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Exclusively Yours - Episode 32



Exclusively Yours - Episode 32

Subtitle; {Please, Love Me}

Asia's POV 

I have always gotten everything I wanted ever since I could talk. My parents, being super rich, never denied me anything.

I got my first car when I was merely ten. After five months, I decided that I didn't like it anymore and set firé to it. The firé took down half of our house, but I wasn't yelled at or scolded. By thirteen, I had my own private jet and traveled all over the world. I acquired every single thing that caught my interest: cars, jets, houses, dresses, makeup, and even, at one time, someone's boyfriend.

I. Get. Everything. I. Want.

Even my best friend, Riccardo Torrence, was supposed to be mine. In fact, he is mine. I don't care if he is married to some little peasànt who thinks she has won just because she is his wife.

Why did he do that?

Why did he marry someone else?

He should have married me. He is mine, mine, mine, MINE.

I have had my eyes on him since I was five when I told my mum that he is my prince charming. Then, when I was nine, I told mum again that he would be my husband.

But he just had to fall for that fílth that, I admit, is pretty beautiful. The first time I saw her picture after I heard he was married, I was dumbstruck for a minute staring at my phone.

I mean, how can someone be so perfectly beautiful?

Her brown eyes are deep brown like...like melted chocolate, her brows perfectly arched, her plump lips pink and seemingly soft. Her body is five feet something, her long brown hair cascading down her back like a wavy waterfall. Her awfully smile makes her brown eyes dazzle. Overall, she is an irresistible thorn in my flesh.

Beck and Philip won't stop saying how nice she is even though they have only met her once. I have also seen how Riccardo looks at her; like she is some sort of gem that fell from heaven.

I need to do something fast.

That's why I'm on an important visit to a person to get some information because I am as confused as the Easter bunny on Halloween.

"So, tell me, how the héck did they meet?"

"Woah, no hello or hi or hey, just straight to questions."

"I'm serious."

She shrugged, pushing the stubborn short strands of hair behind her ear. "I am too."

"Okay, fine." I sat up, plastering a smile on my face, staring at my best friend. "Sorry. Hi, bestie."

"Good." Her high-pitched tiny voice pinched my ears in its usual way. "Well, when Rick brought her home, they seemed to be so into each other. I was surprised when I walked in and saw her in the house, and I tried to see if Rick paid her, but he didn't. She loves him."

"That's all. This isn't a facade? But when the héck did they start dating?" I snapped, more angry with her than the actual cause, Riccardo.

"I dunno, but he is basically obsesséd with her. You needed to see the way he looked at her. Jeez, I was almost jealous." She gushed, rolling her eyes.

"I don't care. I need her gone."

My friend shrugged again, biting her bottom lip. "Whatever you are doing, just know that you will be húrting Rick."

A smirk spread out on my lips. "Exactly. She would be gone, and I will be there to comfort my Riccardo. He will be so húrt, and I'll be the only one there to make him happy. He will then come to terms that he belongs to me."

Amusement coated her dark eyes as she sipped on her drink with a straw. "Hmm, what will you do?"

"Simple. I will cause a rift between them. Axel seems to be a huge issue between them—"

Her attention piqued. "Axel Morris? Rick's best friend, Axel?"

"Ex-best friend." I quickly corrected her, earning an eye roll.

"Samesies. I can't believe she knows him."

"Yeah, me neither." I muttered. "They are friends, I think. I just have to dig for more information about the two. Thank you for nothing."

"Hey. Don't say that yet. I didn't say that I won't help you get rid of Olivia. She is too sunshine-y for my liking and she warmed her way into the house like it's hers, and everybody loves her; it's annoying."

"Hmm. Get rid of her, how?"

My best friend smirked devilishly. "It's simple. You just have to find her weakness—everyone has one—and use it against her, making it appear as though Rick did it. She would definitely leave him."

"Her weakness? That means I have to fabricate something for us to get closer and study her further. She doesn't seem like an open book, though."

She clicked her tongue. "I know. What about the show?"

"What show?"

"Desert Life."

"What are you talking about?"

My friend hissed in annoyance. "The show starts in two weeks. They will need participants, and who is better than Asia Hamilton, Riccardo Torrence and his newlywed wife, Axel Morris, Felicity McCray and her hockey player husband, Lucas?"

That's correct. All those names are well-known in their respective fields. For instance, Felicity McCray is a fashion designer, and her creations are legendary. Her husband has won three consecutive gold medals for his team. Riccardo Torrence is an exceptional architect; almost every notable building in New York was created by his skillful hands, and he has even earned a place in the Guinness World Records. As for myself, Asia Hamilton, I am a world-class model and a brand ambassador for Chanel, Gucci, Valentino, Louis Vuitton, Maserati, Ferrari, and numerous other fashion and automotive brands I don't have time to list.

The show would be thrilled to have us. If they don't agree, I will offer them a bríbe. I am confident they will, as money ultimately governs the world.

Riccardo belongs to me.

TBC 📖✍️

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