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The Darkest Conjuration-Episode 43&44




The Darkest Conjuration-Episode 43&44

Theme: Stuck With The Immortal Emperor...

Genres:  Historical/ Royal Dark Romance/ Fantasy/ Erotica. 

By Summer Gold R. 


I want to fuck you right now Zhuri" he groaned and Zhuri's eyes widened. 

She looked around. 

"My Lord....here? The kings are right there" She said. 

"That's why I'm asking you that question" The emperor said and moved closer to her. 

Zhuri swallowed and bite her lips,she wasn't even sure if she would be able to control herself to that point,she know how the emperor is,but at that point,she already felt the crazy urge also. 

She can't say no anymore,she just can't say no to him for her own wild cravings. 

"I will try not to be loud my lord" She said and the emperor gave her a pleased smile. 

"Your back" He ordered and she immediately turned,grabbing the table close to her. 

She felt him behind her,pulling her skirt up and her underwear down,she bit her lips so hard waiting for the entrance which happened more quick than usual. 

Zhuri inhaled deeply as the emperor's cock went straight in and then out. 

"Ohhh...." She moaned,her eyes went closed,that was low. 

The next thrust was so fast and deeper,he groaned pleasurably when he started fucking her. He was going slowly,he was so hungry for her and he was doing that,giving her the sweetest bangs from the back. 

Zhuri on the other hand was really trying so well not to bring her voice up but she couldn't keep her moans inside,he was too sweet and great to not moan,she might just die If she doesn't. 

"My Lord.....ahh......"  Zhuri bite her lips when he gave her @ss cheeks a spank. 

"More more" Zhuri groaned,holding the table more tightly. 

Her breaths were shaking and trembling,the emperor started banging her even more faster,she had to use her hand to cover her mouth or she would blow everything up. 

The emperor slowed down a little,she thought he was gonna stop but then he gave her a sudden thrust and that was it. 

"Oh my lord!!" She moaned out before she realized,her eyes widened after that. 

She swallowed hard and the emperor chuckled behind her,he made sure he poured his seed inside her before leaving her.

"Your majesty,is everything okay?" 

Someone asked from outside. 

"Yeah,dont worry about me" Emperor Augustus asked and the person left. 

"I'm sorry.....I couldn't......" 

"You did well" The emperor smiled at her and she bite her lips. 

She adjusted her uniform and bowed. 

"I'm leaving" She said and immediately walked out. 

The emperor smiled and shook his head. 

"Why is she so cute?" He muttered, minute later,he went to join the other kings and they continued the meeting. 


"My lady,you've been smiling since you came back in,did something happened?" Alora asked. 

"No,nothing happened" Zhuri said and touched Alora's hair. 

"I'm just so happy right now" she said. 

"Oh,then I'm glad you're happy" Alora smiled. 

The door opened and McKenzie came in. 

"What are you two talking about without me?" She asked,also joining them on the bed. 

"Nothing important,have guys seen Sabrina?" Zhuri asked. 

"No,why are you asking?" Kenzie asked. 

"Don't you dare go to her this night,I won't allow you" Alora said and Zhuri laughed. 

"I'm just asking" She said. 

"Better that way,she can't take you away from me,never" Alora said. 

"Okay my lady" Zhuri smiled and they laughed. 


"Your majesty,Princess Sabrina is here" 

The emperor looked up from what he was doing immediately. 

"Let her in" He said and almost immediately Sabrina Came in. 

"Hey kid" He called. 

"You don't miss me do you?" Sabrina asked. 

"Of course I do" 

"Lies,you only care about your slave girl" Sabrina scoffed. 

"Why are you here?" The emperor asked. 

"To come see your face,do you need any help?" She sat down. 

"No,it's nothing much. Do you wanna have a meal with me after I'm done?"Emperor Augusta asked and Sabrina immediately  nodded. 

"Of course brother" she grinned. 


Asher came over to meet Ryleigh in the passageway. 

"My lady" He bowed and Ryleigh faced him. 

"You're here" She smiled. 

"Why did you call for me?" Asher asked. 

