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Exclusively Yours - Episode 20



Exclusively Yours - Episode 20

Subtitle; {Please, Love Me}

Riccardo's POV

I gazed at the beautiful creature in front of me, her caramel brown eyes staring back at me with defiance. 

Olivia scoffed, rolling her eyes as she always does when she's angry with me, her head tilted adorably. "What did I say about telling me what to do, say, or wear?" Just as I thought she wanted me to respond, she answered her own question. "I'll say whatever the héll I want to say, and you won't do a dàmn thing about it. You don't own me."

But she's wrong. I do own her.

Not as a possession, but as my own person. 

My life's light. 

And when she refuses to acknowledge that, it frustrates me. I hàte being màd.

I can feel myself transforming into the person she despisés, the person she turned me into. I nodded once. "You're forgetting something. I actually own you for 731 days, so I suggest you stop acting like a brat."

Maybe if I say it more often, it will sink in. Two years feels too short after spending three years away from her.

My beautiful sunshine clicked her tongue. "I hàte you."

"I love you too."

"I said I hàte you."

"And I said I love you too."

I fought back laughter at her attempt to cool down. I took in the sight of her face, her eyes closed in frustration, and I cherished the view I was blessed with. After a few moments, she opened her eyes, and they immediately locked with mine.

"Good girl," I praised her, feeling her tremble beneath my touch.


What just happened?

Did she... did she like that?

Olivia seemed to realize that I noticed her response, as she turned her head away from me shyly. I stopped myself from smirking and cupped her face in my hand. 

She avoided my gaze, looking everywhere but at me. I watched as strands of her long wavy hair fell on her eyes, and I gently tucked them away, tilting my head to admire her beloved eyes. "Do you enjoy it when I call you a good girl? Does my sunshine like being praised by me? When I call you a good girl, does it have an effect on you? Does it make your body heat up? Does it leave you breathless? Does it?" I waited for her reaction or reply but she seemed to be resisting my words and touches. When I realized I wasn't getting an answer, I leaned in and inhaled her sweet scent. "Does my sunshine have a praise kink?"

She remained silent. I couldn't help but stop myself from sniffing her scent to meet her gaze. It was clear from her flushed cheeks and slightly parted lips that she had a reaction.

I brushed aside the hair resting on her shoulder, my hand moving up and down her waist, trying to elicit another response. My eyes lingered on her lips, reluctantly tearing away from her eyes that begged for me, even though she wouldn't admit it.

The béast within me wanted nothing more than to crash my lips onto hers, to claim her like the starved man I am. No matter how much I try to resist, the beàst fights to emerge.

I stared down at her parted lips, my hand moving on its own as I gently brushed against her lower lip. I suppressed a groan.

Three years ago, I laid eyes on her, and she offered me a kiss. I would have kissed her and gone further if she hadn't been drunk. Three years ago, I laid on my bed and dreamed of her, imagining how it would feel to hold her in my arms, taste her lips, and gaze into her sparkling eyes. Sometimes, I can't believe she is truly in my arms, and I must do something to assure myself that she is real.

Olivia Donovan stumbled into my life, wreakiñg havóc in the best way possible. She made me deliriously obsesséd with her. Not only is she beautiful, but she is exquisite in every imaginable way. And something inside me wants to see if I can tarnish her impeccable appearance both inside and out.

But what is it that she lacks?

Nothing. Absolutely nothing.

She is stunning, with eyes that sparkle with life, joy, and youth. She exudes confidence, has a stable job, and carries herself with elegance. She's humble and kind and nice and sweet. 

My Olivia is faultless.

She fits perfectly in my arms, as if she belongs there. And I know she does. She is the one.

My one. 

"God, you're so perfect," I told her, my voice coming out low due to her proximity and the desire in her eyes.

Olivia gasped when I lightly brushed my lips against hers, unable to resist doing it again and again.

"Riccardo..." Her voice came out breathless, and it seemed like she wanted to say something to stop this. But I silenced her with another kiss.

At first, I intended for a small taste, but when our lips met in a gentle touch, I became wild. And why wouldn't I? 

My sunshine tasted like honey, as if she had literal honey for breakfast. I dove into the passionate kiss, feeling the currents of desire flowing between us. And most importantly, she kissed me back.

I am the happiest man on Earth.


Olivia sat on the sofa next to me, resembling a well-behaved princess. Her signature smile, which illuminated the entire room, graced her lustrous face. I discreetly took her hand while she was talking to my dad, playing with her pretty, manicured fingers.

"Why does this feel like an interview though?" She chuckled nervously, her pink tongue darting out to wet her lips, making me crave another kiss.

"You know she's not going anywhere, right?" I tried to roll my eyes at my older sister Nicole's voice, but I couldn't tear my eyes away from my princess. Nicole threw a pillow at me. "Stop staring. Jeez."

