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The Darkest Conjuration-Episode 63&64




The Darkest Conjuration-Episode 63&64

Theme: Stuck With The Immortal Emperor...

Genres:  Historical/ Royal Dark Romance/ Fantasy/ Erotica. 

By Summer Gold R. 


Zhuri immediately pulled him close and smashed her lips on his own,engaging in a hot steamy kiss,they appeared back in the room and the kiss continued. 

The emperor carried Zhuri up and wrapped her legs around him,as if to relieve her the strength of trying to keep up with his height,she's way too shorter than him. 

After the long kiss,they broke the kiss. Zhuri's lips was swollen but still pretty enough to be eaten. She was staring at the emperor with those s+xy bright eyes while smiling to herself. 

"Why are you staring at me like that?" The emperor asked. 

"I'm just wondering....is this man really mine now? The same man some are dying to get,is he really mine now?" Zhuri smiled,playing with his hair. 

"I'm yours,all alone" Emperor Augustus said and Zhuri hugged him. 

"I love you My Lord,I love you so much. I really think I fell for you first" She said. 

The emperor broke the hug and looked at her. 

"Really? So why didn't you tell me?" He asked. 

"I was scared,but wasn't it obvious?" Zhuri asked. 

"I think it was obvious" The emperor nodded with a smile. 

"Really? How?"

"Even though I hurt you and make you cry,I've never heard you resent me. Or was it because you know I could hear your thoughts if I want to?"

"No,I've never" Zhuri shook her head. 

The emperor dropped her on the bed and joined her. 

"Also....when Ryleigh was here...."

"I was dying" Zhuri cut in and the emperor chuckled. 


"The day she wanted to kiss you,it was as if she wanted to stab me" Zhuri muttered. 

"It was just a kiss" The emperor muttered. 

"I don't want to share my man with anyone" Zhuri said and pecked his lips. 

"The first time you kissed me,I got addicted" She smiled. 

The emperor smiled and pulled her hair to the back. 

"You can get addicted all you want now,I'm all yours" he said. 

"I still can't believe it"

"What,do you need prove?" The emperor teased and Zhuri hugged him to herself. 

"Your confession earlier....where did you learn that?" She asked. 

"Huh? Is it...something people learn?" The emperor asked. 

"You mean you didn't learn that?" Zhuri asked in surprise and he shook his head. 

"I just told you the truth,you're really my first in everything aside s+x" The emperor said and Zhuri smiled.

"I'm jealous of the first woman you did that with" she pouted. 

"Don't be,it's more than four hundred years already" The emperor said and Zhuri bit her lips. 

"How does it feel? To stay the same even after many years? Is it fun!?" She asked. 

"No,I beg the deity every time to let me go back" The emperor replied and Zhuri sat up. 

"Before I came here or....."

"I think I begged her even more after you came" The emperor replied. 

"But....why? You hated me so much that you couldn't stand it?" Zhuri asked in a broken voice. 

"No,I'm just tired of living" The emperor said. 

"I was expecting you to use past tense,are you still....planning to leave.?" Zhuri asked and before she knew it,tears was falling. 

"Come on,not anymore. Right now,my main priority is to protect you no matter what,I am not going anywhere" The emperor wiped her tears and pecked her lips. 

"Better don't leave me alone,I'm going to kill myself" Zhuri said,hugging him. 

"Don't worry,I won't"  Emperor Augustus rubbed her back. 


Zhuri woke up the next morning and as expected,the emperor was gone. She got down from the bed and arranged it back neatly,she walked to the mirror and stood in front of it,staring at herself to see if there's any difference since she's pregnant. 

"There's no difference...not yet" she mumbled and touched her cheek.

She walked into the bathroom to get cleaned,after that she found one of the pretty robes in the emperor dressing room. 

"How come this is here? Was he planning to give someone?" She asked herself but put it on anyway.

Just as she was about stepping back into the bedroom,she disappeared.


Inside the chancery,Sabrina was sitting down while talking to the emperor,Asher was also present. 

The emperor looked up at Asher. 

"What about the room I told you about?" He asked. 

"The maids are working on it,they are cleaning it up since it's been a while" Asher replied and the emperor nodded. 

"Do you think the elders will find it funny? What if they try to throw a fist?" Sabrina asked. 

"That's something I should worry about not you Sabrina" The emperor said and Sabrina sighed. 

"I'm just worried" She mumbled.

"Did you speak with the royal stylist yet?" The emperor asked. 

"Yes,she should be here tomorrow for Zhuri" Sabrina replied. 

The emperor suddenly felt strange and he touched his chest. 

"You majesty...are you okay?" Asher immediately asked. 

Emperor Augustus stood up at once and before they could get up,he vanished out of the office. 

"What's going on?" Sabrina asked. 

Asher said nothing and ran out of the office,Sabrina also followed. 

The emperor appeared in his bedroom and found it empty. 


Zhuri appeared and gasped out loudly when she found herself in the middle of the deepest woods,she turned around in fear. 

"Why....am I here?" She was shaking. 

She started hearing footsteps coming closer and she turned,it was Forrest. 

"You" Zhuri's eyes widened and started moving backward,Forrest appeared behind her and she screamed. 

"Don't hurt me!! What do you want!" She screamed. 

"You really think I will hurt you?" Forrest asked and Zhuri swallowed. 

"You and my brother,are you two a thing now?" He asked,looking at the robe she was wearing,different from what he saw her in the other day. 

Zhuri said nothing,she was only shaking and screaming for the emperor in her hand. 

"I won't hurt you,don't worry" Forrest assured. 

"Then....why am I here?" She asked. 

