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Dark Moans - Episode 47 & 48




Dark Moans - Episode 47 & 48

Theme: ( The Bad Boy And I...)

Genres: College/ Romance/ Erotica. 

By Summer Gold R.


           [ MINA'S REQUEST ]

"I love you Juliette" Stanley ended his speech and everyone gasped. 

Stanley dropped the mic and left the stage,he started walking over to Juliette's table,the students kept murmuring,watching the whole drama. 

Lennon veiny fists were so hard,he couldn't even control the kind of anger he was feeling but he didn't do a thing. Stanley stood right before Juliette and let out a cute smile.


Juliette stood up and grabbed his hand,he took him out of the arena. 

"I guess Mina was wrong then" Minnie smiled and sipped from her wine. 

"Yeah,totally wrong,let's party!!" Goldie raised her glass up and Winnie joined her in dancing. 

Mina said nothing,she only kept on drinking. 

Lennon left the arena too. 

"I still can't believe he asked her out in front of everyone,did she use something on Stanley?" Magnolia asked and hissed. 

"Where's Georgiana?" Edith was the first to notice her absence. 

"But,she was here just now" Magnolia said. 

From where Goldie was dancing,she saw Ryan walked away while on a call,a second later,she saw Georgiana passing the way direction and immediately she left her friends too. 

"Where's Goldie going?" Minnie asked loudly since the music playing was so loud. 

"Georgiana might be in trouble,she followed Ryan out" Winnie replied. 

"She shouldn't do anything stupid" Mina groaned. 

"I support her with my boobs" Winnie sad and Minnie laughed. 


Juliette released Stanley's hand and they began staring into each other's eyes without saying a word. 

"Why did you do that?" Juliette broke the silence. 

"Because you think I can't" Stanley said and Juliette took her lips in. 

"Are you still mad at me?" Stanley asked. 

"How can I ? How can I still be mad at you?" Juliette asked with sign of tears in her eyes. 

Stanley smiled and immediately Juliette moved into his chest,he wrapped his arms around her tightly. 

"I'm sorry for making you feel confused,but I didn't lie about everything I said Peach,I really fell in love with you" Stanley said. 

Juliette broke the hug. 

"I will think about it" she muttered. 


"You said you will wait until I accept to become yours"  Juliette said 

"You can accept right now,don't use my own words against me" Stanley said and Juliette chuckled. 

"Let's see if you can keep your promise,,you were right,I get jealous so easily" Juliette muttered and Stanley smiled. 

"It was quite obvious" Stanley said and Juliette hit his arm. 

Stanley kissed her eyes. 

"So are you ready to become Stanley Brocks girlfriend?" He asked. 

Juliette nodded gently and he carried her off her foot. 

"Stanley!!! Drop me!!" She screamed. 

"Tell me you love me" Stanley said. 

"I love you Stanley,I swe.ar" Juliette said and he dropped her. 

"Then,it's our first night" He winked. 

Juliette blushed and nodded. 


Ryan finished talking on phone and turned to go back  to the party arena,he was surprised to see Georgiana standing before him. 

"Hey" She smiled. 

Ryan sighed and shook his head,he ignored her and wanted to leave. 

"That's not nice" Georgiana said in a sad voice. 

"You followed me?" Ryan asked and she nodded. 


"Rate my look,from zero to hundred" Georgiana said and turned around in front of him. 

"Hundred" Ryan said sharply and she couldn't believe her ears. 

"Now can I go? You are done showing off and I can see you like everyone else,so stop this attitude of yours" Ryan said. 

Georgiana grabbed his hand. 

"Let him go" Goldie showed up. 

Georgiana scoffed. 

"The last time I checked,he doesn't have a girlfriend...."

"She's my girlfriend" Ryan said and Georgiana frowned. 


"You heard that,so stay away from him" Goldie glared at her. 

She held Ryan's hand and walked away with him. 

"You look angry" Ryan said when they walked some distance. 

"I'm annoyed because you're giving her so munch attention" Goldie said. 

"You're wrong" Ryan said. 

Goldie rolled her eyes and Ryan smiled. 

