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The Darkest Conjuration-Episode 47&48




The Darkest Conjuration-Episode 47&48

Theme: Stuck With The Immortal Emperor...

Genres:  Historical/ Royal Dark Romance/ Fantasy/ Erotica. 

By Summer Gold R. 


"A child Zhuri........I badly want one,I can't have one but still.....I want one" He added.

There was silence just after that. 

"My lord" Zhuri called but got no response,she looked up to check on him and discovered he was already asleep. 

She smiled cutely and gently pushed his hair bangs away from his eyes,revealing his pretty brows. 

"How cute" She muttered and touched his brows on both sides. 

"He's not really from earth I guess" She said. 

'But then,what does he mean by his time will be over soon!?' She suddenly thought and her mood changed. 

'And what does he mean by he can't have a child? What's going on?' She asked again as if someone was going to answer her. 

She finally sighed out and decide to keep quiet and allow the emperor sleep,her thoughts might disturb him again like he always say. 


👥 You also heard the news right?

👥 Heard lady Ximena isn't the emperor's mistress until further notice. 

👥 her maids were even sent back here. 

👥 Oh I pity Neriah,now what remain for her?

The maids kept talking and mocking Neriah who was trying to work. 

The bag of grain in her hand fell and she tried carrying it again but someone stepped on it,she looked up and saw McKenzie.

"Now what,are you gonna slap me or insult me?" She asked. 

Alora smirked at Neriah. 

"You look so hungry,aren't you eating because your lady was called off?" Alora asked in a mocking voice. 

Neriah said nothing,she swallowed into nothing. 

"Are you seriously not going to talk? This isn't the Neriah I know right?" NcKenzie asked and Alora laughed. 

"Maybe she's the fake Neriah" she said and they both laughed out. 

"Girls" Zhuri to them. 

"Alora" she glared. 

"My lady,don't you think we should teach her some lessons now?" Alora asked. 

"That's not fair" Zhuri said and helped Neriah with the grain on the ground. 


"Thanks" Neriah mumbled and took it from Zhuri before walking away. 

"Gosh,Zhuri is such a turn off. You know how much that girl hates you" McKenzie groaned. 

"She only have to do whatever her lady orders" Zhuri said 

"Who cares? That means she's also evil" Alora said. 

"But still,you can't bully her that way" Zhuri said. 

"I'm hungry" McKenzie yawned. 

"Me too" Alora said. 

"Seriously? You're not going to do that again are you?" Zhuri followed them. 

"Since our queen asked us to stop,we should" Alora said and Zhuri laughed. 


Ximena stared at herself in the mirror and sighed out,her hair was looking so rough. She didn't even get a wink of sleep all night,she felt so tired and weak. 

She was just waking up. 

"Neriah,can I get a glass of water?" She called and run her fingers through her hair. 

Nothing happened,just silence. 

"Neriah" She called again and still,silence. 

She suddenly realized that not only her position was taken from her,her maids too. 

"Ahh!!!" She screamed and pushed off everything off the dressing table angrily. 

The door opened and Asher came in. 

"I'm sure you don't want to start paying for whatever you destroy in the palace" he said. 

Ximena looked at her. 

"What...did you say?" She asked. 

"You heard me right,I'm sure of that. The emperor said if you destroy anything in his palace,you have to pay for it. Do you hear that well now!" Asher asked loudly. 

Ximena bite her lips and looked up again. 

"Is his majesty tormenting me right now?" She asked. 

"You tried to murder his Fiancee,and you tried to frame someone else for your doings. I wonder what his majesty was thinking,because I would have ordered for your head right away,why is he doing all these? He's not punishing you at all,if he asked for your head,I would probably be the one to chop it off your neck. So better be careful whenever you see me,I might carry that out without his order" Asher said and stormed out of the room. 

Ximena scoffed,tears rolling down her eyes. 


She screamed and roughed her hair,she felt so embarrassed and irritated. 

She knew Asher wouldn't ever speak to her that way before,he never looked at her twice. 

But now??

"I will kill him once I'm back,just wait for it,just wait" She mumbled,tightning her fists. 


Emperor Augustus appeared in front of the tree and he was amazed. 

This time,the tree was fully bloomed. The flowers were so big and beautiful,it was even beginning to bring some tiny fruits of seeds. 

He stood there,staring at it blankly until he felt the deuty's presence beside him. 

"You're here" He said. 

"You called for me" The deity replied. 

The emperor faced her. 

"So now what?" He asked. 

"Now what?" The deity also asked. 

"What's going to happen next,the tree...is fully awaken" The emperor said and The deity smiled. 

"How do you feel?" She asked. 

"I've always felt this way,what are you talking about?" He asked. 

The deity sighed out. 

"You seem to enjoy Zhuri's presence so much these days" She said. 

"I won't deny that" The emperor replied. 

"Do you still want to leave?" The deity asked. 

"I should....before this gets too much" The emperor replied. 

"Your affections?"

"You know what I'm talking about,I know this isn't your doings,it's me" The emperor muttered. 

"But I don't want to feel this way,no matter what" He added. 

"August...why are you bringing things back again?" The deity asked. 

"I don't want to feel this way,I don't want to. "


"I've had enough,it's too late to heal me right now" The deity replied. 

"You don't want to leave her......."

"No,I don't have any reason to stay. I don't want to stay here any more,I got exhausted years back and I don't think anything can hold me back at this point. I've exceeded my stay here...I can't do it anymore" The emperor replied. 

