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The Darkest Conjuration-Episode 57&58




The Darkest Conjuration-Episode 57&58

Theme: Stuck With The Immortal Emperor...

Genres:  Historical/ Royal Dark Romance/ Fantasy/ Erotica. 

By Summer Gold R. 



Zhuri opened her eyes and let out a sleepy groan,the first thing she did was turn to her side to check on the emperor and as expected,he was gone. 

Zhuri moved tiredly on the bed and yawned loudly. 

She turned again when the door opened,a maid walked in and Zhuri's eyes widened,she immediately covered herself well with the cover cloth. The maid actually came with food tray in her hand which was confusing to Zhuri. 

"What's going on?" She managed to ask when the maid set the table in the bedroom. 

"Oh...his majesty told me to bring the food here...for you" She said and Zhuri bashed her lashes. 

She watched as the maid walked out of the room and that was when her eyes caught with a paper on the small stool beside the bed,it's the emperor's hand writing for sure. 


"Where did he go to?" Zhuri took her lips in and dropped the note back. 

She stepped down from the bed and walked to the table where the food was kept,she inhaled and moaned. 

"His food smells different,seriously" She chuckled and turned to the bathroom,it's her first time in there. 

"Oh" She chuckled and entered the wooden bathtub,the water was already in there. 

"Wow refreshing" She smiled and closed her eyes. 


A meeting was on going in the court,The emperor was sitting in front,just at the center of where the ministers,elders and eunuchs were standing. 

"Here your majesty,all the officials that would be invited to the moon festival if you approve them" one of the ministers said,handing over to Asher who immediately went up to give to the emperor. 

He opened it at once and went through it 

"Invite whoever you want to" He said. 

"Yes your majesty" they bowed. 

"About Lady Ryleigh......"

"Take her back" Emperor Augustus cut in and everyone exchanged glances. 

"I don't have any interest in her no matter how I try,don't waste her time too much,I'm letting her go" He added. 

"Okay your majesty,would you like us to get someone else and......"

"No,I will do that myself. Don't bother" The emperor said and they bowed. 

The meeting continued but the emperor's mind was with Zhuri all through,he just couldn't stop thinking about her. He has never been this whipped but he can't even deny that he's a goner at this point,Zhuri wouldn't leave his head.

He just want to end everything at once and go to her. 

"Your majesty,you haven't approved the letters we sent to you. We were expecting Asher all through the week for your reply your majesty" 

"I will do that this week" The emperor muttered,going through all the reports in front of him one after the other. 

He took one and started reading,he looked up with a blank look on his face. 

"What happened to the ship coming from the East?" He asked and immediately one of the ministers stepped forward,he bowed before he started talking. 

"It was last night your majesty,the sailors coming from the East suddenly experienced a wild gale your majesty,the ship got totally destroyed and the sailors had to swim all the way to a safe place,loosing all their goods and belongings. But fortunately nobody died,according to them the gale doesn't seem natural" He explained. 

"Doesn't seem.....Natural?" The emperor asked again while creasing his brows. 

"Yes your majesty" the ministers all chorused. 

The emperor said nothing and dropped that,he took another one and read. He raised his head again with a more shocking look on his face. 

"What's going on in the woods?" He asked. 

Immediately one of the elders stepped forward. 

"Just last night......"

"Last...night?" The emperor asked,cutting him off. 

"Yes your majesty" He said. 

"Go on"

"Three hunters died while hunting,according to the hunters who escaped,it was a beast. The three hunters had a lot of bruises all over their bodies which can never be done by a human,their bodies turned black like their souls were sucked from them" the minister reported and the emperor adjusted on his seat. 

He quickly dropped that one and opened another one. 

"What........the market square? What happened again?" He asked. 

"This one happened in the night before midnight your majesty.....it was said that a strange man in black suddenly passed through the market and some stores were set on fire......"

"That's enough" the emperor mumbled and fold his fist before dropping the report in his hand. 

"All these....happened yesterday?! And you are just reporting to me?! Just why?" He asked angrily and immediately they all bowed. 

"Forgive us your majesty,we had to go around to confirm the rumors ourselves before reporting to you" 

"And besides,I think like it was reported,none of these are natural"

"It's like a sudden curse and spiritual plaque...."

"Enough...." The emperor ordered and there was silence. 

The emperor stood up and they kept bowing. 

"End of meeting,,let's meet again tomorrow" He said and walked out. Asher immediately followed.  

"Your majesty,how about I go into the woods with the warriors......" Asher wanted to suggest. 

"That won't work" The emperor said immediately. 

"Then,do you have any other idea? I'm ready to help your majesty......."

"I want to be alone Asher,you can go" The emperor said 

Asher bowed and shifted back,he walked behind him till he entered his chamber then Asher went back. 


Emperor Augustus entered the room and the first thing he saw was the meal on the table untouchable. No sight of Zhuri,but he could smell her,he walked into the bathroom and there was Zhuri,she slept off in the bathtub. 

Immediately he saw her face,all the anger and rage he was feeling went down and a smile escaped his lips. 

"So cute" He chuckled,staring at her sleepy face. 

He bent down and carried her not minding if she was wet,he took her into the room and dropped her on the bed. 

He wanted to leave but then Zhuri grabbed his robe and the emperor looked at her hand. 

"You're not sleeping?" He asked. 

"Your sweet scent woke me up my Lord" Zhuri said and he bent closer to kiss her lips. 

