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The Darkest Conjuration-Episode 65&66




The Darkest Conjuration-Episode 65&66

Theme: Stuck With The Immortal Emperor...

Genres:  Historical/ Royal Dark Romance/ Fantasy/ Erotica. 

By Summer Gold R. 


Zhuri eyes opened slowly,welcomed by the darkness of the place,she sat up instantly,remembering how she was being followed,so how did she end up here.

 She looked around and it's like a cave,at once she knew who it was....Forrest. 

"You're awake" Forrest came in and Zhuri got down from the bed of rock and other soft particles. 

"Why am I here?" She asked. 

"Are you angry? Pretty one?" Forrest asked with a smile. 

"Why are you doing this? Just why?!" Zhuri screamed. 

Forrest chuckled and sat down. 

"You're really pretty" He muttered. 

"I need to go,take me out of here. I'm not going to tell your brother" Zhuri said. 

"Really? You two keep secret from each other?" Forrest asked 

Zhuri sighed. 

"I just don't want you two fighting,you should stop whatever you're planning too. It doesn't suite you" Zhuri said. 

Forrest chuckled. 

"Are you seriously pregnant?? For him?" He asked. 

Zhuri touched her tummy with a surprise look on her face. 

"How....how did you find out?" She asked. 

"You think he will be alive to see the child?" Forrest asked and Zhuri swallowed. 

"Nothing is going to happen to him,stop it" She said. 

Forrest stood up and walked closer to her. 

"You think I'm lying?"

"Yes you are!! He's not going to die!! You're scaring me!!!!" Zhuri screamed. 

"You can save him anyway" Forrest said,putting his arms behind him. 

"I can?" Zhuri asked and he nodded before facing her again. 


"Become mine" Forrest said. 

"I can't,that's not possible. I love him not you" Zhuri snapped. 

Forrest chuckled. 

"Do you think I care about your love for him?" He asked. 

Zhuri said nothing. 

Forrest appeared before her,more closer and she ran out of the cave,Forrest rolled his eyes and sat down. 

Just three minutes later,Zhuri ran back in. 

"Let me go please,He's waiting for me" She said in tears. 

"Don't cry,I don't like it. I'm not going to hurt you" Forrest said. 

Zhuri wiped her tears. 

"You might still end up as mine,if I end up taking his life,don't you think?" Forrest asked. 

Zhuri shook her head.

"You're not going to do that" She said. 

Forrest stretched his hand toward her direction and an invisible force dragged Zhuri to him,a gasp escape out of her mouth as fell straight into his arms. 

"You are pretty" Forrest muttered. 

"Let me go,please" Zhuri pleaded.

"Right,I should let you go before I find it hard to" He smiled and stood up. 

"Hold my hand,that's the only way you can go back to the palace" he said. 

Zhuri hesitated at first before she finally held him. 


Zhuri appeared in the palace passage way,she touched her chest and looked around to see if there's any one watching,luckily there isn't. 

She immediately started walking to the Emperor's Chamber,she got there and the guards allowed her in right away. 

Emperor Augustus was in the room when Zhuri entered,the moment she set her eyes on him,the guilt started eating her up. Did she really told Forrest she's not going to tell the emperor about him? She felt like a cheater at that moment. 

"Zhuri,I've been waiting" The emperor said. 

Zhuri immediately ran to him and hugged him tightly. 

"I'm sorry" She mumbled. 

"For what?" 

"Keeping you waiting" Zhuri said and the emperor broke the hug. 

"You look tensed,are you okay?" He asked and Zhuri nodded. 

The emperor kissed her forehead and touched her tummy. 

"I really think I can feel him" He smiled and Zhuri chuckled.

"Really? It's hardly a month" She said. 

"Well I can" The emperor said. 

Zhuri bite her lips.

"I missed you all day" He said,taking her to the bed. 

"Me too my lord" Zhuri muttered and they both sat down on the bed. 

"Sabrina told me about the dresses,you really don't have to....."

"You mean the emperor's woman shouldn't dress up beautifully? That's like an insult" Emperor Augustus said and Zhuri's cheeks turned red. 

"Thank you" She said. 

"Come here" The emperor tapped his laps and Zhuri stood up,she sat down on his laps. 

"Did you eat? Should I call Esme...."

"No,I'm filled up already. I ate with Sabrina" Zhuri said. 

"You don't want anything else again?" The emperor asked and Zhuri shook her head. 

"But I heard pregnant women eats more than usual,why are you different?" He sighed. 

Zhuri chuckled. 

"It's funny" She said. 

"What? Me?"

"You are acting like a father right now,it's funny but cute" Zhuri said and kissed his lips. 

"I think I prefer eating your lips than food" She whispers into the emperor's ear and he chuckled. 

