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Dark Moans - Episode 61 & 62




Dark Moans - Episode 61 & 62

Theme: ( The Bad Boy And I...)

Genres: College/ Romance/ Erotica. 

By Summer Gold R.


                [ ROACH OUT ]


Isn't it obvious??Me.......and Stanley" Autumn said. 

Juliette's eyes widened. 

"Autumn,you don't really have to lie about that" Stanley said. 

"And why do you think I'm lying?" Autumn snapped. 

"Because my dad would never do that,okay? So please snap out of it,Juliette is my girlfriend" Stanley said. 

"And I am your girlfriend too! Take it or leave it,I am your girlfriend,we never broke up and I've waited for you all these years...."

"Autumn,how do you expect me to know you were waiting when we never spoke? Not even once?" Stanley asked 

"Reason why we need to talk,I will pick a day when you're not with your new" Autumn glared at Juliette and walked away. 

Stanley sighed out and looked at Juliette. 

"I'm sorry" he muttered. 

"Bring her to order,I won't sit down and listen to her say shits to my face next time without doing a thing" Juliette snapped. 

"Oh oh" Holland mumbled and Daniel chuckled silently. 


"What do you notice?" Cortez asked Alexander. 

Easton was busy talking to some familiar friends he found there. 

"What are you talking about?" Alexander asked. 

"That same girl,Peach we found on S20's phone" Cortez said,staring at Juliette. 

"It's obvious,that's his girlfriend....."

"Who cares? I want that hitch badly,she's hot" Cortez said. 

"He's gonna kill you,but good luck" Alexander said and joined Easton. 

Cortez saw Autumn glaring at Stanley and Juliette before leaving the party arena,he stood up and went after her. 

He met Autumn at the balcony,about lightning a cigarette,but stopped when she saw him. 

"So you smoke?" Cortez asked. 

"Started since highschool,,influenced by your brother" Autumn rolled her eyes. 

"And now the influencer got another....."

"He's mine,I'm getting him back. That bitch doesn't match his personality,she doesn't even know anything about him" Autumn scoffed. 

"And I want her" Cortez said. 

"You're shameless,you want your kid brother's girl? But who cares? She doesn't even own him" Autumn muttered and Cortez smiled. 

"It's for your own good,it will benefit us both" He said. 

"Don't worry,Stanley wouldn't have a choice,soon or later" Autumn smirked and walked away,making loud sounds with her heels. 


Goldie and Minnie came into the lecture hall and dropped all the snacks they went to get on the table,Juliette took a chocolate ball at once. 

"Are we supposed to eat in class?" She asked. 

"That's what the lecturer gets by giving three hours lecture and not thirty minutes" Winnie muttered and they laughed. 

"You should just say you don't wanna go to school Winnie,this laziness is getting too much" Juliette said,trying hard not to laugh while munching on her chocolate. 

"I would have said that if I wasn't a twin" Winnie scoffed and Minnie chuckled. 

"I think we have a transferred student" Goldie suddenly said. 

"Huh? Transferred student when the semester is almost gone? Like,we should be expecting our exam in class than four weeks,isn't that what the school calendar says?" Winnie asked. 

"I wonder too,but looking at her,she's a rich kid. The car she brought was hot,and she dressed s+xy too,she's a classy bitch" Goldie said 

"More like,she looks like someone who came for a mission,not study" Minnie muttered. 

Juliette's mind went to Autumn and she shook her head,not ready to believe that Autumn would transfer to their school because of Stanley. 

The lecturer came in just after that. 


Stanley checked the time and sighed out,he was waiting for the new student he was told would be directed to him,but it was getting late and he needed to attend a class in thirty minutes. 

A knock came on the door and he looked up,

"Come in" He said and the door opened. 

"Hey honey bun" Autumn called and Stanley almost couldn't believe his eyes when she entered and closed the door. 


"Yes that's me babe" Autumn smiled and walked over to him on his seat,he sat down on his laps and touched his cheek. 

"Autumn stop it! Please" Stanley pulled her off her laps and stood up. 

"Tell me you're not acting this way because of that....."

"Her name is Juliette,don't give her any damn name. She's my girlfriend,what side of I have a girlfriend do you wanna listen to? You can't keep on doing this Autumn......" 

Autumn grabbed his collar and pulled him down a little,she tried kissing him. 

"Autumn!" Stanley shouted and released himself from her grip. 

Autumn scoffed and rolled her eyes. 

"Fine,I will give you enough time. Twenty four hours is enough to decide who you want,is it me or your girlfriend. Obviously I'm more prettier,I'm hotter,sexier and obviously more good in bed........"

"Good in bed?" Stanley asked. 

