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Golden High 2024 - Episode 17&18




Golden High 2024 - Episode 17&18

Theme: Senior Year Serenade 

Genres: High School/Romance 


Written by Summer Gold R.


                { FIRST LIPS TOUCH }

Everyone watched in shock and confusion as Theodore carried Isabella out,Dakota and Cindy ran after him. 

"Dude,why are you so quiet? He just took her away" Tristan said to Maxwell who was wiping off his bloody nose. 

"Even if Maxwell is dumb,is he supposed to be walking with dummies too? Aren't you there when he f*+*king threw that heavy ball?! She passed out and all you're worried about is competition between Theo and him?" Leo asked. 

"Hey,watch your mouth" Tristan made to grab his collar. 

"You should watch your hand instead" Angelo pushed his chest and stood in front of Leo. 

"Seriously? I forgot you two are now following him like puppies" Tristan scoffed. 

"You must think everyone is like you and Jerry following Maxwell around with no single brain inside your skull..Maxwell is leading the class while you two are ten miles away,,you should question your life instead of acting like fools who escape psychiatric" Angelo said. 

"What?" Jerry frowned. 

"No longer interested,play the way you want,Maxwell can stay in the center,f+*k the match" Leo said and left with Angelo,pushing Tristan and Jerry out of the way. 

"Are they crazy?" Tristan scoffed. 

One after the other,Class A student left the basketball court. 

"Automatically we won,oo ohhh!!" Adriel screamed,clapping loudly. 

"Guess what I figured out aside that" Lionel smirked and they all faced him. 

"What's that?" Jayce asked. 

"They have no single Unity like us" He said. 

"Right! We can seriously make use of that for our own sake" Paris laughed. 

"Gosh,that was so embarrassing. But then,Theo is one crazy dude,I feel like knowing him more" Adriel chuckled. 

"Me too" Jayce muttered. 

"Why not switch class then?" Lionel scoffed and walked away,the boys followed him immediately. 

"What,why is Violet so silent?" Paris asked. 

"Heard she had an encounter with Theodore" Clara replied. 

Huh? What happened? Is he hitting on you?" Paris grinned. 

"Your wish" Clara laughed and Violet glared at her which made her stop laughing. 

Violet walked away.



"She will be awake soon,you don't have to be worried" The nurse who took care of Isabella said. 

Isabella was still sleeping on the bed,Dakota and Cindy sitting next to her,the nurse was speaking with Theodore. 

"What about her nose? She bled earlier,...."

"That's just a result of the object thrown,she will be fine" The nurse replied and Theo sighed. 

"Thanks" He muttered. 

Meanwhile,Maxwell was trying to enter the infirmary but the security man refused. 

"Do you know who I am? Who the f*+*k gave you the stupid order not to let me in?!" Maxwell asked angrily. 

"I did" Theodore said as she came out. 

"And who are you to give such order?" Maxwell snapped. 

"Go and ask your dad,I'm sure he knows the answer...I'm not joking" Theo replied and walked out of his sight. 

He saw Chelsea and she ran over to him. 

"Hey,are you okay?" She asked. 

Theo nodded. 

"What about Isabella?" 

"The nurse said she will be aware soon" Theodore replied. 


"Let's talk later,I need to do something" Theo cut in and walked away. 

Chelsea sighed,staring at him as he left. 

"Is everything okay?" Angelo stood beside her. 

"He said he need to attend to something" Chelsea replied and faced him. 

"Why are you here?" She asked. 

"I followed you" Angelo replied. 

"Let's go to class then" Chelsea muttered and started walking. 

Angelo followed her and removed the hair tie she used,she turned immediately. 

"Why did you do that?" 

Angelo smiled and arranged her hair. 

"You look more pretty this way" He said. 

"Hey,do you have a crush on me or....."

"No I don't" Angelo immediately said. 

"Good then" Chelsea rolled her eyes. 

"Good? Why?" Angelo asked. 