"I will give you more time,more time to spend with her" The deity said and the emperor sighed out. 

"Can you make her not love me?" He asked and the deity raised her brows. 

"She should not,she doesn't know what I am,she doesn't know anything about me,what I've done,everything.....she must have fell because you told her about her fate,but deeply.....we shouldn't be together" 

"I should be the one to decide that not you" The deity snapped. 

"I don't want anyone with me" The emperor shook his head and vanished. 

The deity scoffed. 

"That child never seize to amaze me,now another excuse?" She shook her head. 

The emperor appeared back in his chamber and almost immediately Asher came in. 

"Your majesty,it's time to go,the elders are waiting already in the throne room" Asher said with a bow. 

The emperor said nothing and walked out while Asher followed. 


Gael stood in the same position watching as Sabrina turned her room upside down while searching for a dress. 

"I have no clothes!" Sabrina screamed and fell on the bed. 

"You really have no clothes" Gael mumbled,staring at the countless clothes all over the room. 

"All these dresses won't do at all" She shook her head. 

"Where exactly are you going?" Gael asked. 

"I'm going out with Zhuri tonight" Sabrina replied and Gael's eyes widened. 

"Out? Tonight? With Zhuri?" 

"I'm going to ask brother for permission don't worry,I'm not sneaking out" Sabrina smiled. 

"He won't allow that" Gael shook his head. 

"I will make sure he allow us,can you pick a more casual dress for me then? You will be there with us though" Sabrina said 

"Why me?" Gael immediately asked. 

"Because I trust you more" Sabrina replied and Gael smiled. 

"Thanks for trusting me" he mumbled. 

"Help me get something to wear then" Sabrina said. 

"Sure" Gael sighed out. 


Immediately Zhuri entered her room,the deity appeared to her. 

"Is something wrong Zhuri? You've been calling me all day" The deity said. 

"I have questions for you" Zhuri immediately moved closer. 

"Go on"

"Why can't his majesty have a child?" She asked. 

"Why are you suddenly interested in that,?" The deity asked. 

"He mentioned it last night,I'm worried" Zhuri mumbled. 

"It's part of the curse" The deity replied and Zhuri's eye widened. 


"But aside the curse,the devil and human can't have child together,it's not possible Zhuri" 

Zhuri shook her head. 

"It's possible" She said. 

"Zhuri,the human might get hurt and regret it even it happens" The deity said. 

"Then why would you allow me fall in love with him? If I can't even give him a child,why did I fall for him?" Zhuri asked. 


"You're not going to mention fate again right?" Zhuri shook her head. 

"I won't follow that this time around,I'm going to bear his child,and nothing is going to happen,I won't regret it" Zhuri said. 

"Zhuri,don't make a mistake....."

"Bye for now old one" Zhuri went out before she could finish. 

The deity sighed. 

As Zhuri left the room,Asher showed up. 

"Asher" Zhuri called and Asher smiled. 

"His majesty called for you" He said. 

"Thank you" Zhuri muttered. 


"And the happily ever after happened....."

Zhuri read the last part of the book in her hand and saw the emperor sleeping. 

"So fast" She smiled and closed the book in her hand. 

She sighed out and stood there,staring at his face as usual. 

She was even beginning to yawn but Zhuri already sworn to watch him until he's awake again. 

But then suddenly she felt so tight within,she needed to answer the call of nation real quick. 

"Oh no,I need to go" She muttered. 

She suggested first in her head maybe she could use the emperor's own but immediately the thought dried up. 

"What if he get mad?" She shook her head and immediately ran out of the chamber instead. 

Some minutes later,the door opened and Ryleigh walked in.

"Your majesty" She called. 

There was no answer,she went to the bedroom but it was empty. 

"But..the guards said he was in" She bite her lips and almost gave up when she suddenly saw the library door opened. 

She went in and saw the emperor sleeping. 

"Wow,I've never seen him sleeping" She smiled and sat dowm beside him immediately. 

She started staring at him with amazement. 

"He's handsome" She mumbled. 

Soon,she started leaning closer. She touched his lips gently and the feeling grew higher. 

She removed her band and her lips started getting closer instead,their lips almost touched when Zhuri came in,her eyes widened. 

"No!!!!" She screamed. 

Ryleigh froze and the emperor opened his eyes also. 

"Don't do that!!" Zhuri screamed again. 

The emperor looked at Ryleigh and then Zhuri. 

"Are you crazy!!" Ryleigh asked angrily and stood up. 

"He's my Fiance and you're just a slave,how dare you stop me!!" Ryleigh shoyted. 

Zhuri shook her head. 

"I know,but....please don't do that" She mumbled and bite her lips. 

"What" Ryleigh's anger doubled and she grabbed Zhuri's hair. 

"How dare you!!" She pushed Zhuri off,Zhuri also pushed her and they both fell on the ground. 

"Zhuri!" The emperor got up immediately. 

He rushed to Zhuri on the ground. 

"Are you okay?" He asked worriedly. 

Ryleigh couldn't believe her eyes as she stared at the emperor from where she was still sitting on the floor,she actually got a stretch on her knee. 

The emperor suddenly realized what happened and looked at Ryleigh who was already in tears. 

She shook her head and stood up and ran out. 

"Ryleigh" The emperor called and almost stood up.

Zhuri immediately grabbed his arm,the moment he faced her,she smashed her lips on his own. 


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