutes,Theodore got the answer. 

He dropped the marker and walked to his seat without waiting for the teacher to speak. 

Everyone was quiet,waiting for the teacher to speak up. The maths teacher stared at the solution on the board and looked at Theo. 

"How did you do that?" He asked. 

"The way it should be done" Theo replied. 

"That's perfectly correct" The teacher said 


The students started clapping. 

Theo rolled his eyes and put his head on his desk,his eyes closed immediately. 

"What is he?" Romina mumbled,staring at Theo in shock. 

"Guys,that question is not an high school question" The teacher said. 

*That's crazy*

*How did he do that?*

*Does magic exist?*

*Or maybe it's true that he's been pretending??*

*He always fail on purpose?*

*What the h*ll*

Maxwell was fuming with anger where he was sitting. 

"Isabella,say something" Cindy whispers from her back. 

Isabella sighed and threw a candy in her mouth without saying a word,she looked at Theodore who was already out of the zone and she chuckled before shaking her head. 


As soon as the maths teacher walked out of the class,Chelsea came over to Theo's seat,he was just opening his eyes. 

"Hey" She frowned. 

"Don't scold me,I'm not feeling fine" Theo said and Chelsea hit him on the back. 


"You seriously slept off?" She asked and Theo nodded. 

Just then,a staff came in with a new boy,he was already in his uniform tho. The class started murmuring. 

*Wow,He's so handsome*

*New student*

"Morning kids,as you can see,you have a new friend here" He said,smiling before facing the boy. 

"Introduce yourself" 

"Angelo Park" The boy said and smiled handsomely. 

There are some who aren't interested tho,Like Chelsea and Theo,they are still busy with their childish argument. Romina's eyes not leaving them,wishing she's Chelsea,while Isabella was glaring at them before scoffing out. 

"For the school tour,pick anyone you want to show you around" the staff said to Angelo. 

"Him" He pointed at Theo without thinking. 


Theo turned immediately. 

"Please show Angelo around when you're less busy" 

"Me? Why?" Theo asked. 

"He choose you,Angelo,please go take a seat" 

Angelo walked over to the empty seat on Theo's left side,Romina was on his right. 

"Nice to meet you" Angelo said. 

"Same here,but you should choose someone else,I'm always busy" Theodore said. 

"Wow,always busy reading?" Angelo asked. 

"Sleeping" Theodore said and Chelsea laughed. 

"For real? I love sleeping too" Angelo smiled. 

"What the heck" Chelsea laughed again. 

"You're pretty" Angelo said to her. 

"Thanks" Chelsea smiled. 

"That's enough,you can go back now. I don't like guys complimenting you in front of me" Theo said,pushing Chelsea away and she left. 

"Is she your girlfriend?" Angelo asked. 

"Nope" Theo replied and the History teacher came in. 

"Gosh,it's going to be a long day" Theo mumbled and closed his eyes. 

"Wow" Angelo said,looking surprised. 


Theo looked left and right to see if Angelo was coming,he was trying to avoid him because of the school tour he asked for,he found an empty class and immediately opened it,he entered and closed the door before sighing out. 

"That dude is gonna be a pain" he scoffed and turned only to find Romina looking at him,she was sitting with countless books on the table,she was studying. 

"Hi" Romina said,hoping he would reply. 

"What are you doing here?" Theodore asked and walked closer. 

"Studying" Romina replied. 

Theodore sat down on the desk next to hers while facing her. 

"Isn't it lunch? You don't want to eat?" He asked. 

"It's always boring" Romina mumbled. 


"Because I'm alone" She responded. 

"Oh" Theo muttered and said nothing after that. 

"But....do you know me...like quite well?" Romina asked. 

"Who wouldn't know the class doll?" Theo asked and Romina blinked. 

"Doll? Me?" 

"Your eyes are pretty,and I love your hair bangs too,you look like a doll" Theodore tried to explain,but if only he knew that someone was burning up. 

Romina's face was totally red,she couldn't control it. 

"But,why are you asking if I know you?" Theo asked. 

"You've never spoke to me...."

