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Dark Moans - Episode 51 & 52




Dark Moans - Episode 51 & 52

Theme: ( The Bad Boy And I...)

Genres: College/ Romance/ Erotica. 

By Summer Gold R.





Stanley entered the house with his dad,all his brothers were home,including Opal. 

"Honey!" She called and immediately rushed over to Mr Brocks. 

"I heard about what happened but the Doctor told me not to worry that you're on your way back home,it's not that serious right?" She asked. 

Stanley scoffed inwardly. 

"Of course not,it's just stress. You don't have to worry about me" Mr Brocks said. 

"You really need to rest dad,I told you that already" Easton said. 

"I don't think there's anything Easton and I can't handle for now,so get better" Alexander added. 

Mr Brocks nodded with a light smile before facing Stanley. 

"Wait for dinner,I'm going to take a nap so let me meet you when I wake up" she said and Stanley couldn't decline. 

"Okay" he muttered. 

Opal and Stanley glanced at each other before she faced her husband back. 

"Let's go honey,I will give you a massage" She smiled and they both went upstairs. 

Stanley sighed out loudly and checked the time on his phone,it's past 4pm already and he was already missing Juliette so much but he just couldn't leave. 

"The favorite son at it again,did you really went to pick dad up at the hospital?" Cortez called Stanley's attention. 

"Respect your two years,unless you want it the other way" Stanley said. 

Cortez chuckled and stood up and walked toward him. 

"I heard you got a new car.....from dad's company" He said and Stanley raised his brows. 

"Do you wanna bet on a game? If I win,I will take the car and if you win......I will pay" Cortez Said and Stanley smiled. 

"That sounds like fun,but I don't need your money" he said. 

"Then,what do you want?" Cortez asked. 

"I don't want anything,but I'm gonna win. What game?" Stanley asked. 

"The confidence" Alexander chuckled. 

"What's your best video game?" Cortez asked. 

"No,how about we use your best video game" Stanley said. 

Cortez chuckled. .

"Fine,let's do it" He said. 


"F*+*k" Cortez cursed as Stanley won the second time. 

Alexander shook his head,Easton already left the house. 

"What are you gonna do now? You can't Have my car,I even gave you two chances" Stanley said and Cortex scoffed. 

"Don't be too forward,it's your luck" He said and Stanley nodded. 

"So what do you want?" Cortez asked. 

"I don't want anything from you,I just used the game to pass over time,I'm going to check up on dad" Stanley dropped the control and went upstairs. 

Cortez smashed the controller on the floor and it broke into pieces. 

"Are you crazy?!" Alexander yelled. 

Cortez rolled his eyes

"Isn't that his phone?" Alexander asked and Cortez took the phone on the couch,It's Stanley's phone. The phone started ringing at that moment bringing up both name and the picture of Juliette. 

"What? Peach? Who the f*+*k is this? She's hot" Cortez chuckled. 

"Definitely one of his sluts" Alexander muttered uninterestedly and stood up. 

"Going to my room" he said and went upstairs. 

Cortez typed Juliette's number on his phone before dropping Stanley's own. 


Daniel was the only one home,he has been going from one part of the house to another,he was just coming from upstairs to settle downstairs when he heard as the door code was being pressed,he stopped and waited for who it was to come in,and it turned out to be Holland. 

"Hey!" Daniel called excitedly and ran downstairs immediately. 

"You must have missed me so much" Holland chuckled. 

"No I didn't" Daniel denied. 

"Really? Is Stanley back?" Holland asked,pulling off his shirt while walking to the kitchen. 

"No" Daniel followed. 

"You were fine all by yourself? Wow,that's new" Holland muttered and opened the fridge. 

"Why did you take so long? You said you won't take long" Daniel said. 

"I just......stayed with dad. I know I won't be going back there anytime soon" Holland said and faced him,he opened the bottle and drank the water,Daniel's eyes on him. 

"Honestly,I missed you" Daniel said Holland coughed out the water he was drinking. 

"What" Daniel frowned. 

"You should have answered me when I asked! Why now? Why would you say it like that?" Holland asked. .

"What are you talking about? How did I......"

"The voice you used,what the f*+*k was that?" Holland chuckled. 

"Did my voice changed?" Daniel touched his throat and Holland laughed. 

"What's so funny,are you crazy?" Daniel scoffed. 

"I guess I sound crazy,that's why my dad booked me for a therapy session" Holland sighed out sadly. 

"Therapy?" Daniel asked in shock. 

"Hypnotherapy,I'm going there by weekend" Holland muttered and Daniel said nothing. 

"What,why are you looking at me with such sad eyes? It's a therapy not surgery" Holland scoffed. 

"Should I go with you?" Daniel asked. 

"Ohh,you sound like a boyfriend. But sorry I'm going alone,I can't imagine you seeing my weakness" Holland shook his head  and walked out of the kitchen. 

"I'm going with you and that's it" Daniel snapped. 

Holland suddenly turned back and their heads hit each other. 

"Dude your head is so hard why?" Holland said painfully. 

