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The Darkest Conjuration-Episode 55&56




The Darkest Conjuration-Episode 55&56

Theme: Stuck With The Immortal Emperor...

Genres:  Historical/ Royal Dark Romance/ Fantasy/ Erotica. 

By Summer Gold R. 


"I missed being inside you so much Zhuri,and tonight,I don't want to come out again when I'm in" The emperor said and Zhuri couldn't believe her ears. 

"You look scared" Emperor Augustus teased and moved closer to her. 

"Let's take a walk first my lord" Zhuri suddenly said. 

"You're not trying to punish me,right?' The emperor asked and Zhuri nodded. 

"That's your punishment for leaving me" She said and he smiled. 

"Let's take a walk then" the emperor uttered and they left Zhuri's room. 


Sabrina raised her head up from the book she was holding and turned to Gael who was sitting opposite her. 

She had told him to watch her while she read,just because she wanted to keep on seeing his face. 

Looking at Gael,he was already sleeping. His eyes were closed and his head almost fell to the side,Sabrina immediately dropped the book in her hand and caught his head with her palm. 

Like that she shifted closed and sat next to him,she gently placed his head on her shoulder,her eyes not leaving his face. 

"Cute" She mumbled and touched his eyebrow. 

Her finger moved down to his lips and felt the softness,Gael opened his eyes and kissed her finger. 

Sabrina's eyes widened and immediately moved away,Gael chuckled. 

"You were.....awake?" She asked. 

"Your touch woke me up" Gael faced her and she gulped,feeling embarrassed. 

"That was......nothing" she mumbled and tried getting up. 

Gael grabbed her hand and pulled her back,she landed on his laps and looked at him. 

"Tell me what you want...right now" He said. 

Sabrina was quiet. 

"Let me go" She mumbled.

"That's what you want?" Gael asked. 

Sabrina shook her head. 

"Then......what......." Before he could finish,Sabrina's lips connected with his. 

She broke it right away. 

"That......is what I want" She said,staring deeply into his bright cute eyes. 

"I'm all yours" Gael mumbled and Sabrina smiled. 

She touched his face and slowly their lips met again,Gael wrapped his arms around her,kissing her back deeply. 

Sabrina's hand slipped under his shirt and felt his chest,she m0@ned into the kiss and she started taking it off. 

Gael held her hand immediately and broke the kiss. 

"Not up to that" He mumbled,their eyes still on each other. 

"You think....I can really stop right now? You said you're all mine" Sabrina uttered. 

"You wanted a kiss..not that......."

"No,I want all" Sabrina said and Gael raised his brows. 

"You want to get me killed?" He asked. 

"Brother won't find out anyway" Sabrina said and Gael chuckled. 

"He knows everything going on in this palace,he just doesn't talk" he said and Sabrina pouted. 

"Hey princess,do you like me?" Gael grinned. 

"Isn't it...obviously?" Sabrina asked and Gael stopped smiling. 

"You....do?" He asked. 

"I....I'm in love with you Gael" Sabrina said and Gael's eyes widened. 


"Don't worry about the answer,don't bother about that,I don't want to hear" Sabrina stood up. 

"Goodnight,you can go" she said and went into the room. 

Gael sighed and stood up,he stood there for another minute before going out. 


"So....if you hit ten targets,you're gonna let me do what I want with you?" The emperor asked as Zhuri handled the arrow and bow carefully. 

"I listened to your teaching well,so you don't have to be worried,I got this" Zhuri grinned and took the input the first arrow. 

"Careful" The emperor said behind her,he straightened her arm. 

"Now shoot" He said and Zhuri released the arrow. 

"Bullseye!!!!" She screamed happily.

The emperor chuckled,seeing her cute happy face. 

He gave her the second arrow. 

"You're such a fast learner Zhuri" he said. 

"Thank you my lord" Zhuri said and shoot the second. 

"I got it again!!" She shouted and faced the emperor. 

"I want to learn swordfighting next" She said. 

"But....why?" The emperor asked. 

"For protection......"

"I'm enough for that,just call me anytime and I will be there in a second" Emperor Augustus said and Zhuri grinned. 


