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Dark Moans - Episode 53 & 54




Dark Moans - Episode 53 & 54

Theme: ( The Bad Boy And I...)

Genres: College/ Romance/ Erotica. 

By Summer Gold R.





The room was hot even though it was cold,Stanley and Juliette are both naked on the bed,feeding on each other. The unchaining wild, delicious feelings was irresistible as Stanley gave her the perfect bangs she would beg for again. 

"Oh f*+*k,that feels so good" Juliette said when he hit the right spot. 

Stanley smiled naughtily and connected their lips which Juliette took over almost immediately,she was hungry for him,everything about him with a wild fierce possession and he also gave her a wild ride. 

Stanley broke the kiss and kissed her hair. 

"Turn your back barbie" He whispered. 

"For more lesson?" Juliette asked in a naughtier voice. 

"Lecture" Stanley replied and she giggled. 

Stanley pulled out of her wet pu+$y and she obeyed,standing on her four. He spanked her butt and she m0@ned. 

"You're gonna kill me cutie,I can't wait anymore" She said. 

Stanley thrust inside her again,a deep one. 

"Damn! Don't stop f*+*king me like that!" She screamed,grabbing the bed spread tighter. 

"I wouldn't dare stop" Stanley replied,giving her another @s$ spank while throbbing inside her,shattering climax. He squeezed the softness of her bu+t cheeks and a grunt of sweetness escaped his lips. 

"More baby,more" Juliette's voice came shaking and Stanley turned faster. 

"Stanley" The way that moan sounded in Stanley's ear was exceptional,it was like a charm,that soft light tone she used. 

"Do you really love my cock?" He asked

"So much,alot" Juliette groaned. 

"Tell me how" Stanley whispered and kissed her butt cheek before pulling out. 

Juliette groaned and fell on her back. 

"Do you really want to listen?" She asked. 

"Hmm" Stanley nods. 

"Suck my b👀bs and I'm gonna tell you" She said. 

"What the f*+*k" Stanley chuckled. 

"You want to listen" Juliette said. 

Stanley smiled and came on top of her again. 

"Your n+pples are so f*+*king pink,just my type" He said and Juliette dripped wetly underneath. 

"What,do you want more?" Stanley teased and kissed her b👀bs. 

"Now tell me how it feels...my c+ck" He said rawly and Juliette inhaled,she closed her eyes as Stanley socked her gently but sweetly. 

"I love it when you slide into me the first time like that. I want that feeling over and over" She moaned and Stanley chuckled,he gave her a naughty bite on her n+pple and Juliette m0@ned before she continued. 

"Baby, you’re making me so wet" she uttered. 

"I can swim inside it huh?" Stanley asked and Juliette opened her eyes. 

"You're so raw!" 

"You too" Stanley chuckled and went for her lips. 

"Like hell,I love you so much Juliette" He said,holding her @s$ possessively. 

"I think I love you more" Juliette said against his lips. 

"Do you wanna do some dirty talk game? The loser.......will become the winner's pet throughout tomorrow" Juliette said and Stanley chuckled. 

"I love things like that" he said. 


"I want to taste you so badly again" Stanley said. 

"I'm going to swallow you....your d*+*k" Juliette whispered. 

"What the f*+*k!" Stanley screamed and Juliette laughed. 

"I get so turned on wetting up your pu$$y" Stanley lick his lips and Juliette was quiet for a second,staring into his eyes. 

"I want every last drop of your cum inside me"  Juliette said. 

"I'm gonna make you squ+rt so bad that I might make my coffee from it" Stanley said. 

"I'm done!!!" Juliette screamed and Stanley laughed. 

"As a new pet of mine,your name is Pinkie....I would have added n+pples though" Stanley muttered and Juliette covered his mouth. 

"I still don't understand why I decided to have this game with you,what the heck Stan" 

Stanley kissed her br+ast and carried her. 

"Where are we going?" 

"To take a shower,don't stare at me too much in there or I might fuck you again" Stanley said and Juliette chuckled. 


Stanley drove into the school in full speed,getting all the students attention as usual,that's his charm. 

He stepped down from the car first and the girls screamed,he has always been hot,but today there's an extra in it. He winked at the girls screaming out his name and they doubled it. He walked over to the other door and opened,Juliette stepped down like the real baddie she is. 

They are both wearing a matching color outfit,black,Juliette's boots were as high as always,she had a hot and cold looks on her face as she locked lips with Stanley in front of the students. 

Daniel and Holland drove in too and both came out respectfully,they are also putting on blacks,it's gonna be a black day for real. They both took their positions beside Juliette,keeping her in the middle of the boys. 

*They are so hot!!*

*Juliette looks like the queen of boys,she's so hot!!*

"Juliette,who's hotter? Stanley or me?" Holland asked. 

"You of course,who's Stanley?" Juliette scoffed and Daniel Cracked. 

"I'm right here,you didn't just said that" Stanley said and Juliette smirked at him. 

From afar,her eyes caught Mina walking like she was hiding. 