"Can I meet his majesty today?" She asked. 

"No,his majesty is really busy today" Asher replied. 

"Can't you tell him I want to meet him? He should be the one to decide that" Ryleigh snapped. 

"Maybe you should go meet him yourself my lady" Asher muttered. 

"Hey,why are you so rude?" Ryleigh frowned. 

"My lady,do you need something else?" Asher asked and Ryleigh scoffed. 

Asher bowed shortly and walked away. 

"I told you...the emperor nust have order him to tell you this if you request to see him" Xamina came out from where she hid. 

"But he's going to meet his slave?" Ryleigh scoffed. 

"Of course" Ximena smirked. 

"Should I confront him?" Ryleigh asked. 

"I don't think that's a nice idea" Ximena said 

"Of course I know,but I feel like doing it,it's frustrating. His majesty didn't even look at me the way he look at that slace of his" Ryleigh groaned. 

"You noticed that too,that's amazing" Ximena laughed. 

They both continue walking together as they discussed. 


"Since when did the mistress and lady Ryleigh become so close?" Zhuri asked after Esme told her what she saw. 

"You have to be careful at this rate Zhuri,lady Ximena can do anything to have the emperor to herself" Esme said 

"So what am I supposed to do now? Stay away from him?" Zhuri asked. 

"Of course you can't,but you have to play your game well at this point" Esme said and Zhuri sighed. 

"I don't know what will become of me,what If his majesty doesn't support me when the times comes? I don't think I will be able to handle that lady Esme" She shook her head. 

Esme sighed and moved closer to her. 

"Don't think about them Zhuri,just be yourself and continue doing what you've always done,okay?" 

Zhuri nodded. 

"But still,I'm scared" She muttered. 

"I know,they are just being shameless if they try to hurt you,they are older and should act like one" Esme said and Zhuri smiled. 

"Thank you lady Esme you're always behind me" She said. 

"Of course,I will always support you. Because ever since you came here,I've seen a lot of changes in his majesty,I don't want that to stop again,so please don't let them win" Esme said and Zhuri nodded. 

"I won't" She muttered. 


Neriah came in with a smiley face,Xinena was facing the mirror while the maids apply the night cream on her face. 

"My lady,Zhuri is on her way to lady Ryleigh's suite,the maid already gave her the food tray"  Neriah said and Xinena chuckled. 

"Great,let's see what his majesty will do if his slave girl hurt his soon to be Empress,who is he going to choose?" She asked with a smirk. 

"I can't wait for the lady right leave the palace,she's an headache" Neriah scoffed. 

"She's not even the real rival but she's doing too much,how would I explain that husband majesty doesn't care about her one bit!" Ximena asked and they both laughed. 

"You're so smart my lady,I'm sure she will get the News after this" Neriah said and Ximena chuckled. 

"Of course she will" She nods her head. 

"But she doesn't know about your plan my lady,what if she really pass on?" Neriah asked. 

"My win" Ximena smirked. 

"She must have thought you are on her side" Neriah said and they both laughed. 


Zhuri sighed out when she stopped in front of the door,she doesn't even understand why she was suddenly instructed to bring her food,it's the first time and she had a bad feeling about it already but still she couldn't ignore her order. 

She knocked gently on the door. 

"Come in" She heard Ryleigh's voice and she opened the door slowly,she entered and closed the door immediately. 

"My lady,your dinner is here" She said.

"You?" Ryleigh was surprised. 

"Yes my lady" Zhuri replied 

Ryleigh stood up. 

"Where should I drop it?" Zhuri asked. 

"The table" Ryleigh replied. 

Zhuri immediately dropped the tray and faced her again. 

"Don't leave yet" Ryleigh called back

"Let me finish eating first then you take the plates away" she said and Zhuri nodded. 

She moved away a little bit from her,Ryleigh sat down and started eating.

She didn't take the fourth spoon when she started coughing. 

"My lady,are you okay?" Zhuri rushed to her and gave her water,but it got even worse,Ryleigh started puking out blood. 

Zhuri's eyes widened. 

"Ahhhh!!!!" Ryleigh screamed. 