"Because you're not my type..."

"Hey hey,you're not my type either" Angelo scoffed. 

"You must have a really bad taste then,cos I'm damn pretty" Chelsea said confidently and flipped her hair. 

"Same way your taste is silly,I'm damn handsome too" Angelo smiled and Chelsea frowned. 

"What does that mean?" She asked. 

"You know what I mean" Angelo winked and ran off. 

"Hey!!! You jerk!!!" Chelsea screamed and ran after him. 



It's the last class for the day,and as soon as the History teacher walked out,the students also started going out one after the other. 

Theo watched Romina as she arranged her books ,she haven't spoke to him since they all got back to class,that's not like her. 

"Hey,are you okay?" He asked with concern. 

"Not like you care" Romina said and Theo raised his brows. 

"Are you angry?" He asked. 

Romina Faced him. 

"I'm still surprised you noticed,I'm not Isabella" She said. 

"Do you still wanna study together tonight?" Theodore asked. 

"Unfortunately..YES,let's meet by...9pm" Romina replied. 

"I thought you are mad at me" Theo teased. 

"Yes I am,but I don't want to be bored tonight" Romina replied and went out. 

Theodore chuckled. 

"Stop acting naive,isn't it obvious?" Angelo and Leo came over to him. 

"What's obvious?" Theodore looked at them. 

"That girl...likes you" Leo whispers. 

Theodore scoffed. 

"Stop saying shits" He said and stood up. 

"We have three assignments today,why did I make the mistake of choosing science?" Leo groaned. 

"I thought you love Chemistry"  Angelo chuckled. 

"Wait,that's right. I love Chemistry and Biology" Leo muttered. 

"I only love Biology,what the hell is chemistry" Angelo said and Leo laughed. 

"What about you?" They asked Theo. 

"I don't like any subject" Theo muttered,connecting his headset. 

"Freak" Angelo scoffed. 

"Are you crazy?!" They heard someone's scream and Leo turned immediately,he recognize the voice of his sister. 

"How dare you ask me that crazy question?" Jerry snapped. 

"You pushed me out of the way and all my books fell!" Cleo shouted. 

"So what am I supposed to do?" Jerry asked. 

"Pack them of course" Cleo replied. 

"You're the crazy one here if you expect me to do that" Jerry scoffed and pushed her out of his way. 

Leo dropped his bag immediately and crossed his path. 

"Oh wow,I forgot she's got a brother" Jerry chuckled. 

"I have no words,go pack her books" Leo said. 

Jerry turned to Tristan and they both laughed. 

"And...if I don't?" Jerry asked. 

"That means you want it the hard way" Leo replied and started unbuttoning his shirt. 

"Okay fine fine,I'm not in the mood to fight right now" Jerry surrendered,He turned back and went to pack Cleo's books on the floor. He walked out with Tristan. 

Leo buttoned up again. 

"Thanks brother" Cleo smiled at him before going out. 

"Your sister is quite hot" Angelo said. 

"You just noticed?" Leo asked and walked back to them. 

"Yeah,should I start hitting on her?" Angelo asked. 

"No,you look like a player,I don't want you for my sister" Leo shook his head. 

"What about Theo?" Angelo asked. 

"I don't want him either,he's too handsome,I'm afraid some girls crushing on him might beat my sister up" Leo said and Theo laughed. 

"That wouldn't happen though,I protect girls I like" Theodore said. 

"Why did you parents named you Theodore and not Romeo or Jack?" Angelo asked. 

"I wonder too" Theodore said and they laughed. 


"So now what? It's obvious he likes her" Phoenix said as they arranged their things inside their locker. 

"Anything that makes him happy" Chelsea muttered. 

"What,you're giving up so soon?" Phoenix asked. 

