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The Darkest Conjuration-Episode 45&46




The Darkest Conjuration-Episode 45&46

Theme: Stuck With The Immortal Emperor...

Genres:  Historical/ Royal Dark Romance/ Fantasy/ Erotica. 

By Summer Gold R. 


The moment the emperor's lips landed on Zhuri's lips,her eyes widened,did he just kissed her?? What she's always wanted finally happened. 

The emperor moved back after just some seconds,he looked away and Zhuri followed his face with her eyes. 

"My lord...what's wrong?" She asked. 

"I'm not supposed to do that" He muttered and took a step to walk away,Zhuri immediately grabbed his hand and he faced her again. 

"Please do it,please" She pleaded. 


"I want it too,my Lord. I've always wanted to feel your lips on mine,I want it,please" Zhuri muttered. 

"You made me loose full control of myself,who are you exactly?" The emperor asked and touched her lips. 

"I'm your slave my Lord" Zhuri replied 

Emperor Augustus shook her head. 

"I'm not supposed to treat a slave this way,I'm not supposed to feel uneasy because you were sad,I'm not supposed to" he said 

"Then,I'm glad I make you feel that way my lord,because I feel just the same way" Zhuri replied. 

"You really know the right words to say every time" He muttered and his lips landed on her own once again. 

Zhuri was nervous,but at the same time excited,she opened her mouth for him to get her sweet taste and she did the same. 

Their lips brushed against each other,exploring before locking fully,the emperor's lips touched Zhuri's own and devored them in an impatient way,her lips were so soft and tender to get slow with. 

Zhuri moaned as their tongues interlocked tasting themselves,her hand traveled around his body,she could feel total warmness all over her own body,her clenching lungs,her pumping heart,her tingly stomach. 

She wrapped her arms around his neck,moving more into him as if he was going to run away,the emperor curled his arms around Zhuri's waists and gave her butt a squeeze. 

Their breaths were so rapid and filled with sensations. 

The kiss was so heated and exploring,even after minutes,they still didn't break the kiss. 

Emperor Augustus was the one who broke the kiss. 

Zhuri exhaled loudly. 

"Hey why didn't you move back? You're breathless" He scolded. 

"I don't know when it would happen again,I can't miss this chance"  Zhuri mumbled. 

The emperor let out his unusual sexy smile and pulled her into a hug. 

"You're cute" he muttered and ruffled her hair. 

"Thank you my Lord" Zhuri smiled,burrying her face into his chest. 

"You smell so good" She said and the emperor broke the hug. 

"I shouldn't have said a word" Zhuri pouted. 

The emperor was about speaking when they heard Asher's voice. 

"Your majesty,lady Ryleigh is awake" he said 

He looked at Zhuri. 

"Then......goodnight my lord" She bowed. 

He nodded before going out,Zhuri also left after that. 


Ryleigh was already sitting down on her bed when the emperor came in,her eyes lit up and she smiled. 

"Your majesty" She called. 

"How are you feeling?" The emperor asked and moved closer to her. 

Ryleigh immediately wrapped her arms around him and hugged him while sitting down. 

Emperor Augustus didn't move,neither does he hug her back. 

"What are you doing?" He asked. .

"Can't I just stay this way?" Ryleigh asked. 

"We need to talk" The emperor replied. 

"It's all your fault your majesty,it's because you never looked at me,you make me feel like no matter what I do,how much I try to please you,you're never going to look at me,I was jealous. And when the mistress started talking to me,I thought he wanted to help me,I didn't know....." 

"Enough" The emperor groaned and Ryleigh sniffs in her tears. 

"I'm sorry your majesty,I'm really sorry" Ryleigh said in tears .

"I said it's okay....."

"I'm afraid you might send me out of the palace,you see? It's my first time meeting you but I think I fell for you at first sight,I don't want to go back home,I don't want to loose you either,so please,don't throw me out" she cried. 

The emperor sighed out and pulled her hands down from hugging him. 

"You're the one who got hurt,so why would I throw you out? And besides,you still have days left to use here before my final decision,so you should be at peace and wait until then" He said. 

Ryleigh wiped her tears and exhaled. 

"Thank you so much your majesty" She said and the emperor nodded. 

"Dinner will be brought soon,don't worry this one is safe,so eat and have a goodnight rest" The emperor said and made to leave. 

"Your majesty" Ryleigh grabbed his robe and he turned back. 

"Is there a problem?" He asked. 

Ryleigh bite her lips and released him. 

"I wish you can stay a little bit more,since I got here,we haven't spend enough time together,so how are you doing to figure out the kind of person I am? If you let me go in the end,,you might regret it your majesty because you're not giving me any chance to prove myself to you that I'm worthy of being the Empress of this empire your majesty,so please give me a chance" She said,looking into his eyes. 