Olivia glanced over her shoulder, her eyes falling on her hand in mine, and she quickly pulled it away. "Stop."

I shot a glare at Nikki, and she glared back before sticking out her tongue at me. I scrunched my face and rolled my eyes.

"Dad, stop interrogating her." I finally intervened. "She's my fiancée, and I love her dearly."

"Oh, I can see that."

I ignored Nikki's comment. She could be childish sometimes. And by sometimes, I mean always.

"Love, can't you see that our little baby boy has grown up and fallen in love?" My mother said, her eyes shining in their natural brightness. "Let it go."

My sister and mom were convinced about Olivia and me; it was just my dad who needed convincing. He can be headstrong. 

"How come there weren't rumors about you two? How did you manage to see each other in secret? And why didn't you think it was necessary to tell your family members?" 

I sighed tiredly, but Olivia straightened up, if that's even possible, and took over. 

"Firstly, he's Riccardo Torrence, and the press keeps tabs on everything he does. But if he wears a hoodie, cap, and face mask, he's completely hidden from the public eye. So, Riccardo Torrence wasn't seen on the road with anyone. We saw each other at our houses or in secret restaurants. Secondly, it's connected to the first answer. We managed to sneak around without anyone knowing. And lastly, we wanted to take things slow and didn't anticipate it getting serious. I thought it would be better to keep it between just the two of us because it's our relationship."

I couldn't help the impressed smile that tugged at my face. I feel like a proud husband right now, gazing at my sunshine. 

Mom looked at Dad, then back at Olivia, but didn't say a word. I waited for someone to speak, but a second passed and no one did. Dad stared at Mom, then at me, and back to Olivia. 

"Come on, guys, talk it out," I urged them. "I need some alone time with her."

Nikki hit my head with a pillow hard, making me wince. "Haven't you had enough alone time with her? Her lips are all red and swollen."

"Dàmn it. Just kíll me now," Olivia may or may not have muttered aloud, but judging by the way her body froze and her eyes widened comically, I'm guessing she definitely said it out loud. 

Everyone, including myself, burst into laughter while my damsel blushed with embarrassment. 

My dad's laughter subsided. "I think I like her too."


Mission accomplished. 


I pulled over at a downtown convenience store and got out before my grumpy, cranky, and tired damsel could say anything. I entered the store and returned with two cups of ice cream, placing them on the hood of the car. I went back to knock on the window. 

I couldn't see her since all the car's windows were tinted. I knocked again, and she lowered the window with a pout on her lips. 

"Can you stop being cute for one second and come out? Please?"

Olivia got out of the car and followed me to the hood. Her face lit up as soon as she saw the ice cream, and the tiredness faded from her eyes. 

"You got this for me?"

"Yeah. Who else would get it for you if not my perfect princess?"

I held the two cups in both hands and extended them towards her. "Which one do you want? Strawberry or chocolate?"

"Strawberry with a little chocolate."

Naughty girl. 

I handed her the strawberry cup and held the chocolate cup for her as we sat on the hood of the car. 

The view here is beautiful. The sun is about to set, and I wanted to show it to her. Her attention was now on the ice cream, so I didn't disturb her. When I thought she would finish both, she merged the halves into one and gave it to me. 

"Try it. It's good."

I wasted no time opening my mouth. She paused, the cup in her hand, contemplating whether or not to do it as she glanced between my mouth and the cup. 

I would eat anything she fed me. It didn't matter what it was, as long as it was her feeding me. 

"I'm not doing that."

"Why not?"

"The obvious reason is that I hàte you."


A couple of minutes passed in silence until finally, the moment arrived. Her attention was on the golden sunset, while mine remained on her face. The sun illuminated her face, making her look even more angelic than she already is. 

My heart raced in my chest as I continued watching her, savoring each moment as she took her time admiring the view. 

I shouldn't be jealous of nature. 

I love nature. 

But not when it tries to steal my lifeline. 

I stood up, but then stopped myself. She looks happy, and I want her to be happy. So, I sat back down and admired my own view — Olivia. 

I tapped her shoulder. "Hey."

She turned her head to me, seemingly reluctant. "Hmm."

All I had to do was pinch her jaw with my thumb and index finger, and her attention was solely on me. Her caramel brown eyes bore into mine, filled with curiosity. 

"Don't try it." Her voice expressed one thing, but her eyes held anticipation. 

I cocked my head to the side slightly and pecked her lips. She frowned, glaring at me, but didn't move away from my touch. With her not pulling away as an invitation, I closed the distance between our lips once more and kissed her, fulfilling one of her lifelong wishes — kissing with the sunset.

TBC 📖✍️

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