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Dark Moans - Episode 49 & 50




Dark Moans - Episode 49 & 50

Theme: ( The Bad Boy And I...)

Genres: College/ Romance/ Erotica. 

By Summer Gold R.


       [ THE CALL OUT TRAP ]

Stanley's heart skipped a beat and they both turned to the door,but no one was there,Mina didn't close the door well so it was the breeze. 

Stanley used that opportunity to push Mina away and got up from his seat,he adjusted his shirt and wiped his lips before looking at Mina who was glaring at him. 

"What the fu+k do you want from me exactly?" He asked. 

"I told you I want you,how many times do I have to repeat myself?" Mina snapped. 

"But....how..just what is going on? Aren't you Juliette's friend,I don't care about that anyway but then,how could you record something like that when it's clearly not even my fault?! I was dead drunk! You took advantage of that" Stanley said. 

"Advantage you say? Have you watched the video at all? Who in his right sense would believe I took advantage of you? You had s+x with....."

"I was drunk and you were in your right state of mind but still you couldn't even resist me? Hey,do you think I will ever look at you if I wasn't drunk? You're not even my type to begin with,I can't f*+/*k you sensibly,it can only be when I was out of my mind and senseless.  And don't worry about the video,you can show Juliette,coz I will be telling her everything myself" Stanley said. 

"What if I post it?" Mina smirked. 

Stanley chuckled and pushed his hands into his pocket. 

"Get lost" he said 

"I see you're not scared,you might regret this...."

"The only thing I'm regretting is that I once had something with you,it's irritating" Stanley said. 

Mina fold her fists and walked out of the office. 

Stanley sighed out loudly and loosened the first three buttons on his shirt. 

"Is she a witch or something?" He groaned and fell back on the seat. 

He was still thinking of what to do when his phone rang,he checked and he saw Dr Anthony on the screen,immediately he took the phone and swiped green 

"Did something happened?" 

"Dad?" Stanley stood up immediately. 

"I will be right there" he hung up and took his car key before rushing out of the office. 


Juliette just left professor Charles office,she was rushing to Stanley because she knew she was late,but was stopped by the beep from her phone. 

She checked the text,it's from Stanley. 


"Did something happened?" Juliette muttered worriedly. 

"Julie" A familia voice called her from the back which made her turn. 

"Lennon" Juliette muttered. 

"Are you okay? You look...."

"I couldn't sleep all night" Lennon cut in and Juliette played dumb. 

"Why? Did something happened....."

"Because of you" Lennon blurted and Juliette bit her lips. 


"Was it because of what happened with Winnie? So you think my feelings are fake too?" Lennon asked. 

"That's not it" She shook her head. 

"You think he is better than me? Everyone literally knows Stanley,you think he can't break your heart like everyone else?" Lennon asked. 

"That should be my business,I will handle it,but it's never going to happen" Juliette said and Lennon scoffed. 

"We will see then,don't regret what you said" He muttered and walked away,leaving Juliette in confusion. 


Mina exhaled as she splashed water on her face,she stared at herself from the mirror and Stanley's words jingled in her head again. 

"Does rejection hurts this much?" Magnolia grinned at her through the mirror,from her back. 

Mina frowned and turned immediately. 

"What are you talking about?" She asked. 

"I saw you going into his office,I'm talking about Stanley" Magnolia smirked. 

"So what?" Mina raised her brows. 

"Is she playing? We fucking saw you forcing yourself on your best friend's man,at least that's what we all think,or are they not dating?" Edith came in too. 

"And since when did I mention Juliette as my best friend?" Mina asked. 

"Whoa" Edith and Magnolia gasped and bursts into laughter. 

"So it was all clout?" Magnolia asked. 

"Now that you know,can you get off my way?" Mina asked. 

"You're cool,wanna be friends finally?" Edith smirked. 

"I will think about it" Mina muttered and walked away. 

Magnolia and Edith faced each other. 

"I think something interesting might happen soon" Magnolia said. 

"I know right?" Edith laughed. 

As they walked back toward the lecture hall,Magnolia saw Holland,he was leaving the school obviously since he was going toward the school parking lots.

'He doesn't look good,what's wrong?' She thought. 

"Are you okay?" Edith tapped her and Magnolia nodded 

"I'm fine" She muttered. 


Graham and Dylan stared at Lennon in silence as he smokes aggressively. 

"I thought he stopped smoking" Graham asked in a whisper. 

"Yeah,Six months ago" Dylan whispered back. 

"So why is he smoking this much?" 

"Are you slow-witted? Juliette and Stanley are dating,Stanley got the girl....."

"Can you stop mentioning his name in my ears?!" Lennon half yelled. 

"Maybe if you stop smoking and use your tongue and talk to us" Graham said. 

Lennon rolled his eyes and picked another stick of smoke which Dylan hijacked from him before he could lighten it. 

"You will go crazy at this point" He said. 

"I'm going crazy already,what's the difference?" Lennon muttered. 

