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Golden High 2024 - Episode 15&16




Golden High 2024 - Episode 15&16

Theme: Senior Year Serenade 

Genres: High School/Romance 


Written by Summer Gold R.


              { DO NOT TOUCH HER }

"What's on your mind?" She asked. 

" Won't say" Theodore shook his head. 

"I won't force you then" Isabella muttered and Theo chuckled. He tapped on the space next to him on the seat. 

"You should continue reading,it's past ten minutes already" He said. 

Isabella sighed out loudly. 

"You need to work hard,since class B students are in this too,it's more like a competition" Theodore said when Isabella sat beside him. 

"Then what about you? Are you serious about not....."

"Don't worry about me,worry about yourself" Theodore replied. 

"Oh wow,you think you're gonna do better than me in the test?" Isabella asked. 

"Is that a challenge or something?" Theo raised his brows. 

"Yes it is,I'm gonna beat you no matter what" Isabella said and he smiled. 

"I love challenges like this,so if I beat you,what's going to happen?" He asked. 

"Ion know" Isabella said. 

"Unless you don't want me to put effort,tell me what's going to happen" Theodore said. 

"Okay...we can be good friends after that...if you get better grade" Isabella muttered. 

"Really? Even though your boyfriend doesn't want that?" Theo asked. 

"I said what I said" Isabella said and he smiled. 

"We might not need to wait for that one though..." Theo chuckled. 

"What do you mean?"

"I'm sure we might have our first test before the quiz chemistry test...so let's meet there. You better work so hard,that is if you want to be right behind my back and not two steps behind" Theodore smirked. 

"Oh wow,the confidence" Isabella scoffed. 

"You shouldn't have challenged me in the first place Izzie" Theo said and she smiled. 

"Let's see to that then" She smirked. 

Romina came into the library but they didn't notice,she stopped walking when she saw them. She squeezed the books in her hands and bit her lips,the way they were smiling with each other and how Theodore was speaking so softly to her made her mad,she turned back and walked out of the library immediately. 


"Goodnight.....I'm gonna find a perfect nickname from your name soon" Isabella said. 

"Why?" Theo asked. 

"Because I love Izzie so much,nobody ever called me that" Isabella said and Theodore nodded. 

"Fine,I will be waiting to know the name you're gonna give me...."

"Don't worry,I gat you,goodnight" She waved and went upstairs. 

Theodore covered his head with his hood and walked away.



Theo was sitting on a seat on the stairs alone,his headset on him but it wasn't on,he was not listening to any music,he only used it to avoid unwanted disturbance. 

Just two stairs down from him,Violet and Lionel were sitting down also and talking. 

"You saw Isabella and her boyfriend earlier right? Those two act like they own the school,I wish they cared to check our points,or should I show them? Maybe they can bring down their shoulders a little bit" Violet said 

Lionel chuckled. 

"We don't really need to do that,they are gonna sure be silenced after the next test" Lionel said. 

"I seriously can't wait,I hate the way the students hype that girl,she's not even that pretty" Violet hissed. 

"Of course not,you're the prettiest girl in Grade 12 of course" Lionel said and she smiled. 

"Gosh,some humans love making themselves happy" They heard a voice from the back and they both turned to see Theodore. 

"What?" Violet frowned. 

"What" Therefore raised his brows. 

"I thought you were talking to us" Violet said. 

"I said humans" Therefore said.

"What does that mean?" Lionel asked. 

"Ask your English teacher" Theodore replied and stood up. 

Lionel stood up also. 

"Hey,are you trying to pick a fight or something?" He asked. 

"Fight? You think I'm one of those dummies who pick fights? I beat people when I'm in the mood,I don't fight" Theodore replied. 

"And you should watch what you say,you're a guy not a girl,I was expecting you to shut the mouth of that thing beside you,I was quite disappointed" Theo muttered and Violet gasped. 

