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Dark Moans - Episode 59 & 60




Dark Moans - Episode 59 & 60

Theme: ( The Bad Boy And I...)

Genres: College/ Romance/ Erotica. 

By Summer Gold R.



               [ THE PARTY ]


"Come on,I'm sorry for lying. I just don't want you to get mad at me,this was what I've been avoiding" Juliette muttered,wrapping her arms around Stanley from the back. 

"I said I'm not angry Peach....."

"It's obvious you are" Juliette said. 

Stanley pulled her hands down and faced her. 

"I love you okay? And I'm not angry,I was jealous" He said and Juliette chuckled. 

"You just admit that" She said. 

"Now you know" Stanley rolled his eyes. 

"Don't worry,He's not even my type" Juliette said. 

"So what's your type?"

"Stanley Andrew,is exactly my type" Juliette said and Stanley blushed. 

"You's blushing!!" Juliette screamed and he laughed. 

Juliette checked the time and gasped. 

"We need to go,we are five minutes late for the rehearsal" Juliette said. 

Stanley groaned. 

"Don't be lazy,let's go" She grabbed his hand and dragged him out of the office. 

The rehearsal haven't started when they got there. 

All eyes on them. 

"Finally they are here" Estella said. 

"We are sorry" Juliette apologized. 

"No problem" Estella smiled. 

Juliette and Lennon made eye contacts and she immediately looked away. 

After about two scenes,it was Lennon and Juliette's turn. 

In that scene,Lennon and Juliette were going to hug each other after a certain confession between them. 

Juliette and Lennon went up the stage. 

"Do you guys know your lines perfectly? None of you are holding your scripts" One of the coordinators asked.

Lennon and Juliette nodded. 

"Wow,great then please go on after the count of three" 


"What if we aren't meant for each other? What would you do?" Juliette asked,staring into his eyes,as needed in the script. 

"Then I will keep on loving you until the day I die,but then...wouldn't it be unfair?" Lennon asked. 

Stanley scoffed,where he was standing. 

"Don't take it to heart bro,it's just a script" Holland tapped him. 

"It sounds real tho" Daniel chuckled. 

Stanley said nothing,his eyes just focused on the two. 

And finally the time came for the hug. 

"This is not going to be a good bye hug right?" Lennon asked. 

"Of course not" Juliette chuckled and gently hugged him,she wanted to move away but then,Lennon held her by the waist and hugged her tightly. 

Juliette swallowed,Lennon's eyes fell on Stanley,he didn't move from where he was standing but if looks could kill,then Lennon's body might be burnt by now. 

He let out a satisfactory smile before letting Juliette go. 

"Okay! That was perfect!" Estella said and the students clapped. 

"I love this show,really" Georgiana chuckled from where she was. 

"He's trying to get on your nerve,just ignore him" Holland muttered. 


Daniel was the last to leave the private class,Stanley left with Juliette and Holland is probably waiting for him in the car. 

He used his headset and was about walking out of the class when he saw Winnie by the door. 

"Hi" She smiled. 

Daniel wanted to ignore so badly,he wasn't in the mood to talk but then when his mind moved to the crazy things he's been thinking of lately,he decided to stay. 

"Hey" He muttered. 

'He answered!!!!' Winnie screamed in her head. 

"Uhm...I was wondering if you're going home now,do you mind dropping me at the nearest bus stop? My sister left before me,and I saw you here that's why I came,you're the only one I can ask for help now,please" Winnie said in a pleading voice. 

Daniel said nothing for about ten seconds before sighing. 

"Please" Winnie muttered

"Fine" He said and Winnie smiled. 

"Thank you!" She said,forgetting to hide how happy she was. 

They left the class together,walking in silence. 

Winnie couldn't stop stealing glances from him,he was definitely listening to a music because he doesn't seem to care about her,he was just walking. 

'Gosh,he's perfect. His walking step is enough to Make me faint' Winnie was saying all those crazy stuffs in her head. 

