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Exclusively Yours - Episode 28



Exclusively Yours - Episode 28

Subtitle; {Please, Love Me}

Olivia's POV 

I pause to consider how to style my hair, hands on my waist, as I gaze at my reflection in the mirror. My eyes travel from my long, flowing blue floral off-shoulder dress down to the ankle boots, and I decide to leave my hair down after curling it.

About an hour and a half ago, my best friend, Axel, calls to ask if I'd like to hang out. Of course, I agree – why not?

It's already past noon, and I've been actively ignoring all of Riccardo's calls and texts. Partly because of the Asia situation and partly due to a strange ache in my chest whenever I think of how happy he looked with her. 

I wonder if I should see a doctor. 

I feel like I'm going cràzy.


I pause at Starbucks for my usual coffee. I know it's not healthy to drink coffee after noon, but it's not a crime. 

The coffee police can't arrest me for that. I also swing by McDonald's for some fries before driving to Axel's workplace in my car, not the one Riccardo bought for me without my knowledge or permission.

"Hey, look at you, you're looking pretty," Axel compliments as I enter his office, his gaze giving me a once-over.

"I always look pretty. It's my thing," I reply, taking a seat facing his swivel chair. "So, what's up?"

"Just finishing up for today," he says, smiling. "How are you doing?"

"I'm good. It's been so long since we hung out, just the two of us."

"Yeah, I know," his voice sounds crestfallen, and low, as if he's deeply bothered by it. "Whenever we hang out, City is always there."

"Yep," I mutter, checking my phone for messages from Riccardo. Surprisingly, there aren't any new calls or messages. 

Does he not care that I'm mad at him? 

How dare he stop calling and texting? 

I want him to try harder to make amends. It's that simple!

"You expecting a call or something?" Axel asks.

I look up from my phone at Axel, realizing I may have forgotten I was with him. "Why did you want to hang out? Why isn't City here?"

"I miss you, peach. I haven't seen you in days. Don't tell me you're starting to feel uncomfortable around me," he says.

I scoff and laugh, waving a dismissive hand. "No, it's not that I'm uncomfortable around you. It's just weird hanging out with just you after such a long time. Isn't it like a year now?"

"It's actually a year and a quarter, but who's counting?"

"It is?" I pause, recalculating the time in my head. "It is. Well, I can never be uncomfortable around you. You're my best friend."

His grin falters for a moment before widening again. He stands up, closing his laptop. "Let's go. I need something from my house, so let's go together."

It's terrifying, to say the least.

There's a moñster on the way to his apartment—a dog, to be precise. Not just any dog, people. This one is massive, towering, and I can't even begin to explain how huge it is. While it treats everyone else nicely, it regards me as a rival, an archenemy or something.

I don't know what I did to it, but it literally hatés me so much that it barks loudly and tries to bite me whenever I'm around.

It's not a pleasant situation to be in, think about, or recall. That dog and I have a beef that we're never going to settle.

Axel's taunting laughter snaps me out of my thoughts. "You should see your face right now," he says, laughing.

"Wow, I'm very honored to be used as your amusement, Axel Morris," I retort.

"No need for the sarcasm, peach," he says after his laughter dies down. "Your face was really funny. I could see you visualizing how Bubbles will bark at you, and maybe this time, eat you."

"If you're trying to be comforting, you're failing woefully," I reply, visibly cringing at the thought of the dog. "And why the cute name for such a vicious creature?"

"It's for security, Olivia."

"Do I look like a burglar?"

"No. No. No. You look like a princess straight out of a fairytale."

My smile grows into a grin. "You do know I'm a married woman, right? You should really keep the compliments to your girlfriend, or she might get the wrong idea about us," I tease, nudging him with my elbow.

He glances at my fingers, and instinctively, I do too, noticing the sparkling band – evidence that I'm married.

"Oh, I know you're married," he says, tension evident in his voice. "To Riccardo Torrance."

A strange feeling overwhelms me, and I start to defend Riccardo before stopping myself. 

Why should I? 

I don't care about him. 

However, I still need to know what happened between these two because my life has been lacking fun lately.


Axel collected what he needed from his house. Yes, we went there together. Yes, the dog was there and, yes, it barked at me, and, of course, I was scared to death. But, I'm a big girl and I made it out safe and sound.

Now, we are at the restaurant beside his apartment complex, having an early dinner at his insistence because I had only had fries and coffee for lunch.

