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Dark Moans - Episode 67 & 68



Dark Moans - Episode 67 & 68

Theme: ( The Bad Boy And I...)

Genres: College/ Romance/ Erotica. 

By Summer Gold R.



            [ BECAUSE OF HER ]


Stanley got stuck in the little traffic while driving,he sighed out frustratingly hoping his dad wasn't waiting for him already. 

"I should have left earlier" He muttered. 

A random man suddenly came to his car window to knock,he whined down the glass. The man look like a beggar obviously. 

"Sir,please can you give me a ride to the next street?" He asked. 

Stanley didn't think twice before opening the door for him not minding how dirty he was. 

"Thank you" The beggar entered,the traffic haven't moved yet. 

"Sir,can you give me something to eat?" The beggar asked and Stanley looked around where he was. He saw a convenience store just on the opposite side. 

"Stay here and wait,I will be back" He said and the beggar smiled. 

"You're so nice" He said. 

"Not really" Stanley muttered and got down from the car,he closed the door and crossed to the other side of the road to the convenience store.  

He already got the snacks in the nylon he was holding and was about coming out when he heard the loud explosion,loud screams followed. 

He came out of the store and his eyes widened when he saw his car. The nylon fell from his hand. 

"The.......beggar" He stuttered with wide eyes and shaking hands,he was standing there,watching people running to the scene,he couldn't move,until he saw Juliette dropped out of a taxi. 


"Stanley!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" She screamed out with ocean of tears falling from her eyes. 

The firefighter already arrived,they took out the fire and dragged the burnt body out of the car,loud murmurs and cries filled the air. 

"No!!" Juliette cried and was about running to the scene when someone grabbed her hand from the back. 

"Peach" Stanley called and Juliette turned back,tears fell from her eyes. 

"Am I....seeing a....ghost....right now?" She asked. 

Stanley said nothing and pulled her into a tight hug,their racing hearts hitting each other. 

"Stanley?" Juliette called. 

"That...wasn't me" Stanley said in a broken voice,hugging her more tightly. 

Juliette broke the hug forcefully and touched his cheeks and chest. 

"It's really you,it's you" She cried and hugged him again. 

Stanley broke the hug,his eyes on the remains of the beggar. 

Minutes later,the cops arrived too. 

"I need to go closer,I can't leave" He said. 

"But...what happened?" Juliette asked. 

"I'm going to explain later" Stanley said and walked to the cops,Juliette followed him,holding his shirt like a lost sheep,her body was still shaking. 

"The car belongs to me" Stanley said and the cops faced him. 

"Oh...you were not in the car?" 

Stanley shook his head. 

"How come? Then who's that?" They pointed at the body which was already getting packed into the ambulance. 

"I don't know him,He's just someone I was trying to give a ride,he came to me himself and I helped" Stanley replied. 

"So how come you were not in the car?" The female cop asked. 

"I was in the convenience store....he requested for food. He was a beggar from the look of things,the way he dressed and all" Stanley explained. 

"We might need you in our station Mr.....what's your name?" 

"Stanley Brocks" 

"Oh wow...I knew your face was familiar" The second cop said. 

"It was a hit and run,the truck escaped,so you don't mind coming with us right?" 

"Can I call my dad...?" Stanley asked. 

"Of course...and who's she?" They asked,looking at Juliette who was just getting herself back. 

"My girlfriend" 

"Was she in the car with you?" 

"No" Stanley replied. 

In the end,both Juliette and Stanley were taken away by the cops. 


Juliette was sitting in front of the desk,Stanley was in the interrogation room. 

"You said you went to get the beggar some snacks?" The inspector asked. 

"Right" Stanley answered. 

"Where is the snack??"

"I was coming out of the store when everything happened so I dropped it" Stanley replied and the inspector nodded. 

"So your girlfriend was with you...."

"Not at all" 

"So how come she was at the scene?"

Stanley sighed and roughed his hair. 

"Mr Brocks,you're not answering my question"

"Am I a suspect? Why are you asking me all these questions? You should be after the truck who did all that" Stanley said. 

"You're the car owner and also a witness,also,you're the last person the victim spoke with" The inspector replied. 

"The reason why she was there was because I left my phone in her place,she took a taxi after me to give me my phone" Stanley said. 

"So..you're saying you left her place?? So to where?" 

"I was supposed to eat dinner with my dad" Stanley replied. 

"Oh...so on your way,you got stuck in traffic and even though you were in a hurry,you still came down to help a beggar buy Snacks? That's rare for guys around your age" The inspector said. 

Stanley said nothing. 

"You can leave for now,we might have to call you again" 

Stanley stood up and walked out of the office. 

Juliette stood up the moment he saw him,but at that moment Mr Brocks came in with Opal. 