"Are you jealous?" He asked. 

"See you later" Goldie immediately said and tried walking away. 

Ryan grabbed her hand and made her face him,he held her waist and their faces almost came in contact. 

"You look hot tonight" He whispered into her ear and Goldie froze. 

"Later" Ryan winked and left her there standing. 

"Hey,are you leaving me? Seriously?" 

"Ryan!!!!" Goldie screamed. 

Ryan chuckled but he didn't turn back. 


In Holland's room,he was sweating profusely and his breathings were rapid,his Face showed a sign of struggle and pains. 

He was having a nightmare. 

In his nightmare,the room was quite dark but not too dark,a boy around ten years of age was sleeping when suddenly the door opened and a lady came. 

She sat down on the bed with the boy and slowly caress his cheeks,the boy opened his eyes and his heart started racing,it wasn't the first time the lady would come into his room. 

"Shhhh" The lady placed a finger on his lips when he was beginning to whimper in fear,tears rolling down his eyes. 

Slowly,her hand moved down and captured the little boy's penis,she rubbed it softly roughly woke grinning like a psychopath,then she started bringing her mouth also. 

"Don't......don't do it......No......"

"Hey Holland!" Daniel shook Holland who was crying from his sleep. 

"Wake up" 

Holland opened his eyes at once and sat up,he swallowed hard, still looking scared. 

Daniel gently pulled him into a hug while Patting his back. 

Holland sniffs tearfully. 

"Don't cry,I'm right here" Daniel said,stroking his hair. 

"Don't act too nice" Holland said after he became calm. 

"Why?" Daniel broke the hug. 

"I might fall in love with a guy" Holland said and Daniel chuckled. 

"Don't smile,that was embarrassing" Holland scoffed. 

"Stop saying shits,are you okay now?"  Daniel asked and he nodded. 

"Was I really that loud?" Holland asked. 

"No,I was coming from downstairs and I heard your voice" Daniel replied. 

Holland said nothing and lay back down. 

"Are you sure you can sleep alone?" 

"I'm not a child,you can go" Holland said. 

Daniel smiled and ruffled his hair. 

"Stop it!" Holland snapped and Daniel laughed before going out of the room. 

Holland sighed out loudly and got down from the bed,he went into the bathroom to take a cold bath,after that,he got some snacks and fell on the couch with his laptop,not going to sleep again,no. 


Juliette was still in towel,water dripping from her body,she just came out of the bathroom and decided to find what to put on first in her closet. 

She opened it and for the first time she smiled widely seeing those s+xy clothes in there,all bought by her boyfriend,now she can boast about it happily without thinking negatively. 

"This" she brought out a micro skirt,then a crop top,she took a knee socks too and her underwear before closing the closet. 

After using the lotion and others she began getting dressed. She stood in front of the mirror and checked herself out,the outfit was s+xy and perfect. She raised one leg up and smiled at herself. 

"Hair" She quickly took her brush and used it on her hair,she applied little quantity of lip gloss and went for her boots to match her outfits. 

She was beginning to arrange her bag when the door opened. 

Without her looking up,she knew it was Stanley. 

He hugged her from the back and Juliette smiled. 

"You've been waiting right?" Stanley asked,kissing her cheek repeatedly. 

"You're came on time,I just finished dressing up" she faced him and he kissed her lips. 

"Lip gloss" Juliette chuckled and wiped it from his lips before she continued to arrange her bag. 

"You look so hot" Stanley said after checking her out to his satisfaction. 

Juliette finished up and carried her bag,she faced him again. 

"You too" She smiled. 

"But then,the heels,aren't they too high?" Stanley asked and Juliette shook her head. 

"But still you don't reach my shoulder,why?" He asked and Juliette frowned. 

"I'm not that short" She said and stood beside him,truly she was still shorter than his shoulder. 

"I can get you something even higher tho" Stanley muttered. 

"You're such a bully" Juliette laughed. 

"But I love it this way" Stanley grabbed her waist. 

"I love it so much,so I can treat you like a cute barbie that you are" He muttered. 

Juliette blushed. 

