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Dark Moans - Episode 55 & 56




Dark Moans - Episode 55 & 56

Theme: ( The Bad Boy And I...)

Genres: College/ Romance/ Erotica. 

By Summer Gold R.



          [ BLOOD STAINED ]


Juliette immediately got down from the desk as Mr Brocks entered and closed the door. 

"Dad....you didn't tell me you were coming" Stanley said. 

"Well I called and you said you were busy,the difference is that I was right outside when I called. I was thinking my precious son would be in class" Mr Brocks said. 

Stanley let out a nervous smile. 

"Dad, meet my girlfriend" He said. 

"Hello Sir" Juliette greeted with a bow. 

Mr Brocks looked at Juliette for some seconds before speaking up. 

"It's the same girl"

"Wow,you remember her. You met her once in my place" Stanley said. 

Mr Brocks said nothing after that,he moved his arms behind him. 

"I came because I have something to discuss with the staffs" He said. 

"Does that include me?" Stanley asked. 

"If you're done with your business....."

"Dad" Stanley sighed and turned to Juliette. 

"Let's talk later" He said and Juliette nodded. 

Stanley kissed her hand before she walked out of the office. 

"Dad,that was a lie" Stanley said. 

"Everything wasn't a lie,I'm done with the staffs already,I've been in school for almost an hour" Mr Brocks said and Stanley sighed. 

"Take a seat" He said. 

"Whose daughter is she?" Mr Brocks asked after he sat down. 

"You're not someone who cares of reputation....."

"Then you don't really know me Son" Mr Brocks said and Stanley rolled his eyes. 

"I know you won't do that,you said you won't choose for me....."

"I said that but you think I would want you with someone who doesn't even have a particular family to point out?"

"I never said she had no family..."

"Mention one then" Mr Brocks muttered and Stanley said nothing. 

"I understand you might later find out,but you are my son,I can't just accept any girl...."

"I love her" Stanley said. 

"You don't even know what you're saying" Mr Brocks scoffed. 

"Then what do you want me to do now? I'm serious when I said I love her,alot" Stanley said. 

"I'm not against it" Mr Brocks said and Stanley's eyes brightened. 

"But are you sure she is not with you because of something else?I heard she's a scholarship student" he said. 

"Dad,how did you find out....."

"I had to find out who my son is crazy about..."

"Don't tell me.....you knew all along?" Stanley asked and his dad nodded. 

"Dad! Are you stalking her?" He groaned. 

"Why would I do that? I just want the best for you" 

"Don't do that,I don't want her to feel uncomfortable,please. Juliette loves me too,just trust my word,only mine" Stanley placed his palm on his chest. 

"I'm only accepting because you're still young you might decide to change your mind later....."

"Never,I won't" Stanley cut in and Mr Brocks sighed. 

"Gosh,you're amazing. What happened to all those billionaire daughters? A princess,president daughter and so on....You're a Brocks,you should act like one! Gosh I'm so disappointed" Mr Brocks stood up. 

Stanley chuckled. 

"I'm sure you're going to like ber when you get to know her,please dad stop acting cold toward her,I don't want her to feel sad. Why not get to know her and....."

"Son,she's just a girlfriend not a fiancee,why should I smile at her? What if you break up later?" Mr Brocks asked and Stanley sighed. 

"If you don't like my girlfriend......I'm going to become sad" He muttered. 

"I will try" Mr Brocks groaned and Stanley smiled. 

"There's going to be an event at the Austins place by weekend,We were invited,you can come with her for a start"  He said. 

"Of course!! Why not?" Stanley said excitedly. 

"I've never seen you rejoice because of an event,you never attend too" Mr Brocks said,walking toward the door. 

"I'm gonna attend because you said I can come with Juliette" Stanley followed him out. 


Juliette got her tray of lunch and started walking to a booth to sit,she was quite down,didn't even mind the junior students calling and waving at her. 

"Juliette" She heard her name which finally made her turn. 

Holland waved at her,Daniel was also there. Juliette let out a smile and went to join them. 

"You look down,did something happened?" Daniel asked. 

"Stanley's dad came" Juliette muttered. 

"Really? You met him?" Holland asked and Juliette nodded. 

"He doesn't seem to like me...it's our second time seeing each other but he's quite cold " Juliette said. 


Juliette nodded. 

"Maybe he doesn't believe Stanley would have a girlfriend" Holland chuckled. 

"Stanley was never the relationship type,so it's normal if his dad find it hard to believe,normally his dad is the best man ever" Daniel said. 

"So... He never had a girlfriend? That's what you're telling me?" Juliette asked,eating her hamburger gently. 

"Just once,in high school" Holland replied. 

"So what happened? Why did they break up?" Juliette asked curiously. 