"Now it begins" She smiled as they started walking in a crazy sync. 

"Hey Mina Bitch!!!" She called loudly and all the students turned to watch the drama. 

Mina stopped but she didn't turn back. 

"Are you gonna turn back or you want it the hard way?!!" Juliette asked loudly again and finally stopped walking. 

Minnie and Winnie ran to the scene too,followed by Goldie,it was a girl who went to call them. 

Mina finally turned and their eyes met. 

"Yo girls here......I finally learnt a thing. When your best friend wanna badly have s.+x with your boyfriend and she can't get him,then she gonna set you up for some random guys to f*+*k you,isn't that amazing?" Juliette asked and the students gasped. 

*Mina did that?* 

*She want Stanley?*

*She set her friend up?*

*I thought they are best friends!*

*That's crazy*

"What's going on?" Minnie asked Winnie and Goldie who were also confused. 

Juliette cat walked s+xily closer to Mina and stood right in front of her. 

"Or,do you have something else to say?? Before Stanley and I started dating,you found him drunk and forced yourself on him as the greatest silent bitch that you are and you allowed him screw you like a sl+t when he doesn't even recognize who the hell you are,then when we started dating,you began begging him for more,right I understand my boyfriend is a good one in bed,but isn't that shameless?" Juliette asked and the students laughed. 

"She didn't have to say that" Stanley muttered and roughed his hair. 

Daniel and Holland laughed. 

"You even made a video of it,gosh what the heck?? Then the next thing you did when he refused you the second time because he doesn't see any other girls but me,of course I know I'm super s+xy and it's not my fault that I am just born hot......"

"Did she lie?!!!!" Stanley asked loudly,cracking the students up even More. 

"No!!!!" They all chorused. 

Mina was already shaking and Juliette continued. 

 "The next thing this mother fucker did was arrange two guys to rape me,but thankfully they didn't succeed" 

*That's wickedness*

*So gross*

*She's irritating*

*What the f*+*k?!*

*I can't even do that to an enemy!*

Juliette turned away from Mina. 

"Edith and Magnolia,you both anywhere you are....you should know you aren't getting out of this anytime soon,mark my word" She said and walked out of Mina's sight. 

"Shall we?" Stanley asked Juliette and she nodded with a smile. 

They locked hands and began walking away. 

*I love you Juliette!!!*

*You're the queen!*

"Everyone? Why don't y'all do what you're good at?" Stanley smirked knowingly. 

Immediately the students started throwing things at Mina,some stones,sticks and all,she ran and they followed her. 

Winnie,Minnie and Goldie couldn't move. 

"What are we gonna do?" Minnie asked. 

"Leave her to face her punishment,Goldie can follow her since they are friends,but me,I'm totally done" Winnie said coldly. 

"I'm done too" Goldie muttered and they all walked away without turning back. 


Edith and Magnolia have been hiding from the students since morning,they couldn't even go into the lecture hall,Mina gets bullied every time she came across students,she's got plenty bruises all over her face. 

"What are we going to do now? What!" Edith stomped her foot on the ground. 

"I don't know,but why is Georgiana not calling us? She doesn't care?" Magnolia asked. 

"There you are!" They heard a voice behind them and they turned to see five students. 

Three boys and two girls,just looking at them one could tell they are some thugs in the school. 

"What....what are you doing here?" Magnolia stuttered and they have the mean looks. 

One of the girls among them scoffed and moved forward before landing a perfect special slap on Magnolia's face,Edith gasped. 

"You still have the gut to ask me shit"

"Who do you think you are to slap her!!" Edith screamed and the girl gave her a portion of the slap too. 

"You can't bully us,No more bullying!" Magnolia screamed. 

"It was approved" they heard a voice and they looked up to see Stanley. 

He smiled at them and sat down with his legs crossed,he brought out a smoke and started smoking. 

"What are you waiting for? Let's go to the first round of today,they both look too pretty to be true" Stanley said. 

"What do you mean?" Magnolia asked,moving back.

"I mean,isn't that what you did all these years to Juliette? You set students up to beat her and harass her,and according to the word which says,thou reapeth what thou soweth. Isn't it right to follow what the holy bible says?" Stanley asked. 

"No,you can't....." Before Edith finished,she was pushed forward and two slaps landed on her face from two different angles. 

Magnolia too was being beaten up. 

"In a nutshell,you are going to be the new Juliette of the school,no I shouldn't mention my Peach's name.  You two are gonna be the new losers in my school,you can't escape this every single day,I will make sure your whole bodies are covered with scars and nobody would save you,you can't withdraw and I won't expel you either,how does that sound? If you wanna call someone....then I'm gonna show them this video" Stanley turned his phone screen to them. 

He got the full CCTV footage from the club,how they had talked to those two guys and how they carried Juliette from the restroom,how the girls started to record,how the guys tried taking off Juliette's clothes,everything. 

Magnolia and Edith's shoulders dropped as they broke into tears. 