I speared a ravioli pasta, tasted it, and then sipped on my red wine. As Axel and I conversed, I noticed him glancing at my ring finger with heated eyes from time to time.

After spending almost the entire day with him, I decided it was time to go home. One, because I may or may not miss Riccardo's constant banter. Two, I am really tired. Three, I might've checked my phone a little too much for his calls or texts and still saw nothing, so I thought something might have happened to him.

When I saw his car parked outside, a big grin spread across my face, but I quickly suppressed it. No, Olivia, we don't smile for a sick lunatic who doesn't understand us but claims to love and know us.

A few minutes after giving myself a thorough warning, I smiled at him and even let him hug me, maybe enjoying it a little too much.

I think I should make a doctor's appointment soon. 

This tingling sensation whenever I'm around him, or when he touches me, or even when he looks at me like I'm a trophy he worked so hard to get with love and pride in those dark orbs, needs to stop.

I don't like the mushy feeling in my stomach either, or the heat on my cheeks whenever he kisses my forehead, or how comfortable I feel whenever he is holding me. It's just weird and I don't want to feel them anymore, especially now that I'm laying down under him as he floats above me, his dark, dark eyes even darker from this view. Instead of feeling intimidated, all I feel is this intensely sensual tickle in my stomach.

As my mouth opens to ask him why he put us in this position, he uses that as an opportunity to crash his lips against mine. For the briefest second, I don't move an inch. But after a second passes, I slowly begin to respond to the sudden kiss that I will never admit to liking.

My heart pounds in my chest, and I'm almost one hundred percent sure that he can hear it. He lifts his head only by an inch, breathing in and out, his breath fanning my face. Well, mostly my mouth, but who cares?!

"Riccardo," I whispered against his mouth as he kissed me passionately.

Little did I know that my words would stir up his jealousy. But I have to admit, jealous Riccardo exudes a certain charm; he is very hot. He becomes more dominant, more appealing, and more possessive.

Riccardo gently bit my bottom lip, tugging it between his teeth before sucking on it. Desire pooled in the pit of my stomach, creating a wetness that soaked through my lace p+nties.

"Take it back," he demanded, his voice low and husky, as he trailed wet kisses down my neck and firmly gripped my às$ in his large hands. I ran my fingers through his hair, throwing my head back to give him more access.

"No," I breathlessly replied. Riccardo grabbed my hand and guided it to his p+nts, placing it directly over his prominent and erect bulge. My eyes widened at the feeling of his thickness and length through the fabric.

"Do you see what your words do to me?" His voice deepened as he pressed his hand firmly against mine. "Take it back now."

"What if I don't?" 

"I will throw you over my shoulder, take you up to my room, and make you regret saying what you said. I'll show you pleasures you've never imagined, and you'll m0àn my name in ecstasy as I worship your body."

My mouth dropped open and my lips dried up. My heart raced, his words sending chills down my spine. "No, I won't take it back."

Perhaps deep down, I wanted him to act on his thréats. Maybe I wanted to experience what he threatenéd.

"Do not dare me, sunshine. I said take it back." 

"And I said, no." 

"Alright," Riccardo nodded his head, and within seconds, he effortlessly lifted me up, wrapping my legs around his waist. "You're going to scream my name while I leave you breathless, and you'll tremblé as I punísh you for defying my words." He whispered, nibbling on my earlobe and eliciting a shiver from my body. My eyes fluttered closed involuntarily. All I could think about in that moment was the desire to experience complete fulfillment with him in me.

His hand reached up, caressing the back of my neck, causing my eyes to shoot open. "Tell me. Do you want me?"

The rational part of me wanted to refuse and deny it, but the overwhelming desire took hold, and I nodded my head eagerly as he set me back down on the ground.

He licked his lips with a taunting smirk, his black eyes filled with predatory lúst as he stared at me. 

As I mentioned before, my rational mind seemed to have taken a leave of absence, leaving me completely under the influence of my overwhelming desire. 

A smile crossed my face as his grip tightened. "Yes."

Riccardo smirked, visibly pleased with my response. "Good. Say it properly."

"I want you, Riccardo." 

"Excellent. I want to taste you." Riccardo pushed me against the living room wall, and I stumbled backwards, almost tripping over my own feet. 

He reached under my night dress, sliding my underwear over my thighs until they pooled around my heels. "Your skin is so soft," he murmured, grasping the flesh of my bare às$. "And you smell delicious, baby." He groaned and dropped to his knees.

