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Dark Moans - Episode 45 & 46




Dark Moans - Episode 45 & 46

Theme: ( The Bad Boy And I...)

Genres: College/ Romance/ Erotica. 

By Summer Gold R.






"What movie are we watching?!!" Winnie asked loudly from the living room,Juliette and Goldie are in the bathroom while Mina and Minnie are busy making cookies in the kitchen. 

"See you on Venus!!!" Mina and Minnie screamed from the kitchen. 

"What? I thought we were supposed to watch kissing booth 3??" Juliette asked as she entered the living room in her nightie with Goldie,she was also putting on one of Juliette's nightie. 

"Don't tell me you two bath together" Winnie said. 

"She insisted" Juliette said. 

"Damn Juliette is hot" Goldie said and Juliette dragged her hair. 

"Ouch!!" Goldie screamed and laughed. 

"We are supposed to watch kissing booth...."

"No!!" All the girls said at once and Juliette pouted. 

Mina and Minnie came in together with the tray of cookies. 

"The smell is awesome" Winnie tried to pick one. 

"Wait!" Goldie stopped her at once and they all looked at her. 

"What happened?"

"I need to take pictures of it and post" Goldie said and immediately brought out her phone,she took countless pictures of it. 

"Wait,Juliette when did you open Instagram page?" Winnie asked when she saw the brand new account. 

"Two hours ago,I don't have any followers yet' Juliette said,finally picking one of the cookies. 

"Hmm" she m0@ned.

"Are you kidding me? You Have close to 100k followers already" Winnie said and Juliette coughed.

"What?!!" She screamed and picked up her phone. 

The girls all did the same,they searched for her page, except Goldie.  

"The picture you posted in towel looks hot,what do you expect?" Winnie asked. 

"It was Goldie's idea" Juliette said and they all looked at Goldie. 

"It was a mirror image,and it looks hot" Goldie claimed. 

"Stanley is following you!!" Minnie screamed and Juliette smiled. 

"Lennon too" Mina muttered. 

All the girls followed her at once. 

"That picture got close to 100k likes already,gosh Juliette you're the real bitch" Minnie said. 

"I should take more selfies then" Juliette smiled. 

"I'm reading the comments,Juliette you might need to have alot of boyfriends" Mina said. 

"Never!" Juliette laughed. 

"The comments are hot" Winnie said. 

"Let's watch our movie please,huh?" Juliette said. 

"Goldie,take a lot of pictures and videos,I'm gonna post my besties" Juliette said. 

"Yes ma'am" Goldie saluted and Juliette laughed. 

"Wait....there's a video of you and Stanley in the school blog" Mina said. 

"What video?" Juliette asked and Mina showed her. 

It's a video of her and Stanley kissing. 

"That's hot,when did it happen?" Winnie asked. 

"Oh....the Theater hall" Juliette mumbled. 

"In front of everyone? Did you kissed him?" Mina asked. 

"What? You really think I would kiss him first? It was him" Juliette said. 

"But you kissed him back though" Mina said. 

Juliette nodded. 

"I thought you liked Lennon,seriously" Winnie said. 

"Does my attitude.....toward him looks like I love him?" Juliette asked calmly. 

"Yes" Mina said. 

"Not really" Goldie said. 

"You shouldn't give him the green light if you don't like him,Lennon likes you" Winnie muttered. 

"Love you mean" Mina scoffed. 

"You're making me feel guilty" Juliette said. 

"No,it's fine. It's your choice,I'm just saying" Winnie smiled. 

"Kissing Stanley in front of Lennon is a bit wild though" Mina muttered and looked away. 

"I told you it was Stanley who made the first move,fine I should be blamed too for kissing him back but the thing is,I can't even control myself when I'm with him,it's like a spell" Juliette said and Minnie laughed. 

"Love spell I guess" She said and Winnie laughed. 

"You think it's love?" Mina asked. 

"What else?" Goldie asked. 

"Maybe you two are just attracted sexually" Mina said. 