"Because I want to see your face,who knows,I might the one who get you in the end" Forrest smiled. 

"What are you talking about?" Zhuri asked. 

"Oh,you don't know? August and I........one of us must die for peace to reign" He chuckled and Zhuri's eyes widened. 


"I'm sure he told you...but then unfortunately,he can't die. But still,I should make him disappear,what do you think?" He asked. 

"Don't do that" Zhuri fell on her knees. 

"Don't hurt him,please" She broke into tears. 

"Wow,she really loves you a lot" Forrest smirked at the emperor who just appeared. 

"How dare you" The emperor said coldly,he grabbed Zhuri send pulled her up. 

"My lord,he...."

"Don't cry,I don't like it" He cut her off. 

Zhuri wiped her tears. 

"What a sight,screaming romance" Forrest laughed. 

Augustus walked to Forrest and stood in front of him. 

"I told you....I warned you,face me directly without messing with my people" He said. 

Forrest scoffed. 

"You think I'm scared of you?" He asked. 

'Do you want it the hard way?" Augustus asked. 

Forrest laughed out loudly. 

"You make me laugh"  he said. 

Augustus scoffed. 

"Don't try it again" He said and turned back to Zhuri. 

"My lord! Watch out!!" Zhuri cried out,Forrest wanted to hit him from the back. 

Augustus turned at once and grabbed his hand before it touched him,his eyes turned red and the bone in Forrest wrist broke,Zhuri could hear the sound. 

Augustus grabbed his neck,pushing in his claws into his neck. 

Zhuri gasped. 

"I'm really going to see the end of you this time,you won't win again" Forrest said. 

"Reason why I said you should stop being a loser and come for me directly you loser!!!" Augustus growled and almost broke his neck. 

"My lord" Zhuri called in tears. 

Augustus sighed and dropped Forrest on the ground,he grabbed Zhuri's hand and they vanished out of the woods. 

They appeared back in the chamber and Zhuri swallowed. 

"Sorry you had to see that" The emperor said. 

She shook her head. 

"It's fine" 

"This was the reason why I told you to be careful,I should get you a bodyguard too" The emperor said. 

Zhuri hugged him tightly. 

"I will be careful from now on,but I don't want you to get hurt either,I'm scared" She said in tears. 

"Don't be scared,I got this" The emperor said and Zhuri broke the hug. 

"I wish I can help and end this" She said. 

The emperor wiped her tears and kissed her eyes. 

"You're so cute" he said. 

"Your majesty,the meeting will start soon" Asher's voice came from outside. 

Zhuri immediately held the emperor.

"I'm scared to be alone" She said. 

"Sabrina...go to her" The emperor replied,he gave her one last kiss before going out. 


The emperor was just coming out of the court room after the meeting,Asher walked beside him while other guarfs followrd. 

"Your majesty, Ximena insisted on seeing you"  Asher told him. 

"Where is she?" The emperor adoed without arguments which surprised Asher. 

"Chancery" He mumbled. 

"Let's go" Emperor Augustus said and Asher nodded. 

They got to the total chancery and the emperor told Asher to stay outside while he went in. 

Ximena immediately stood up when he saw him. 

"Your majesty" She called with a smiley face. 

But it was followed by an heavy slap across her face,from the emperor. 

Her lips bursted and her nose bled,she looked at the emperor with total shock written on her face. 

"Your majesty......" He slapped her again. 

"How dare you threaten her?" The emperor asked and Ximena's eyes widened. 

The emperor actually saw Ximena in Zhuri's memories yesterday,during their kiss. 


"Really? You're going to win my heart back? You really think you ever for once won my heart?!!! You think?!! You said she shouldn't be happy because she got pregnant,how dare you!!!" The emperor growled and Ximena swallowed,she was shaking in a position. 

"You're banished from my palace,leave and never show your face. If you love your head" The emperor muttered and stormed out of the chancery. 

"Escort her out of the palace by tomorrow,give her today to pack her loads" The emperor said to Asher and he immediately bowed. 

"Yes your majesty"


Forrest was wondering around as usual when Tabitha appeared before him. 

"You almost died this morning" She said. 

"No,I just didn't fight back" Forrest replied. 

Tabitha nodded and opened her palm. 

A very special sword appeared 

"Here's it" She said,handing over to him. 


"His only weakness" Tabitha laughed. 

"Weakness? He doesn't have one" 

Tabitha laughed out loudly. 

"You're dumb" She said and Forrest frowned,she stopped laughing immediately. 

"Tell me,if I can get rid of him with this,how!" Forrest snapped. 

"This sword was made by a soul shifter who was a witch,it's the only way to get rid of immortal beings forever. But because Augustus is extra powerful,using this on a normal day might not work" Tabitha explained. 

"Then?" Forrest asked curiously. 

"The full moon....that's his weakness" Tabitha said. 


"The full moon will be out in Moon Empire soon its been years since they saw it,but soon it will be out and there will be a festival... That is the right time to slash him with this"

"You mean,if I use this on the day the full moon comes out,he will die?" Forrest sdkrd. 

"No,he will vanish completely and never come back" Tabitha replied and Forrest checked out the black sword in his band

"If this doesn't work??"

"Make me pay" Tabitha said confidently. 

"Then,I think I should warm up first" Forrest smirked and disappeared. 


Zhuri was on her way to the emperor's chamber after spending hours with Sabrina,she was walking alone but at some point,she started hearing footsteps following her. 

She stopped and looked back but found nothing,she continue walking again but then suddenly someone grabbed her from the back. 

Before she could scream,her mouth was covered and she was dragged into the dark. 


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