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Dark Moans - Episode 57 & 58




Dark Moans - Episode 57 & 58

Theme: ( The Bad Boy And I...)

Genres: College/ Romance/ Erotica. 

By Summer Gold R.



           [ IN OTHER WORD ]


"Ahhhh!!!!"  Juliette spranged up from her sleep,it was a nightmare. 

She was sweating and breathing heavily,she picked up her phone to check the time and it's just 9PM,she saw countless calls she missed from Stanley as well. She was still like that when the rain started falling,getting heavy right away. 

She hurried out of bed and dialed Stanley's number,he answered almost immediately. 

"Hey pie...."

"Babe" Juliette called tearfully. 

"What happened? Are you crying?" Stanley asked. 

"I can't stay here tonight,I can't,I'm so scared Cutie" Juliette said in tears. 

"I'm coming right now,calm down and don't cry please" Stanley said. 

Juliette nodded and wiped her tears as if Stanley could see her. 

"I will be there" Stanley said once more before hanging up. 

Juliette immediately rushed to her closet and picked up few clothes she might need and other things. 

She carried her bag and walked out of the room,she didn't even mind taking care of her rough hair,she began pacing,waiting impatiently for Stanley. 

Few minutes later,Stanley came in. 

"Cutie cutes!" Juliette ran to him and he hugged her instantly,lifting her up while she curled her legs around him tightly. 

"Are you okay? I was worried,what happened?" Stanley asked. 

"I had a nightmare,it was so scary chipmunk,so scary" Juliette muttered,still hugging him to herself. 

"It's okay,I'm here now. Let's go to ny place,you can stay as long as you want" Stanley said. 

Juliette broke the hug and pecked his lips. 

"Thank you" She said. 

"You're so f**king cute right now" Stanley said and she pouted. 

"It was rainy in my nightmare too" She said. 

"What should I do now? What do you want?" Stanley asked as he carried her bag,he was still carrying her. 

"Ice cream and....."

"What the heck,you're not going to mention Pizza right?" Stanley asked. 

"I was about to" Juliette said. 

"This is crazy,are you addicted to the two or what?" Stanley laughed. 

Juliette smiled. 

"I will get it for you,I don't mind walking inside the rain,but thank God I have a car" Stanley winked. 

They left the apartment. 


"We are here" Ryan said as he stopped the car in front of Goldie's house. 

Goldie blushed and took her lips in,Ryan just confessed to her and she didn't even bother thinking before accepting his confession,she's that crazy about him. 

"What,are you missing me already?" Ryan teased. 

"No,goodnight" Goldie immediately said and Ryan chuckled. 

"Here" He gave her the umbrella in his car. 

"But..I'm home already" Goldie said. 

"Still,I don't want the tiniest rain on you" Ryan said and Goldie's heart started racing again,that's what she's been struggling with all night,since their date. 

'He's literally killing me' she said inwardly. 

"Thank you" She muttered. 

Ryan shifted closer and kissed her eyes. 

"Goodnight" He said. 

"Bye" Goldie smiled and finally got down from the car,Ryan watched her went in before going his own way. 


Holland met Daniel in the kitchen,he was eating,sitting on the tall kitchen stool,his plate of food on the center cabinet. 

"Caught ya,why eating this late?" Holland asked and dragged another stool closer before sitting down. 

"Because I was starving,I don't know. Did something packed the whole food inside me?" Daniel asked and Holland laughed. 

"So you just made this?" Holland asked,pointing into the pot of saucy looking ramen noodles. 

"Because that's the only thing home" Daniel nodded. 

"I'm suddenly hungry too" Holland said and opened his mouth. 

Daniel cleared his throat and pulled the pot to him. 

"Eat by yourself,stop being lazy" he said and got up. 

Holland chuckled. 

"What about Stanley?" Daniel asked as he took a bottled water from the fridge. 

"What do you expect? With his peach of course" Holland replied and Daniel sighed. 

"I'm jealous" He muttered. 

"Why? You can get your own peach I you want" Holland said,with his mouth full. 

"I think I have one though" Daniel said and Holland looked up. 