I gasped as he grabbed the back of my calf, lifting my leg to rest over his shoulder. He wrapped his arm around me, providing support to maintain my balance. His eyes were level with my bare p+ssy, and he stared at it with hunger and desire. I looked down at him, licked my lips, and unconsciously tried to close my legs.

"Uh-huh, keep them open," he warned, gripping my thigh firmly to return it to its prior position. "So pretty," he muttered in his deep, rough voice, his fingers swirling my wetness. "So ready for me."

I struggled to catch my breath as oxygen seemed to disappear, and my mind became hazy. I bit my lip in an attempt to suppress any sounds, but it was futile.

"Tell me. What do you want?" 

I whine at his question and stared at him, staring up at me with a smirk in his face. Those orbs were darkened with mischief. 

I couldn't say it. I couldn't admit that I wanted him to pleasure me with his tongue, fulfilling all the fantasies I had been harboring.

I can't say it. 

I can't say that I want him to eat me out like I'm his favourite meal. 

I can't say that I've been fantasizing about how his tongue will feel on me and, how bad I want him right now. 


"Please what?" He continued to tease. "Sunshine, as much as I want to, I can't read your mind." 

I had two options; say the words and get what I desired, or withhold the words to preserve my self-respect and dignity.

"I want you," I whispered so softly that I could barely hear myself.


I took a shaky breath, mustering up the courage to speak. "I want you, Riccardo."

He smiled, nodding his head. I m0@ñed, barely able to think straight as he played with my cl+t, sending waves of pleasure through me. I nearly lost it when his head ducked underneath my night dress and his warm mouth enveloped me. My head fell back on to the wall as a whine emitted from my throat. 

Riccardo bit the soft pebble gently, almost resulting in my knees buckling beneath me but I quickly steadied myself. 

As much as I hàte to admit, I was s+xuàlly attracted to him, and how f+ckíng good he looked as he ate me out like I was his last meal. There was just something about seeing a man on his knees as his tongue caressed my most intimate part unashamedly, especially when you know he is obsesséd with you. 

My legs began to shake embarrassingly, and I groaned trying to hold in my siñful and shaméful m0@ns. The pleasure was starting to override and my satisfaction was a hair width away. 

I was on the verge of losing control when he abruptly pulled back his head. My eyes flew open, disappointment washing over me at the loss of his warm tongue on my córe. My extremely wet and crying-for-release córe. 

"Take it back." He ordered looking up at me daring me to “defy” his demand. 

Although, my mind and brain were completely hazy and foggy due to the special treatment I was getting, I quite remember what he wanted me to take back. 

"Leonardo DiCaprio isn't a good kisser." I breath out, desperate for my most-needed climàx. 

His head dove back in between my legs, continuing his skilled work. This wasn't the first time I had received pleasure like this, but nothing compared to how Riccardo made me feel. The sensation of his expert tongue had me close to climaxíng like never before.

"R-riccardo..." I barely recognize my own voice as his name rolled off my tongue. 

I sound like a freaking virgiñ. 

Get it together, Olivia. 

And then it came. My much-needed release overwhelmed me and had me gasping for air. It felt like the absolute bliss. 

Without any single hesitation, I grabbed the hem of my night dress, and pulled it over my head, m0@ñing when my hot skin hit my cool wall. Riccardo gave my cl+t one last kiss before standing up, and pressing his lips on mine. 

I can taste myself on his lips, on his tongue, and in his mouth. 

"Can you taste how good you taste? You taste like sín." He licked my lips, trailing his tongue to my neck. I tilt my head to the side, giving him more access to my neck as his teeth graze gently on it. 

He is stalling. 

He knows it. 

He knows what I want, and he is stalling. 

"Riccardo, I want you." I said again for the third time tonight. My fingers slipped into his hair, clenching them in my fist as I moañed at his assaúlt on my neck. 

"No. Why should I grant your wish? You have not being a good girl tonight," I whine and m0@n at the same time when he bite down on the most s+nsitive part of my neck. "Tell me. Will you be a good girl?" 

I eagerly nodded my head. The wetness in my cl+t becoming unbearably uncomfortable to endure. 

"Use your word, Olivia." Riccardo pinched my chin with his pointer finger and thumb so tenderly that I close my eyes at the sensation. "Look at me."

"Y-yes." I managed to say, unable to break the eye contact he initiated. His coal black eyes filled with its usual darkness, immense need and...love?