"Did you just...called me a thing?" She poked her chest. 

"Ask me the next time we meet" Theo replied and went after Chelsea. 

Lionel's eyes followed him. 

"I can't believe you did nothing when he was saying all those shit" Violet said and Lionel looked at her. 

"You don't expect me to fight him right?" He asked. 

"No I don't,but at least." Violet groaned and walked away angrily. 


"Just,why burger of all things?" Theodore groaned as Chelsea dragged him to the burger spot. 

"Because I want to eat with just you today,just you" Chelsea said. 

"I see" Theodore muttered. 

After buying the burger and a drink each,they both entered an empty class to eat. 

"I seriously can't believe you right now,here to eat?" Theo asked. 

Chelsea chuckled,biting hugely from her burger. 

"Are you preparing for the quiz test?" She asked. 

"I guess" Theodore nodded,also biting from his slowly. 

"So you studied last night? Alone?" Chelsea asked. 

"No,I was with Isabella" Theodore replied and Chelsea frowned. 

"Why?" She asked. 

Theodore looked at her.

"Why were you with her? You know her boyfriend is...."

"It's not what you're thinking,she was in the library and I was there too,nothing else or more" He lied. 

"Are you sure? Your expression tells me you're lying" Chelsea said and Theo sighed. 

"I can't even lie in peace again" He shook his head and Chelsea chuckled. 

"I caught you,do you like her?" She asked. 

"She have a boyfriend" Theo replied. 

"I'm glad you know,please stay out of Maxwell's trouble,please. I don't want him to say shit to his dad" Chelsea said and Theo rolled his eyes. 

"Don't worry about me" He muttered. 



Isabella was eating with Cindy and Dakota but low key she was expecting Theo to come into the cafeteria. 

"Waiting for someone?" Cindy asked. 

"Who else? Maxwell of course" Dakota grinned. 

Isabella smiled. 

"Or am I wrong?" Dakota asked. 

Isabella said nothing and continue eating. 

"Wait,don't tell me you two fought again" Cindy said. 

"No we didn't,we are cool" Isabella muttered. 

"You don't sound cool though,the lover girl voice I know doesn't sound like this" Dakota grinned. 

"Dakota,eat and stop trying to find out everything" Isabella said. 

"Yes ma'am" Dakota said and Cindy laughed. 

Maxwell appeared minutes later. 

"Hey" he pecked her cheek. 

"Oh...sweet" Dakota blushed and Cindy tapped her. 

"You're embarrassing me" She muttered. 

"A minute,come with me" Maxwell said. 

"Huh? Can't I just finish eating...."

"I'm going to make it fast" Maxwell said and Isabella stood up. 

"I will be back girls" She told Cindy and Dakota before following Maxwell who immediately grabbed her hand and they left the cafeteria. 

"Is there a problem? Where are we going?" Isabella asked curiously. 

Maxwell stopped suddenly and pushed her against the wall. 

"What the......" He smashed his lips on her own before she could speak up. 

Isabella immediately tried pushing him away but he overpowered her,kissing her forcefully. 

She used all her strength and pushed him away. 

"What are you doing?" She asked. 

"What am I doing?" Maxwell raised his brows. 

"We are in school Maxwell and....."

"I don't think I am blind not to know we are in school,what's wrong with me kissing my girlfriend?" Maxwell asked. 

"Kissing your girlfriend isn't wrong,but this is a wrong place" Isabella said. 

"Wow,now it's suddenly a wrong place? Is there someone you're trying to hide from?" Maxwell snapped. 

"What are you talking about? I'm not hiding from anyone....."

"This is not our first time Isabella,so why are you suddenly so concerned about the place?" Maxwell cut in. 

"I'm just trying to say we shouldn't......"

"Tell me what's going on,you've f**king changed! Are you cheating on me?!" Maxwell yelled and Isabella flinched. 

"Answer me....."