"Really? Who is that?" He asked. 

Daniel moved closer and wiped his lips stain with his thumb.

"You" he said. 

"Are you crazy,do I look like a girl?" Holland scoffed. 

"I wish you were one" Daniel mumbled and Holland looked at him again. 

"Did you smoke something?" He chuckled. 

"It's just something I always wished for,but sadly,it's never going to come true" Daniel muttered. 

Holland was quiet,his eyes not leaving Daniel's own. 

"I'm going crazy right? That look you're giving me,you're right,I know. But I just....." He sighed and stopped. 

"I like you too much and I just want to protect you everytime,but you don't really need my help most times because you're also a guy like me" Daniel bite his lips. 

Holland said nothing and swallowed the noodles he was eating. He took the water Daniel dropped in front of him and drank slowly. 

"You're so quiet" Daniel said. 

"Because I think you're Joking" Holland said immediately. 


"Don't like me that way" Holland mumbled. 

"Do you think I can stop myself right now? My brain is messed up already....."

"How the f*+*k did that start?" Holland cut him off. 

"I shouldn't have told you" Daniel mumbled

"Did you say something?" Holland asked,raising his head up from the pot of noodles. 

"Oh....no" Daniel muttered,everything was his own imagination. 

"You are the best cook,I'm so full" Holland winked and got down from the stool. 

"Goodnight" He tapped Daniel's shoulder and walked out of the kitchen. 

Daniel sighed out and sat down back. 

'Stop it Daniel.... Just.....please' he said inwardly and roughed his hair. 


"I'm back" Juliette entered the bedroom,she just had her bath abd now wearing Stanley's shirt. 

"You look hot in that" Stanley said,opening his arms for her the moment she climbed on the bed. 

"I smell like you,I love it" Juliette muttered. 

"I can feel the warmness of your b👀bs,I love it" Stanley whispered and Juliette laughed. 

"Don't be naughty tonight please! I just wanna sleep after that crazy nightmare"  Juliette said. 

"Mina isn't coming here,stop thinking about her" Stanley said and kissed her hair. 

"I know,since I'm with you. I'm relaxed" She exhaled. 

"You can sleep,I won't disturb you I promise" Stanley said. 

"Are you sure? You won't touch me either?" Juliette asked. 

"I can't promise that,you're too hot to resist" Stanley mumbled. 

"Baby please,I really want to sleep" Juliette pouted. 

"Fine fine,I will manage. I won't touch you" Stanley said 

"Goodnight" Juliette kissed his cheek and closed his eyes. 

"Wait," Stanley suddenly called and Juliette opened her eyes back. 


"We have alot of things to do on Saturday,but at this point,we might have to cancel one" Stanley said. 

"What's that?"

"The Broadway ticket I got,the show is on Saturday,but then dad invited us for a party too" Stanley mumbled. 

"We will go to the party of course,it's your dad" Juliette said. 

"Then I will get another ticket for next week" Stanley said and she smiled. 

"I will love that" she said. 

"I love you" Stanley whispered and kissed her eyes. 

"I love you more Chipmunk" She grinned and Stanley shook his head. 

"Cute" he mumbled,staring as Juliette closed her eyes again. 


Juliette walked out of the class immediately the lecture was over,she has been avoiding Mina all day,she doesn't even want any physical contact between them. 

"Where are you running to?" Winnie and Minnie followed her. 

"Nowhere important,I just wanna have some fresh breeze" She replied. 

"Today is another rehearsal day" Goldie also joined them 

"That's right,and Lennon is finally in school" Juliette mumbled. 

"Sounds like,you've been worried" Winnie said. 

"I was concerned,He's been ignoring me,we are good" Juliette said 

"We are dating" Goldie suddenly dropped the bomb and the three girls faced her together at once. 

"You and Ryan?" They asked at a time and Goldie nodded. 

"Wow,I'm so happy for you!" Minnie hugged her. 

"Thanks" Goldie blushed. 

"Congrats Goldie,you finally got your long time crush,just me left" Winnie mumbled. 

"I think you should give up Winnie" Juliette said. 

"Huh? Why? You think um not his type?" Winnie asked sadly. 