Daniel and Holland exchanged meaningful glances and Juliette raised her brows. 

"What,is it that serious?" She asked. 

"No...the thing is.....they didn't break up" Daniel said and the hamburger dropped back in the tray. 

"What do you mean?" 

"She left the country to study abroad and since then they never contacted each other" Daniel said and Juliette said. 

"She was his first love,but it wasn't that serious like this....they were dumb" Holland chuckled. 

"Let's talk about something else" Juliette rolled her eyes. 

Winnie,Minnie and Goldie all dropped their trays on the table at once. 

Holland and Daniel looked up,Juliette said nothing. 

"Can we sit?" Goldie adked with a smile. 

"Of course,go on" Holland immediately said with his handsome smile. 

The girls sat down and looked at Juliette. 

"You remember me...right?" Winnie asked Daniel. 

"Huh? You two know each other?" Holland aside curiously. 

"No" Daniel denied and Winnie bite her lips. 

"I'm Winnie" She smiled. 

"Minnie,we are twins" Minnie said. 

"Wow! Twins,I see" Holland said. 

"I'm Goldie,we are Juliette's friends" Goldie said. 

"Of course I know,I just don't know you personally. I'm Holland,nice to meet you" Holland said,trying to shake hands with Winnie. 

Daniel pulled his hand back and their eyes met. 

The table was silent after that,nobody talked,they just ate. The girls stealing glances from Juliette every minute but she never looked at them. 


Lennon stood up from the couch when his Aunt,Rosemary walked in. 

His mom suddenly had a break down regarding her health,she just returned from the hospital,hence,reason why Lennon haven't been in school all day. 

"How's she?" He asked  

"She's sleeping now,but she won't stop calling Lennox" Mary replied. 

Lennon sighed out and sat down again. 

Mary sat down beside him and touched his hair. 

"I'm sure everything will be fine,trust me " she said. 

Lennon gently pulled her hand down from his hair and stood up. 

"I will be on my way now,call me if there's any problem"  he said and Mary nodded. 

Lennon left the house and entered his car,he finally checked his phone to find countless calls and texts from his friends. 

He didn't reply back before starting the cat and drove off. 

Mary was watching him from the window as he drove out of the house,after he left she turned and also went inside the room. 


Opal entered into the usual suite,Jack was already waiting for her,he let out a smile when he saw her from where he was sitting and drinking.


"I'm not in the mood to smile with you Jack" Opal said and dropped her bag on the bed with an angry look on his face.

"What's going on?" Jack asked. 

"Are you seriously asking me that shit right now?! Why the f*+*k am I still seeing that child?! Why!! I've paid you!" Opal shouted. 

"If you think it's that easy,why not do it yourself?" Jack asked and dropped the glass in his hand. 

"If I can do it,you think I would come here to meet you and pay?" Opal asked. 

"You said you don't want to make it suspicious,if it gets suspicious who do you think I will mention first?" Jack asked and Opal rolled her eyes. 

"So why not calm down and watch how I do my thing? This dude doesn't really go around anyhow,I've been watching him and I am sure I wi get the perfect time for my mission so chill" Jack said. 

Opal scoffed. 

"It's taking too long and I don't like it,I told you I hate his presence,I hate it! I don't want anything making my kids uncomfortable" She said. 

Jack chuckled and stood up. 

"If that boy is the one making you so uncomfortable,then he's an heavy one" He said and grabbed her waist. 

"I'm not in the mood" Opal said. 

Jack kissed her neck. 

"I need to go,my husband and I have a lunch date" Opal said and pulled him away. 

Jack scoffed. 

"I can't wait to get rid of him and have you all to myself" He said and Opal frowned. 

"Don't touch him"

"Why? I thought we......"

"It's not time yet,I don't think that man has a will written down yet,if he dies,it's my loss because his lawyers are crazy"  Opal said and Jack nodded. 

"Okay then,I will wait" he said. 

"Bye" Opal smiled and pecked his lips before walking out. 


It was the last lecture for the day,almost all the students were leaving the hall in a hurry after the long day. 

Juliette packed her bag also,ready to leave but then Winnie,Minnie and Goldie gathered in front of her. 

"Are you seriously not going to talk to us?" Winnie asked. 

"I never said that,I just needed time to......"

"Time to think over if you want to keep on being friends with us or what?" Winnie snapped and Minnie tapped her but she didn't stop. 

"Look Juliette,because Mina betrayed you doesn't mean we would do the same,we've been looking out for you and......."

"And I think I reciprocated,so what exactly are you saying? That you did me good for being my friend?" Juliette asked. 

"Juliette,you're misunderstanding the whole situation......."

"The tell me,why did you become my friend?" Juliette cut in. 


