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Golden High 2024 - Episode 3&4




Golden High 2024 - Episode 3&4

Theme: Senior Year Serenade 

Genres: High School/Romance 


Written by Summer Gold R.


                    [ INTENTIONS ]


"Ya!!!(Hey!!)  here!!!! Ya!!!!!" 

Two boys are chasing after Theodore,their uniforms are covered with different colors of paints,of course that's Theodore's work. 

But he didn't wait,he was laughing as he was running and having fun as they ran after him,he was pushing every students he meets on his way away. 


Theodore entered the cafeteria which was filled up with students,they screamed as Theo jumped from one table to another trying to escape. 

But at last,he fell and the two boys caught up with him,he was laughing sheepishly as they both beat him up. 

"Gosh,He's so annoying" Dakota,Isabella's best friend hissed as she watched Theodore fighting with the boys and throwing food around. 

Isabella said nothing and rolled her eyes. 

"What's going on here?" Maxwell came in,looking angry the moment he saw Theo. 

They stopped fighting. 

"Is this the right place to fight? Why acting like idiots?" Maxwell asked. 

"Hey,who are you to ask me that question? Do you own the school or what? Because your dad is the principal doesn't give you the right to talk down on the students" Theodore said. 

Maxwell scoffed and moved closer to him. 

"What about you? Going around and playing nuisance is better?" He asked. 

"Oh me? I was just having fun,it was interesting" Theodore muttered and itch his hair. 

"You don't even know what you look like" Maxwell said,glaring at him hatefully. 

"Of course I know,I look handsome. Don't worry about my dirty uniform,I have more than three of this,if it finishes,I will get more,there are more than enough in school,thanks to your daddy" Theodore chuckled and the students laughed. 

Maxwell grabbed his collar. 

"Wow,wow,I don't think I said anything bad,why are you so angry?" Theodore asked and pushed him off. 

Maxwell wanted to punch him but then. Isabella touched him from the back. 

"Do you have to waste your time on someone like him?" She asked. 

Theodore looked at her,she glared at him and hissed before taking Maxwell away. 

Theodore said nothing and looked at the students who were busy staring at him. 

He cleared his throat. 

"Do you all want to listen to me playing the Violin tonight? It's free...for wasting your food" He said. 



The students cheers and Theodore grinned before walking out of the cafeteria. 


Romina was pacing around the passage way,it's the way leading to the boys dorm. She was holding a towel in her hand waiting for Theo to pass,he was looking so dirty earlier with food all over his head. 

Few minutes later,she saw him,but not alone,he was walking with Chelsea,to the boys dorm. 

Romina bite her lips,watching them laugh together,she hid behind one of the pillars. 

"I'm late again" She mumbled. 

"I told you not to act silly anymore,are you ever gonna listen?" Chelsea pulled his hair. 

"Ouch! That hurts!" Theo screamed and carried her off her foot. 

"Ahh!!!" Chelsea screamed out,and laughed. 

"Are you gonna pull my ear again?" 

"No! Never!" 

Romina swallowed hard and immediately walked away. 


Theo was busy taking his bath while Chelsea helped him pick another uniform,she dropped it on the bed.

 He came out of the bathroom minutes later. 

"Hey,don't stare at my chest,its precious" Theo said. 

"Dude,you don't even have packs" Chelsea scoffed. 

"Don't worry,I'm gonna start working out very soon" Theo boasted. 

"I will be waiting" Chelsea laughed. 

Some minutes later,he was done wearing his uniform,he ruffled his hair and exhaled. 

"I don't want to go to class again" He groaned. 

"Don't you dare,bring that" Chelsea took his tie from him. 

"No,I don't like it" Theo shook his head. 

"Dress like a responsible student for once!" She snapped and started knotting the time around his neck. 

"Hurry up before I do something crazy" Theodore muttered. 

"Like what?" Chelsea asked. 

Theodore chuckled. 

"You're quite naughty,I was kidding. You know I won't do anything" He said,checking himself in the mirror after she finished. 

Chelsea bite her lips and sighed. 

"Let's go,we have five minutes left before the next class"

"Which subject?"

"Chemistry,you should grab your lab coat" Chelsea said. 

"It's in my locker,let's go" Theo said and they left the room together. 


Theodore entered and met Isabella there,she was also grabbing something in her locker,she looked at him coldly as usual. Theo said nothing and approached his locker,he opened it with his pass code and was about taking his labcoat when Isabella screamed. 

She hit her leg on the locker by mistake,Theo turned immediately. 

"Are you okay?" He asked and walked over to her. 

"Don't touch me!" Isabella screamed and he moved back. 

She tried walking but then screamed again,Theo immediately held her hand. 

"Let me help" He said. 

"Don't act like we are close,get lost" Isabella said. 

"Are you always like this? I just want to help since I'm the only one here....."

"She don't need your help" Maxwell entered and Theodore scoffed. 

"Babe" Isabella pouted,stretching her hand to Maxwell. 