"Not that,I just don't think Daniel is interested in any girl,I just feel like it. I've never caught him staring at a girl...He's different from Holland,totally different,I don't know why tho" Juliette said. 

"Maybe he has a girlfriend somewhere?" Minnie asked. 

"They should break up" Winnie said and they all laughed. 

Just then,Juliette's phone beeped and she stopped walking immediately. 

"Girls,go without me. Prof Charles want me in his office" she said and walked away. 

"Why?" Winnie asked no one in particular. 

"I think that man has a crush on our Juliette" Goldie chuckled. 

"He might loose his job quicker than he expects" Winnie said and they laughed. 


Stanley was on his way to the basketball court with Holland and Daniel when suddenly he saw Juliette,he wanted to smile but the smile vanished when he saw prof Charles beside her. 

They were walking together,talking and it seems like a serious one the way Stanley was staring,he saw Juliette smiled. 

"How dare he make my girlfriend smile?" He fold his fist. 

"Calm down dude....." Holland was still saying when suddenly Charles touched Juliette's hair,but Juliette took a step away from him. 

"Do you see the way that bastard is staring at her? Like he's planning to eat her up raw" Stanley said 

"Who's he?" Daniel asked. 

"He must be a new lecturer,I've never seen him,and he's quite young" Holland replied. 

Stanley scoffed and rolled his eyes before walking away. 

They followed Stanley. 

"I will meet you two" Stanley suddenly turned and went another way. 

"He's mad already" Holland whispered to Daniel. 

"I would be more mad if any guy touch what's mine too" Daniel saud snd Holland chuckled. 


"There's something on your hair" Charles said after Juliette moved away from him. 

"I will do it myself,I don't want the students to get any weird ideas sir" She said respectfully and Prof Charles nodded. 

He bite his lips and then spoke up. 

"I don't think it's going to be a bad idea or news though" He said and Juliette looked at him. 

He smiled and said nothing. 

"See you by 4" He saud and walked away. 

"It's a lecture for everyone,why is he talking like it's just me?" Juliette sighed and turned to walk away. 

Her phone buzzed and she checked,it's Stanley. 


She looked around immediately but saw no one. She didn't waste a second before walking away. 

She entered the office and met Stanley,looking cold. 

"What's the matter with you?" She asked and went to hug him. 

"Where are you coming from? You look happy" Stanley said and hugged her back.

"I was with my friends" Juliette said,ommitting Charles from it. 

Stanley said nothing. 

"Why did you call for me?"

"I missed you" he said and broke the hug. 

"So much" He added and pecked her lips. 

Juliette smiled and kissed him again. 

"I missed you too" She said. 


The boys just finished their practice drills,Stanley was sitting somewhere far from others,while drinking water tiredly. 

"Are you two still dating?" Someone asked from the back and Stanley turned to see Lennon,he was also sitting down alone. 

"You must be counting days" Stanley said and Lennon chuckled. 

"You know me too well,I'm counting. Waiting for the right time when she will be back....right in my arms,and I won't let her go anymore" Lennon said. 

Stanley scoffed. 

"Keep on waiting then,because that day is never going to come" He said and left. 


The lecture has been going on for thirty minutes,it was Professor Charles. 

At that moment,Stanley walked in,only him. His two hands in his pocket as he entered without acknowledging the lecturer. 

The students were murmuring happily,taken away by his handsome  face. 

Stanley's eyes met with Juliette's own and she gave him a 'What's going on?' Look. 

"Hey" Charles called and Stanley turned. 

"Who are you to enter my class that way? How rude?" Prof Charles asked. 

"My name is Stanley,In another word,Juliette's BOYFRIEND,or should I break it down even more?" He asked bluntly. 

The students started murmuring

Juliette bites her lips,it's obvious Stanley saw them earlier and acted like he didn't. 

Stanley and Charles still glaring at each other. 


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  1. Nice one Sister Summer. You are such a gifted person. Thank you for completing the darkest conjuration. And I love dark moans. Its been a wonderful read for dark moans. Please waiting for the next chapter💙💚💛💜❤❤