"How about some bitches tonight? You're done being a lover boy....."

"I'm not interested,and I'm not done yet,so watch your mouth" Lennon said. 

Just then,they saw Daniel walking alone. His two hands in his pocket and his headset over his head. 

"Hey" Graham called and Lennon frowned. 

"Don't start" He said. 

"He's all alone now,you don't really think I would forget the punch right?" Graham scoffed. 

"Hey!" He yelled but Daniel didn't turn back. 

Graham stood up and went to cross his path,he stood in front of Daniel with a glare. 

Daniel raised his brows and gently pulled his headset down. 

"What is the problem?" He asked. 

"Don't try to act cool,you know what the problem is" Dylan scoffed and joined Graham. 

Daniel rolled his eyes. 

"Don't do what you're planning" He muttered and tried using his headset again. 

Graham made to deliver a counterpunch in bus face,it was so sudden but Daniel ducked it perfectly,Graham followed him and two more punches delivered which Daniel escaped. He kicked Graham's leg,the bony part,Graham yelped painfully,Daniel approached him and wrenched his face with two defenseless punches before swiping him off his feet and he fell heavily on the ground in pain,his face bled. 

Daniel turned to Dylan who was still in shock. 

"What are you waiting for? You should defend your friend" He said and pushed his chest. 

"Hey,don't you think that's enough?" Lennon finally stood up. 

"You want to fight for them? Are they losers?" Daniel asked. 

"I just said it's enough,do you love fighting or what?" Lennon Snapped. 

"Geez" Daniel chuckled and run his fingers through his hair. 

"You must really think I am joking with you after you wasted my time" He said. 

"Now what? You want to fight me too?" Lennon asked. 

"Of course,you were rejected and I understand you might want to pass your aggression on someone so let's do it" Daniel said and removed his headset completely,he stretched it to the back as if he was giving someone and it was collected by an unknown person but Daniel wasn't thinking about that. 

"Kill him" Dylan whispered into Lennon's ear. 

They suddenly heard someone clapping and they turned to see one of the school PA coaches approaching them and clapping. 

"I love to see things Like this,should I announce to the whole school about this fight so everyone will come watch?" He asked. 

"I don't mind" Daniel rolled his eyes and made to leave. 

"Hey,come back here......"

"I'm not in the mood" Daniel said and walked away. 

He was about entering the class when he suddenly stopped and touched his head and neck searching for his headset. Then he remembered he gave it to someone,an unknown person. 

"F*+*k" He cursed beneath his breath,he can't lose that headset,it was a gift from Holland. 

He turned back toward the door only to find Winnie standing with his headset in her hand. 

"Looking for this?" She asked,shaking the headset. 

Daniel took it from her and checked to see if it's perfectly okay. 

He sighed out in relief after that. 

Winnie bite her lips when Daniel didn't look at her again,he carried his bag then saw Winnie still waiting. 

"What are you doing here?" He asked gently. 

"You gave me" Winnie said. 

"Oh,that was you....."

"I called the coach too,it looked like you two were gonna fight" She said. 

Daniel nodded. 

"Thanks" He muttered and walked away. 

Winnie turned to stare at him,he already wore the headset back. 

"He's.....so handsome" She mumbled. 

"Yes he is" A voice said behind her and Winnie flinched,she faced Minnie who laughed at her. .

"I've never seen you talked so calmly ever" She said. 

Winnie rolled her eyes. 

"He didn't even look at me twice" She mumbled. 

"Probably the first time,he didn't get to see who the beauty goddess in front of him is,trust me he would know soon" Minnie said and Winnie smiled. 

"I love you" She shook her head. 

"I love you more" Minnie chuckled and they both left. 


"Where's he?" Stanley asked a nurse and he was immediately taken into the VIP ward where Mr Brocks was laying on the bed,Dr Anthony was attending to him. 

"Dad" Stanley called and rushed over to him.

Mr Brocks looked at the Doctor. 

"Don't tell me you called him" 

"I'm sorry" Dr Anthony apologized. 

"So you asked him to keep it as a secret or something?" Stanley asked. 

"It's just a mere headache" Mr Brocks said. 

"I heard you passed out in your office,you call that mere?" Stanley asked in a louder tone.

"He's okay,I just tested him,he only needs some rest and he will be totally fine" Dr Anthony told Stanley. 

"Thanks for calling me Doc,please do the same in future too,if you love your job though" Stanley muttered and he laughed. 

"Are you threatening my Doctor right in front of me?" Mr Brocks asked. 

"I'm going to ask google how to scold my dad" Stanley said. 


"You failed to keep your promise,you said you will tell me whenever you're sick...."

"Young man,you just heard the Doctor,I'm not sick. I just need to rest" Mr Brocks said and Stanley sighed. 

"I was scared" He said.

Mr Brocks smiled and touched his hair. 

"I can go now right?" 

"Of course sir,you are free to leave,I already delivered your medications to your PA" Dr Anthony said and Stanley nodded. 

"I will take you home in my car,so let's go" He said. 