Daniel touched his forehead. 

"Are you okay?" He asked. 

"Let's go out.....to a club" Holland said. 

"I'm not interested......"

"Then I will go alone" 

"I'm coming with you" Daniel said and Holland smiled. 

"Get ready" He winked and went upstairs. 

Daniel sighed out and fell on the couch. 

"What the f*+*k is this? Why can't he just rest his damn head for a second?" He scoffed. 

Soon,he also got up and went upstairs. 


Daniel and Holland were in the Same place with Juliette all these while but she didn't see them,they were sitting down at a conner in the clubhouse,but they saw her and Mina. 

The next minute Holland looked up,Magnolia and Edith were standing next to Mina. 

"Whoa,what is that?" Holland tapped Daniel immediately and he also turned. 

"Isn't she....Juliette's friend?" Daniel asked and Holland nodded. 

"What do you think is going on? That doesn't look like they are having an argument or something" Holland said. 

They watched as Mina left with both girls,they exchanged glances. 

"Don't you think it's weird?" Holland asked. 

"Very weird" Daniel muttered and immediately they both stood up. 


Back in the room where Juliette was taken 

"You can start" Mina said. 

Edith laughed and set the camera too. 

"Brocks University never runs out of news....tomorrow is gonna be super hot" Magnolia said. 

The boys started taking off Juliette's clothes. 

The door suddenly burst open,Holland and Daniel entered and the girls gasped. 

Holland's eyes widened seeing Juliette lifeless on the bed,Daniel was without chills,he climbed the bed without a second thought and one heavy kick from him threw the first guy across the room,his back hit the wall and he fell heavily on the floor,Daniel turned to the second one and grabbed his hair. 

"Ah!!" He yelped in pain and Daniel dragged him down the bed and smashed his face on the wall,he punched his tummy and he threw up blood. 

The first guy on the floor tried to escape through the door,Holland slapped him and pushed him back to Daniel before facing the three girls trembling. 

Holland looked at Magnolia first and chuckled. 

"I guess this is what you planned to do for me to reciprocate your feelings" he muttered and Magnolia shook her head. 

Holland brought out his phone and took a sharp video of them before pushing his phone back into his pocket. 

"What did you do to her?" He asked,pointing at Juliette on the bed. 

None of them talked. 

"What the f*+*k did you do to her you bitches;!" Daniel yelled from the back and the girls flinched. 

Daniel dragged the two guys who are already unconscious from his beating closer and threw them on the floor. 

"She's not dead" Edith immediately said. 

"What did you do to her,that was the question,are you deaf?" Daniel snapped. 

"I don't really think this is your business" Mina said. 

Daniel chuckled. 

"Really? It's like you've never heard that I beat senseless girls" He said coldly. 

'That's a lie,He's never hit a girl' Holland inwardly. 

"You said it's not my business?" Daniel grabbed Mina's collar and the others shifted back in fear. 

"You still have mouth to talk?!" Daniel snapped and raised his hand to slap her. 

"Hey,don't" Holland grabbed his hand from the back. 

Daniel exhaled and released Mina roughly. 

"Call Stanley,Right away. Why the f*+*k is he not back?" 

Holland immediately dialed Stanley's number. 


"How's she?" Daniel asked when Stanley came into the game room. 

"Still sleeping" Stanley replied and sat down 

"So what are you planning to do?" Holland questioned and picked a stick of cigarette. 

"You have a therapy" Daniel took it from him. 

"What has that got to do with smoking?" Holland asked. 

"A lot" Daniel replied. 

"Therapy?" Stanley raised his brows. 

"Yeah,weekend" Holland muttered. 

"And you didn't bother telling me?" Stanley frowned. 

"You weren't even home,I went to dad today,just today" Holland said. 

"I will go with you....."

"No,what the f*+*k is wrong with the both of you,I'm not a kid" Holland said. 

"Still,shouldn't you at least go with someone?" Stanley insisted. 

"That's what I said but he's proving stubborn" Daniel scoffed. 

"Fine fine,don't make it a big deal. We are talking about Juliette here" Holland tapped their shoulders. 

"Are you gonna expel them?" Daniel asked 

"That's too easy"Stanley scoffed. 

"Then what are you planning? Don't leave me behind" Holland said and Stanley picked up the pack of cigarettes. 

"I'm gonna make them beg for an expel,they won't be able to withdraw either,,in short,they will learn a hard way" Stanley smirked and left the game room.

Holland and Daniel exchanged glances. 

"Wanna play a game?" Holland asked. 

"No,why not rest just for once?" Daniel scoffed and left. 

"One.....two.....three...." Immediately Holland finished counting,the door opened again and Daniel entered. 

Holland chuckled and sat down. 

"Why are you still here?" Daniel asked. 

"I know you so well Dan,I knew you won't leave without me,but I'm not ready to sleep yet" Holland said and raised his head,staring into Daniel's eyes. 

"You really know me" Daniel muttered and sat down beside him. 

 Holland smiled. 