"It's all yours" He whispers back. 

Zhuri bite her lips. 

"What happened? Why do you suddenly look sad?" The emperor asked. 

"I met with Forrest" Zhuri muttered,her face down. 

She just couldn't hide it from him. 

"I'm sorry for even thinking of hiding it from you,it was him who dragged me all of a sudden and I found myself there....."

The emperor placed a finger on her lips and she looked up. 

"I know" He said and Zhuri's eyes widened. 

"You...knew everything?" She asked and he nodded. 

"Why didn't you ask me then?"

"I was waiting for you to tell me,I thought you wouldn't" The emperor replied and Zhuri shook her head. 

"I'm sorry" She said. 

The emperor smiled. 

"You don't have to worry about him....."

"His words are scary,he said he's going to hurt you and I will be alone,is that true? I don't want you to leave me" Zhuri said in tears. 

The emperor hugged her. 

"That's all nonsense,I'm not going to leave you. So don't cry" 

"I will trust you" Zhuri sniffles. 


"What's going on?" Alora asked McKenzie as she rushed into the midst of the servants,she went straight to the front where Kenzie was standing. 

"What's happening?" She asked. 

"Lady Ximena is leaving the palace" Kenzie whispered and Alora's eyes widened. 

"How did you know?" She asked. 

Kenzie haven't replied when the palanquin showed up,indeed Xinena was inside. Behind it was Asher on the horse,following the palanquin. 

"I think the emperor's himself chased her out" Kenzie said but Alora didn't replied,she turned only to see that Alora was lost while staring at Asher. 

"Are you planning to swallow him or something?" Kenzie asked. 

"Can I swallow him?" Alora asked and Kenzie chuckled. 

The servants kept murmuring to themselves until the palanquin was out of sight. 


"And here we are" Esme said as she opened the door to Zhuri's new suite. 

"Wow" Zhuri gasped and looked at Sabrina. 

"Do you like it?" Sabrina asked and she nodded before going in,she ran around the whole room and came back to hug Sabrina. 

"I never knew a day like this would come,honestly" Zhuri said. 

Sabrina smiled. 

"Well it came,and here we are" She said. 

"Check the wardrobe side" Esme said and Zhuri went to open it. 

It was filled up with different dresses already. 

"Before the maids do anything,I want to be the first to dress you" Sabrina said and took one of the dresses. 

"Come here" 

"I will look so weird and awkward in that,I've never wore anything like this" Zhuri muttered. 

"No,you will look so beautiful like a princess" Esme said and Zhuri smiled. 

"Thank you court lady" She said. 

"You're always welcome Zhuri. 


Zhuri ran into the garden with her flowing gown,the deity was seated on the bench. 

"Old one" Zhuri called and ran to her front. 

"Zhuri" The deity smiled. 

Zhuri bowed happily. 

"You look so beautiful Zhuri,a lot" The deity said. 

"Thank you old one" she said before sitting down beside the deity. 

"You summoned me,why?" The deity asked. 

"I have a question" Zhuri said. 

"I'm all Ears" 

"Will anything happen to my lord? His brother has been saying things that scares me,I don't think I can survive it if anything happens,I can't" Zhuri shook her head. 

"He was supposed to leave,but he decided to stay back all because of you" The deity said and Zhuri looked at the deity. 

"Because.....of me?" 

The deity nodded. 

"He definitely want to protect you,but looking at it,Forrest would never hurt you Zhuri,he wouldn't" 

"Is he...really in love with me?" Zhuri asked. 

"I have nothing to say about that" The deity replied. 

"Then....it's possible he might hurt my lord" Zhuri said. 

"It's between them both,Augustus have to take care of everything himself. Like it happened before" The deity replied. 

Zhuri became silent. 

"Let's talk some other time then" The deity smiled before she vanished. 

Zhuri swallowed hard. 

"I can't let him die,I can't" She shook her head and got up. 

"How do I call him? How do I summon him? His name is Forrest but how do u call him? I need to do something" Zhuri said,pacing around. 


Forrest chuckled while staring at the water flowing in the river freely,he could hear Zhuri calling his name. 

"Fine,let's see what you have to say" he muttered and immediately Zhuri appeared. 

"You're here" Forrest turned and their eyes met. 

"Whoa,you look more pretty" He grinned,staring at her. 

"I need to ask you something" Zhuri said. 

"About my brother again?" 

"He's not going to die right? You said I can save him,you said it" Zhuri said. 

Forrest smiled. 

"Really? So you want to save him?" He asked. 

"As long as he doesn't disappear,I can do anything" Zhuri replied. 

"Then.....you know how to save him,I told you already" Forrest said. 

"I will become yours,that's what you said" Zhuri uttered without thinking. 


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