Until they got to the parking Lot,Holland was sitting on the car and his brows raised when he saw Winnie with Daniel. 

He got down from the car and looked at Daniel. 

"I'm going to drop her somewhere" Daniel said. 

"Wow,that's new" Holland chuckled and looked at Winnie. 

"I'm sorry" She whispered. 

"Get in" Daniel said and opened the front door for her before Holland could come closer. 

"Thanks" Winnie smiled and entered,Daniel closed the door and his eyes met with Holland's own. 

Holland said nothing and entered through the back door,Daniel got in too and drove out of the school. 


Holland was the first to get down from the car the moment they got home,Daniel stepped down too. 

"Hey" He called Holland and he turned. 

"Are you okay?" Daniel asked. 

"Why are you asking?" Holland questioned back. 

"You didn't say a word till we got home" Daniel replied. 

"I just don't feel like talking" Holland muttered. 

"Are you angry?" 

"No I'm not,why the f*+*k would I be?" Holland groaned. 

Daniel sighed and they went in together. 

"See you later" Holland mumbled and made to leave,Daniel grabbed his hand immediately and he faced him back. 

"Is there a problem?" Holland asked,staring at Daniel's hand. 

Daniel released him. 

"I don't understand why I'm worried just because you said you don't feel like talking" He muttered.

Holland chuckled. 

"Stop acting this way,you were talking to her all through,what do you expect me to say? I can't jump into your conversation" He said. 

"You're angry" Daniel sighed. 

"No I'm not,it's nice to finally see you with a girl after a while" Holland smiled and went upstairs. 

Daniel bite his lips and roughed his hair. 


"Wow,you look so hot in that" Stanley muttered,looking so lost as he stared at Juliette. 

"We are taking that too" He told the attendant. 

"Okay sir"

Juliette walked over to where Stanley was sitting,she sat down on his laps. 

"Don't you think we've gotten enough? We only came to get a dress for the party and now you're getting things I don't even need or request for" She said. 

"I just thought,you would love those too. They look great on you" Stanley said. 

"Of course I love them,but it's enough now" Juliette said 

"Then should we get....."

"I'm hungry" Juliette said loudly. 

"Let's leave and get something to eat" She said 

"You should have told me,gosh" Stanley said and she got down from his laps,he went to pay and Juliette sighed out. 

That was just an excuse,and thankfully it worked. 

After about ten more minutes,they left the mall. 

"Do you have any restaurant in mind?" Stanley asked. 

"No,I'm going home" Juliette replied. 

"You said you're hungry...."

"Yeah,let's go to my place. I'm gonna cook and we eat together" She replied. 

"Really?" Stanley grinned and Juliette nodded. 

"I missed your food,a lot" Stanley said excitedly and Juliette chuckled. 

"It was just once,why talking like you've been eating my food for ages?" She asked. 

"It tasted heavenly like I've been eating it all my life" Stanley said and she laughed. 

"But you're more delicious tho" Stanley said. 

"Knew you would find a way to be naughty" Juliette groaned and Stanley smiled. 

"Here's a kiss for you" Juliette muttered and gently packed his cheek. 

"Lips too...."

"Nope,you're driving chipmunk......" Before she could finish,Stanley parked the car. 

"What the heck!" She laughed out. 

"Now come to daddy" Stanley said. 

"Gosh,I hate you" Juliette chuckled. 

"You know you love me Peach,come here" He said and pulled her on his laps. 

Their lips connected in a deep wet kiss,moaning into each other's mouths. Stanley's hand slides under her skirt and Juliette immediately broke the kiss. 

"Cutie cutes,not here,no. Let's get home" She said and got down from his laps. 

"You mean I'm gonna eat you before eating?" Stanley asked. 

"Stop it!" Juliette screamed. 

"Answer me" Stanley muttered. 

"Fine,yes,yes,now can you start the car?" She asked. 

Stanley giggles like a kid and started the engine at once. 