Stanley was in the balcony,just outside his own suite,he was standing and watching the moon standing pretty and bright in the cloud while smoking. 

He was there for some minutes before he heard the door opening and then closed,he turned and saw Juliette coming. 

He immediately hid the cigarette behind him. 

"Why are you hiding that?" Juliette asked. 

"I ......don't even know" Stanley muttered and Juliette chuckled. 

"You think I would......."

"Hate it" Stanley completed it. 

"It's been a while,did you stop before?" Juliette asked. 

"I was busy because of you that I forgot about it,not like I'm addicted" Stanley said and dumped it. 

"Did you sleep well?" He asked. 

"No,I was murdering someone in my dream" Juliette replied and Stanley chuckled. 

She already found out what happened before she slept again,Holland and Daniel showed her the video and told her everything. 

"You warned me" She added and Stanley looked at her. 

"But I was blinded because.... I was desperate. It's my first time having friends,I've watched people walking in group with their friends,laughing and eating together,sometimes they wear matching outfits,they do alot of things together,but I was lonely. I was the happiest person on earth when those people started talking to me,when they started having my back,I totally forgot about the past,who cares if they were never there from the start? As long as they are going to be there for me in future,I'm okay with it. I just want to be like every normal girl who have friends and do things with them. And she....Mina...I've liked her even before we started talking,I just can't believe she would do that,I....." Juliette broke into tears. 

Stanley pulled her into a hug. 

"That's enough" Stanley said,rubbing her hair. 

"I don't know what would have happened if they really succeeded,I don't want to imagine,I just don't" Juliette said,crying on Stanley's chest. 

"I told you,I will protect you. Even though I wasn't there this time,I promise I won't let them go Scot free,unless you stop me..."

"I won't stop you,I want to kill them so bad,I can't control my temper if I see them,but I'm going to control it....because I trust you" Juliette said. 

It took some minutes before she became calm. 

Stanley caressed her cheeks after breaking the hug. 

"I missed you all day" He muttered. 

"Me too" Juliette said,bringing her lips for a kiss. 

"I have something to tell you" Stanley cut in and she moved back. 


"Actually......I've been so scared,I don't know how you were going to react but I don't have a choice anymore" Stanley said and Juliette nodded curiously. 

"Few weeks back....I went to a bar because I was down....then I got so drunk. I wanted to call for you but that time..you were mad at me so I couldn't. Then,I kissed a girl. That was all I remembered,but then,the next morning I woke up in an hotel room,I and the girl had s+x but I swear I didn't even know anything because I was drunk,I didn't know what the girl looks like until recently..." Stanley stopped. 

"Do you think you have to tell me? It was before we started dating...."

"It was Mina" Stanley interrupted and Juliette's eyes widened. 

"Mina?!!!" She screamed. 

"She told me herself" Stanley said. 

"She......wasn't drunk" Juliette said and Stanley sighed. 

"She got mad when I asked you out publicly,then she wanted us to.....do it again. I guess that's the reason why she planned this shit with Magnolia and Edith. Honestly Peach,I wasn't in my right sense when it happened and........." 

Juliette kissed him,stopping him from going further. 

"I don't really care,as long as you are mine now" She said. 

Stanley was speechless. 

"What,why do you look so shocked?" Juliette asked. 

"Because.....because....I was expecting you to yell and get mad" Stanley said. 

Juliette wrapped her arms around his neck. 

"Cutie Cutes" Juliette called and Stanley grinned. 

"Finally the name changed" he said and also wrapped  her arms around her waist before lifting her up,her legs curled around his waist while they stared at each others deeply. 

"Don't you miss me?" Juliette asked in a seductive voice. 

"Of course I do,I just told you......."

"I'm not talking about that" Juliette whispered and Stanley froze. 

"Let's go in,I'm dripping wet for you" She whispered again and Stanley was senseless for thirty seconds. 

"What the f*+*k" He mumbled and Juliette cupped his cheeks,she captured his lips and began kissing him. 

Stanley grabbed her @ss cheeks and began walking into the room while they kissed wetly. 

They entered the room and then on the bed,the kiss still intense,filled with hungry pleasure and desire. 

Juliette was using her hands to take off Stanley's shirt which she succeeded in before he broke the kiss. 

"You're becoming bad" He uttered,staring at her red lips. 

"You taught me....daddy" Juliette flirted. 

"Then let me teach you even more,barbie" Stanley winked,using his greatest seductive wink which sent coldness in between Juliette's legs. 

"F*+*k" She m0@ned when he began rubbing her entrance,with his finger. 

"Say the word,what should I do?" He asked,staring into her wanting bright eyes. 

Juliette opened her mouth to talk,the same moment,Stanley pulled in two fingers into her c+nt. 

"Oh damm" She threw her head backward. 

"Tell me" Stanley said. 

"I want you" Juliette groaned. 

"And?" Stanley asked,f*+*king her slowly with his fingers. 

"I love your cock" she inhaled. 

"And??" Stanley added another finger earning a loud gasp from her. 

"I want your cum deep inside me daddy!" She uttered breathlessly.


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