The emperor was quiet for a while before letting out a sigh. 

"What are the things you want to do? To spend time together?" He questioned and Ryleigh smiled. 

"Let's always have dinner together" She said. 

"Dinner" The emperor repeated in a mutter and tool his lips in. 

"Also...I'm a good horse rider,how about a race together? Then...let's take a walk under the moon at night,it's always fun. Then.........."

"Let's do those first,but don't you think they are too much........."

"No they are not,we can say I'm your fiancee right now your majesty,until the last day,I'm your fiancee so we have alot to do together" Ryleigh cut in. 

Emperor Augustus sighed out and nodded. 

"Fine,let's do all that" He said and Ryleigh smiled. 

"Thank you!!" She said loudly. 


"I still can't believe lady Ximema would do all that" Alora shook her head. 

"But I'm more happy because the emperor trusted you,what would have happened?" McKenzie sighed. 

The door suddenly opened and Sabrina rushed in. 

"Zhuri are you okay?!" She asked. 

Zhuri smiled and stood up,they hugged each other tightly. 

"I'm so sorry I wasn't there for you,I'm sorry Zhuri" Sabrina said,still hugging her. 

"You don't have to be sorry,I'm fine" Zhuri said. 

Sabrina broke the hug and sighed out. 

"It was Gael who told me just now,I wonder why I didn't hear a thing,I'm so sad" She pouted. 

Zhuri smiled and touched her cheek 

"Thank goodness you didn't hear,you would have caused some drama" She said and Sabrina laughed. 

"But I'm happy brother handled it well,Ximena has always been shameless so I'm not surprised,but why would she try to make you look like the bad person!" Sabrina scoffed. 

"She want both Zhuri and lady Ryleigh out so she would be with the emperor" McKenzie said 

"I will never allow my brother be with that lady,never" Sabrina scoffed. 

"Anyways,Zhuri,you had dinner already?" She asked. 

"No" Zhuri shook her hesd. 

"Let's go eat together" Sabrina said and Zhuri got up immediately. 

"Goodnight" She waved. 

"Goodnight? The princess just want you to eat with her!" McKenzie shouted. 

"She's sleeping over too!" Sabrina said and ran out of the room with Zhuri. 

"Those two" Alora scoffed. 


It was around noon,Ximena was sitting down on the cold prison floor,the emperor haven't ordered for her release yet and she was beginning to feel worried. 

Her under eyes were filled with dark circles,she didn't even blink all night,she couldn't sleep. 

She was still sitting down there and thinking when suddenly she heard the guards announcing the arrival of the emperor,she immediately stood up and rushed to the door. 

Emperor Augustus appeared with Asher beside him,Ximena could see how cold and angry he was staring at her,she was curious,is he mad at her because Ryleigh almost died or because of Zhuri?

"Your majesty" Ximena bowed,her voice shattering. 

"I'm not here to release you Ximena" The emperor said and her eyes widened. 

"Your majesty I didn't do it" She broke into tears 

"I will only release you if you tell me the truth,then you apologize to bother Ryleigh and Zhuri,but if you don't,you might have to spend more days here Ximena. You know what I can do,don't you?" The emperor said coldly. 

Ximena swallowed,she knew the emperor caught her,she doesn't have a choice that very moment. 

She broke into tears. 

"Forgive me your majesty!!" 

Asher sighed and shook his head.

"Why did you do it?" The emperor asked. 

"They are taking your attention from me your majesty,I was too jealous I couldn't control myself,I don't want anyone else with you,I was just jealous" Ximena confessed tearfully. 

*you make me feel like no matter what I do how I much I try to please you,you're never going to look at me,I was jealous* the emperor remembered Ryleigh's words again. 

She had mentioned that she was jealous too,and now Ximena. 

Now he was wondering if Zhuri always feel the same whenever he's with Ximena. 

The emperor sighed out. 

"That doesn't justify your action Ximena,you tried killing a person and framed someone else,that's wickedness"  

"I'm sorry" Ximena fell on her knees. 

"You're withdrawn from your position for now Ximena" The emperor said and Asher's eyes widened. 

Ximena gasped. 

"Your majesty!! You can't do that! I'm going to die" Ximena cried. 

"If you make me mad,it will be for ever Ximena....Asher let her apologize to Ryleigh and Zhuri as soon as she's out and make sure every maids  serving are taken away until I give you my words again" The emperor said. 

"I understand,your majesty" Asher bowed. 

The emperor walked away without sparing Ximena another glance while she kept crying bitterly on the floor 

"Everyday is for the thief,one day is for the devil.....or what's that adage again?" Asher asked in a mockery voice as he opened the prison gate. 

"You can come out but if you want to enjoy more natural breeze in there,then please feel free to spend the night" Asher said. 