Ryan climbed down the stairs,he was expecting to see the delivery boy at the door because he had ordered for food. 

He opened the door and his eyes widened when he saw Georgiana. 

"Hey handsome" She smiled. 

"What are you doing here this late?" Ryan asked. 

"What do you mean? Let me in first" Georgiana said. 

"Why would I do that?....."

"Let me in or I'm gonna kiss you" Georgiana said. 

Ryan immediately moved out of the way and she entered. 

"What are you doing here?" Ryan followed her and grabbed her hand. 

"Because I missed you" Georgiana said and held the tip of his shirt. 

Ryan sighed in frustration. 

"I have a girlfriend......."

"You started dating her because you want to get rid of me" Georgiana mumbled. 

"Isn't that enough reason then?!" Ryan groaned. 

"Are you admitting to that?" Georgiana asked. 

"No,I'm in love with her,at least better than you. So please just back off......." 

The other words lost when Georgiana crashed her lips on his,she dropped her bag and wrapped her hands around his neck,kissing him deeply and aggressively. 

Ryan broke the kiss and Georgiana smiled. 

"What,are you gonna scold me?" She asked. 

Ryan ignored her question and went for her lips first this time around,he grabbed her waist tightly,kissing her harder,Georgiana smiled and started kissing him back too. 

She was about to unbutton his shirt when Ryan stopped her. 

"What,you already cheated on your so called girlfriend,you should just go on and follow your heart" Georgiana said. 

"That's enough....."

"What different does it make now....."

"I'm going to tell her!! Is that enough answer now?!" Ryan yelled at her. 

"What about me? I like you too!!" Georgiana yelled back. 

"I don't care,get out of here. Don't show your face again,please I'm begging you" Ryan said and pushed her out. 

"F*+*k,what have I done" He groaned and fell on the couch. 

Almost immediately,Goldie's call came on his phone,he couldn't answer,he just stared at his phone ringing till it ended again. 

"I'm so done" Ryan mumbled and roughed his hair. 


"I suddenly don't feel like doing this" Holland muttered as they all walked into the hospital. 

"Don't say that,who knows? It might really help" Stanley said. 

"Do you also think I'm crazy? I know what I'm saying" Holland said. 

"Still,the therapy Is needed,mentally" Daniel muttered. 

"I'm mentally okay dude,what are you saying?" Holland groaned. 

"Let's just say you're traumatized then" Stanley said and Holland scoffed. 

They found a nurse who took them to meet the Doctor who Holland was supposed to meet. 

"Can we come in too?" Daniel asked. 



Holland and the Doctor said at once. 

"Why would they come in?" Holland immediately asked after the Doctor approved it. 

"Are they not your brothers?" The Doctor asked. 

"Of course we are,I'm the eldest" Daniel said. 

"And then me....he's the last child. Please handle him well,He's quite stubborn" Stanley said 

"I'm going to kill you too once we get back home" Holland whispered to them. 

Daniel and Stanley gave him a mocking look. 

He was made to sit down. 

Daniel and Stanley sat somewhere far but enough to see what was going on. 

"Please close your eyes" The Doctor said and Holland did. 

Minutes later,it was all done. 

"Please come back here next week" The Doctor said. 

Holland said nothing and went out,his dad's Call coming in right away. 

"Did you......"

"Went to the hospital? Yes I did,thank you" Holland cut and hung up immediately. 

"Come on" Stanley laughed. 

"I'm too mad to even talk to him,the Doctor was asking all sort of questions like I am a kid and I don't know what I saw,it was frustrating,I'm never coming here again,for real" Holland said. 

"Fine,let's just prepare for the party" Daniel said. 

"I have a bad feeling about that" Holland suddenly said. 

"Why?" Stanley asked. 

"I don't know....."

"Stop acting like a prophet" Stanley stroked his hair. 

Holland grabbed his hand and twisted it. 

"Ahh!!" Stanley screamed. 

"Am I really the last child?" Holland asked. 

