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The Darkest Conjuration-Episode 53&54




The Darkest Conjuration-Episode 53&54

Theme: Stuck With The Immortal Emperor...

Genres:  Historical/ Royal Dark Romance/ Fantasy/ Erotica. 

By Summer Gold R. 



It was all silence between the emperor and Zhuri as she poured him some tea from the jug into the glass cup,she wanted to ask questions but at the same time she was scared of his anger. 

Different questions were going through her head,who was that man? Why were they fighting? 

"You can have this my Lord" She said,pushing the glass cup closer to him. 

The emperor looked at her. 

"That was my brother" He said and Zhuri's eyes widened. 

"Your brother?" She asked again and the emperor nodded. 

"I have two brothers" Emperor Augustus said and it sounded like a weird story in Zhuri's ears. 

"I killed them" The emperor said and the jug almost fell from Zhuri's hand. 

She immediately dropped it. 

"Huh?" She was confused,did she hear that right? 

"We had a fight when we were still together in the other world,and....I killed them during the fight. That was the reason why I've been stuck here for the past five hundred years" The emperor explained. 

Zhuri swallowed,she was speechless and at the same time confused and scared. 

"I'm more bad than you think Zhuri,you will start running away from me if you know what I did,I'm not a good person" Emperor Augustus said and continued. 

"I've been waiting for this day...when my brothers will come for me,definitely to kill me,even though they won't be able to...but If they can't,then they will go for something else,someone who mean a lot to me....."

"You're not going to tell me to stay away from you.....right?" Zhuri asked. 

"Maybe that will be the right thing to do at this point Zhuri" the emperor said. 

Zhuri shook her head. 

"I don't care what you did,I want to be with you no matter what,my lord" 

"I don't want you to get hurt,don't fall in love with me Zhuri,I don't deserve it. I'm not someone you can love,I won't be here for you to the end,because I won't be here forever and........"

"Stop!!!!" Zhuri screamed out tearfully. 

"Stop telling me or that,stop trying so hard to make me leave! Fine,I'm going to stay away like you want,but I will be waiting for you to call me back,I won't give up. I want you to miss me so much,then you call me back,I will be waiting" Zhuri said and walked out of the chamber in tears. 

"I shouldn't fall in love with him?,when I've fallen so hard? Why is he telling me all that?" She asked as she walked to her room,more tears falling down her eyes. 

"He's so mean.....so mean. I hope he miss me so much,he should. I'm not going to run after him this time around,no matter how hard it is,no matter how much I miss him" She said and wiped her tears. 


Emperor Augustus was staring at the moon tree,it's been five days since he spoke with Zhuri,he knew she cried when he told her to stay away. But he was surprised when he came here and found the flowers still blooming beautifully. 

*Iwant you to miss me so much,then you call me back,I will be waiting* 

That was Zhuri's word. 

It's obvious she doesn't hate him, she's waiting like she said. 

"You must be worried about her" The deity appeared and the emperor faced her. 

"I told you to do something about her,can't you take those feelings away from her? Forrest is back,he might hurt her" He said. 

"He won't hurt her" The deity said. 

The emperor gave her a look. 

"You need to decide at this point August" The deity said. 

"Even if I want to leave......not now" The emperor said. 

The deity sighed out and turned to the tree. 

"So what's your decision?" She asked. 

"I'm going to protect her.....so give me more time to stay" Emperor Augustus said and the deity nodded. 


Zhuri was alone in the kitchen doing the dishes,the past five days have been so hectic and boring to her,totally down.

Even though she tried to stop herself from being moody and just forget about the emperor for few days,she just couldn't get her mind straight,not thinking about him was beginning to seem like a sin. 

Without telling her,she knew she was getting obsessed,she just want to be with him every second of the day. She has volunteered to do all the ditches just because she wanted to forget about him,but as always,nothing is working. 

"Zhuri?" Lady Esme called the moment she entered. 

Zhuri turned. 

"Lady Esme" She called and managed to smile. 

"Why are you doing this all alone?" Esme asked. 

"It was my decision" Zhuri replied. 

"You always work yourself too much when you have alot in your mind,I've noticed you for the past five days,you don't look so good. What happened this time?" Esme asked. 

"Is there any herb I can use to stop me from thinking about him?" Zhuri asked in a silent voice. 

Esme couldn't help but to burst into a loud laughter. 


Zhuri sighed and continue washing the dishes. 

"You think there's anything like that?" Esme asked. 

"I wish there is" Zhuri replied and Esme stroked her hair. 

"Everything will be fine Zhuri,don't over work yourself" She said. 

Zhuri smiled but the smile looks sad as she let it out. 

"I think I've passed the stage where I was able to control my feelings,and I hate it so much.What if he never calls me back? Just what if......"

"Zhuri" Esme called and pulled her into a hug. 

"Don't hug me,I might cry. But I don't want to" Zhuri said and broke the hug. 