"Sexually? What do you mean?" Juliette asked. 

"Aren't you two close because you're having s.ex with him?" Mina asked and all the girls kept quiet,including Juliette. 

"What,why are you all quiet? Am I the only one who knows?" Mina asked. 

"But....Juliette didn't tell us about that" Goldie said. 

"But you all know" Mina replied. 

"Still,since she didn't tell us,shouldn't we respect her privacy?" Winnie Snapped. 

"Aren't we friends? Or she doesn't take us as best friends enough to share her privacy with us? I don't understand" Mina frowned. 

"Mina" Goldie cautioned. 

"It's just a question,I don't think she should be keeping that fact from us making us think she and Stanley are in love with each other or something,Stanley is just a playboy" Mina scoffed. 

Juliette bite her lips hard and let out a smile. 

"You're right,we are just se.x mates,why the fvck am I expecting something else?" 

"Juliette,stop it. Mina is wrong here" Minnie said. 

"Wrong? How? I'm just stating the fact. We are friends,if you can't advice her then you are being fake,I'm not here to impress anyone" Mina scoffed. 

"I'm going to use the restroom" Juliette stood up and left the living room. 

"You're spoiling the mood Mina" Winnie spoke up. 

"For saying the truth?" Mina asked. 

"This is supposed to be our movie night together as friends! To have fun! Why bringing up shits like that" Winnie snapped. 

"And besides,it's not your damn business okay? You've never shared your privacy with us either,I only know your name and your house,I don't know any f**king shit about your life,maybe Goldie does,I don't know. You don't know my sister and I either,I was thinking we should choose a day to tell each other about our life,that's if we wanna be close friends,like sisters,so let Juliette be...please" Winnie said. 

Mina rolled her eyes. 

"Don't say anything when she's back,let's watch our movie and eat the specially made cookies" Minnie said. 

Juliette's phone rang on the floor and they all turned. 

"Who's Chipmunk?" Goldie chuckled. 

"I guess it's Stanley" Winnie giggles. 

"Peach! Chipmunk is calling!!" Winnie screamed. 

Juliette came in but she ignored the call. 

The girls said nothing and they started their movie.


It was midnight already,the girls are already sleeping. Goldie and Mina slept on Juliette's bed,Juliette,Minnie and Winnie slept on the floor. 

Winnie was the first to open her eyes,she went out of the room and immediately Minnie also followed,leaving just Juliette. 

Winnie was drinking water when Minnie found her. 

"When are you gonna tell Juliette about Lennon?" She asked. 

"Maybe tomorrow?" Winnie said. 

"You should do that soon,I don't want her to get hurt when she find out" Minnie said and Winnie nodded. 

"I'm getting this negative vibes from Mina" Minnie sighed. 

"It's fine,arguments comes sometimes,stop making a big deal out of it" Winnie said. 

"I'm just saying" Minnie said. 

"I said stop it,let's not doubt anyone,it might lead to more disagreement between us" Winnie said and Minnie sighed. 


"Shut up for f**k sake,do you want a kiss or something to shut up?" Winnie asked. 

Minnie nodded. 

"Geez" Winnie chuckled. 

"Don't do it" Minnie immediately said when Winnie brought her face closer. 

"Too late" Winnie said and pecked her lips before running in. 

"Crazy girl" Minnie chuckled and also went in. 


Juliette entered the office and met Stanley sitting on the desk. 

"You've been ignoring my calls" Stanley said,showing her his phone screen,He's been calling nonstop. 

"Sorry" Juliette muttered. 

"Are you okay?" Stanley asked,looking concerned. 

He got down from the desk and tried touching her but she moved back. 

"Is something wrong?" He asked,seeing that. 

"Why am I here?" Juliette asked. 

"I just...missed you" Stanley replied and Juliette looked into his eyes. 

"Why?" She asked. 

Stanley was speechless for a second but then spoke up. 

"Is there a reason why I should miss you?" He asked 

Juliette sighed,she just can't get over what Mina said last night. 