The door opened immediately and some guards rushed in,some maids also entered. 

"My lady!!!" They screamed as Ryleigh almost fell on the floor but was caught by the guards. 

"Inform his majesty immediately!" 

Zhuri swallowed hard,watching as Ryleigh's eyes went closed,her hands were totally shaking,she couldn't contain the fear that overshadowed her that very second.  

She watched as they carried her out in rush. 

She knew she was in trouble,nobody have to tell her that. 


The news already circulated in the palace,The emperor's slave tried to kill his future empress and all that. 

Ryleigh was still unconscious but has been treated by the physician and poison was found inside her,if they weren't so fast,she would have died,according to him. 

Zhuri was crying her eyes out,she was kneeling down  in front of the emperor's chamber,all eyes on her. She haven't even set her eyes on the emperor yet,she was so scared and it was eating her up. 

 All the maids denied the accusations and someone testified that she actually saw Zhuri doing the evil work and now the search is going on. 

"It's not here either,which room is left?" Asher asked after they searched the last room in the servants quarter. 

"Zhuri's room,Commander" One of the guards replied and Asher exhaled. 

"Let's go" He muttered. 

Inside Zhuri's room,the emperor appeared and his eyes searched all over the room in full speed,he saw the poison bottle somewhere in the room hidden there and he sighed out. 

"Ximena" he muttered and clenched his fists. 

He took it and disappeared again. 

The door opened and the guards rushed in one after the other to search. 

Emperor Augustus appeared in Ximena's suite and hid it somewhere before getting vanished again. 


Zhuri was still kneeling down and waiting for the big news,minutes later the emperor appeared with guards and her heart started beating even more faster,she was so scared. 

"Your majesty,we couldn't find the poison in Zhuri's room either" Asher reported and everyone exchanged glances. 

"You can't? How come? Then where else would it be?" Ximena asked almost angrily. 

"I asked you to check every room in the palace that is in use" The emperor said. 

"That includes Ximena's suite also" He added and Ximena couldn't believe her ears. 

"Your majesty......"

"I don't think Zhuri have any reason to hurt Ryleigh,don't you think?" The emperor cut her off. 

"Neither do I!" Ximena said. 

"Asher,go to her suite!! Right away!!" The emperor ordered. 

"Yes your majesty!" Asher said and immediately left with the guards. 

The emperor looked at Zhuri and their eyes met. 

'I got this Zhuri' he said inwardly and somehow Zhuri heard that. 

She nodded in tears.. 

👥 Why is the emperor protecting Zhuri?

👥 Why would lady Ximena think of doing that to Ryleigh?

👥 This is weird,Zhuri should be punished. 

Ximena was glaring at Zhuri from where she stood while they all waited for Asher. 

"Your majesty!" Asher returned 

"We found this in the mistress's suite" he raised the bottle up and everyone gasped,including Ximena. 

"How....how....how did.....Your majesty that's not true!! I think I've been framed!!" She fell on the empwror's feet. 

"Let's discuss that tomorrow morning Ximena....throw her into the cell first" The emperor ordered and everyone gasped again. 

"Your majesty!! You can't do that!!!" She screamed as Asher carried her alone. 

"Zhuri,come with me" Emperor Augustus said and Zhuri stood up immediately,she could see all eyes on her but she didn't care,she ran after the emperor immediately. 

They entered the chamber together and Zhuri hugged him from the back right away,crying out loudly. She held him tightly without letting go. 

The emperor released himself from her grip and faced her. 

"Hey,stop crying......"

"My Lord........why.....did you save me?" She asked in tears. 

"Because I know you didn't do it" The emperor replied. 

Zhuri broke into tears again and hugged him the second time. 

"Thank you...so much" She said and broke the hug. 

The emperor wiped her tears slowly and his eyes got stuck on her lips,he couldn't look away or control it as he held her face in his hands. 

Zhuri sniffs,also staring at him,wondering what was going on in his head,holding her that way. 

After the long silence,the Emperor slowly lean closer and he gently pressed his lips on Zhuri's lips. 


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