"Son!" He called,running to him. 

"Dad!" Stanley immediately hugged him. 

"Are you okay??" Mr Brocks asked and the tears Stanley was trying hard to prevent came rolling down his eyes. 

"I.....just...escaped death narrowly" He whispered tearfully. 

"I would have died minutes ago" He said. 

Mr Brocks broke the hug and wiped Stanley's tears. 

"Then I would have died minutes after,I won't definitely survive it" He said and Stanley hugged him again. 

All eyes on them. 

"Hello Sir!"

"Good evening sir" 

The cops started greeting with respect after the father and son moment. 

"I will be right back son" Mr Brocks said when he got invited into the COP's office. 

Stanley nodded. 

"Are you okay?" Opal asked him. 

Stanley said nothing and went to Juliette,Opal and Mr Brocks went in together. 

Juliette hugged him. 

"You don't know how scared I was" She said. 

"I was scared too.....I'm still scared" Stanley said and Juliette moved back. 

"I understand how you're feeling,I know" She said and stroked his hair. 

They both sat down,waiting for his dad to come out. 


Stanley and Juliette walked in together and Stanley closed the door back. 

"You think anyone is home?" Stanley asked. 

"I can perceive something" Juliette muttered and Holland appeared,his hair looked scattered and wet,he was holding a cooking spoon in his hand. 

"Finally you're back" Holland smiled. 

"Wait,what are you doing?" Stanley asked. 

"Cooking" Holland smiled. 

"Wow" Juliette clapped. 

"How sure am I that you didn't burn the whole house?" Stanley asked. 

"But,something's off. Did anything happened?" Holland asked. 

"It took you time to notice" Stanley muttered. 

"Something happened? Tell me" 

Stanley and Juliette explained what happened and he couldn't believe his eyes. 

"I almost lost my life,I just don't know. Was that man an Angel?" Stanley muttered. 

"Ohhh" Holland moved closer to him and hugged him. 

"I'm so happy you're alive" He said. 

Stanley hugged him back and Juliette smiled. 

"Shouldn't we celebrate this?" She asked after they broke the hug. 

"Of course,who knows maybe that's the reason why I decided to cook today?" Holland grinned. 

"I know right?" Juliette chuckled. 

"Go take your bath and come down for dinner" Holland said. 

Stanley and Juliette went upstairs and Holland returned to the kitchen. 


Stanley was standing under the shower,close to ten minutes without moving,he just can't stop thinking about it. 

The man,how he pleaded for a ride and how he begged for food,somehow he felt guilty that it's all his fault that he died. 

Because obviously the suspect was after him,even though his dad didn't tell him a thing,he knew the accident was normal,definitely someone is after his life,he can't keep his mind off that. 

But then...who?? Who's after his life so desperately and cruelly?? 

The door to the bathroom opened and Juliette came in,she was also naked,before Stanley could turn,she hugged him from the back. The water falling freely on both of them. 

"I've been waiting" She said,rubbing his chest. 

"I knew you were here thinking again" She added. 

Stanley turned and faced her. 

"I'm so happy I didn't loose you,but it's okay,you can pour out your pains in front of me too....earlier..you were trying so hard to act strong in front of me,but when your dad arrived,you cried. I know I'm just your girlfriend but you don't have to act like you're strong when you're with me,I want to hug you too and tell you everything will be fine,I want to wipe your tears too" She said. 

Stanley smiled. 

"I just hate to see you sad" He said and Juliette shook her head with a pout. 

"Don't keep things to yourself from now on,tell me everything" She said. 

"Noted,queen of my heart" Stanley said and Juliette cupped his cheeks,she gently kissed his lips.

"I'm glad nothing happened to you" He said. 

"You should be worried about yourself" Juliette smiled. 

"Even if I'm in pain,I will think of you first,I don't want a tiny scratch on you,I don't mind killing because of you,just stay fine for me" Stanley said. 

"I love you" Juliette smiled. 


Daniel entered and met Holland. 

"Seriously? You're cooking?" He asked. 

Holland turned as if he wanted to talk but then he said nothing and continue his work. 

"Are you going to ignore me forever?" Daniel asked. 

Holland said nothing. 

"Holly" Daniel grabbed his hand. 

"Stop it,I'm working" Holland said and removed his hand from his. 

"Oh,finally someone's back" Juliette walked in,she was wearing Stanley's shirt. 

"Juliette" Daniel smiled. 

"You're welcome sir" Juliette teased and he chuckled. 

"Where's Stanley?" Daniel asked. 

"He will be here soon,talking to his dad" Juliette replied. 

"Did something happened?" Daniel asked. 

Juliette looked at Holland. 

"I don't have strength explaining to someone who left home since morning" Holland said. 

"Oh...I smell jealousy" Juliette mumbled. 