"I don't know what you're talking about,stop shouting at me for no reason" Isabella said and blinked out tears. 

"It's this tears again,you keep doing crazy things and always try to cover it up with tears but I won't get fooled this time around,where were you last night?" Maxwell asked. 

"Last night.....I was in the library...."

"With who?!" Maxwell snapped. 

Isabella swallowed. 

"Dude,you're too loud it's irritating" someone said and they both turned. 

Maxwell glared when he saw Theo,Isabella immediately wiped her tears. 

"What? Are you trying to get on my nerve now?" He asked. 

Theo said nothing,he was only staring at Isabella. A junior student came to them just then. 

"Sunbae" He called Maxwell. 

"The principal called for you" he said. 

"Let's talk later" Maxwell said to Isabella and walked away. 

Isabella sniffs and made to leave but Theodore grabbed her hand. 

"Don't worry about me..."

"I'm not worried,he's your boyfriend,why should I be worried?" Theodore asked and their eyes locked. 

"Then...why are you holding my hand?" She asked. 

"Come with me" He winked and started taking her away without waiting for her answer,she didn't say a word either. 

They entered into the shooting range and Theo locked the door so no one else would enter. 

"What are we doing here?" Isabella asked. 

"What do you think?"

"But,we might get into trouble,the students are restricted from coming here" Isabella said. 

"I love doing the opposite tho" Theo smirked. 

"So this is not your first time?" Isabella asked. 

"Nope" Theo replied and took one arrow from the long wooden table,then a bow. 

"Doing this might make you forget your crazy boyfriend for a while" he said. 

"Don't call him that...he might be aggressive sometimes but...he's a nice person" Isabella muttered. 

"Good for him then" Theo muttered and stood behind her. 

"Do you wanna do this or you're scared of your...."

"I told you I'm not scared of him" Isabella snapped. 

"Then why did you cried?" Theodore asked. 

"It was just......."

"And why did you stopped him from kissing you?" 

"So you heard everything?" 

"I did,sorry about that" Theo muttered and Isabella scoffed. 

"So nosey" She said. 

Theodore smiled. 

"Here" He gave her the arrow. 


"Yeah" Isabella said. 

He straightened her hand from behind then her standing position,and mistakenly his hand touched her butt and Theo froze,Isabella's eyes widened. 

"I swear that was a mistake,I'm sorry I was just....gosh,I'm not a pervert or whatever I just....."

"Should I release the arrow now?" Isabella asked,ignoring his rushed words. 


"Are you done teaching me or what?" She asked. 

"Oh...I thought you're mad at me" Theo muttered. 

"I didn't know the almighty Theodore get scared" Isabella smirked and released the arrow. 

"I hit seven points!! Did you see that?!!!" She screamed and faced Theodore who was smiling just mildly. 

"What,why are you blushing?" She asked. 

Theodore said nothing and put his hands behind him. 

"Why are you acting like you've never done that before..."

"Done what? Who said I have?" Theodore immediately asked. 

"Possibly.....Chelsea,you two are quite close" Isabella muttered. 

"She's my best friend but I can't do that with her,I don't do that to any girl,it was a mistake come on" Theodore groaned and Isabella laughed.

"Fine fine,I will believe you,okay" She said. 

"Gosh" Theo mumbled. 



"Hey" Romina faced Theodore who was busy with his phone,he turned. 


"Busy tonight?" She asked. 


"Do you want to study with me tonight? It was boring last night" Romina pouted. 

"I'm not planning to study,I can't waste my sleep for anything" Theodore said and she chuckled. 

"Come on,you can just stay with me then,how about that? Hmm? I just want to spend time with you" Romina said. 

"Okay" Theo muttered. 

"Yes!" Romina said excitedly. 

"Such a drama doll,why are you so excited?" Theo chuckled. 

"Of course I am" Romina grinned. 

She wanted to say more when Isabella called Theo,she was on her way out. He looked up. 

