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Dark Moans - Episode 71 & 72




Dark Moans - Episode 71 & 72

Theme: ( The Bad Boy And I...)

Genres: College/ Romance/ Erotica. 

By Summer Gold R.



           [ LOOK ALIKE/TAKEN ]

As soon as the lecturer ran out,Juliette broke the kiss and hit Stanley's shoulder playfully. 

"You shouldn't have done that" 

Stanley smiled and pecked her lips again. 

He was interrupted by the call which came on his phone,it was his dad,he answered right away. 

"Hey dad" 

"Huh? You found the driver?" He asked. 

"I will be right there" 

Juliette immediately got down from his laps. 

"I'm coming with you" She said. 

"You sure? You are going to miss your classes" Stanley said,picking up his car key. 

"I don't mind ,I need to see that bastard" Juliette scoffed and Stanley chuckled. 

 They both walked out of the office together. 

Autumn and Georgiana saw them while walking. 

"Where are they going in such a hurry?" Autumn asked jealously. 

"Who knows" Georgiana muttered.


Holland met Daniel on the rooftop,Holland stopped for a minute staring at Daniel's back as he stood there looking at whatever he was looking at while sipping from the milkshake in his hand. 

"Are you going to stand there forever?" Daniel asked. 

"How the h*ll did you know I was here when I made absolutely no sound?" Holland asked. 

"I can smell you though" Daniel muttered and turned. 

Holland chuckled and moved closer to him. 

"You really know me too well that it's annoying" He said and stood next to him. 

There was silence after that,Holland had no intention of bringing up what Daniel said in class since he told him not to. 

"Today is so slow,should we just go out and have fun? Wanna go for a track race?" Holland asked.

"Is that a challenge or what?" Daniel asked. 

"No,I just want to release some stress. Let's go" Holland said. 

Daniel smiled and finished up the milkshake before leaving with Holland. 


Stanley and Juliette came down from the car and ran inside,they met Mr Brocks shaking hands with a detective in there. 

"Dad" Stanley called. 

"Oh Son,you're here" Mr Brocks smiled,he looked at Juliette too. 

"Good afternoon sir" Juliette bowed. 

"I see my son takes you everywhere with him" Mr Brocks said and Juliette smiled. 

"Where's the driver?" Stanley asked. 

"You don't have to see him,He's not ready to confess yet,but they said it's possible he was sent by someone" Mr Brocks said. 

"Thank Goodness he was caught at least,is there any family member from the late man yet?" Stanley asked and Mr Brocks shook his head. 

"Maybe he has no family" He replied. 

"He was a beggar" Stanley sighed. 

Mr Bricks tapped his shoulder

"You did a great job son,that was why you escaped that" He said and then looked at Juliette. 

"Why don't we all have lunch together?" He asked. 

"Don't tell me you haven't eaten dad" Stanley frowned. 

"I was too busy" Mr Brocks replied. 

After using few more minutes,they all walked out of the station. 

"You are not uncomfortable right?" Stanley asked Juliette. 

"Your dad want to eat lunch with me,a multi billionaire,I'm at the point of coma right now" Juliette whispered. 

"But I'm a billionaire too" Stanley whispered back and she pushed his head. 

Mr Brocks turned back. 

"You will follow me in your car right son?" 

"Yeah dad" 

They watched as the guards opened the door for him and he entered,they also entered the second car behind and soon they left. 

"Why don't you have bodyguards too?" Juliette teased as they entered their own car. 

"You better be kidding" Stanley said and she laughed. 


Easton and Alexander walked into Mr Brocks office,he's yet to be back since he went out and now is their opportunity. 

"His lawyer was here yesterday,and I'm dying to know the type of papers he signed,are you sure that old man isn't doing his wills yet?" Alexander asked. 

"If it's in here,we are going to find it for sure" Easton muttered. 

They began searching the whole office,Easton entered the other room,leaving Alexander in the office. 

"Bro! Found it" Alexander called and Easton immediately came out. 

They dropped the big file of documents on the table and started checking one after the other. 

"The old man is really signing his wills and Testamentary already,is he planning to die soon or what?" Alexander asked. 

Easton said nothing,he only focused on the companies and the Names of the people his father put in charge. 

But to their surprise...all the companies,including the hospital and schools are all in Stanley's name. 

Only him,Just him. 

Alexander looked at Easton and their eyes met. 

"Tell me this is all fake" Alexander said,trying hard not to believe what he just saw. 

"It's real" Easton replied. 

"Is he playing with us?" Alexander frowned. 

What they saw increased their rage twelve times more than before. 

"I swear I'm going to kill that kid,I swear" Alexander said and made to leave. 

Easton grabbed his hand. 