"Are you okay?" Stanley asked,looking concerned. 

"If you keep acting this way. I might just fall for you" Juliette muttered. 

"You don't want to?" Stanley asked. 

Juliette said nothing. 

"Tell me why you don't want to fall for me,because you think I'm a play boy and I might hurt you?" Stanley asked. 

"It's not what I think,it's what you are, Stanley. You can't even deny that the last time I talked about it,your dad couldn't believe you when you told him I am your girlfriend,he literally.........."

"So what was that about? The other night?" Stanley asked. 


"You said I was your man and....."

"I said that because she was delaying our stay,I had to do something" Juliette said. 

"Wow,you really enjoy playing with my feelings" Stanley muttered. 

"You did it once too,you told your dad,when I'm nothing to you in particular,you shouldn't be mad about that" Juliette said and Stanley sighed. 

"So you think I don't like you? Or you think you mean nothing to me?" He asked. 

"You still fuck other girls though,aside me. That was why you called me a slut,we are just attracted to each other sexually,we shouldn't mistake it for anything else,just like me,I've been thinking about lots of shits" 

"What the f**k is wrong with you? Why are you bringing up old stuffs? I called you a slut? I've never said that with my mouth to you,I only showed you a contact I saved and it wasn't even yours,sexually attracted to you? What the fuck are you talking about? Fine I've had s.ex with alot of girls,but I don't think I ever give them my attention the way I do to you...."

"Isn't that because of the contract? I'm the first girl you ever spent your money on,I'm the first girl who play with your feelings,and so on......."

"Juliette,what are you talking about exactly? I'm confused,we were okay just yesterday" Stanley said. 

"Just......I don't want to keep on imagining things that won't happen. You're getting into my head too much,I don't want to give myself too much hope Stanley,I don't want to keep on fighting with alot of girls just because of you,I just want a simple life" Juliette said in tears. 


"I need to go,I have class" Juliette wiped her tears and walked out of the office. 

"Fight alot of girls? What is she talking about?" Stanley sighed out. 


"We need to talk" Lennon said to Winnie when they met up. 

"There's nothing else to talk about" Winnie said. 

"Are you even sure what you told me is true?? The ticket...."

"It was true,but I don't think she likes you that way" Winnie said. 

"What about Stanley?" Lennon asked. 

"I can't disclose that to you,it's her right to make decision,I only helped you because I thought she liked you in the first place,I thought it would boost up the likeness but I was wrong and now I feel guilty" Winnie said and turned to leave only to find Juliette standing there. 

"Juliette" She called. 

"You told him....everything I said to you?" Juliette asked hurtfully. 

"Babe listen...."

"Don't call me babe! That was the reason why you asked me those questions,I should have known....."

Winnie turned to Lennon. 

"Leave" She said. 

Lennon sighed and walked away. 

"Juliette,it's not what you're thinking okay? I was just concerned about you and....."

"Fake,,concerned? It was supposed to be a secret plan,why the heck would you tell Lennon just because you think I like him? What if I do? Still doesn't justify that...."

"Fine,I'm sorry okay?"

"You spoiled my mood even more" Juliette snapped and walked away. 


"Guys!!! We have a school party tonight!!!" A girl suddenly screamed. 



*That's Amazing!!*

"Is that true?" Goldie immediately asked. 

"Yeah,I just checked" Minnie said. 

"Great!!!!!!!" Goldie screamed out. 

Juliette walked in and came to sit down. 

"Juliette,there's a party tonight here in school. We should go shopping after our last class" Minnie said. 

"I don't think I can come" Juliette muttered. 

"Are you crazy? Why won't you come?" Goldie snapped. 

Winnie came inside too and sat down somewhere else. 

Goldie noticed the atmosphere. 

"Is something wrong??" she asked. 

"I don't care what's wrong,we are all coming to the party tonight please" Minnie scoffed. 

"For real,I don't care too" Goldie grinned. 