Ximena walked out slowly and Asher chuckled. 

"Ximena,can you now walk?" He asked 

"What did you just call me?!!" Ximena screamed. 

"You're not his Majesty's mistress for now Ximena,do you have a problem with your ears or something? When your position is back,then I will gladly respect you,that's if you respect yourself,you know I'm quite crazy. Now please walk,you stinks" Asher said and Ximena broke into more tears,walking in front of Asher. 


Zhuri and Ryleigh watched while standing as Xinena stood in front of them also,The emperor stood separately also. 

"Ximena,you're wasting my time" he sighed. 

"I'm sorry" Ximena bowed. 

Zhuri's eyee widened,sbe wasn't expecting that at all,Asher had came to call her but she never imagined her hearing Ximena apologizing to her,never. 

"I'm sorry Lady Ryleigh,And......Zhuri" Ximena said with shaking lips. 

"It's fine,as long as you've reflect on your wrong doings" Ryleigh smiled And the emperor nodded then looked at Zhuri. 

"Your apology isn't genuine my lady,but I'm going to accept your apology" Zhuri muttered 

The Emperor chuckled silently and Ximena bite her lips hard. 

"You can go now Ximena" He said 

Ximena bowed and immediately walked out. 

Zhuri turned to they Emperor to thank him but almost immediately,Ryleigh went into his arms and hugged him tightly. 

Zhuri's heart skipped a beat,she swallowed and her eyes met with the emperor's own. 

"Thank you for doing that,now I'm so happy" Ryleigh said,still hugging him .

"Goodnight my Lord" Zhuri immediately bowed and ran out. 

She got outside and grabbed her chest. 

"Stop it Zhuri,that's his Fiancee and you're just his slave" She said to herself and walked away. 

"Your majesty" Ryleigh called back in the chamber. 


"Can I spend the night here with you please?"

"Why? You only mentioned dinner together,not sleeping together" The emperor replied. 

"We finished dinner already and I still don't want to leave you" Ryleigh muttered. 

"Maybe next time" He replied. 

"Then how about a walk,I just don't want to leave you yet" Ryleigh said and the emperor sighed. 

"Fine" He nodded. 

Ryleigh wanted to hug him again. 

"Let's go" he immediately said,pushing her off slightly. 

"Thank you" She smiled and led the way. 

The emperor's mind was with Zhuri even while walking with Ryleigh. 


It's almost midnight but still Zhuri couldn't sleep,she kept thinking about the emperor and Ryleigh every second while rolling from one side of the bed to another. 

'Are they still together?'

'What if they sleep together?'

'Does the emperor like Ryleigh?'

"Does that mean he will really marry her?'

'What will happen to her then?'

Countless questions filled her mind and she couldn't just help it. 

"Why are you thinking so loud?" She suddenly heard the emperor voice and she chuckled. 

"Now I'm even hearing his voice,you're a goner Zhuri" she sighed. 

"Really?" The voice came again and Zhuri turned. 

The emperor was really standing there,leaning on the wall. 

"My lord!"  She screamed and jumped out of bed. 

"Why....why...are you here?" She stuttered. 

"You've been thinking about me,I couldn't rest in my chamber" The emperor replied and Zhuri bite her lips. 

"I'm sorry my lord" She muttered. 

"I see you also feel that way" The emperor sighed and she looked up. 


"Ximena and Ryleigh......what they felt. But then... Don't feel that way,I can see it leads humans astray to do things they aren't supposed to do" The emperor said. 

"What about lady Ryleigh? You left her?" Zhuri asked without looking at him. 

"She's in her suite,I can't sleep beside anyone aside you Zhuri" The emperor replied and she looked up. 

"Really?? You didn't kiss her either,did you?" She asked. 

"No I didn't,I can't do that" The emperor replied and Zhuri smiled. 

"Let's sleep,I really need to sleep deeply tonight" He said. 

"Oh,let's go......" Zhuri said

"We are here" The emperor smiled. 

Zhuri looked around and found them in the emperor's room,she smiled brightly. 

"I couldn't sleep either,that was why I went for you" The emperor said and pulled Zhuri on the bed right beside him,he pulled her more closer. 

Zhuri started stroking his hair.  

"You're the only one who can do this Zhuri,just you" The emperor muttered and Zhuri smiled. 

"I really want to be the only one who can do everything for you" She said and the emperor looked at her. 


Zhuri nodded. 

"My time here.......might be over soon" The emperor said and Zhuri was confused. 

"Huh?" She asked. 

"The only thing no one has ever given me.....can you do that? Even though it's not possible" The emperor said.

"What is it my lord" Zhuri asked. 

"An Heir" The emperor muttered and Zhuri's eyes widened. 

"A child Zhuri........I badly want one,I can't have one but still.....I want one" He added. 


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