"Say it." 

"I'll be a good girl." 

His lips clasped against mine as he lifted me up and wrapped my legs around his waist. I could barely register what was happening, all I know was that he was walking for a few minutes before I heard a door open and close. 

Riccardo wrapped his arms around the back of my thighs and threw me down on the bed. My yelp got muffled by his mouth as I landed on my back, bouncing a couple of times. His hair fell, kind of covering his face and I moved my hands through it. 

My eyes met his again like a bàd habit, and then I saw it. The little hesitation in his eyes as they dilate in mine. I let my palm caress his face and watched as his eyes close for a second. 

I tilted my head up to catch his lips. "I want you," I told him again to wash away his hesitation. "I want this." 

The hesitation disappeared, vanished into thin air as his skilled fingers worshipped my br@-covered br+àsts. I almost rolled my eyes backwards. 

"You're wearing too much clothes." I whine again for the umpteenth time tonight, tugging on his sweatshirt. 

I wanted him stark n+kéd. I wanted to see everything he had to offer, everything I may or may not have daydream about. Deep down, I knew it wouldn't be like what I dreamt about. 

Riccardo removed his shirt and slowly teased the waist of his pants. I licked my lips as his bare skin started to come to view. My eyes scanned over his chest that has only one tattoo - my name. And although, I've seen it before, my jaw still dropped. His chest seemed to have gotten smoother and tanned, and hard and big. 

I gently stroked his skin with my fingertips, feeling his heart beat fast against his chest. My hands trailed down his back, enjoying how amazing it felt. 

When he finally slid his pants off, letting his c+ck jump up, standing to full attention. It was massive, and I almost changed my mind about my want and desire. Clear droplets of prec+m leaked out the head, and I licked my lips in anticipation. 

Riccardo hovered above me, his weight partly on me and his hands. His gaze remained on me, mainly in my eyes. The slight quaver in his pupils was asking for permission and when I gave him a little nod, he pecked my lips. 

I felt his tip at my entrance as he rested on one of his hand. He moved it up and down spreading my juices around before slowly penetrating inside me. My lids fluttered close and my lips part. 

F+ck. Is it supposed to feel this good?

"Christ." His voice comes out extremely low and throaty. I look up at him, his eyes were closed and his breaths heavy and shaky. I clenched my walls around him and he m0@ns. 

He actually m0@ñed, and it was the most s+xy sound I've ever heard. 

Waves and waves of ecstasy swept through me when he started moving in and out. I couldn't help but m0@n into while my fists gripped the bedsheets. 

"Riccardo." I breath out, digging my nails into his skin. The pleasure was way too much to handle and I couldn't even breath. He continued his thrusts into me, gradually speeding up in urgency. I dragged my nails across his back, unable to contain myself or my m0@ns. My walls clenched around him again on its own this time and he groaned, dropping his head onto my shoulder. 

My vision was blurry, but yet, I saw stars. 

The sound of skin slapping against skin resonated throughout the room and my mewling filled the air. It felt so astonishingly good that I was barely able to form a coherent sentence. I closed my mouth with the palm of my hand to stop myself from screaming out of pure and total pleasure. 

Riccardo didn't like that one bit. 

He shoved my hand away from my face with a small frown on his face. "I want to hear you scream my name." His voice was so deep and so demanding that I felt obligated to obey. 

"Ha! Riccardo. Stop. No, wait. Don't stop." I babbled as he continued to thrust into that toe-curling and breathtaking spot. "F+ck!" 

My words surprised me. Never in my my life has I felt so out of control and at the brink of tears from all of the pleasure flowing through me. 

He laughed. He actually dared to f+ckíng laugh at me while still pounding into me. It wasn't my fault that he had such magical d+ck. 

"God. How do you feel so good?" He croaked out, and when I looked up at him, he was watching himself move in and out of me. 

My org+sm approached faster than expected, and with one last scream, I c+mméd all over his d+ck. 

Riccardo continued to thrust and thrust into me mercilessly. He wasn't finished yet. 

"Oh, my God." I cried out, fisting the sheets in both hands and m0@ñing like a f+cking wh+re. 

Eventually with one drawn out groan, he emptied himself inside me. The warm liquid flowed inside of me and I just m0@n. 

I feel my body go limp and awfully weak on the bed, my eyelids heavy with exhaustion and my throat sore from all the m0@ñing. But, before I black out, I felt his lips on my forehead.

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