"I don't speak with anyone except Chelsea" Theo scoffed. 

"I'm jealous of her.......I want to be an exception too" Romina said and Theodore stared at her blankly. 

"Why are you here?" She asked. 

"Because I'm hiding from an annoying person" He replied. 

"The new boy? Angelo?" Romina asked and Theodore nodded. 

"Do you come here to read everyday?" 

"The library is annoying" Romina replied and Theo chuckled. 

"And I....." She was interrupted by Theo's phone which started ringing. 

"Hey,dummy,why would you call me during school hour? You want to get spanked?" Theo asked...it's Chelsea. 

"Where are you?" she asked and he noticed her soft voice which made him stand up immediately. 

"You,where are you? Did something happened?" He asked. 


"Huh? Why?....I will be right there" Theo said and ran out immediately. 

Romina sighed out. 

"He cares so much about her" She mumbled. 


"Chelsea?" Theo ran into the ward where she was. 

"Hug" She spread her arms immediately and Theo gave her a quick hug. 

"Are you okay?" 

Chelsea shook her head. 

"I hate period cramps" She broke into tears. 

Theodore sighed out and touched his chest. 

"I was worried,I thought something serious happened,do you wanna kill me?" He groaned. 

"Is this not serious? My tummy is hurting me like hell" She cried. 

Theo moved closer to her and wiped her tears. 

"Did you take any drugs already?" He asked. 

Chelsea nodded and hugged him. 

"But still it hurts" She muttered. 

"You will be fine" Theo said,rubbing her back. 

"I'm hungry too" Chelsea pouted and Theo broke the hug. 

"You should rest,I will get you something to eat,what do you want?" He asked. 

"I don't want you to leave me though" Chelsea said. 

Theodore sighed out loudly. 

"I pity your future boyfriend,He's going to suffer" he muttered. 

Chelsea rolled her eyes. 

"I want...hamburger....."

"Never,I'm getting you something bitter" Theodore said. 

"What?! Don't do that" Chelsea shouted. 

"So you can use that tummy excuse on me and sleep with me tonight? Never" Theo shook his head. 

"You're being so petty right now,I won't come to your room,so please get me my hamburger if you don't want to see madness" Chelsea said. 

"Yes boss" Theo chuckled and went out of the ward. 

Chelsea fell on the bed and closed her eyes while rubbing her stomach which was still hurting her like hell. 


Theodore made to leave the classroom after getting his smart card,each student in Golden High have one which they use in buying things,only the food provided in the cafeteria and dining hall is free. Other places like the ice cream shop,hamburger stand,coffee shop and other places in school where different snacks and foods are sold,the students use their smart card. 

Their parents would have sent enough for them before they can use it,the smart card wouldn't work if there's no money. 

For Theo,he has never ever reached his limit. That's probably the only thing his parents knows how to do,just money money money,they don't care how he use it though,they just spoiled him with too much. 

The moment he was about going out,someone bumped into him and immediately stained his uniform with cold coffee. 

"Dann" he groaned,staring at his shirt. 

"I'm.....sorry" He heard the soft pretty voice and he looked up...it's Isabella,of course he would recognize that voice. 

"Never knew you've got a soft voice like that" He said. 

"What should I do now? It was a mistake" Isabella said. 

"You just ruined my shirt" Theo muttered,staring at her face. 

"Stop staring at me that way" Isabella said. 

"It's my eyes not yours....."

"It's my face not yours....."

"What's going on here?" Maxwell interrupted. 

Theodore rolled his eyes. 

"Oh I poured my coffee on his shirt and....."

"Leave" Maxwell cut Isabella off and she immediately went out. 

"Do you seriously talk to her like that?" Theodore frowned. 

Maxwell threw an handkerchief on his face. 

"Get yourself cleaned and stay away from my girlfriend" He said. 

Theodore threw the handkerchief back at him. 

"You don't tell me what to do,I hate it" He said and walked out,pushing Maxwell out of his way. 


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  1. Good riddance I love the way Theodore is handling Maxwell. Next chapter sister summer💜💛💙❤💚