"We should leave,I don't want to be late for my lecture" She said and immediately walked out of the room before Stanley would refuse. 

"Get in queen of my heart" Stanley said as he opened the car door .

"Stop being extra" Juliette said. 

"Tell me you don't love it"  Stanley winked and Juliette laughed out. 

Lennon was watching in his car also behind them,he watched as Stanley entered the car and drove off. 

He bit his lips and his grip hardened on the wheel,he sighed out and refused to let out the tiny tear finding it's way out of his eyes. 


Stanley drove loudly into the school with full speed before stopping in the parking lots. He came out of the car the same time as Juliette and murmurs began coming from every angle. 

*It's the new school couples!!*

*Stanley is so hot!*

*They look so perfect for each other*

*I'm jealous of Juliette*

*Most beautiful couples*

Stanley winked at Juliette and stretched out his hand for her,she held him and they continue walking that way,hand in hand. 

"I feel like following you to the hall" Stanley said. 

"Then,why are you not coming?" Juliette asked. 

"Holland and Daniel are waiting,I will see you later" Stanley pecked her lips. 

Juliette pouted. 

"Don't miss me too much" Stanley said. 

"I will try" Juliette smiled. 

Stanley lean closer and whispered into her ear. 

"Come to the office by 2" he said. 

Juliette smiled naughtily and nodded. 

Stanley pecked her again and watched her enter the hall before walking away. 

All eyes fell on Juliette the moment she walked into the lecture hall but she cared less. 

"Juliette" Minnie called and Juliette dropped her bag on a seat in front before going to meet them. 

"You didn't tell us when you left last night" Goldie said. 

"Sorry about that" Juliette mumbled. 

"So,are you guys dating now?" Minnie asked. 

Juliette smiled and nodded gently. 

Mina said nothing she only focused on the book in front of her.

"I'm so happy for you" Winnie clapped excitedly. 

"Girls,guess what I heard" Goldie said and they faced her. 

"What's that?"

"We have a new professor for HR,heard he's very young" Goldie grinned. 

"Don't start again Goldie,are you crushing on him even without seeing him?" Mina asked. 

"Of course not,I have Ryan " Goldie flipped her hair and Juliette chuckled. 

Just as they were talking a young man in his twenties walked in. 

Juliette returned to her seat in the front. 

*It's the new lecturer*

*He's truly young!*

*And handsome too!!*

"Hello Students" He smiled handsomely and the female students began to whisper among each other. 

"My name is Charles,and I will be taking you on Human Resources,for a while until Professor Williams is back,so let's get along well" He introduced.

*I love his accent*

*He's so hot*

"Why are they so loud"  Juliette mumbled. 

"Please after this class,I will be choosing my own personal assistant here for this course" Prof Charles said and the girls started sitting properly. 

"You" He looked at Juliette. 


"Yeah,,what's your name? My personal assistant?" He asked with a smile. 

"Oh....Juliette" Juliette muttered. 

The class began fully after that. 


Stanley was waiting for Juliette already,he was on his phone to keep himself busy since there's nothing to do. 

The door suddenly opened and he smiled instantly,but when he raised his head the smile vanished. It wasn't Juliette but Mina. 

"Hey,what are you......"

Mina walked straight to him and without giving him room to question her,she cupped his cheeks and smashed her lips on his own forcefully shocking the hell out of Stanley. 

He quickly pushed her off. 

"What the fuck are you doing!" He yelled. 

"Didn't you ask me for what I want?"


"This is what I want" Mina said and went for his lips again. 

Stanley pushed her off. 

"Are you crazy?!" He tried getting up. 

"I guess you want her to see this then" Mina showed him a video on her phone. 

She actually recorded them having s.ex,Stanley's shoulders dropped immediately. 

"This is...."

"Why not cooperate now,this wouldn't have come so fast if you didn't confess to her in front of everyone,what is so special about her?" 

"Mention your f**king price,any amount...."

"I don't want your money,I want you" Mina cut in sharply and captured his lips again,she began unhooking his belt too. 

'Juliette will be here soon' Stanley said inwardly and almost immediately. 

The door opened. 


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