"Yeah,that's right" Autumn flips her hair. 

"You think I care about that shit you just said?" Stanley asked. 

"You don't look like someone who doesn't care,and I can perfect satisfy you......"

"I was her first" Stanley said and Autumn raised her brows. 

"She was a virgin,I f*+*king broke her virginity and you think I'm gonna leave that Gold for someone who's good in bed? You need a lot to learn,not just that,I'm in love with her,she casted a spell on me and I don't even want that spell to leave,I'm crazy about her,more than I have ever done with you. It was just puppy love between us,so stop living in your delusions and stop acting stupid because I will never be yours. And also,you said we didn't break up,,well I'm breaking up with you right now" Stanley said. 

Autumn chuckled. 

"Such a long poem,you really think I'm gonna let you go that easily? For her?!" She screams.  

"Why did you come here?" Stanley sat down calmly,turning a deaf ear to what she said. 

"I'm a student here now" Autumn replied. 

"That's if I approve" Stanley said. 

"If you don't approve,Mr Brocks would" Autumn said confidently. 

Stanley scoffed. 

"And think about what I said,you're mine. You can't do anything about it" Autumn said. 

"Stop talking like I'm a thing you own Autumn,I'm no longer that little kid who was obsessed with you...."

"You weren't a kid,we started dating when we were fourteen and I left when we were sixteen,that was immediately after highschool,and I still remember every moment we spent together....."

"So why didn't you wait? Instead of f*+*king around?" Stanley asked. 

"Because I wasn't expecting you to keep yourself for me either" Autumn replied. 

"And you didn't bother calling,not even once??"

"That's the only thing I'm guilty of,and I'm gonna get you to forgive me for that" Autumn said. 

Stanley sighed out. 

"I'm not mad at you Autumn but you really need to stop this craziness of yours,I hate to make my girlfriend mad,honestly. So please stay away from me" He said. 

"Like you forgot that I don't ever listen if I don't want to" Autumn said. 


"Can you tell me the reason why you didn't bother to answer my call since Friday? You didn't return the call either,you ignored my texts and everything" Goldie said. 

"I'm sorry,I just....."

"If you can't explain what happened to me,then telling me sorry is useless. We just started dating Ryan,I shouldn't be acting this way but you made me worry so badly" Goldie said. 

"I couldn't talk to you because.....I was too guilty to even do so" Ryan said 

"Guilty? Of what?" Goldie asked. 

Ryan sighed and explained what happened to Goldie,she was speechless for a second before speaking up. 

"You....kissed her back?" She asked. 

"I'm sorry,I was carried away and....."

"You like her right?" She asked. 

Ryan immediately shook his head. 

"I don't want you to take it the wrong way....."

"Answer me Ryan,firstly,she's been coming to your place,she does that any time she wants and I don't even know how the place you live looks like,am I the one you're dating or Georgiana? If you like her,you should tell me and I will try my best to get over you no matter how hard it it,I love you but I will never be a second option,I have my own pride too" Goldie said In tears. 

"You're not a second option,don't get me wrong. I don't have any feelings for her,I'm sorry it's all my fault,and that's why I promised that I wouldn't do a thing until I told you what happened exactly,I couldn't even sleep well" Ryan said. 

"Are you sure about that?" Goldie mumbled. 

Ryan pulled her into a hug. 

"I'm so sorry Candy" He said. 

"Take me to your place" Goldie pouted. 

"Let's go" Ryan kissed her cheek and broke the hug. 

"Are we really going?" Goldie asked. 

"Of course we are,you're my girlfriend" Ryan said and she blushed. 

He opened the car door for her and she entered. 

"Thanks" She said and entered,Ryan bent a little and pecked her lips. 

"I love you" he said 

"I love you too baby" Goldie smiled. 


Juliette was just done arranging her bag,ready to leave. She saw Mina coming from her seat and she quickly looked away,she could see signs of dirtiness on her dress,the bullying haven't stopped,the students still throw things at her,now she finds it hard to even go around the school where all eyes would be on her. 

Mina walked out of the class,before Juliette could think of leaving,Magnolia and Edith rshed into the hall and fell on their knees,their faces were covered with fresh bruises. 

All eyes fell on them. 

"Please help us" Magnolia cried. 

"Talk to Stanley please Juliette,I can't handle this anymore,look at my face. I care so much about my face....."

"You didn't think of that when you were bullying me,I'm a girl like you too,and I also care about my face" Juliette said bluntly and made to leave,they both grabbed her legs. 

"Please Juliette,forgive us!! Talk to Stanley please,only you can talk to him,we are begging. I promise to turn a new leaf after this,please Juliette" Edith said in tears. 