"You don't look good,did something happened?" She asked. 

"You noticed perfectly" The emperor mumbled. 

Zhuri immediately sat up. 

"You can tell me......"

"No,it's not something you should worry about Zhuri" He said and Zhuri sighed. 

"It will be fine right?" She asked. 

"Don't worry about it" The emperor said and pat her hair. 

"You didn't eat....."

"Let's eat together" Zhuri immediately cut in and the emperor chuckled. 

"Fine then" He said. 


"Not natural? You think it's a disaster or something?" Ximena asked the guard giving him every updates going on in the palace. 

"I really have no idea,but according to what I heard,it's the beast's work" The guard said And Ximena sighed out. 

"Is the emperor angry? What's his reaction?" She asked. 

"Likely....angry" he replied. 

Ximena nodded. 

"You can go now,I will call you when I need you again" She said. 

The guard bowed and walked out of the suite. 

Ximena chuckled. 

"Is this like a punishment or something?" She asked and continue laughing. 

"Now I need to get rid of Zhuri to get his majesty back" She mumbled. 


Sabrina was taking a walk,her maids walking behind her also. 

She suddenly stopped and faced them. 

"Y'all should go on and rest,I want to be alone" She said. 

They all bowed and walked away. 

Sabrina sighed and continue her walk until she saw Gael coming. 

Her eyes widened immediately. 

"Oh no,he can't see me" She shook her head and turned around to run,she bumped er head into another guard. 

"Ouch!" She screamed and touched her head. 

"Your highness,are you okay?" 

"You should watch where you're going" Gael immediately ran over to them. 

"Oh no" Sabrina bite her lips. 

"Leave" Gael said to the guard who walked away immediately. 

"Are you okay?" Gael asked and tried to touch her head. 

"Don't touch me,I'm fine" Sabrina mumbled. 


"Stop it Gael,I said I am fine" Sabrina snapped and Gael sighed. 

"Are you mad at me?" He asked. 

"No I'm not" Sabrina mumbled. 

"Then allow me check your head at least." Gael groaned. 

"You shouldn't touch me"


"Because your touch has effects on me!" Sabrina Snapped loudly. 

Gael immediately looked around to make sure nobody was coming.

"What!! Everyone should hear me I don't care!!" Sabrina screamed. 

Gael covered her mouth and dragged her away. 

"Leave me alone!!" 

Gael ignored her screams till they entered her suite,she was breathing heavily. 

"That wasn't nice" Gael said. 

"I don't care okay?" Sabrina snapped. 

Gael sighed out. 

"Stop being dramatic......." Sabrina grabbed his face and smashed her lips on his own. 

Just when Gael was about to reciprocate,she broke the kiss.

"Think about what I said last night first" She rolled her eyes and walked out of his sight. 

Gael licked his lips and touched his hair before going out. 


Emperor appeared in the middle of the woods,he was wearing just a simple robe,different from the royal ones,he had a complete cold expression on his face,in a word,he looked angry as he looked around. The breeze blowing his air. 

As soon as he felt Forrest's presence,even before he made himself visible,the emperor's eyes turned red and caught him in the air,he became visible and the emperor threw him against one of the trees aggressively. 

Before he could get up,the emperor appeared in front of him again and pulled him up with a finger,strangling him. 

"How....dare....you" He said in a thick husky and abgry yet calm voice. 

Forrest chuckled. 

"Finally,I made you angry" he said. 

"How dare you!!!!!" The emperor roared and his hair turned white,his claws removed themselves and he wanted to just smash him without thinking,but then he didn't. 

"Why not do it??" Forrest asked. 

Augustus released him and exhaled,controlling his anger. 

"If you want to mess with me,Face me directly you weak bastard!!! Don't touch my people" he said. 

Forrest laughed out loudly that it echoed in the whole woods. 

"When I'm just getting started?" He asked. 

"I'm going to destroy them all,I will destroy everything!!!! In your Face!!!! You better get ready for me dear brother,I'm going to destroy everyone around you then destroy you lastly,with my two hands,I'm going to end your life" Forrest threatened. 

"I told you...you can face me,but don't touch the people around me,you will be dying a second death Forrest,don't make me mad" Augustus said. 

"I hate your confidence" Forrest said and immediately a sword appeared in his hand. 

His eyes turned black and he transferred some dark powers into the sword before he drilled it right into the ground. 

A loud thunder struck and rain started,it's not ordinary rain,it's a destructive rain. 

The emperor opened his palm and allowed the rain fall on it,he looked at Forrest with shocking eyes. 

"What are you gonna do now brother? All the crops and plants your people made with their sweats will get destroyed,what are you going to do? But then,this is only the beginning" Forrest laughed out loudly as usual before he vanished. 

Emperor Augustus stood there for a minute before making the rain stop,he opened his palms and some seeds appeared on them,his eyes shone on them and the seeds started going up,it got to the air and made a loud burst. 

Another rain began to fall,a productive one this time around. The dead plants would come alive. 


Zhuri just returned from the emperor's chamber but it was empty,she sighed out sadly. 

She sat down on her bed and touched her tummy,she has been having this strange feeling since morning and seems like it got even worse. 

"Did I eat something bad?" She asked herself. 

She suddenly got the sudden feeling to puke.

Zhuri got up immediately and rushed into the bathroom,instantly she started throwing up everything she ate. 

After that,she felt weak and before she knew it,her eyes rolled tiredly and she passed out in there. 


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