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The Mafia's Ruination - Epilogue




The  Mafia's Ruination - Epilogue 

Subtitle; {Between Love and War} 

Authoress Rejoice            



Author's POV

Alexander paces elegantly along the pristine hospital hallway, his nerves fraying as he runs his fingers through his perfectly tousled hair. Impatience courses through him as he awaits the doctor's announcement of his first child's birth.

The doctors deemed it best for him to remain outside while his fiancée, Deluxe, navigates the birthing process without his support. If it weren't for her pleading eyes, he would have been tempted to silence the doctors forever. But he waits outside, consumed by anxiety.

Damon, equally anxious, paces alongside Alexander. "I'll razed this place to the ground if someone doesn't inform me of my sister's condition," he threatens.

Everyone in the family, except Aidan, anxiously waits for any doctor to provide an update on Deluxe. But no useful information is forthcoming.

Eight months ago, Deluxe and Alexander returned to their home in Italy after much persuasion from Deluxe's father, Derek. She had to apologize to Lauren and Maddie for betraying Alexander, and she also met Addie, who is slowly warming up to her. Seven months ago, Alexander proposed to Deluxe, despite her father and brothers' refusal to fully accept him. Aidan, in particular, has yet to reconcile with the past. Six months ago, Alexander allowed Deluxe to redecorate the entire house according to her desires. Five months ago, Deluxe visited her mother in Mexico and discovered Damon and Phoebe kissing by the swimming pool. She chose to keep quiet about it. However, Phoebe eventually confided in Deluxe that she and Damon had been hóoking up for the past three months, with Damon unwilling to label their relationship. Now, the entire family has gathered at the hospital, desperate for news about Deluxe.

A frustrated hiss escapes Alexander's lips as he swings the door open, fatigue from waiting overpowering him. He is tired of the nonsensical doctors who fail to realize the importance of the person lying in that hospital bed, and the repercussions they will face if anything goes wrong.

A nurse immediately turns to him as he enters. "Sir, you are not allowed to be here," she reprimands.

"Alex..." Deluxe's voice is the only one he hears, emanating from the person lying on the bed, drenched in sweat and about to give birth to their daughter.

Recognizing the potential dànger, the doctors wisely remain silent as he approaches Deluxe's side, grasping her hand in his. He presses a gentle kiss on her clammy forehead before whispering sweet words only she can hear, eliciting a small smile from her, which means the world to him.


Thirty agonizing minutes pass, and another round of impatient waiting commences when the doctors emerge, carrying the baby to clean her up. A nurse later returns, cradling the newborn in her arms. She places the precious bundle in Deluxe's waiting arms before exiting the room.

Deluxe gazes down at the peacefully sleeping infant in her arms, a single tear escaping her eye as a blissful smile graces her face, her emotions overwhelming her. "She's beautiful," she breathes.

"She truly is," Alexander murmurs, wholeheartedly agreeing, his attention fully captivated by their daughter. "She's absolutely beautiful."

Deluxe's focus shifts from the sleeping baby to her fiancé, and she offers him a smile that he gracefully returns, his eyes glistening.

Overwhelmed by a whirlwind of emotions coursing through him, Alexander releases them, unable to contain his tears any longer. "She's my daughter," he whispers.

"She is," Deluxe affirms.

"She's our daughter," he emphasizes.

"She is."

"Princess, this child belongs to both of us."

Deluxe laughs, tears wetting her face, and nods. "She is. Here, hold her."

"No." Alexander's response is snappish. "What if I don't hold her properly and she falls?"

"She won't fall. Hold her carefully."

His gray eyes lock onto her verdant ones, a mixture of determination and nervousness evident. He sighs softly, his trepidation palpable, before slowly, almost imperceptibly, extending his hand to cradle their child. His hands tremble in midair, hesitating for a moment. Deluxe's voice breaks through his hesitation, urging him on.

And as if sensing her father's presence, the baby opens her eyes, causing Deluxe to gasp while her fingers tenderly brush the baby's cheek.

"Oh, my God. She has your eyes," she exclaims, as if Alexander isn't also mesmerized by the two breathtaking sights before him.

His hands waver in the air, struggling to steady themselves, torn between the overwhelming desire to hold his daughter and the fear of letting her slip through his trembling grasp.

"Love, calm down," Deluxe says, gently placing the baby in her fiancé's arms. "See? You're doing fine. I have complete faith that you would never let your child fall."

Alexander smiles at the woman who has blessed him with the little miracle in his arms, then grins down at his child. "She will have everything she wants."

"So, you'll spoil her?"

"Yes, I will." His reply is resolute and unwavering.