The emperor nodded. 

"I don't think I can wait any longer Zhuri" He said. 

"I'm all yours... Alone" Zhuri mumbled. 

He touched her cheek,the next second,they are both inside the emperor's chamber in his room. 

Zhuri looked around before facing him back. 

"I miss the scent of this room my lord" She smiled. 

"I missed your body scent more" The emperor said and Zhuri blushed. 

Slowly the space between them covered and their lips connected at once,warm,wet and reckless kiss. 

The emperor started getting rid of her clothes right away without waiting,in just a minute,their clothes were all gone. The unchaining wild,delicious feelings in their bellies as the hot kiss continued even on the bed,Zhuri held the emperor tightly and possessively,getting lost into the deep kiss. 

She moaned into his mouth as their tongues slides over one another,getting the perfect sweetness of their tastes. 

The emperor slipped his finger into Zhuri's honeypot and she let out a gasp which was swallowed by the kiss at once,she shifted on the bed and the emperor's finger went in and out of her,stroking matched with the movement of their tongues. 

He added another finger and Zhuri's body moved in an electrifying manner. She broke the kiss and looked into his eyes. 

"My lord" She called in a cracked voice. 

Emperor Augustus smiled at her and kissed her sweats,he kissed her neck and continue kissing her body. His fingers still doing their things in and out of her pu+$y. His mouth captured her one of her nipples and Zhuri got hold of his hair slightly as he sucked them into his mouth. 

"Ohh......" Zhuri moaned,her eyes went closed with her lips teased apart. 

He suddenly slid another finger inside her. 

"My Lord!!" Zhuri screamed out,the emperor leaned down and covered her scream with a deep sleep,f+cking her with his fingers. 

The thrusts were watering and appetizing,his fingers were covered with her sweet liquids. 

"Hmm" the little sound from Zhuri shackled his lust and he let out his fingers before breaking the kiss. 

Zhuri was breathing heavily,her lips trembling while she managed to caress his cheek. 

"You know we still have a long way to go" The emperor said in a flirty voice. 

"I can do this every minute,as long as you're the one my lord" Zhuri mumbled. 

"Just me alone" The emperor smiled and Zhuri nodded With a grin which invited his touch at once.  

Emperor Augustus roughly pushed his whole size inside her and a loud gasp escaped her lips, choking her breath first of all. 

He perceived her every desires,she wanted him,so much,just as much as he wanted her. He pressed her more on the back and filled her up completely,leaving no space. 

"Tell me if I ever hurt you,I will stop" He said in a groan. 

"I want this as much as you do my lord" Zhuri said,her fingers playing inside the emperor's hair While he started the passionate ride,joining their heated flesh. 

The way their skins slapped against each other,naked slaps,the keening sound as she threw her head back. The way her long hair untied and flipped back with her,her face,her unstable breaths,the emperor's pleasured face,his memorable grunts while thrusting and smacking even faster. Their eyes contacts,the long liquid kiss that rushed lust through them. 

"Oh....gosh" Zhuri groaned and her fingers moved over from the Emperor's wet chest down,leaving scars there. Their sweats connected as the emperor's own dropped on hers. 

"Great" He let out a groan when he stopped his thrusts. 

"It stings" He uttered,staring into Zhuri's eyes. 

"Huh?" Zhuri asked. 

"Your fingers...." he mumbled and that was when Zhuri saw the lines her fingers did.

"Oh no.....you should heal that up" She said. 

The emperor shook his head. 

"I don't want to....it's a memory" he smiled and Zhuri smiled.

"I'm going to make sure the scars remain forever,I don't want to forget this moment" He added and came closer,Zhuri immediately opened up her lips and he kissed her. He broke the kiss and went for her ear. 

"I told you.....I will be sleeping inside you" He whispered. 

Zhuri swallowed. 

"It's going to be an honor if the emperor of the Moon  empire sleeps right inside me" She said. 

The emperor smiled sinfully. 

"You're such a s+ductress,you're the only one who gets me unexpectedly" He said. 

Zhuri chuckled and touched his chest. 

"You're so handsome my lord" she said. 