Esme smiled. 

"You're becoming more strong,I like that,make sure you don't shed a tear. But if you really want to cry,then let it out,okay?" Esme said and Zhuri nodded. 

"Thank you court lady" She said. 

"Wanna have some fried chicken?"  Esme asked and Zhuri's eyes brightened. 

"Yes!!"she screamed and Esme chuckled. 


The emperor was inside with Asher while working when Ryleigh's arrival was announced outside. 

Asher looked at the emperor. 

"Should I let her in?" He asked. 

Just before the emperor could reply,the door opened and Ryleigh came in. 

"Your majesty" She bowed.

"Why are you here?" The emperor asked. 

"You refused to see me" Ryleigh replied. 

"Ryleigh,I told you I'm not in the mood........"

"Did I do something wrong? This is like a punishment your majesty" Ryleigh said. 

"Can you leave for now? I am working,let's talk later" The emperor said and Ryleigh shook her head. 

"Can we just talk now....."

"Ryleigh!!" He yelled at her and Ryleigh bit her lips. 

"Can you please just leave? Leave!" 

Ryleigh immediately turned and walked out of the chancery. 

"Follow her" The emperor said to Asher. 

"Yes your majesty" Asher bowed and went out,after Ryleigh. 

Ryleigh turned back and saw Asher following her. 

"Why are you here?" She asked. 

"His majesty's order,he want me to walk you to your suite" Asher said. 

"He cares,he still cares...right?" She asked. 

"No" Asher replied and Ryleigh raised her brows. 

"He doesn't?" She asked. 

"Think about it and answer the question yourself lady" Asher said. 

Ryleigh saw some maids passing,holding red apples. 

"The apples" She said. 

"You want them?" Asher asked and she immediately nodded. 

"I will help you get......"

"Let's go together" Ryleigh cut in. 

"Huh?" Asher looked at her and she smiled. 

"Why are you making that face? I want to watch you getting them for me" She grabbed his hand. 

"Which way?" She asked. 

"Left" Asher replied in a mutter as she kept holding his hand. 

Ximena saw them from afar and smirked. 

"Such a view to look at" She said. 


"Your majesty I couldn't get the......." Asher stopped talking when he couldn't find the emperor on the same seat he left him just two minutes ago. 

"Your majesty??" He called and ran into the room,but it was empty. 

"He didn't disappear again right?" Asher wondered and sighed out loudly. 

He dropped the book in his hand and ran out of the chamber. 


Zhuri was on the bad,even though she couldn't sleep,she lay down there,staring into the air. 

Suddenly a knock came on the door and she sat up instantly,

A sudden coldness rushed through her body and she wondered who that was. 

She got down from the bed and walked to the door. She slowly opened the door,standing before her was the emperor. 

"My.....lord?" She called,staring into his eyes. 

"Can I come in?" The emperor asked. 

"No,I was about sleeping. And besides,you shouldn't be here" Zhuri replied and closed the door. 

She was expecting him to appear inside but nothing of such happened. 

'He gave up? Just like that?' She thought and immediately opened the door back. 

The emperor was still standing there. 

"Why....are you still here?" Zhuri asked. 

"I'm going to stay here till you want me in" He replied and Zhuri looked down. 

"I'm the slave,you're the master. I didn't mean that" She mumbled and walked in without closing the door. 

Emperor Augustus entered and closed the door,he turned to Zhuri who was now backing him. 

"You asked me to stay away" Zhuri said. 

"And you told me you will be waiting" The emperor replied and Zhuri faced him. 

"Then you will do it again,and I will keep waiting forever......"

"I missed you" The emperor cut her off. 

"I couldn't even keep to my own word,I missed you so much that it's killing me...I'm sorry I said that,I just want to protect you" He said and for the first time Zhuri could feel that softness and sincerity in his voice. 

"But....why did you come here? You should have called" Zhuri said. 

"Why? You think someone might see me?" 

Zhuri nodded. 

"I don't mind" The emperor said and Zhuri smiled. 

"I missed you too my Lord,alot" She said. 

Emperor Augustus moved closer to her and pulled her into a hug. 

"I'm sorry for pushing you away every time,but not anymore. I'm going to protect you no matter what,from now on" He said. 

'Is that a love confession?' Zhuri thought,hugging him back tightly. 

"Do you want us to sleep together tonight? Right beside each other, I missed it so much" Zhuri said. 

"No,I don't want that" The emperor replied.

Zhuri broke the hug right away and looked up into his eyes. 

"Why? You said you missed me,are you going to leave me here again?" She asked sadly. 

The emperor pulled her hair behind her hair and caress her cheek. 

"I can't sleep beside you because.....I will be sleeping inside you" He said and Zhuri's heart skipped a beat. 


"I missed being inside you so much Zhuri,and tonight,I don't want to come out again when I'm in" The emperor said and Zhuri couldn't believe her ears. 


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