"Are you okay?" Maxwell asked. 

"It hurts,my big toe" Isabella sobs. 

"Do you wanna go to the infirmary?" Maxwell asked. 

"Aniyo(no) it's fine,let's go to the lab" She said and stood up properly. 

"Should I carry you?" Maxwell asked and she immediately nodded. 

He carried her amd left the locker room. 

"Are they showing off?" Theodore scoffed loudly and closed his locker loudly before going out. 

"Why did I even offer to help that brat" he hissed. 


"I believe I've been talking for a while now,do you all grab everything I've been saying?" The teacher asked. 

*Yes* The students chorused. 

"Great,I will start putting you in a group now,you are going to repeat the same practical we just did and answer all the questions accordingly,but before then,I have extra questions here for you,from everything I've said so far,ready?" 

The lab was totally silent..

"First question,In acid-base titration, which indicator is used?" He asked. 

"Romina" The teacher called. 

"A strong acid-strong base titration is carried out using a phenolphthalein indicator"  Romina answered. 

"Good,next question.What is the distinction between a titrant and an analyte? This question goes to Isabella" 

"Titrand/analyte is the solution whose concentration must be calculated. Whereas a titrant/reagent is a known concentration solution that is introduced to another solution whose concentration must be determined." She answered fluently. 

He asked five more questions and the students answered,except Theodore who was at the end of the lab,feeling sleepy and not hearing a thing. 

"Then,check out your names for your groups" The teacher said and the list of names showed on the board immediately. 

Ten groups...four in each groups but some has three students too. 

Group 1. Chelsea,Theodore and Isabella 

Group 2. Romina,Maxwell,Tristan and Lionel. 

Group 3. Dakota,Leo,Cleo and Jerry. 

And downward like that. 

Immediately Maxwell saw the list,he scoffed. 

"Each group,get one table each,the apparatus are there already,we are starting in five minutes.

"This is not gonna be interesting" Isabella rolled her eyes as she grabbed her things,looking for Chelsea and Theodore. 

Chelsea tapped Theo and he raised his head. 

"You were sleeping?" 

"No" Theodore muttered and yawned. 

"Are you this lazy? Why would you sleep in the lab?" Isabella asked. 

"I don't think it's your business" Chelsea said. 

"You're his mouth piece?" Isabella frowned. 

Theodore stood up and went to a table,leaving them to exchange words all they want,they joined him later,their table is just next to group two where Maxwell and Romina are. 

"You can start,I will be watching everyone,so please be careful with the chemicals" The teacher said. 

Isabella grabbed the beaker immediately. 

"Be careful,it's acid" Theodore cautioned. 

"I'm not dumb" She snapped. 

"I'm just telling you,stop being rude" Theodore said and she looked at him with a glare,he glared back. 

"What,are you gonna beat me?" He asked. 

"I just hate being here....."

"It's not too late,you can get out,I don't like it that you're here either" Theo said. 

"I'm not leaving,you can do whatever you want about it" Isabella said 

"Then stop being annoying and act like human,we are just partners and nothing else,no one is flirting with you here" Theodore said and Isabella fold her fists. 

Theodore ignored her and turned to Chelsea who was already busy. 

They started in silence. 

"Who's gonna do the calculation?" Chelsea asked. Theodore looked at Isabella,she rolled her eyes. 

"I will do it" Theo said and Isabella frowned. 

"What about me?" She asked. 

"Oh princess,I didn't know I should have bowed in front of you and beg you to do what I can close my eyes and do" Theo said and Chelsea cracked,trying not to laugh. 

Isabella frowned hard. 

"Then do it let me see" She said. 

"I was about doing it before you interrupted" Theo said and looked away from her. 

In two minutes,he was already done doing all the calculations. 

"Wow,you're the best buddy" Chelsea tapped his cheek and he smiled. 

Isabella rolled her eyes and said nothing. 


Dakota and Cindy sat down on the bed with their phones,Isabella was still getting dressed up,dinner is in few minutes.

Isabella brushed her long straight hair and applied a little lip gloss on her lips,she checked herself out and smiled proudly. She adjusted her mini skirt and her eyes caught with a tiny scratch on her tummy,she was wearing a crop top so her tummy was exposed. 

"Ahhhh!!!!!!" She screamed and her friends spranged up. 

"Are you okay?!" Dakota asked. 

"My precious body!!" Isabella screamed again,rubbing the scratch.

"What happened?" 

"Here! See that cut?" She asked,touching it. 

Dakota and Cindy saw what she was talking about and exchanged glances,they shook their heads and fell back on the bed. 

"What,that cut....."

"It might be your nails,stop being dramatic" Cindy groaned. 

"My nails" Isabella mumbled and raised her fingers up,she stared at the painted nails,they are quite long too. 

"Even my nails are pretty," she smiled. 

"Of course we know,show off" Dakota scoffed and Cindy chuckled. 

Isabella faced them. 

