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Golden High 2024 - Episode 1&2




Golden High 2024 - Episode 1&2

Theme: Senior Year Serenade 

Genres: High School/Romance 


Written by Summer Gold R.


               [ THE FIRST SHOCK ]



"Guys!!!! Mock result is out!! It has been pasted!!" A girl announced as she rushed in. 

Immediately,the students started rushing out of the class one after the other. 

Isabella and her boyfriend Maxwell walked out of the class like they don't care at all but still gonna check. 

Isabella Is the most beautiful girl in Sophomore class,she's also the most brilliant,right,beauty with brain. She's the queen of the school because very soon they are gonna get into the senior class,she's the most popular,who doesn't know Isabella? The beauty queen with the perfect hourglass shape. She's slim but that shape is a die for,she's most guys crush but none of them would dare approach her because she's dating the almighty Maxwell. 

Maxwell is the principal's son,aside that,He's the most handsome guy in the whole school according to the student,He's the most popular and also the most brilliant,nobody ever takes the first rank from him,it's always him before Isabella. 

When they started dating in freshman year,everyone wasn't surprised,it's like two icons meeting each other. They love each other so much and doesn't rest from following themselves around. 

After everyone left,except one person,that's THEODORE. 

Please put respect on that name. 

Are you looking for the most stubborn student in Golden high? Then that's him. 

Are you looking for the naughtiest? Still him. 

Looking for the student who gets most punishment? Still him

Looking for the student who do the craziest and weirdest thing in school? Still Theodore. 

And finally,search for the name of the student who carries the 30th position among 30 students in class?

You will definitely meet Theodore Andrew there written in capital letter,it's not a new thing and it doesn't look like he's ready to change. To class it all,,he's popular. 

After Maxwell,then there's Theodore. 

The student love Maxwell for his handsome face,brilliant brain and smartness. 

Whereas the student love Theodore for him stubbornness,craziness and naughtiness. 

But it's always Maxwell before Theodore,ask any student,they will definitely choose Maxwell before Theodore,it's the culture. 

Craziest part is...Theodore doesn't care,He's not in competition with anyone. He can spend the whole day in class sleeping and not waking up once to know what was being taught in class. 

Aside him being Theodore Andrew the school bad boy and crazy boy,nobody knows his parents,aside the teachers probably. They have never attended the school event once,even on visiting days,it's always this same lady and man in black suit who brings him countless provisions and clothes. 

But before each week ends,he would have distributed it to other students,He's that crazy. 

Theo was just waking up from his nap,his bright and grey eyeballs serving the looks,his curly long hair is something to write about,He's extremely handsome,just simply handsome without trying,because this young boy never cares about his say look,He's the roughest you will find. 

Chelsea was the first who came back into the class,she walked straight to the sleepy looking Theo and sat down beside him. 

One thing is...Theodore doesn't have friends,not that people don't want to make friends with him,he just don't want to,he prefer being alone,as stubborn as he  is,he do his crazy shits all alone. Chelsea is the only one he's quite close with,they are childhood friends. 

"Are you seriously still sleeping?" She asked,checking the time. 

Theodore smiled and sat up,Chelsea arranged his fluffy hair with her hand. 

"Stop acting like a girlfriend,any guy crushing on you might misunderstand" Theo said and Chelsea rolled her eyes. 

"I'm in number ten" She muttered. 

"Whoa!" Theo clapped and Chelsea slapped his back. 

"Ouch!! What is that!" He screamed. 

"You're in the last rank again! You promised to change!" Chelsea yelled. 

Theo chuckled. 

"Of course I changed" He said. 

"You're so unbelievable because it's annoying when you don't care!" She shouted. 

"Why should my rank come up when my parents doesn't even care?" Theo scoffed and Chelsea rolled her eyes. 


The class started getting filled up again,Isabella returned back with Maxwell and Maxwell stopped in front of Theo. 

"As usual,you didn't bother going to check your point" He Said. 

"Why would he? It's obviously wack as usual,ten points downward" Isabella said and the whole class bursts into laughter. 

"That's enough,it's because he's not trying to,if he tries then he will be better" Chelsea defended. 

"Even if he tries,he can't possibly come close to Maxwell" a girl said. 

"Don't compare that loser to my boyfriend please" Isabella said and the class laughed again. 

"Don't call him that!" Chelsea said. 

With everything being said,Theo was already sleeping again,not hearing a thing. 

Chelsea frowned when she saw that. 

"I can't believe this" She scoffed and went back to her seat. 

Romina,the girl whose seat is just beside Theo stared at him as he slept,she also rest her head on the desk,her eyes on him. 

After mentioning,Maxwell,Isabella then next is Romina. She's also brilliant,but she's the exact opposite of Isabella,aside from the fact that she's also beautiful,she's the quiet type,she doesn't even get noticed by the students at all,she's always walking alone,but she's a total doll when it comes to beauty,just that she can't beat Isabella in that. 