'Stop it" Holland scoffed and Juliette laughed. 

"Okay,my mouth is shut" She said and turned to Daniel. 

"Is it something serious?" Daniel asked. 

Juliette took her time to explain and Daniel went upstairs to meet Stanley. 

Minutes later,everyone settled in the dinning room to eat. 

"I'm scared of tasting this food first" Stanley said. 

"Me too" Holland muttered. 

"You cooked it,what the hell" Stanley snapped. 

"I didn't taste it" Holland replied. 

"How many hours did it take you to prepaid just prepare this?" Daniel asked. 

Holland ignored him and Daniel sighed. 

"Okay guys no fighting,I will taste it first" Juliette said and they all looked at her as she took her cutlery,she ate a spoonful. 

"How's it?" Holland asked. 

"Holland,what is the name of this food again?" She asked. 

"Taco Spaghetti" Holland grinned. 

"Taco indeed,you saw the recipes?" Juliette asked. 

"Of course,even the grilled chicken too" Holland replied proudly and Juliette gave him a thumb up. 

"Is it delicious?" Daniel asked. 

"Very....dig in and see for yourself" Juliette smiled. 

The three boys all ate the food at a time and also at the same time,they all stood up and rushed to different sinks to throw up. 

Juliette drank water wickedly. 

"What the hell was that?!" Daniel shouted when they returned. 

"Taco Spaghetti" Juliette replied.  

Stanley laughed out. 

"Why did you lie that it was tasty?" Holland asked. 

"You expect me to eat that shit alone? Hell No!" Juliette shouted and all the boys bursts into laughter. 

"Holland please don't ever try to cook again" Juliette said. 

"I think Holland is better than Stanley" Daniel said. 

"Better? In what way? How is this going to be better than anyone? That's means Stanley doesn't know how to handle the cooker" Juliette saud. 

"She's angry" Stanley muttered and they laughed again. 

"I'm going to cook for us,please clean those shits out the table" She stood up. 

"Yes ma'am" Holland said. 

"I will help,at least I can cook" Daniel said and followed Juliette. 


Easton was eavesdropping behind the door,listening to Opal on phone. 

"Everything you planned was useless! That boy is still alive and right now the police are investigating the truck,they tagged it as a hit and run"

"You should have been more observant! How could you hit the car without knowing if he was inside?! How! You know how my husband can be,He's going to get to the root of this,what if you get caught?" 

"Easton?" Cortez called and Easton immediately turned. 

"What's going on? Why are you here?" Cortez asked. 

"I think mom is arguing with her sister,it's nothing,you can go" Easton said. 

"Oh,I'm going out. Can I use your car?" Cortez asked. 

"Sure,be careful. If you don't want dad to kill you this time" Easton said. 

"Don't worry" Cortez smiled and went downstairs. 

Easton continue listening to Opal's conversation. 


Stanley opened the car door for Juliette and she came out,looking so excited. 

"Oh my Gosh!! Finally" she roamed around happily and Stanley chuckled. 

"Drama queen,let's go in" he said. 

"No,let's take pictures first,I need to post every single details" Juliette said,looking around. 

Alot of people are all over the street,girls taking pictures and having fun just before the show starts. 

Stanley followed her slowly from the back,watching her closely as she did video. 

"Come here hottest boyfriend alive,come on" She called Stanley and he shook his head. 

"Cone on,don't run from my video" Juliette pouted. 

Stanley smiled and was about moving closer when a guy came behind Juliette and spanked her @ss. Looking at him he's a pure American and he has this unremorseful look on his face. 

"What the f**k! Are you insane?!" Juliette yelled at him. 

"What,I just think you have a sexy @ss" The guy said with a smile. 

"Bastard!" Juliette said and tried to slap him. 

He grabbed her hand. 

"It's a compliment,come on........."

Stanley who was standing,trying hard to control his crazy anger,but the moment he said that,he bursted. 

"Compliment?" He moved closer. 

"Oh...who's he? Your boyfriend?" The boy chuckled and released Juliette's hand. 

"Are you seriously still smiling? You f**king disrespected my girl right in front of me dude!" Stanley didn't waste a second releasing two punches on his mouth,he grabbed his collar preventing his from falling,he twisted his hand which he used to spank Juliette. 

"Ahhhh!!!!" The boy screamed in agony. 

The people watching screamed. 

"Stanley....that's enough..." Juliette tried holding him. 

"Stay back" Stanley said and started punching the boys mouth repeatedly,the boy's blood splashing on his face. 

Juliette swallow hard. 

'I don't mind killing because of you,just stay fine for me' she remembered Stanley's voice and she started shaking. 

Is this what he meant?

"Stanley no!!! Get your sense back!!!!" She cried out. 


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