"But come to think of it" She said and they look up. 

"What's that?" Dakota asked. 

"How come? All of a sudden? I'm talking about Theodore,he solved those chemistry calculations earlier without any mistake,how come? I know he's dumb" Isabella said. 

"I'm amazed too,maybe he finally started to study. Remember his best friend said he just doesn't study,not that he's dumb"  Cindy said. 

"His best friend? Who?" Isabella raised her brows. 

"What do you mean? Chelsea of course" Dakota said. 

"Best friends? You mean his girlfriend?" Isabella asked. 

"They are not dating" Cindy said. 

"Really?! How come they are always together?" Isabella asked unbelievably. 

"They are best friends,but I think she has her eyes on him,she's always jealous whenever he's with a girl" Dakota whispers. 

Isabella scoffed. 

"Who in her right mind would crush on that silly boy? So unfortunate" She rolled her eyes and turned back to the mirror. 

They heard the alarm telling them it's time for dinner,the three of them walked out of the room. 

"Oh gosh,can't get over the sight view of our school at night like this" Cindy inhaled happily,staring at the beautiful lights and amazing features which always become more beautiful in the night. 

The flowers were bringing out beautiful lights and decorations also,in Golden High,the night view is simply the best. 


The dinning hall was already filled up with students eating and having fun,so the hall was so loud. 

Isabella walked in with Dakota and Cindy,the junior students started greeting her from every angles which she responded to by blowing them kisses. 

"See you two later" Isabella smiled and immediately walked over to meet Maxwell on his table with his two friends. Tristan and Jerry. 

"Babe" Isabella called and pecked Maxwell's lips before sitting on the empty seat beside him. 

"Can you two ever stop making me jealous?" Jerry touched his chest. 

"Sorry baby" Tristan tapped Jerry's chest and Jerry slapped his hand off. 

"Are you crazy?" 

They all laughed. 

The school kitchen servants can be see walking around and taking the students orders,one came for Isabella. 

"What do you want please?" She asked. 

"Can I get fried rice? Fried chicken too,brown one with....uhm...pineapple juice" Isabella said and tied her hair up into a ponytail. 

"Ahh" She opened her mouth for Maxwell and he fed her,he placed his lips on hers and she chuckled. 

"Don't be naughty" She said. 

"You're just irresistible" Maxwell said and kept feeding her till her own food was brought. 

Leo and Cleo are the only ones in their own booth,simply because Cleo wouldn't allow any girl coming to sit with her brother. They are twins and Leo is absolutely one of the most handsome face in that school,He's hot too with amazing figure,but aside his sister,then you can't find any other girl with him,sorry to disappoint you. 

Not just girls,he doesn't have any friends at all. Those two are like metal and magnet,can't be separated. 

Meanwhile,Romina was alone as usual,eating and looking around trying to find Theo but he was nowhere in the dinning hall,she sighed and kept on eating. 

Some minutes later,Theo walked in with Chelsea and the students started screaming,he was holding his violin in his hand like he promised. 

Chelsea smiled and sat with Phoenix,they are also quite close but Chelsea spends most of her time with Theo. 

"Finally,someone remembers me" Phoenix rolled her eyes. 

"Sorry" Chelsea pouted. 

"Of course I understand,if I was you,I wouldn't let him go either,He's too handsome to ignore" Phoenix winked. 

"Stop" Chelsea chuckled. 

"Guys,are you ready?!" Theodore asked.

*Yes!!!!!* the students chorused. 

Maxwell scoffed,Isabella kept eating without raising her head. 

Theodore played the beat first on the mini wireless speaker 


*Oh my!!*

It's,INTENTIONS by Justin Bieber. 

"This is dedicated to someone here,someone hot" He winked naughtily. 


"Just guess" He chuckled and started playing the violin,his eyes closed,his fingers moving so fast both on the violin bow and the strings. 


*He's so hot,I can't!!!*

*Who said Maxwell is more handsome,they are definitely blind!!!*

*I'm so jealous of that girl!!!*

*I think it's for Chelsea,OMG!!* 

Chelsea was blushing where she was sitting. 

Some of the students humming and singing along while listening,some of the dorm supervisors weren't left out,they really came out to watch him play. 

After he finished,the students screamed out loudly with claps. 

*We love you Theo!!!*

*You're amazing!!* 

Theo smiled as the girls flooded around him,Chelsea rolled her eyes where she was sitting. 

Theo's eyes met with Isabella's own,she didn't look away as usual,he smiled at her before turning back to the girls. 

"What the heck?" Isabella scoffed and rolled her eyes. 

Romina saw that and bite her lips. 

"What happened?" Maxwell asked Isabella,seeing her expression. 

"Oh...." Her eyes met with Theo's own again. 

"Nothing" She mumbled and sipped from her juice. 


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  1. Hmmmmmmmm. Isabella and Theo. I can see the two of you becoming lovers in the nearest future. Sister summer is the best as usual. Next please