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The Darkest Conjuration-Episode 51&52




The Darkest Conjuration-Episode 51&52

Theme: Stuck With The Immortal Emperor...

Genres:  Historical/ Royal Dark Romance/ Fantasy/ Erotica. 

By Summer Gold R. 



The emperor was in his library,reading as usual. Somehow he was waiting patiently for Zhuri and Sabrina to return safely into the palace. 

All of a sudden,a loud and strange wind from nowhere blew past his face,his long hair scattered and his eyes turned red,his hair became white and his claws were trying to force themselves out. 

The book in the emperor's hand dropped and he looked up,out of the window then back to his claws. 

He immediately controlled them and everything became normal again,but again that same feelings kept coming. 

"What was that?" He mumbled and stood up,he walked out of the library into the lounge,it was empty but all the lights were already out. He shone his eyes on them and they all came back on. He walked into the bedroom,it was also dark and empty,after turning on the lights,he disappeared from the room and appeared in the palace field 

It was so silent outside but he could inhale the strange smell,it was strange but yet familiar in a way. 

In a way that his devilish self was restless,his claws wouldn't stop coming out every second,and his eyes were glowing so much. 

"What's going on?" Emperor Augustus asked himself and looked up. 

The cloud was so dark but he still couldn't get exactly what was going on. 

But either ways,the feelings aren't good. It was threatening. 

"Your majesty" That voice made him stop thinking and he turned back to find Ryleigh beaming with smiles as she stared at him. 

"Oh,Ryleigh" The emperor also called. 

"Since you're here,why not take a walk with me?" She asked. 

Even before the emperor could decline,she grabbed his hand and took him away. 

The emperor looked back about two times before he decided to shove the feelings off. 

Maybe he's just worried about Sabrina......


"Goodnight princess" Zhuri waved at Sabrina when they got to her suite. 

"Bye Zhuri,I really enjoyed my night thanks to you" Sabrina said. 

"It's the other way round" Zhuri smiled. 

Sarina waved at her one last time before going in. 

Zhuri turned immediately toward the Royal Chamber. 

She have been restless ever since she saw those eyes,back at the market square. She just couldn't stop thinking about it,she can't. 

Getting to the chamber,the guards stopped her from going in. 

"I need to see my lord....."

"I'm afraid you can't" One of the guards said. 

"Why? Is he asleep?" Zhuri asked. 

"His majesty and lady Ryleigh are inside" 

That sounded twice in Zhuri's head.

Ryleigh? And the Emperor? Together by this time? That only means one thing,they are spending the night together. 

Zhuri took her lips in and nodded. 

"Thank you" She mumbled and immediately turned back,she walked away. 


Ryleigh opened her eyes slowly and turned around,she discovered she was the only one on the bed and immediately sat up. 

"Your......" She haven't finished when the emperor came in,fully dressed. 

"Your majesty" She bowed. 

The emperor nodded in return.

"Don't tell me,you left me all alone in the room" Ryleigh said. 

"I couldn't sleep all night" he replied and Ryleigh's brows creased. 

"You couldn't sleep? But....why??" She asked curiously. 

The emperor sighed out.

"You should go now Ryleigh,I will be busy today" He said. 

Ryleigh came down from the bed and moved into him,she hugged him gently. 

"Ryleigh" Emperor Augustus pulled her off. 

"Your majesty,I....."

"How about we talk later?" 

Ryleigh nodded. 

"I'm going to miss you" She smiled and kissed his cheek before walking out. 

"Your majesty" Asher's voice came after some minutes. 

"Xinena is here your majesty" Asher said. 

Emperor Augustus walked out of the room to the lounge. 

"Let her in" He answered. 


"So what?! How dare you look at me like that?........." She couldn't finish her statement when Zhuri landed an heavy slap on her face. 

It sounded so loud and everyone gasped.  

Ximena's eyes widened...she wasn't expecting it. 

"What...did you just do?" She asked and touched her face. 

"You must have forgotten that you're nothing but you here" Zhuri said only to Xinena's hearing. 

