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Dark Moans - Episode 63 & 64




Dark Moans - Episode 63 & 64

Theme: ( The Bad Boy And I...)

Genres: College/ Romance/ Erotica. 

By Summer Gold R.



             [ A LITTLE LESSON ]


Juliette watched impatiently as Holland and Daniel spoke with the Doctor after attending to Stanley who's still unconscious. 

"Please don't let his dad find out about this" Daniel said. 

"Don't worry about that" The Doctor replied. 

"But he's okay right? We can see him?" Holland asked. 

"Sure,he will be awake soon" The Doctor replied before walking away. 

Juliette walked over to them. 

"Please talk to me,I'm confused. What's going on?" She asked. 

"Stanley has Katsaridaphobia" Holland said and Juliette's eyes widened. 

That's fear of roaches. 

"I.....I...didn't know about that. I thought it was a joke until he passed out,I had to call you,gosh" tears rolled down her eyes. 

"He will be fine,come on" Daniel chuckled. 

"You can go and check up on him" Holland urged her. 

She wiped her tears and went into the ward,Stanley was still sleeping. She sat down on the seat beside the bed and kissed his head. 

"I'm so sorry" She muttered. 

Stanley slowly opened his eyes. 

"Cutie" Juliette called and Stanley smiled. 

"Hey" He said. 

"I didn't knkw you......"

"Because I didn't tell you,so stop feeling bad" Stanley sighed and sat up. 

Daniel and Holland came in. 

"You're awake" Holland immediately walked over to him and touched his head. 

"Gosh,I was worried" He said. 

"Wow,someone showing me love" Stanley said and Holland slapped his head. 

"Ouch!" Stanley screamed. 

"Don't hit him that way" Juliette mumbled and sat hugged Stanley to her chest. 

"Oh wow,that's crazy" Daniel said. 

Holland smiled. 

"Now I'm jealous" 

"Let's go home" Stanley said. 

"Are you sure you can breathe well now?" Daniel asked and they laughed. 

"I hate you" Stanley scoffed and got down from the bed. He held Juliette's hand and they all walked out of the ward. 


Opal entered the bedroom and met Mr Brocks on his phone,he was sitting on tge bed but focused on his phone. 

Opal smiled and walked over to him in her nightie,she removed his glasses and he looked up. 

"You're out" Mr Brocks smiled and she nodded.

"Don't tell me you're busy" Opal said. 

"No,I was just checking out some stuffs...."

"No more,I need my husband's attention right now" She took his phone from him and climbed on the bed,she bagan to massage his shoulder. 

"Honestly I thought,Stanley and Autumn used to date,I just feel like they would look so good together" She said. 

"Me too...but Stanley got a girlfriend,new thing right?" Mr Brocks smiled. 

"Girlfriend? You mean that girl he brought to the party?" Opal asked. 

"Yeah" Mr Brocks replied. 

"She doesn't look like someone who came from a good home,I'm sure she look that good because of Stanley. Do we really need a gold digger in this family?" Opal asked. 

"Stanley wouldn't like to hear that" Mr Brocks said and Opal rolled her eyes. 

"But,why aren't you saying anything about it? You like her?" She asked. 

"My son likes her,so I should learn how to. Stanley is always right with his decisions,I will trust him on this also" Mr Brocks nodded. 

"But...still....He's going to need a worthy lady beside him when he starts having a responsibility as one of Brocks heir" Opal muttered. 

"I don't think you're doing anything to help my companies" Mr Brocks said and Opal stopped the massage. 

"What do you mean?" She asked. 

"I'm saying,My son doesn't need a woman before he can handle things like that" Mr Brocks said. 

Opal rolled her eyes. 

"Fine,I'm just concerned" She said. 

Mr Brocks faced her. 

"You should be connected about your sons,they are giving me headache,especially Cortez. When is he going to grow up? He just destroyed the new car he got....."

"It was a month ago,the car isn't new" Opal defended. 

"A month ago? Isn't new? Well as long as he's not planning on taking any of my cars,or trying to get money from my companies,it's fine by me"  Mr Brocks said and picked up his phone. 

"Honey,what are you saying? That car is the only one he has,Stanley have more than five......"

"And they are all safe and neat,not like Cortez who destroy them just after a month" Mr Brocks cut in. 