"Of course I need to know,coz as long as I can remember,we've been in the same department for three straight years and none of you ever spoke to me,why? Because I was ugly,poor and also a loser who gets bullied everyday,none of you were there,none of you!! But you all came right after I became this......I understand I was dumb and desperate for friends but still it was all love from the start,I was the happiest when you all started talking to me that I failed to wonder why it happened so suddenly.  I like you guys,a lot,but I don't think I would ever have peace of mind thinking about what Mina did to me,just.....why??" She stopped and wiped her tears. 

Winnie pulled her into a warm hug. 

"I know,I'm not different,but then can you quit thinking about what Mina did and give others a chance to show you how much we want to be your friend now?" She asked and broke the hug. 

"I've always liked you Juliette,but still doesn't justify that I looked away when you were passing through all that,and I'm sorry" Goldie said and Juliette sniffs in her tears. 

"I'm sorry too baby" Minnie said. 

Juliette nodded and spread her arms for the three,they hugged her the same time. 

"I missed you guys all day" She said. 

"Not more than us" Goldie said. 

They broke the hug. 

"So now we are good?" 

"Of course" Juliette smiled. 

"Should we go out tonight and have fun together......"

Goldie's phone beeped,she checked the message and screamed. 

"Girls!! Not tonight!" She screamed

"What's going on?" Minnie asked. 

"It's Ryan...He's asking me out for a date tonight!" Goldie screamed again. 

"Whoa,that's amazing" Juliette smiled. 

"I need to go shopping" Goldie said. 

"Don't do that,what the heck" Winnie laughed. 

"You have more than enough sexy clothes,don't you dare go shopping,coz your Ryan isn't gonna do that either,give it a rest girl" Minnie said. 

"I'm just super excited,you don't understand" Goldie said. 

"Of course I understand,but can we go now? I need to restock my Freezer with enough ice cream" Juliette said and they laughed. 

"Did Stanley got your heart with ice cream and pizza?" Goldie asked. .

"Stop" Juliette chuckled. 

They all walked out of the hall together. 


Juliette was on a call with Stanley,she was in the living room with a bowl of ice cream in between her laps as she chuckled with a flushed face. 

It was raining wildly outside,so heavy. 

"So you think your dad doesn't dislike me?" Juliette asked. 

"Of course not,guess what. We are going together to an event this weekend,dad invited us himself" Stanley said. 

"Really? You're not joking right?" 

"Of course not,but right now do you know the most important thing?" Stanley asked. 

"What's that?" 

"I miss you,so badly" Stanley said and Juliette blushed. 

"Me too,I want to sleep right in your arms again" She muttered. 

"Should I come over......"

"No!" Juliette immediately said. 

"You said you miss me" Stanley said. 

"Of course I do,but the rain is too heavy Cutie Cutes,I don't want you to drive in it" Juliette mumbled like a child. 

"Should I send a driver over to pick you up? I need your warmth too" Stanley said and she imagined him pouting. 

"You're such a cutie" She chuckled. 

"What do you say about that?"

She was about to reply when she heard her door bell which made her stop,she looked at the door and a little fear gripped her. 

"Hello?" Stanley called. 

"A minute please" She said and dropped her phone without hanging up,she walked to the door and gently opened. 

It was Mina,standing there looking soaked,somehow Juliette was scared because her face wasn't friendly at all. 

"Mina?" Juliette called. 

"You really think I would let go?" Mina asked and Juliette raised her brows. 

"What are you talking about?"

"Die!!!!" Mina screamed and raised both hands with heavy force,Juliette looked up with wide eyes,Mina was holding a long knife,trying to stab her. 

"Ahhhh!!!" Juliette screamed and used her palm to protect herself,the knife stabbed into her palm and Mina pushed her inside,Juliette still holding the knife while screaming in pain. 

"Juliette?!!! Juliette!!! What's going on!!" Stanley screamed from the phone. 

Mina and Juliette were still struggling with the knife,Mina was bent on stabbing her for her,Juliette's hand was bleeding badly and her blood already full the floor and her body,including her face because of the struggle. She was sweating even in the cold. 

"Hey!!!! Die!!"  Mina screamed. 

"Stop!!!!!" Juliette screamed and was finally able to push Mina away from herself. 

But that one push did it... She fell and her head hit the glass center table before hitting the floor,her head broke and blood started gushing out. 

The knife dropped from Juliette's hand,she began shaking,her whole body as she watched Mina lying lifelessly on the floor in her own pool of blood. 

"Mi.....na?" She called,no response. 

"I'm on my way to your place! Please tell me what's going on!!" Stanley shouted on the phone. 

Juliette bent before Mina and tried listening to her heart beat...it was totally silent. 


"Stan...ley.." She also called. 

"Tell me,what happened" 

"I.....I just.....I......just.....Killed someone" She stuttered. 


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