"So,are you gonna come to the party?" Georgiana asked,following Ryan everywhere in the library. 

"You've been following me for almost twenty minutes,aren't you tired?" Ryan asked. 

"Never,I want your attention" Georgiana said. 

Ryan faced her. 

"Why me?" He asked. 

"Because......you are proving to be hard when you're not. You are only acting this way because you don't wanna fall for me" Georgiana said and Ryan laughed. 

"Stop being delusional,I don't like you,not even a little bit,so quit being a pest,it's getting annoying" Ryan said. 

"Are you coming to the party or not?"

"I don't think it's your business tho" Ryan said. 

"I guess it's a yes then" Georgiana smiled and left. 

Ryan shook his head. 

"Is she crazy?" He scoffed and kept on searching for the text he wanted. 


The whole arena was hitting with pure vibes,danceable music,every student having fun one way or the other. 

Couples oppressing the single ones,The hot girls gaining the guys attention,the s+xy dancers are on another level. 

"Holland and Daniel! A picture please!" Some girls screamed as Holland and Daniel passed. 

They both stopped as requested and took pictures with the girls. 

"Wow,you're so handsome Holland,really" 

"You're also beautiful" Holland smiled and the girl blushed. 

"Where's Stanley?" Daniel asked when they returned to their space. 

"We left him here" Holland said and looked around but no sign of Stanley. 

"What is wrong with Juliette? Can someone tell me exactly? Last week it was Mina and now it's Juliette" Goldie groaned. 

Juliette was sitting down at one conner of the arena alone,she was pressing her phone with a bottle of drink on the table,even though she was dressed so hotly,she didn't even stand up to have fun. 

"It's because of me" Winnie sighed. 

"How?" Mina asked and Winnie explained to them. 

"I don't really think that's the problem here tho" Goldie sighed. 

"What's the problem then?" Winnie asked. 

"I don't know either,I'm just saying" Goldie said. 

The HBs walked in and all eyes fell on them,they are surely going to take home the *most s+xy girls for the night* this time around. 

Especially Georgiana,she's extraordinarily hot this night. 

Finn tapped Ryan beside him and Ryan looked up,his eyes and Georgiana's own met. 

Georgiana smiled before looking away. 

"What the heck is her plan?" Goldie asked,looking so pissed. 

Ryan already stopped staring at Georgiana though. 

"You think she's interested in Ryan?" Mina asked. 

"Or she just wanna make Goldie mad because she knows she has feelings for him" Winnie said. 

"Ryan is mine,she shouldn't act crazy I will show her who's crazier" Goldie scoffed. 


"Hey" Lennon joined Juliette and she looked up. 

"Hi Lennon" She said. 

"Are you still mad at me?" Lennon asked. 

Just as Juliette was about to answer,they heard the sound of speaker and everyone turned their faces to the stage. It was Stanley,standing right there. 

*He's so hot,I just can't!* 

*What is he doing?*

Stanley let out a smile and the girls all screamed. 

"Listen up every one" He called them to order and there was silence. 

"There's someone here......who want to know how much she means to me" Stanley said and the murmurs started immediately again. 

'What is he doing?' Juliette thought. 

"Juliette" Stanley called the name and all eyes fell on Juliette where she was sitting. 

Lennon was already burning with anger. 

"You said you're scared to fall in love with me,you said you meant nothing to me,because,I am a play boy.......well that's all true. But then....because of you,I badly want to stop those bad attitudes of mine" Stanley said and screams filled the whole arena. 

Juliette was speechless on her seat. 

"You said you don't want to keep fighting other girls because of me.....so to the girls here....please take your eyes off me" Stanley said. 


"Until she accept to become mine...please don't look at me,when I'm coming left,go right please" Stanley said and everyone laughed. 

"Because my soon to be girlfriend is so jealous and I don't want to get her mad at me" 

"This is embarrassing" Juliette mumbled but then smiled. 

"I love you Juliette" Stanley ended his speech and everyone gasped. 


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