"You finally grow the boldness to tell me that" Emperor Augustus said. 

Zhuri bite her lips. 

He pulled his dick out and then slides back in. 

"My lord....." Zhuri exhaled,closing her eyes. 

"If you keep making that face,I won't let you rest all night Zhuri" The emperor said. 

"I don't want to rest my lord,I want more....more" Zhuri said. 


She nodded. 

"But this time,I want to be the one to please you" Zhuri said. 

The emperor let out a naughty smile as he stared at her speechlessly. 

"Don't underestimate me my lord,you've been doing alot,don't you think it's time to rest and watch what your dear slave can do?" Zhuri asked and gently pushed his chest. 

They disconnected s+xually and Zhuri pulled him on the bed,she came on top instead. 

"My Lord....can you control your m0@ns?" She asked. 

"What?" The emperor couldn't believe his ears. 

He laughed. 

"You will be the end of me Zhuri....really" He said. 

"That's an honor" Zhuri mumbled and pressed her lips on his own,she kissed him deeply for a short minute,she started tracing his chest downward until her hand grabbed his mighty warrior. 

Emperor Augustus inhaled and Zhuri smiled at his reaction,she began rubbing slowly,he was so big and thick and she could feel the vein running through his,screaming for her special touch,but knowingly,she kept rubbing slightly and gently. 

"Damn...Zhuri" The emperor grunted. 

"Say the word,my Lord" She smirked,her body closed tightly around him. 

"Your Mouth" The Emperor exhaled as she added even more pressure to it. 

"Say please" Zhuri whispered and the emperor looked at her. 

He has never said that word to anyone. 


"Say please" She shook her head and touched the tip of his d+ck with her tongue tip,wetly. 

"F...k.....you're killing me. Please" The emperor uttered and Zhuri chuckled. 

She held his size in her hand and slowly covered it with her mouth,the size getting enclosed slowly inside her mouth. 

The emperor let out a loud sweet groan,the one he has never released before,because no one has ever made him feel just this way. 

"Zhuri" He called in an husky voice and couldn't close his mouth. 

Zhuri could feel the strong adrenaline rush,the intense excitement and emotions flowing inside the emperor as she did justice to his rod. 

The emperor groaned and got hold of Zhiri's hair. 

Zhuri didn't look up once,she sucked him cleanly and deeply till he released unceremoniously into her mouth and all over her face. 

The emperor grunted out and exhaled loudly. 

Zhuri swallowed up the one in her mouth and smiled at him.

"I made you....m0@n my lord" She said proudly. 

"You deserve a sweet punishment for that" Emperor Augustus said and Zhuri chuckled. 

"I want that" She said and connected their lips at once. 

The emperor squeezed her @ss cheeks possessively and changed position,Zhuri was laying on the bed once again. 

The emperor broke the kiss and went down on her,he widened her thighs and the watery sound made him inhale. 

"I've never done this to anyone....but I want to taste you so badly" He said and Zhuri bite her lips. 

The emperor brought his face down,inhaling the heavily special meal in front of him,the sweet scent was delectable,he wanted to feast on her....fucking eat her up till she begs him to stop. 

He licked her with the tip of his tongue and Zhuri froze. 

The emperor held her down so tight before getting to work. 

"That's so good" Zhuri Moaned,her eyes closed half way while her lips parted as the emperor ate her up. 

He bite her vagina lips and Zhuri screamed out. 

"My lord!!" 

Emperor Augustus inserted two fingers in even while eating her up,he was fucking her with his fingers and also using his tongue at the same time. 

A water like liquid splashed all over his face in a fast stream. 

She just really squirted. 

"Fuck" Zhuri Exhaled when he stopped finally. 

But almost immediately,his d+ck penetrated inside her again,in a rough way. 

"Ouch!!" Zhuri screamed out and grabbed his arm.

"My Lord!! Please!! Go slow!" 

"That's your punishment for ordering me around,just now" Emperor Augustus said and increased his pace. 

"I'm sorry!!!!!" Zhuri screamed. 

He continue f*+*king her,his thrusts getting more faster and deeper inside her. 

"Oh my Lo........Augustus!!" She screamed out his name. 


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