"He's my best friend,I can't make him uncomfortable with my own one side feelings. He doesn't feel the same so don't worry,I will keep on being his best friend,I don't want anything to tarnish that,you might not know but Theodore likes me a lot,not just the other way round,I've seen him fight because of me,he can do anything for me,I guess I'm just selfish if I want all of him,he sees me as his best friend,I think I'm satisfied with that" Chelsea said. 

"Awwwwn,you're just the sweetest girl in the whole universe" Phoenix hugged her. 

Chelsea smiled.



Isabella finally opened her eyes,Dakota and Cindy rushed to her immediately. 

"Baby,are you okay?" Dakota asked. 

Isabella looked around. 

"How did I get here?" She asked. 

"You don't remember? Maxwell threw a ball and it met you,your nose even bled" Cindy replied. 

Isabella's eyes widened,she jumped out of the bed. 

"Where's Mirror!" She cried out. 

"That side" Dakota immediately pointed. 

Isabella rushed to the mirror and checked her face to make sure there is no scar. 

"Oh thank goodness" She breathe out in relief. 

"Who brought me here tho? Maxwell?"

"Theodore" Dakota replied and Isabella faced them at once. 

"Him?!" She asked in surprise. 

"You should have seen the way he punched Maxwell for hurting you,he refused to let Maxwell touch you as well,it was so crazy to watch" Cindy said and Isabella was surprised. 

"They...fought again?" She asked. 

"Actually,the ball was meant to be thrown at Theodore but he dodged it and it met you,Theodore hit Maxwell's Face and his nose bled too" Dakota explained. 

"What about Maxwell? He didn't come here??" Isabella asked. 

"Theodore informed the security not to let him in,I'm still confused because the security did exactly what he was told" Cindy said. 

"Has school ended? Let's go" Isabella said and arranged her hair with her fingers. 

They all walked out of the infirmary.as soon as they were out,Maxwell showed up. 

"Babe" He called and rushed to her. 

"Girls,I will meet you" She said 

They both glared at Maxwell before walking away. 

"I'm sorry,I really didn't mean to hurt you,you know that right? You know I will never hurt you....."

"What's your own definition of hurt? You think just hits leads to the other party being hurt?" Isabella cut in. 

"Fine,I'm sorry for everything" Maxwell muttered. 

Isabella said nothing. 

Maxwell sighed and pulled her into a hug. 

"Are you okay now?" He asked. 

"Yes I am" she replied.

"I'm sorry" Maxwell said. 

"I need to go,later" Isabella said and walked away. 

Maxwell sighed and roughed his hair. 



Chelsea walked into the empty but bright hall,looking around. She got a text from Theodore to meet him there and she wondered why,it's almost time for dinner. 

"Theodore? Best?" She called. 

"Oh my heart,who will call me best too" Angelo came out from where he was hiding and Chelsea frowned. 

Leo also came out,laughing out loudly. 

"What's going on here?" Chelsea asked,still frowning. 

"Let me explain,it was his idea..." Leo pointed at Angelo. 

"Are you crazy? What do you mean by it was my idea,it was yours dude" Angelo snapped,they continue arguing. 

"Stop!!!!!" Chelsea screamed and they both kept quiet. 

"So,what you're saying is....one of you used Theo's phone to text me and made a fool of me?" Chelsea asked. 

"It was Angelo's idea...."

Chelsea removed her sneaker and threw at him which didn't meet him,it wasn't even close. 

"It's quite bad when ones hand is short,Chelsea can relate" Angelo said and Leo laughed. 

"What? Short hand?" Chelsea glared. 

"Throw that shoe from there to here let's see if it will meet me,I just want to check something" Leo said. 

Chelsea removed her second sneaker and threw it.

"Flop" Angelo said and they both laughed,the shoe didn't meet Leo. 

"I swear I hate you both! Why is Theo even talking to you!" Chelsea yelled,running after them,they also took to their heels. 

She continue running after them until she stepped on something sharp. 

"Ouch!" She screamed and stopped running. 

Angelo and Leo stopped running and faced her. 

