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The Mafia's Ruination - Episode 68




The  Mafia's Ruination - Episode 68

Subtitle; {Between Love and War} 

Authoress Rejoice            



Deluxe's POV

Today marks the sixth day after being kidnappéd, with Alex not letting me leave his sight or arms. I watch Phoebe and Alexander constantly bickering, and my brothers engaging in a glaring contest with Alexander, even my Dad joining in.

When Alexander told me how he met Phoebe, I was surprised. I had thought she was lying when she told me about it at her house. I vividly remember the day Phoebe came back from camp, which I couldn't attend because I was sick, and she couldn't stop talking about the boy she met.

"I really don't like your friend, she annoys me," Alexander says as he wraps his hand around my waist, pulling me away from the noodles I was preparing. "Kitten, let's go home."

"Love, it's not that I don't want to go back to Italy, it's just that I... I'm scared and anxious," I reply, trying not to let his question affect me.

"Don't tell me it's because of my mom."

"It's partly because of her, and partly because of your whole family. Your mom is a really nice woman, and I don't want her to hàte me for what I've done. I also worry about Maddie and even Addie and your dad."

"Come on, princess, how many times do I have to tell you that my mom loves you and will always love you? Maddie also really likes you, and I'm sure Addie would too. They are the only people that matter."

I shake my head. "But your father will never accept us being together."

"Who cares about what he wants or doesn't want? You, Deluxe Dominguez, are the love of my life, and only death could separate us." I smile, a tear falling from my eye, and he gently brushes it away with his thumb. "You're my everything, the sweetest ruination I wouldn't mind happening over and over again for a million years. So, to héll with my father." His gray eyes sparkle with everything I adore, and I can't bring myself to look away. "I love you, and remember, you said it yourself, we are meant to be together for life, and beyond."

I remember. Every moment I've spent with this man is etched so vividly in my memory. The floodgates open, and tears stream down my face.

"Hey, don't cry. No matter how beautiful you look while crying, I really hàte seeing you like this. You should only ever smile."

"I'm not crying. I just got something in my eye," I say as I wipe my face with the back of my hand. "Now go away, my noodles are burnt." I turn my attention back to the stove, but he doesn't move an inch.



"No. I haven't been able to touch you for so long," he complains, shaking his head against my shoulder.

"What do you mean? You've been touching me since I came back."

"It's not enough."

"Anyone could walk in and see us," I try to reason, but he scoffs.

"Yes, and? You're pregnant with my child. I think they can figure out what happened before it happened." I lightly elbow him in the stomach, and he laughs before kissing my neck. "What? You're not the Virgin Mary, are you?"


"What? Don't act all innocent."

"But I am." I take a forkful of noodles, turning to face him, and before he has a chance to speak, I warn him, "Careful, it's hot."

"Too late," he says, his face turning red as he tries to chew and swallow. "Isn't it too spicy? I don't think it's safe for the baby."

"Oh, it's not for me. It's for Phoebe."

"Yeah, well, why did you let him taste it?" Phoebe's voice echoes through the kitchen walls, pretending to be annoyed.

Alexander rolls his eyes and turns to glare at her, which she returns.

"Babe, why did you let Alexa eat my food?"

He pokes his tongue inside of his mouth, a habit he has when he's màd. "I swear, I'll kíll her if she doesn't stop calling me that."

"It is cute though," I tell him. "You have to admit it."

"No, it's not cute, and I'm not admitting anything, Deluxe."

My heart skips a beat at the sound of my real name from his mouth, after he had tried so hard to adjust to it.

"I hàte you."

"But I love you," my best friend teases, pouting playfully. "How can you hàte the godmother of Lily?"

"Who is Lily?" Alexander asks.

I shrug nonchalantly. "That's the name she wants for the baby."

"What baby?"

"Our baby."

"That's stúpid. Our child's name isn't going to be Lily, especially if she wants it."

"Hey!" Phoebe interjects, still playfully, I hope. "I'm the godmother, okay?"

Alexander turns to me, scolding me with his eyes. "I don't accept. I really don't."

"Ah, my precious noodles are burnt all because of Alexa," she says, turning the stove knob and glaring at my boyfriend intensely, as if trying to set his head on fíre. "I changed my mind, I don't love you."



"Jeez, you two will be the deàth of me," I mutter, leaving them in the kitchen and walking away.

As I climb the stairs to my room, Damon and Daniel come down, engrossed in their conversation. I lean on the stair rail and clear my throat to get their attention.

Damon faces me, folding his arms with a glare. "When are you leaving?"

"This is my house. Who said I'm leaving?"

Daniel places his hand on my shoulder. "Don't mind him. He doesn't really want you to go, he's just saying that."

"Oh, I know," I reply, smirking directly at Damon, who childishly mimics my last statement. "If I go, Phoebe won't stay here anymore."

"Okay, so?" he retorts nonchalantly, as if he couldn't care less, but even a blind person could see something flicker in his eyes. "I don't care about her, and I don't like her, so she can go to héll for all I care. I don't give a dàmn."

"You do care," I say, running up the stairs before he can say anything against it.

On the first day of my return, I discovered that the feud between the Italian and Mexican Mafía clans has been around for centuries, and neither my dad nor my brothers know why it started. At first, I was shocked and speechless about how senseless it all seemed, and I still am. Why is there so much hatréd over things that people of this era don't even know about?

It makes no sense to me, and it never will.

TBC 📖✍️

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