"Okay best son" Mr Brocks smiled. 

Stanley helped him up. 

"I can walk,what's with you" He laughed. 

"I just want to help,what's with you" Stanley said and they both laughed. 


B•J•N is the richest technology company in New York owned by Holland's dad,in full...Benjamin. Holland Benjamin is the only child of Mr Benjamin,he has no mom,according to his dad,his mom died before he lost his memories,even though it's questionable sometimes,still he never asked and just moved on with his life hoping he would remember anything about her one day but that day never came. 

*Young Boss*

*Oh Holland,it's been a while*

*Good to see you Holly*

Holland smiled,bowing in respect as the staffs kept greeting him,reason why he never wanted to come here. 

Finally he entered into the elevator and a sigh of relief escaped his mouth. 

Minutes later,he entered his dad's office. 

"Holland!" Mr Benjamin called in surprise. 

"Hey dad" Holland smiled and Mr Benjamin stood up. 

"Is that really you son?" He asked as he hugged him. 

"You're making it sound like I'm a prodigal son" Holland said and Mr Benjamin chuckled. 

"I've missed you,I hope everything is good. I can't imagine you coming here when there's no problem at all" Mr Benjamin said after they both sat down on the couch. 

The door opened and someone came into serve them drinks and then went out again. 

"I Just missed you" Holland said and sipped from the wine. 

"Sounds like a lie" Mr Benjamin raised his brows. 

"I had the nightmare again" Holland muttered after dropping the glass. 

Mr Benjamin sighed. 

"Dad,I've been thinking alot lately, you really didn't give me out to someone when I was young right? Like after mom passed away,you didn't...."

"Why would I do that? I'm asking if you know the face of this woman" 

"I would tell if I can,but it felt so real and I just can't think straight anymore. I'm going crazy and I feel like I might go insane......"

"Stop talking that way,actually I was planning to call you before. I booked you a therapy session...."

"Therapy?? You think that's what I need now? You don't believe me or what? You think I'm really crazy?" Holland asked. 

"It's hypnotherapy,your past can as well be revealed perfectly" 

Holland said nothing. 

"Son,you've been having this same dream for more than nine years and I can't even remember letting you out of my sight once for someone to harass you,so what do you expect me to do? I don't even have a close relative....now a lady?" 

Holland sighed out and buried his face into his palms. 

"You really don't believe me" He muttered. 


Juliette sighed out loudly when she checked her phone again,still no call from Stanley. She's been calling him as well but never got an answer. 

'Don't be worried,he will call when he's ready' she said to herself and went into the bedroom,the house was totally boring. 

But fortunately,she got a call from Mina which she answered right away. 

"Hey babe" Juliette smiled. 

"Are you home?" Mina asked. 

"Bored" Juliette rolled her eyes. 

"Me too,do you wanna meet up and have some fun?" Mina asked. 

"Really? Where?" Juliette immediately asked. 

"I texted the address,check" 

Juliette hung up and smiled when she saw it. It's a clubhouse. 

"Perfect timing,let's get ready" She immediately entered the bathroom. 

About an hour later,the taxi dropped her in front of the clubhouse and she entered,she saw Mina at first glance. 

"You're quite late" Mina pouted. 


"Let's have fun!" Mina said excitedly and handed Juliette the second glass of alcohol in her hand. 

"Thanks" Juliette took it from her,without thinking twice,she gulped it. 

"Let's drink all night!!" Mina screamed and Juliette laughed. 

"I'm glad you're having fun now,I was thinking you were going through something" Juliette said with concern. 

"I was just out of it,but I'm fine now. Have more" Mina poured her more of the alcohol. 

They danced to the music and drank too,it was all fun. Until Juliette started feeling drowsy. 

"F**k" She chuckled and touched her head. 

"Are you okay?" Mini asked. 

"Yeah,I'm gonna use the restroom,some water would do" Juliette said and found her way out of the people's midst. 

Magnolia and Edith stopped beside Mina and laughed. 

"That worked really fast than I imagined" Magnolia said. 

"I poured all" Mina blurted. 

"What?!! Do you wanna wipe her memory?!" Edith screamed. 

"Who cares? You should do your part now" Mina said. 

"Gosh,I've been looking for this opportunity my entire life,now let's see how she gets out if this" Magnolia smirked. 


In the restroom,after Juliette washed very face,the drowsiness got even worse. 

She could feel someone carrying her but she doesn't even know what was happening,her whole body was too weak to fight back. 

She was carried out of the restroom and took into a room. They are two guys. 

They dropped her on the bed. 

All Juliette could do was blink,nothing else,she couldn't even move her hand. 

Just then,the door opened again and three people entered,Mina,Magnolia and Edith. 

Juliette saw them but their faces were so blank to her,she couldn't see their faces.

"You can start" Mina said. 

Edith laughed and set the camera too. 

"Brocks University never runs out of news....tomorrow is gonna be super hot" Magnolia said. 

The boys started taking off Juliette's clothes. 


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