Juliette moved away from them and sighed. 

"Fine,I will try to talk to him" She mumbled. 

"Thank you!! Thank you!"

Juliette ignored them and walked away,she saw Autumn standing with Georgiana as she left. 

"Those losers" Georgiana scoffed. 

"Can't believe they were your friends,I thought you have class bitch" Autumn said. 

"Well not anymore,you're here now" Georgiana smiled. 

"That's if you are no longer after Stanley" Autumn said 

"Not anymore,I have a target now" She smiled. 

"Really? Who?" Autumn asked. 

"You would see,and besides you think Stanley can leave Juliette for you? He's crazy about her" Georgiana said. 

"I'm different from you Giana,just watch me" Autumn smiled. 

"Fine,let's see what you got" Georgiana smiled. 

"I need to do my hair,let's go. I want a new hairstyle on you too" Autumn said. 

Georgiana chuckled and they both walked away sexily,both entering their cars. 

"I'm gonna lead the way,follow me" Georgiana said and Autumn smiled,watching as Georgiana drove out and she followed her. 


"We are here" Daniel muttered and turned to Holland. 

"That's fast" Holland looked around. 

"Seriously? It was you who said you needed to get something" Daniel groaned. 

"No,I just wanted to leave the house" Holland said. 


Holland saw a car park in front of theirs,Lennon came down from the car and on the other side,His aunt,Rosemary got down too. But immediately Holland's eyes fell on her,one hard strong headache hit him. 

"Ahh" he grabbed his head in pain. 

"Holly,are you okay?" Danielle immediately asked worriedly. 

Holland was breathing heavily,he couldn't open his eyes,the headache doubled. 

"Hey" Daniel grabbed his face and made him look up,on his face. 

"Can you hear me? I'm here,no one is going to touch or hurt you,so snap out of it,please" Daniel said. 

Holland opened his eyes slowly and tears dropped from them,his breaths became normal slowly. 

"That face......"

"Don't talk,just let's leave" Daniel said,he was still cupping Holland's face. 

"Are you gonna be driving with my face?" Holland asked. 

Daniel swallowed and didn't move,he touched Holland's lips. 

"Daniel?" Holland called,raising his brows. 

"Oh...there was something on your........nothing,I will take you home" Daniel mumbled and immediately started the car. 

"Is something wrong?" Holland asked. 

"Don't ask,I'm just going crazy. I will deal with it,no matter what" Daniel said. 

"You're sweating...." Holland tried touching his forehead. 

"No" Daniel slapped his hand off. 

"What......was that?" Holland asked in confusion. 

Daniel stopped the car and faced him. 

"I'm sorry,I was just......"

"Don't apologize,I'm just worried" Holland cut in. 

Daniel sighed out. 

"Don't worry about me" He said and started the car again . 


"Cutie Cutes!!!" Juliette screamed the moment she opened the door and Stanley was the one standing right there,she jumped on him and he caught her. 

"I missed you so much" Juliette said,kissing all his face. 

"I missed you more,I missed everything about you" Stanley said,inhaling her scent. 

"You smell so good,I feel like eating you up" Stanley mumbled. 

"Well,I'm preparing dinner" Juliette said. 

"You can be my own dinner" Stanley said and she laughed. 

"The naughty king is here again" She said. 

They locked the door and Stanley carried Juliette into the kitchen 

"You can drop me now young man" Juliette said and get gently placed her on the floor. 

"Thanks" Juliette winked. 

Stanley spanked her @ss. 

"Stop it!!!" She laughed. 

"What should I do to help you?" Stanley asked looking around. 

"Pick a drink in the freezer and drink,that's the only thing you can do" Juliette replied.

"Yes Queen" Stanley said and walked to the freezer. 

He picked a juice from it and closed it back,just as he uncapped it,his eyes fell on a big insect walking on the kitchen cabinet,he immediately moved back,

"What's......that?" He asked softly. 

"What?" Juliette turned to see her boyfriend almost entering the freezer. 

"Isn't that...a cockroach?" Stanley pointed. 

"Oh there's right......"

"What the heck is that doing in your house?" 

"Isn't that normal?" 

"No it's not,you should vacate this place immediately,I can't stand that......" He was already sweating. 

"Wait,are you scared of cockroach?" Juliette asked. 

"No I'm not,but...." As he was talking,the cockroach flew from the cabinet. .

"Ahhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!" Stanley screamed and fell on the floor 

"Babe!" Juliette rushed to him,only to meet the biggest shock of her life. 

Stanley passed out. 


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  1. So funny. Sister Summer, so Stanley is scared of cockroach? Nice chapter. Please the next one. ❤💙💜💛💚❤💙💜💛💚

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