She was still staring at Theodore when he opened his eyes and their eyes met,he frowned and immediately turned his face to the other side. 

Romina bite her lips and raised her head,she picked up a text and began reading,that's her best friend. 



It's Sunday afternoon,tomorrow which is Monday is the first day of resumption into the Final year class in high school. 

It's the rule that every returning student must resume back into the school a day before the resumption day,because that is the day their last semester results would be pasted,it's just the rules. But as soon as the students are seeing the pasted results,their parents in their different comfort zone would see their children's result as well. No need for panic. 

Theo was busy arranging his room,he already disposed the old clothes in his closet,he never repeats the same old clothes,each semester comes with new bunch of clothes. Nobody can beat him in dress and fashion,nobody. 

He finished arranging that and the next was his uniforms,Golden High School have five uniforms for each day in a week,three Casual Uniforms on different colors and two sports wears meant for Wednesdays and Fridays. They have their own school hoodies and Shoes also,socks included and others,their students are Gold,just like the school name implies. 

But Theo have about three of each uniforms. 

After arranging his shoes and everything else,he looked around and sighed out tiredly. 

Golden High really upgraded,before,in a room would be three students each,but now they have their own privacy,the room is super spacey and colorful,it's extremely beautiful,not the usual dorms you are thinking of. 

He turned off the Air Conditioner,he checked the time on his phone and fell flatly on the bed before closing his eyes. Just above his head is his guitar,one thing Theodore is extremely good at is playing the Violin,He's really amazing in it. 

But before he could think of sleeping,the door opened and he sat up. 

"What the heck! You scared me!" He screamed when he saw Chelsea. 

"I missed you!!" She jumped on him,on the bed,hugging him tightly. 

Theodore smiled and hugged her back. 

"You look more handsome,your hair" Chelsea chuckled and kissed his cheeks. 

"Just coming?" Theodore asked,seeing her bag. 

"I came here straight,as soon as mom dropped me" Chelsea said,now laying on the bed,beside him. 

Theodore chuckled. 

"You missed me right? Coz I couldn't stop thinking about you,even though we were talking on phone,still it's not like seeing you" Chelsea pouted. 

"Of course I missed you too,I will walk you to your room,let's go" Theo stood up. 

"Carry me" She opened her arm. 

"Aniyo(No)" Theo said and Chelsea pouted. 


"Gosh,you're such a kid" Theodore chuckled and made to carry her,she grabbed his shirt and he fell on top of her.

"What the...."

"Let's sleep for some minutes" Chelsea said. 

"You should have said so,what if someone comes in" Theodore groaned and lay beside her. 

Chelsea smiled and faced him. .

"Stop staring,you look like you want to swallow me" Theodore muttered. 

"I told you I missed you"  She mumbled. 

Theo said nothing else and closed his eyes.  Chelsea continue staring at him for a while before she also closed her eyes. 


The school result notice board was filled up already,the senior results was out and pasted. Some leaving there while some are just coming. 

"What's this? What's Theo's name doing in number four?" A girl suddenly called the attention of others. 

"Theo?" Isabella and Maxwell exchanged glances. 


*That's crazy*

*How come? From 30th to 4th*

"move!" Isabella shouted at the students and they all moved away for him and Maxwell. 

Rank 1...Maxwell John...89.9 points

Rank 2...Isabella Williams .....85.7 Points

Rank 3...Romina Rodrigo...75.9 Points

Rank 4...Theodore Andrew....74.5 Points

Rank 5....Phoenix Phillips......73.2 Points

Down like that to Rank 30,for the first time,someone who's not Theodore Andrew was sitting at the bottom of the ranks and lists. 

"That's impossible" Maxwell mumbled,seeing Theodore's name. 

And for the first time in history,Theodore came with Chelsea to check,the students moved out of the way for him as he walked with his usual unbothered face. 

He saw his name and said nothing,his express didn't change. 

"I'm in 10 again" Chelsea mumbled until she saw Theo's name. 

"Wow!!" She screamed and jumped on him. 

Theodore chuckled. 

His eyes fell on Isabella who shot him a glare before walking away with Maxwell. 


Theodore was walking alone,Chelsea already went her own way. He was listening to music,his headset on until someone tapped him. He turned and saw Romina,she smiled at him prettily and he removed his headset. 


"Hi" Theodore muttered. 

"Congrats,I saw your name" She said. 

Theodore nodded. 


"You know me right? Romina,I always sit right next to you in class,I don't think you ever noticed tho" She muttered and touched her hair. 

"Oh,I see" Theodore nodded and walked away before she could say more. 

Romina bite her lips,staring at him till he was out of sight. 


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  1. Sister summer is the best. Nobody beats her in my heart. I lobe you sister summer. This is a very nice start for another story ride. Keep it up.

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