"Don't try to stop me!!" Alexander threw his hand off.

"Don't act too fast,you might regret it" Easton said calmly. 

"Why the heck are you so calm about this,don't you understand,if that kid is over everything,then we will have to bow right in front of him! I'm five years older than that kid!" Alexander shouted. 

"I have a plan,so don't worry about it. You just have to keep your mouth shut in front of Cortez,we aren't involving him in any sh*t" Easton said. 

"What's your plan exactly? "  Alexander asked. 

"Arrange back everything and let's go" Easton said and they arranged them neatly again before going out. 

The truth is,Mr Brocks doesn't have a CCTV in his office,Hence,the reason why they act so free in there. 


"What?! The truck driver was found?" She gasped and stood up from the bed right away,she was speaking with Jack on the phone,after she dropped her phone,she began pacing all around the room.. 

What if the driver confess and mention Jack's name?? Jack will definitely mention hers too. 

"Mom?" Easton entered. 

"Son" Opal smiled nervously. 

"Is something going on?" Easton sat down 

"Not at all" Opal replied. 

"I meant to say....I know what's going on" Easton muttered and Opal's heart skipped a beat. 

"What are you talking about?" She asked. 

"I know it was you behind it...the accident" Easton said and Opal rushed to him. 

"How much do you know!" She asked.

"I'm not here because of that,i'm here to say you shouldn't worry about him,I have perfect plans this time around,I'm getting rid of him on my own" Easton said. 

"No...I don't want you to get involved..  "

"Well you're not the only one holding a grudge against him,I am the number one in that aspect,this is my fight" Easton said and Opal sighed. 

"Be careful" She muttered. 

"You need that more than me" Easton smiled and stood up,he walked out of the room. 

He dialed a number almost immediately. 

"Are you ready? Tonight,I don't want any waste of time.....Clean job..good" He hung up and pushed his hands into his pocket. 

"Stanley.....you will regret being born into this family" He muttered with a wicked smirk. 


"Do you have a brother? Who got lost?" Daniel's voice kept ringing in Lennon's ears. 

"Why did he ask that question all of a sudden?" He sighed,bringing out the bottle water from the fridge and then closing it back. 

He sighed out and was about sitting down when he got a call from his aunt. 

"Yes aunt? Did anything happened to mom?" He asked worriedly. 

"Of course not,I just called to ask how you're doing" 

"Oh,I'm good thank you" Lennon said. 

Rose hung up and Lennon raised his brows. 

"Since when? She never called so randomly,she's acting weird" He muttered and shook his head. 


Stanley and Juliette walked hand in hand as they admire the beautiful park filled up with people. 

"It's been long since I came to a park" Juliette said. 

"Let's Say I always make your wish and desire come to pass" Stanley said and Juliette smiled. 

"You're my angel,I'm so lucky to have you" She said. 

"How's your family like?" Stanley asked. 

"Hmmmm,just normal. My mom own a grocery store..but it's doing quite poorly. My dad work in a mining company but he's one of the least paid workers,and my sister....she couldn't go to college because she choose to help the family make a living rather than being another liability,and me...thanks to my brain,I was able to get into college with scholarship,it wasn't easy. You noticed my parents never calls me directly right? It's rare,only my Sister call frequently,because there was a time.....my mom cried bitterly because she couldn't even send me a dollar when I was hungry here in school....." 

"You never told me all these...why?" Stanley stopped walking and faced her. 

"I can't put my family problem on you...."

"If they are your family,they are mine too. I feel so bad right now" Stanley said. 

"I'm sorry" Juliette muttered. 

"I wish to meet them" Stanley said and she looked at him. 

"Are you sure? Our house is quite old fashioned and small for your taste" She said. 

"I don't mind" Stanley shook his head. 

"Cockroaches are normal in our house"

"I'm sure they have hotels there" Stanley said and Juliette chuckled. 

"Cute scaredy cat"  Juliette touched his cheek. 

"Stop it" He laughed. 

All of a sudden,his eyes landed on a woman and the smile on his lips disappeared. 

"Are you okay?" Juliette asked. 

Stanley saw her face clearly,she was walking to the other side of the park. 

"It's....her" he mumbled. 

"Huh? Who?" Juliette asked. 

"Mom" Stanley replied and Juliette was shocked. 

"Peach,stay right here and wait for me okay? I will be right back" Stanley said and before she could talk,he already ran off 

Juliette looked around,where she was is quite uncrowded like every other places in the pack. 

She bite her lips and rub her arm,it was beginning to get cold. 

All of a sudden,she heard a car sound stopped behind her,as soon as she made to turn and see,a plank hit her head from the back and she fell unconsciously. 

Two men carried her into the van and drove off roughly.


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