"Once I drop this for the school authority and this go to my dad,what do you think would happen? Your lives......will be destroyed partially,so choose one,withdraw and I release this,or you become a loser who receive some precious beatings everyday and get mocked,if I were you,I will choose the beating Coz you might meet your prince Charming when you treat your scars,he might fall in love with them" Stanley stood up and threw his smoke at Edith 

"Ahhh!!" She screamed and threw it somewhere else.

"Continue" Stanley ordered the students before walking away,he could hear their screams and somehow he loved it. 


Winnie,Minnie and Goldie were staring at Juliette from their seats,she haven't spoken a word to any of them since the day started. 

"She's not thinking we are the same as Mina right?" Goldie asked. 

"I would think the same too if it happened to me" Minnie muttered. 

"We should talk to her" Winnie sighed. 

Juliette got up from where she was sitting,almost immediately Mina rushed into the class in tears. 

The students began to murmur,she was looking so silly. Her hair was scattered and her face was covered with blood,her clothes so dirty as a result of the bullies. 

"Hey Juliette!!!!!!" She screamed and Juliette looked at her coldly,no single remorse on her face. 

"You were the one,you were the one in this situation and mess!! You should have remained the loser everyone knows if Stanley never appeared in your life!! You're the poor one not me!! Why the f*+*k are you walking freely but I'm getting bullied?!!! Why!!!!" She screamed. 

*She's so shameless*

*Fear quiet people*

*I thought she's the innocent one*.


Juliette rolled her eyes without saying a word and wanted to walk out of the class but Mina dragged her back. 

"Answer me!!" She yelled. 

Juliette threw her hand off and slapped her loudly on the face,Mina's eyes widened,Juliette slapped her again and then again with tears rolling down her eyes. 

"Don't... Ever....mention my name with that spiteful mouth of yours" She said and walked out of the class. 

"Hey!!!" Mina screamed and wanted to follow her but she met Winnie standing,glaring at her hatefully. 

Before she could say a word,Winnie slapped her with the back of her hand,she fell on the floor and her lips bursted,Minnie came over too and slapped her on the floor. Goldie came last,she opened the bottle in her hand and emptied the water on Mina's head. 

"Never knew I've been dealing with a devil my whole years in school.....Goldie minus Mina...."

"Of course there's still gonna be JMW.... Juliette,Winnie and Minnie" Winnie and Minnie chorused. 

"Enjoy your everyday beatings,bitch" Goldie said and stepped on Mina's leg as she walked out with Winnie and Minnie. 

Mina stayed there on the floor,cold and dirty,nobody moved close to her. 

*She just lost all her friends*

*What was she thinking when she did that?*

*I'm so ashamed on her behalf**

*Pitiful and Gross*


Ryan entered the dark Auditorium,he was sent by a lectuerer to bring something. There he found Georgiana eating,even though it was dark,since nobody uses it unless there's a special event. 

Georgiana looked up and their eyes met,her eyes tells that she has been crying. 

Ryan said nothing and went for what he came to get,after that he was about leaving when he heard Georgiana ran after him and before he could turn,she already hugged him from the back. 

Ryan sighed out and tried pulling her hands down,she held him even more tighter. 


"I don't have anyone else now,I'm all alone" She said and rest her head on his back. 

"So why is that my business? Stop this rubbish please!" Ryan said and forcefully pushed her off but she hugged him again. 

"What the heck" Ryan groaned and pushed her away. 

He faced her with an angry face. 

"I'm going to ask Goldie out today,so mind the way you act,she's quite crazy" He said. 

"I don't care!!" Georgiana shouted. 

"I don't give a fuck even if you two start dating,I want you too,that's it" 

"Well sorry you can't have me" Ryan said and walked away. 

"We will see Ryan,if I'm gonna have you or not" Georgiana muttered. 


Juliette entered into the office and Stanley let out a naughty grin. 

"This isn't what I am thinking right?" Juliette asked. 

"It's exactly what you're thinking Pinkie,you're my pet for today,I won last night's game" Stanley smiled and Juliette bite her lips. 

"So......what...are you planning?" She asked. 

"You sound scared....."

"Because your smile is scary! I'm afraid you might want to have sex here" Juliette snapped.

"You caught me" Stanley said. 

"Never,it's not happening" Juliette said and Stanley sighed. 

"But,is the pet supposed to argue with her owner? I don't understand" He said. 

"When the owner ask for what's not give able" Juliette said

"Fine,can I touch?" Stanley asked. 

"No you can't"

"A kiss then?" He smiled and grabbed her waist,their lips smashed against each other in an hungry pace.

He dropped her on the table,still kissing her.  

Stanley's phone started ringing,he ignored it but Juliette saw the name. 

She broke the kiss.

"It's your dad" She said. 

Stanley answered the call. 

"Dad,can we talk later? I'm attending to an important business" He said and hung up,instantly his lips captured Juliette's own again. 

All of a sudden the door opened and they both broke the kiss. 

"This business is really important" Mr Brocks said and their eyes widened. 

"Dad?!!" Stanley called in shock. 

Juliette swallowed hard. 


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