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The Darkest Conjuration-Episode 49&50




The Darkest Conjuration-Episode 49&50

Theme: Stuck With The Immortal Emperor...

Genres:  Historical/ Royal Dark Romance/ Fantasy/ Erotica. 

By Summer Gold R. 


Zhuri immediately grabbed his arm,the moment he faced her,she smashed her lips on his own. 

The emperor broke the kiss almost immediately and looked into Zhuri's eyes. 

"What was that about" He asked calmly. 

Zhuri bite her lips.

"Tell me" He requested. 

"She tried to kiss you" Zhuri mumbled. 

The emperor stared at her for a minute before laughing out,he found it totally funny,really funny. 

"And then you screamed......."

"I can't let her do that" Zhuri cut in. 

"Why?" The emperor asked. 

Zhuri shook her head 

"I....have no idea" She muttered. 

Emperor Augustus tucked her hair behind her ears. 

"She's my fiancee" He said and Zhuri looked at him. 

"You don't want her to do it either" She said. 

"It's more funny because youre right,so why were you so jealous?" He asked. 

"If I was a minute late,her lips would have touched yours" Zhuri said. 

"But still,you shouldn't react that way next time. For some time,she's my fiancee and....."

"I don't want you to kiss her" Zhuri said. 

The emperor helped her up and hugged her. 

"I told you not to get jealous" he said. 

"I can't help it" Zhuri shook her head. 

"You should know I can't be cold to Ryleigh,I can't do that. It's not the right thing to do,so leave me to handle things my own way,since that's what the royal officials want" The emperor said and Zhuri broke the hug. 

"If you get married to her,then...what will happen to me? You won't get rid of me right?" She asked. 

"You won't be happy if I let you go?" The emperor asked and Zhuri looked at him. 

"If you let me go....as a slave" she muttered. 

The emperor said nothing. 

"You can go,I am really going to continue my nap" he said. 

"You don't need my help?" Zhuri asked. 

"I hugged you,that should work for some minutes" Emperor Augustus replied and Zhuri smiled. 

She bowed and went out. 

Emperor Augustus let out a sigh and bite his lips. 

"What should I do about her?" He asked himself. 


Ximena was already waiting when Neriah showed up. 

She bowed slightly,keeping distance between them. 

"How can you not bother to look for me? Not even once" Ximena said. 

Neriah looked up and broke into tears. 

"My lady,you didn't tell me your purpose was to kill his Majesty's fiancee" She shook her head. 

"Do I have to tell you?"

"I was the one who added the poison to her food,you told me she would react to an allergy,you lied to me. I feel like a murderer" Neriah said. 

"Why would you feel that way? She didn't die...."

"She almost did!" Neriah cried. 

"So what? Are you going to turn against me now?" Ximena frowned. 

"You don't feel remorseful my lady" Neriah shook her head. 

"Why would I feel remorseful? She didn't die,and besides,I got punished for it" Ximena said. 

"I'm sorry my lady,but I need to go" Neriah bowed and immediately ran away before Ximena could say a word more. 

"What is wrong with her?!" Ximena scoffed angrily before walking away. 

Alora and McKenzie came out of their hideout and exchanged glances. 

"She's a murderer" Alora muttered unbelievably. 

"I think Neriah just discovered the type of person her lady is" McKenzie said and Alora nodded. 

"I need to tell my lady too" She muttered and McKenzie laughed. 


Ryleigh was still on her bed,she haven't moved ever since she came in after what happened earlier in the emperor's chamber. 

She wiped off her tears and sniffed in. 

"My lady,His majesty is here!" She heard from outside and she immediately faced the other side. 

A minute later,the emperor walked in. 

"Ryleigh?" He called. 

"I don't want to talk to you" Ryleigh muttered. 

Emperor Augustus could hear the tears in her voice. 

"Did you...cry?" He asked. 

"No I didn't" Ryleigh muttered. 

"Then,I guess I should go since you don't want to......" Ryleigh immediately faced him. 

"You're going to meet your slave girl again" She said. 

"I told you not to touch her,you can't hurt her" The emperor said. 

"She shouted at me! What was I supposed to do? Don't I deserve some respect from her? I do" Ryleigh said hurtfully. 

"She won't do that again" The emperor said. 

"I bet you didn't even scold her,your majesty,you like her right?" Ryleigh asked. 

"I.... "

"I don't care if you do" Ryleigh cut in immediately and got down from the bed,she hugged him. 

"I'm going to make you like me also,no matter what" She muttered. 

The emperor said nothing,the image of Zhuri's jealous face came to his head and he didn't know when he giggled. 

Ryleigh thinking he did that because of her,hugged him even more tighter. 

"I've really fallen for you....your majesty" She mumbled. 


Sabrina and Zhuri stood in front of the emperor after Sabrina asked for permission to go out of the palace. 

"But,why tonight? Why not during the day?" He asked. 

"Your majesty,it's always fun walking through the market in a night,like this" Sabrina said. 