"Well, obviously. She is the daughter of Alexander Ramona and Deluxe Dominguez, isn't she? The first grandchild of both the Italian and Mexican Mafia clans. She is an important person who deserves to be lavished with everything her heart desires."

"I am glad you agree with me."



Deluxe shoots up from the sofa, utterly surprised by the person standing before her.

Aidan. Aidan Romano, Alexander's father.

"W-what..." She clears her throat, tucking the strands of hair obscuring her vision behind her ear. "What are you doing here?"

She waits for the expected outburst, but it doesn't materialize.

"C-can... Can I.... Can I see Alessia?" Aidan's voice wavers as he gazes at Deluxe, his son's fiancée with whom severed all ties with him. 

The fact that Aidan wants to see her daughter, whom he neglected to visit in the hospital following her birth, catches Deluxe off guard.

Moreover, he addresses the baby by her nickname, Alessia, instead of her given name, Alessandra.

"You... You want to see Sia?" she asks, acting as though his request hasn't registered.

"If you would allow me," Aidan replies earnestly.

"Sure, I'll take you to her room." She leads him upstairs to their daughter Alessandra's room and hesitantly leaves him alone with the child.

Deluxe settles back onto the sofa in the living room, the baby monitor tight in her grip as she observes her daughter and her grandfather. Barely three minutes pass when Alexander enters, his playful demeanor vanishing at the sight of the monitor and the presence of his father in his daughter's room.

"Calm down," Deluxe implores, attempting to reason with him as his gaze turns icy cold.

"I despise it when you tell me to calm down. How can I possibly remain calm when he is in there with her?" Alexander shouts, causing Deluxe to flinch.

"I trust that he doesn't want trouble, okay? He just wants to meet his granddaughter. Why won't you let him?"

"I have many reasons, reasons you should understand more than anyone!" Alexander retorts sharply.

"Stop shouting at me for a moment and calm down. You can watch him through Sia's monitor, and if he tries anything suspicious, you can handle it however you see fit. I won't stop you."

"Fine," he breathes out, placing the bag of purchases he brought for Sia on the table and sinking onto the sofa, snatching up the monitor.

Meanwhile, in Sia's room, Aidan rises from the chair, intently studying the baby in her crib, awake and sucking on a pacifier.

"Maddie was right. You look just like your dad. You're the luckiest girl alive to have such a man as your father. I suggest you cling onto him. He loves you so much that I'm certain he's contemplating killíng me right now. In the future, when you come of age, I beg you to visit your grandfather, as your parents may not hold me in high enough regard to include me in your life. I hold immense love for both you and your father, perhaps I should have demonstrated it sooner in his life, but alas, it is too late now. He has become his own person, and I must be grateful and honored that he chose to retain his family name." His fingertips delicately caress her cheek, causing her tears to outpour like she knows what he is on about. For a brief moment, he pauses, then gently lifts her into his arms. As if she has known him for an eternity, her crying ceases as he cradles her. "You are truly beautiful, regardless of what others may say or think. I love you deeply, and you hold great importance to me, just as your father does."

Back in the living room, Deluxe gazes upon her fiance's countenance, observing the multitude of fleeting emotions that eventually settle upon a frown.

"Alex, it is improper to sever ties with him in her life. I have already expressed this to you, and I reiterate it now."

"I am not inclined to engage in an argument with you at this moment, Deluxe. Please, do not start."

"It is acceptable if you choose to exclude him from your life, but he is her grandfather, and she requires his presence."

"She does not." Alexander retorts sharply. "She has you and I, my mother, Maddie and Addie, Phoebe, despite my disdaín for her, your siblings, your parents, and that is more than sufficient for my daughter."

"Our daughter," Deluxe calmly corrects him, her annoyance beginning to manifest. "I also have some say in her life."

"And I am not denying that reality."

"Although you are not expressly denying it, you appear to be unwilling to heed my words. Grant him another opportunity."


"Please, love."


"Everyone deserves a second chance. You gave me one."

"You are different."

"In what way?!" She snaps, rising from her position beside him.

"You made me experience emotions he never allowed me to feel. That is reason enough. Now, let it go."

"Darling," Deluxe adopts a gentler and softer approach. She resumes her seat, resting her head upon his shoulder. "You understand that I love you, correct?"

He nods.

"And you also love me, do you not?"

Although irritated by her line of questioning, he nods once again.

"Then, do this for me. Speak to your father and mend this rift."

"Fine." Alexander acquiesces, standing up and placing the monitor upon the table. "For you."

Deluxe watches him ascend the stairs to confront his father, a smile playing upon her lips.

The outcome of their conversation may or may not bring resolution, but whatever may come, what truly matters is that, after enduring countless hardships, they find happiness together with their daughter and will continue to do so for eternity. 


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