"What?" Ximena frowned. 

She wanted to hit Zhuri again but Asher appeared at the scene,he grabbed Zhuri's hand and dragged her away. 

👥 That serves lady Ximena right. 

👥 Zhuri apologized. 

👥 She's not even his Majesty's lady again,why is she still acting so bosy?

The maids kept talking as they walked away,leaving Ximena there in tears 

"No..no...I can't go down this way. Never I can't" she shook her and also walked away. 


"Asher left Zhuri's hand when they got somewhere silent. 

"You shouldn't get into trouble" Asher said. 

"I just....couldn't help it" Zhuri mumbled. 

"You Know how Ximena is,she's corny. Just because her position was temporarily taken from her doesn't mean she wouldn't do anything,so be careful" Asher said. 

Zhuri nodded. 

"Thank you Asher" She smiled 

"You're welcome" he said 


The three deities were all walking in the garden,if was all white and snowy,they all have white robes on matching their white hair. 

The breeze was so cold and as they speak,one would hear the echo going round the garden. 

The flowers falling are all white,purely served,everywhere. 

"He's back,as I expected" The second deity said. 

"August can't escape the war coming,but just a decision from him will change everything"  The third Deity said and they both turned to the first deity. 

"Is there any plans we don't know about?"

"None,But what if August avoid the war? That decision....  Will hurt the human girl" The first deity said. 

"You don't want to convince him?" The third deity said. 

"No,I promised myself.....this time around. But I hope his decision will be for the best,I want Zhuri to be happy,no matter what." The first deity said. 

"Either ways,I think Zhuri will be happy,but August...." The second deity shook her head. 


Emperor Augustus was walking alone In the palace field,just like last night,his body was restless. 

Still the same feelings,strange but familiar. 

He sighed out and kept walking but then the breeze increased,it started blowing around him alone and he stopped. 

"Show yourself" The emperor said calmly without moving. 

"Do you miss me? Brother?" He heard that voice and he turned. 

His eyes widened immediately he saw the image standing in front of him.

"Forrest?" He called. 

"You're not even scared to mention my name" Forrest chuckled. 

Walking closer in his black robe,in a blink of an eye,a sword appeared in his hand and vanished,the next second he appeared it was right next to the emperor. 

He slide the sword toward his tummy but the emperor was faster,he flew away from him and Forrest stopped moving,he looked around but couldn't find him. 

"Your back" Emperor Augustus muttered. 

Forrest turned immediately and pushed his sword forward only to discover that nothing was there. Before he could turn,Augustus's sword stabbed him from the back and came out in front. 

Emperor Augustus appeared in his front again. 

"You're still as slow as before" He smirked. 

Forrest laughed out loudly,he removed the sword from his tummy while groaning. He removed it and the sword melted away. 

He sped up to the emperor and grabbed his neck. 

"Can't believe you still got guts to stab me" Forrest said. 

"Why are you here?" Emperor Augustus asked. 

Forrest shoved his claws into his chest and threw him away,the emperor landed on the ground 

He looked down at his bloody chest and immediately it healed. 

Forrest laughed and shone his red eyes on him. 

"No!!!!" Zhuri screamed and immediately covered the emperor on the ground. 

Forrest stopped,his eyes on Zhuri. 

"My Lord,are you okay?" Zhuri asked.

"Zhuri,Leave,go" Emperor Augustus stood up. 

"How can I leave you? Are you okay?" Zhuri asked and faced Forrest. 

"It was you... At the market Square" She said. 

"Zhuri!!" The emperor called. 

Forrest smiled,still staring at Zhuri interestingly. 

"So what?" He asked. 

"Zhuri Leave" The emperor said. 

Zhuri gave Forrest one last look and started walking away as the emperor ordered but then,Forrest appeared in front of her. 

He touched Zhuri's hair and she moved away in fear. 

"What are you doing?! Don't you dare touch her!!" Emperor Augustus yelled. 

Forrest smiled and Zhuri swallowed. 

"I think I fell in love at first sight" Forrest said,still staring at Zhuri. 


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