"Be careful" The emperor said and Sabrina's eyes widened. 

"Is that a yes?" She asked. 

Emperor Augustus nodded. 

"Yessss!!!!" Sabrina's screamed. 

The emperor looked at Zhuri and Sabrina saw that. 

"Don't worry brother,I won't let anyone guy stare at her twice,trust me. Let's go Zhuri" She Dragged Zhuri out immediately. 

The emperor sighed out. 

"Don't get hurt" He mumbled. 


A covered up land broke and pulled apart,a strong wind started blowing all through the woods,the inner ground came up and in the darkest part,two red eyes opened all of a sudden. 

It was a creature,A demon. He stood up and growled loudly,sending off all the animals in the wild. 

After the loud growl,his body became normal,like a human and his red eyes changed too. His white hair turned black,he became a complete human,a good looking man. 

He smiled satanically and started walking,one step after the other,out of the woods in his all black robe. His long hair following the rhyme of the wind.  

Tabitha showed up that instance. 

"You're awake....I can help you with your revenge,you just have to be with me" She laughed out loudly. 

The all black demon opened his mouth,sending fire straight at her. 

"Ouuuuuuuuu!!!!!!!" Tabitha's scream was heard from far away in the woods. 

The demon vanished also. 


Sabrina and Zhuri held hands in the front,checking out almost everything  as they walked. 

Asher and Gael were behind them. 

"I'm tired" Gael groaned. 

"Blink away from them and receive your death accordingly" Asher muttered,his eyes not leaving both ladies. 

"Oh please,don't be so harsh"  Gael said. 

Asher ignored him,his eyes fell on a young man approaching,he was looking so lost and serious at the same time. 

He was looking all around the market like it's his first time. 

Asher looked at Sabrina and Zhuri who just stopped in front of a fishcake seller. 

"Please give us five sticks,it looks so delicious" Sabrina clapped. 

"One is enough for me" Zhuri muttered. 

"You wouldn't dare" Sabrina saud and Zhuri chuckled. 

"Just kidding,I'm going to eat alot,really" She said. 

They started with the five sticks,Zhuri ate two and Sabrina finished three also. 

"Wow,give us six more" Sabrina said . 

"More more" Zhuri said excitedly. 

"Let's buy matching bracelets after this" she said and Zhuri nodded. 

All of a suddenly someone bumped into her and she almost fell. 

Asher rushed to her but the person already caught Zhuri by the waist. 

Zhuri let out a gasp and looked up into his eyes. 

She saw his red eyes and even the way it sounded,she swallowed hard. 

He smiled at her. 

Asher pulled Zhuri to his side. 

"Watch where you're going please" he said,holding Zhuri tightly. 

Zhuri was lost in the man's eyes,he was also staring at her deeply. 

He let out one final smile before walking away. 

Zhuri swallowed hard. 

"It's....my Lord's eyes..the same" She thought,still staring at his back. 

"Zhuri are you okay?" Sabrina asked. 

Zhuri nodded gently. 

"Let's leave,I'm full" She muttered. 

"Oh,okay" Sabrina smiled.

They started walking again and Gael followed. 

Asher turned back again to look at the strange man,but he was gone.

He went after Zhuri and Sabrina. 


Ximena was crying her eyes out,on her knees in front of the emperor. 

"Please forgive me just this once! Please" 

"I never said I won't forgive you Ximena,don't act too forward" The emperor said and Ximena shook her head. 

"It's too much,I can't hold it anymore. Everything was taken away from me" She cried. 

The emperor grabbed her hand and pulled her up,he wiped her tears gently. 

"If you spend another minute here........You might have to start preparing your leace Ximena" He said and Ximena's eyes widened. 

"Your majesty...."

"Ten seconds left" The emperor mumbled. 

Ximena ran out instantly without thinking twice. 


Zhuri was walking with Alora and McKenzie,showing them her bracelet she got with Sabrina. 

She faced them. 

"What do you think?" She asked. 

"It's so beautiful,I love the color" McKenzie said. 

"I'm so sad my lady,you didn't get for  me" Alora pouted. 

"I'm sorry,The princess bought them not me" Zhuri said. 

She turned back again but ended up bumping into soneone. 

"What was that?!!!!!" Ximena screamed out. 

"I'm so sorry!!" Zhuri immediately bowed. 

"Sorry?! Sorry for what exactly?!" Ximena yelled. 

McKenzie and Alora exchanged glances. 

Some maids stopped immediately,hearing Ximena's scream. 

"I'm...sorry. It wasn't intentional" Zhuri mumbled. .

"It wasn't intentional?!!" Ximena screamed and without thinking,she slapped Zhuri in the face. 

Zhuri glared at ver. 

"I apologized" She said. 

"So what?! How dare you look at me like that?........." She couldn't finish her statement when Zhuri landed an heavy slap on her face. 

It sounded so loud and everyone gasped.  

Ximena's eyes widened...she wasn't expecting it. 


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