"Are you pretending or what?" Leo asked. 

"It hurts" Chelsea whimpered as she raised her head,she actually stepped on a tiny sharp stone,she started bleeding. 

The door opened and Theo came in. 

"I knew you were here...." He stopped when he saw Chelsea's leg. 

"What happened?" He immediately ran to her. 

"I think I stepped on something sharp" Chelsea muttered. 

"How? Why are you not wearing your shoes?" Theodore asked and looked at Leo and Angelo who were standing like kids who knows they just messed up. 

"What the f*+*k happened? Why is she not wearing her shoes? And why did you send a message with my phone?" He asked,already getting mad. 

"Calm down,I'm fine" Chelsea muttered. 

"But you're bleeding,what the hell were you guys thinking? I told you hard plays aren't for you" Theo scolded as he helped her sit down. .

He bent in front of her and removed her socks. 

"Awwww" Chelsea bite her lips. 

Fortunately the stone didn't go in deeply. 

"Right there" Theodore removed it and looked at her. 

"Are you okay? Should I take you to the...."

"No,it's fine since it's out" Chelsea replied. 

Theodore glared at Angelo and Leo. 

"I don't care what you do,but please don't let her get hurt,it's annoying" He said. 

"Yes Romeo" Angelo said and they all laughed aside Theo,even Chelsea laughed. 

"You are laughing now?" Theo asked her. 

"No" Chelsea shook her head but she ended up laughing. 

Theodore smiled and helped her put her shoes back on. 

"Get on my back,free ride for you" he said and tuned. 

"I swear I will love you more than my future boyfriend" Chelsea said. 

"I'm out of here" Theodore stood up without carrying her. 

"Sorry!! I don't mean that!!" Chelsea screamed. 

"You better don't,I don't want trouble" Theo said and bent again,Chelsea climbed on his back and they all walked out of the Auditorium. 



Theo was just done dressing up,ready to go to the Library like Romina wanted. 

He took the chemistry textbook and was about opening the door when he heard a knock. 

"Romina?" He called and opened but it was Isabella. 

"Izzie" He called. 

"You're waiting for Romina? Going somewhere?" Isabella asked,looking at the book in his hand as she entered. 

"Why are you here? What if...someone sees you?" Theodore asked before locking the door. 

"Don't worry,I made sure nobody saw me" Isabella replied. 

"I heard it was you who took me to the infirmary,thanks" She muttered. 

"That was nothing" Theo replied and bite his lips. 

"What,are you going out? I came because I was bored" Isabella pouted. 

"You think I'm the best option?" Theo asked and she nodded. 

"It's always lively around you,but if you're going somewhere,I will just leave...."

"No no,I'm not going anywhere" Theo said and dropped the textbook in his hand. 

Isabella smiled.  

"And...I'm sorry" she muttered. 



"Don't apologize for him,he doesn't need to apologize anyway,the ball hit you not me,he should apologize to you instead" Theodore muttered. 

There was silence after that,Theodore using the whole silence to check her out,he couldn't even hide the fact that he was staring. 

She was putting on a Jean mini skirt and crop top,and her figure..that hourglass figure made it even more hotter on her. 

Theodore took his lips in and managed to look away. 

Isabella moved closer to him and stood in front of him,closely. 

"Your hair" She muttered and adjusted the tip of the hair which almost covered his left eye. Theodore's eyes remained on hers.

After she was done,she moved back. 

"I should get going,I only came to say thank you" She said and turned to the door. 

Theo immediately grabbed her hand and she faced him back,their eyes on each other. 

"Would you like.......to kiss me?" He asked. 

"That's....cheating" Isabella muttered. 

"I know,he won't find out anyway" Theo replied. 

"You think I won't tell him?"

"You won't" Theo said. 

"So....are you interested or....." Before he could finish,Isabella smashed his lips on his. 

Theodore grabbed her waist possesively,kissing her even more deeply.


To be continued. 

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