"Are you seriously aware that my sons are all older than Stanley? Easton and Alexander are doing all the companies work,all Stanley does is get money from you and you keep on giving him,he doesn't even know how the money is gotten...."

"And do I ever force your sons to do the works? For your information,their accounts are filled up with the money they worked for,I have more than enough to get managers for my companies if only they are not interested. Opal,talk to your sons and stop making excuses,you shouldn't be comparing a twenty years old child to them" Mr Brocks said. 

"I'm going to get my son a new car then....."

"I hope it's not from my company coz if it's from there,I will cokkeft money from you" Mr Brocks said. 


"He needs to learn how to spend,his brothers work,what the h*ll is he doing? Nothing,and still he's the most annoying" Mr Brocks uttered. 

"You know I have as much power you got in this house right? I'm your wife Brocks,even after you cheated and brought that boy home........"

"Opal.....Stanley isn't that boy,my son! Don't call him that boy! He's my son!....."

"How sure can we be because of one time DNA test......"

"Actually I don't even give a damn anymore,even if he's not my son at this point,I won't let him go,so deal with it because you can't do anything about it" Mr Brocks said and got down from the bed. 

"Where are you going...."

"To sleep in another room,I don't want to continue this argument again Opal" Mr Brocks said and walked out of the room. 

Opal bite her nails hardly before chuckling. 

"Let's see if that son of yours will be here with you soon,very soon" She muttered,her fingers shaking in anger. 


Stanley and Juliette are both sitting down by the pool edge,their legs inside they pool with glasses of wine beside them. 

"Did you talk to Autumn today?" Juliette asked. 

"I don't wanna talk about her" Stanley said and faced her. 

"All I see right now is you,so don't talk about her" He said. 

Juliette smiled. 

"I know....I'm just worried tat one day you might change your mind and...."

"And what?" Stanley cut in an Juliette said nothing.  

"Do you trust me or not?" He asked. 

"Cutie,I trust you,I just....."

"I only want that first part,keep the second to yourself and rest" Stanley said and she sighed. 

"Don't be mad at me,I love you too much,I don't ever want to loose you,that's my fear" She mumbled and came to sit on his laps. 

"I love you Stanley,alot,so much" She confessed. 

"You really think your love for me is greater?I'm addicted to you Peach I'm scared of loosing you too,I hate it just when you smile at other guy I'm so crazy about you that it's bothering me,I don't wanna obsessed but I'm at the point already,so you think I'm gonna choose another girl over you? I don't even care what anyone says" Stanley said. 

Juliette snuggled over him and hugged him tightly. 

"Promise you won't ever leave me....."

"Never,not while I'm still alive" Stanley said and Juliette cupped his face. 

"You deserve a hot one for this" She whispers and Stanley laughed. 

"Who made you this n+ughty!" He asked loudly. 

"You of course,should we do it here?" Juliette asked. 

"F*+*k,you are going to be the end of me Peach,really I'm running mad" Stanley said and bite his lips. 

"You're still sitting down" Juliette whispers. 

Stanley carried her immediately and got up with her,they went inside.  

"How hard should I go?" Stanley asked as he dropped her on the bed. 

"Destroy my legs" Juliette said. 

Stanley had to tear off her pantie and Juliette moaned,seeing how how and huge he had grown for her. 

"Don't pity me cutie cutes" She said. 

Stanley had no issue taking off his short either,then he thrusts right inside her. 

"F*+*k" Juliette threw her head backwards,she can never get used to his style of having her. 

"That's so huge inside me baby" She m0@ned. 

"I'm just half way inside,are you getting tighter for me?" Stanley asked and kissed her tummy and pulled in his whole length. 


"I love you so much" Stanley groaned,starting the fast bangs. 

"I love you more daddy,more" Juliette moaned. 


Mina was just coming out from the library when some group of girls surrounded her. 

She swallowed and moved back,knowing what to expect. 

"Touch her and you're dead,y'all" Someone said behind them and they all turned. 

It's Graham. 

"Are you seriously supporting this bitch?! Stanley gave the order....."

"Get lost" Graham said. 

They glared at Mina and walked away angrily. 

Mina broke into tears and squatted,crying loudly. 

Graham sighed out and ruffled his hair,not knowing exactly what to say to her. 

"Are you seriously just going to keep on crying and running away from what you should do?" He asked. 

"I'm....helpless" Mina sniffs. 

"And your friends...."

"They all probably hate me now,I know they do" She cried.