"A teacher called for us" She said. 

"I will be back" Theo told Romina and immediately followed Isabella out. 

"Wait,since when did Isabella and Theodore started talking?" Phoenix asked. 

"No idea" Chelsea muttered. 

"He's really passing his boundary,you should warn him to stay away from her" Tristan told Maxwell who was burning with anger. 

"He did already,but that bastard is stubborn" Jerry scoffed. 

"Then do the necessary,I don't even like seeing that dude in class" Tristan hissed. 

Maxwell said nothing. 

Soon,Isabella and Theodore arrived back in class. 

"Settle down guys,the biology teacher will be here shortly" Isabella announced and went to her seat,her eyes met with Maxwell's. He ignored her and looked away. 

Just as Theodore sat down,Lionel and Jayce came into the class. 

"Why are you here dummies?" Tristan asked. 

"We all know who the real dummies are" Lionel said. 

"Can you go out? Our teacher will be here soon" Isabella spoke up. 

"Don't worry hottie,we aren't here to fight" Jayce winked at her. 

Chelsea,Romina,Theodore and Maxwell scoffed. 

"The boys in for a basketball match challenge?" Lionel asked.

"Who and who?" 

"Your class and ours of course" Jayce replied. 

"So are you in? Let's meet in the court during the second break" Lionel said,he smirked at Theodore before they went out. 

After they left,the class started murmuring. 

"Did he get into trouble with them?" Chelsea muttered worriedly,she saw Lionel smirking at Theodore earlier. 



The girls could be seen all around,from both class A and B,each cheering their boys up and at the same time glaring at themselves,it's not a new thing,they've never gotten along.

"I believe we are winning this,we have Lionel" Paris said. 

"I am so sure we are winning,of course we have Theodore!!" Dakota screamed out loudly too. 

It was followed by glares. 

"You're so petty" Cindy laughed. 

'I love petty people,we are winning for sure. Haters can go to hell" Chelsea flipped her hair. 

"Let's have it" Phoenix laughed. 

"But you don't sound petty when it comes to your grades" Violet said. 

"She thought she ate....guys clap for her at least" Chelsea said and the girls clapped,laughing out loud. 

The class B girls said nothing after that. 

Romina was sitting alone,her eyes on Theodore as usual. 

The class A boys just finished choosing their positions. 

Jerry: Point Guard

Leo: Shooting Guard

Angelo: Small Forward

Maxwell: Power Forward

Theodore : Post/Center

"I thought I was supposed to be at the center" Maxwell said. 

"This is not a match against ourselves,we are against class B and we need to win" Leo said. 

"So what? You mean Theodore plays better and he deserves the center position?" Tristan snapped. 

"We all know Theo is better" Leo snapped. 

"I'm going to stay at the center as usual,that's period" Maxwell said. 

"You always act like you know everything,whereas you know nothing,absolutely nothing. Are you going to take the blame if we loose for them?" Theodore asked and Maxwell's eyes sparked. 

"What did you just say?"

"You heard me,I said you're dumb...as usual" Theodore said. 

Maxwell grabbed the ball angrily from Angelo and threw at Theodore but he dodged that and the ball hit someone else. 

"Isabella!" Dakota was the one who screamed. 

Theodore turned immediately,the ball met Isabella and her nose bled,she fell on the floor and passed out. 



Theodore and Maxwell rushed to her on the floor. 

Theo got there first,he wanted to carry her. 

"What do you think you're doing?" Maxwell slapped his hand. 

Theodore pushed him angrily and didn't think twice before throwing him an heavy punch on his face. Everyone gasped. 

Theodore carried Isabella in a bridal style. The students started murmuring. 

*Wait,who's the boyfriend again?*

*This is crazy*

Maxwell stood up with his bloody lips and rushed toward Theo. 

"Touch her and you're dead,I swear" Theodore threatened,glaring at him angrily. 

To be continued. 

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