"Of course not,you're the eldest" Stanley said. 

"Nice" Holland released him. 

"But wait,why me? What about Daniel?" Stanley asked and Daniel chuckled. 

"I've been watching you two,you're been unfair,doing things without me...."

"Because you have a peach who you always oppress us with,you shouldn't be jealous either" Holland said. 

"Should I break up with her then?" Stanley asked. 

"Don't you dare!" Daniel and Holland yelled at once. 

Stanley laughed. 

"I'm driving" He said 

"I was about saying that" Daniel said. 

Stanley took the key from him and entered,Daniel was in front and Holland at the back. 

"Now I really feel like the youngest,what's this crazy shit" He said. 

Daniel and Stanley laughed. 

"But actually In reality,you're the youngest" Daniel said. 

"Just two months!!!! Dude!!! Two months not two years!!!!" Holland yelled and they laughed again. 

"If we are doing it that way,then I'm the eldest" Stanley said 

"Dude,how far. It was a week" Daniel tapped Stanley's shoulder. 

"Of course,that means I'm older than you" Stanley said. 

"That's right Stan,that's right!" Holland said. 

"You're just frustrated because of that two months" Daniel said. 

"You're right" Holland sighed sadly,making them laugh again. 


"Mr Brocks,you're here" Mr Austin said happily as he walked over to welcome them in. 

Mr Brocks arrived with his wife,Easton and his brothers came together too. 

"Hello" Mr Brocks smiled as they hugged. I

"It's so good to see you again,it's been a while" Mrs Austin also came over. 

"I know,that's why I can't help but come here" Mr Brocks said. 

They greeted Opal too and the boys. 

"But,what about Stanley?" Mr Austin asked. 

"I'm sure he will be here soon" Mr Brocks said. 

Just then,Stanley arrived with Juliette,Holland and Daniel. 

"Oh,look at those kids" Mrs Austin was the first to see them. 

The boys immediately bowed,Juliette too. 

"Wow you all are so grown" Mr Austin said,hugging them all. 

Mr Brocks smiled at Stanley before they left with the person taking them to their table. 

"Autumn have been asking after you,she will be so happy you're here" Mrs Austin said. 

Holland and Daniel exchanged glances with wide eyes. 

"Autumn?....she's here?" Stanley asked. 

"Of course you don't know? It's her welcome party" Mr Brocks said. 

"Oh" Stanley mumbled. 

Juliette stared at Stanley suspiciously as they finally sat down around their table,but she didn't say a word. 

Stanley looked at her. 

"Are you okay?" He asked. 

"Of course" Juliette smiled. 

Daniel and Holland were the first to see Autumn coming. 

"Oh oh" They mumbled. 

"Stanley?!! Is that really you!!" She screamed,looking at Stanley. 

"Au...tumn?" Stanley called,looking at her from her head down to her legs and back. 

"Of course it's me! It's me Autumn" She said excitedly and pulled him up before hugging him tightly. 

"I missed you so much,a lot" She said,not thinking of letting him go. 

Juliette stood up and smiled at her. 

"You're strangling him" She said and Stanley finally broke the hug. 

Autumn looked at Juliette blankly,checking her out all over. 

"Who's she?" She asked. 

"Oh,Juliette. She's my girlfriend" Stanley said. 

Autumn smiled and brought out her hand for a snake. 

"Hi,I'm Autumn. Stanley's girlfriend" She said. 

"Ex girlfriend you mean?" Juliette scoffed. 

"Oh wait,is she the only one who doesn't know or Stanley too?" Autumn asked. 

"What do you mean?" Stanley asked. 

"What do you think tonight is for?" Autumn asked. 

"A welcome party for you" Daniel said. 

"Not just that....tonight. Our parents are gonna announce our engagement" Autumn smirked.

"Our? Who and who?" Holland asked. 

"Isn't it obvious??Me.......and Stanley" Autumn said. 

Juliette's eyes widened. 


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