"Because what you did was totally wrong,and you don't show any remorse,that's the worst side of it,why won't they hate you?" Graham asked. 

Mina bite her lips and wiped her tears. 

"But I'm sure you can still try" He added and she looked up. 

"How.....how??" She stuttered. 

"By apologizing and make them know you regret what you did of course,what other way? I really shouldn't be talking to you right now Mina,but I feel bad,I just can't ignore you," Graham sighed. 

"I'm sorry.....I disappointed you,I'm sorry" She sobs. 

"You shouldn't apologize to me,someone else needs that" Graham muttered and walked away. 

Mina continue crying there. 


Daniel was alone,he came because he needed sometime alone,out of Holland's sight unless he might do something crazy. 

"Nice shot!" Someone clapped from they back and he turned to see Winnie. 

"Hey" he muttered. 

Winnie smiled and moved closer to him. 

"Why are you here alone?" She asked 

"For the best" Daniel muttered. 

"Can I try?" Winnie asked. 

"Sure" Daniel said,handing the ball to her. 

"okay,Is there a particular method in throwing or anyhow?" Winnie asked,staring at the hoop. 

"Just throw,this way" Daniel demonstrated for her. 

"Okay" Winnie smiled and gently threw the ball,it didn't even reach half the size where the hoop is. 

Daniel bursts into laughter and Winnie pouted. 

"That's not really nice,don't laugh at me,it's my first throw" She said. 

"Okay sorry sorry,let's do it again" Daniel said,he went to pick up the ball and gave her again. 

Winnie exhaled loudly before throwing again. Same thing. 

"Oh no" Winnie groaned. 

"I can just tell,this is not for you. You're not even that tall,so give up and watch me" Daniel said and took the ball. 

In two minutes,Daniel threw the ball about ten times and everything was directly into the net. 

"Whoa!!!!!" Winnie screamed loudly,clapping. 

"You felt that right?" Daniel asked. 

"Yeah" Winnie said and he smiled. 

"Your smile is so beautiful" Winnie muttered. 

"Yours too" Daniel said. 

Winnie took her lips in. 

They both sat down on the floor,next to each other silently. 

"Do you have a girlfriend?" Winnie gathered the courage to ask. 

"Why?" Daniel looked at her. 

"I just want to know....the lucky girl" Winnie said and Daniel chuckled. 

"I don't have one,and I'm not thinking of having one" He said. 

"You might change your mind soon,who knows" Winnie said. 

"Wow" Daniel muttered. 


"Hey boy" Someone held Stanley's hand while he was walking,he removed his headset when he saw Autumn. 

He sighed and removed his hand from hers. 

"What?! Is my boyfriend avoiding me for his side chick?!" Autumn asked loudly and the students walking began to murmur. 

"Autumn" Stanley called in frustration. 

*She's Stanley's girlfriend?*


*That's bad*

"You don't want to give me your attention because of that girl?! Seriously!"

"Autumn stop it!" Stanley said 

"Stop me if you can" She smirked and caress his cheek. 

But almost immediately,someone grabbed her hair from her back and the students gasped. 

"Who's this bitch?!" Autumn screamed. 

Juliette released her hair roughly. 

"Hey!!!!!" Autumn screamed. 

"You should know,I don't joke with my man!!!" Juliette yelled angrily. 

"Your man?! He was mine before he became yours!" Autumn yelled back. 

"You really need to know what's up" Juliette muttered and dragged her by the hair into an empty class,she closed the door and the only thing everyone could hear was Autumn's screams. 

"Damn"Stanley mumbled. 

Minutes later,the door opened and Autumn rushed out in tears,her hair was so rough and her face was so red,she stared at Stanley before running away,all eyes on her. 

Stanley went into the class and closed it loudly. 

"What,are you here to scold me?" Juliette asked. 

"She looked funny" Stanley chuckled and Juliette rolled her eyes. 

"I only did a little" She said. 

"You deserve a sweet one for that" Stanley winked. 

"Here?" Juliette looked around. 

Stanley nodded. 

"What if someone comes in?" Juliette asked. 

"It's more that way" Stanley winked and Juliette laughed. 

"I love you so f*+*king much" Sge said. 

"I love you more" Stanley said and carried her. 

The two horny wolves started their naughty business. 


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  1. Nice chapter sister summer. You are the best. I wish Juliette just killed autumn. Next please💚❤💙💛💜