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The Darkest Conjuration-Episode 41&42




The Darkest Conjuration-Episode 41&42

Theme: Stuck With The Immortal Emperor...

Genres:  Historical/ Royal Dark Romance/ Fantasy/ Erotica. 

By Summer Gold R. 



Emperor Augustus and Zhuri were still walking,Zhuri wouldn't stop talking about the stars and surprisingly the emperor never got bored. 

"You're really good in explaining things Zhuri" He said and Zhuri smiled. 

"Thank you my Lord" She smiled and suddenly looked around. 

"We are in the training field my Lord" She said. 

"That's right" The emperor groaned slightly. 

"I want to shoot an arrow" Zhuri muttered. 

"Can you?" The emperor asked. 

"Please teach me,I really want to know how" Zhuri replied. 

"You really want an emperor to teach you how to shoot an arrow?" Emperor Augustus asked. 

"I'm sorry my Lord" Zhuri immediately bowed. 

"No,I can show you how. Since I'm also bored" he said and Zhuri smiled. 

"Thank you my Lord" She said. 

They both walked to the standing region,the emperor took the bow and some arrows. 

"It's quite dark,can you see the bullseye?" He asked Zhuri. 

"Yes my Lord" 

"Good,come stand here" He said and Zhuri positioned herself,the emperor stood behind her and she swallowed. 

"Don't shake or loose focus" The emperor said behind her,his cold breath hitting her neck made her hot that she had to move away a little. 

"I told you not to move" Emperor Augustus looked at her. 

"I'm sorry,I just....." She sighed and moved back to him. 

He gave her the bow and arrow then positioned her arms. 

"Don't shake" He muttered,holding her hand as he finally released the arrow. 

"Oh my God!! It's a ten my Lord!!" Zhuri jumped happily. 

"Do you want to try it alone?" The emperor asked and Zhuri nodded. 

"Then,go ahead" The emperor said. 

He inserted the arrow in the bow before giving Zhuri. 

"Pull the string first" He said and Zhuri did. 

"Now focus on your target,rest your mind,don't shift your attention to something else" 

"Okay my lord" Zhuri said,looking so serious. 

"Now let go" 

Zhuri did at the emperor's order and the arrow went straight into the bullseye. 

"My Lord!!!!!" Zhuri screamed in shock. 

The emperor chuckled. 

"You're so funny" He said. 

"Did you just.... Laughed?" Zhuri's eyes widened. 

"I couldn't help it" Emperor Augustus muttered 

"And you're not even denying it,why is tonight so good?" Zhuri shook her head. 

The emperor suddenly heard a strange voice in the air and he looked up,he looked at Zhuri again,it's obvious he's the only one who heard that. 

"Zhuri,that's enough for today" he said. 

"Huh? Let's do more...."

"Some other day,you should go and sleep now" The emperor said and Zhuri pouted cutely. 

"Goodnight my Lord" She bowed and walked away. 

She turned the next second to look at  him again but he was gone. 

"Wait....where did you go to? He was there just now...he disappeared again..." Zhuri muttered and walked away anyway,since he already told her to sleep. 


The emperor appeared and looked around,it was empty but he was sure the voice came from this spot. 

"You're so fast" The voice came behind him and he turned at once. 

Tabitha laughed out loudly in her witchy way,she's the queen of the dark word. 

"Why are you here Tabitha" The emperor asked. 

"It's really unbelievable that you're still following everything the deity tells you,the same one who punished you for years" She laughed. 

"I don't think I'm following everything and I don't think it's your business either" The emperor said,walking closer to her. 

"She's trying to make a human your weakness,why are you not seeing that?" Tabitha asked. 

"I don't have a weakness Tabitha....."

"You will soon have dear emperor,as long as you get close to that human. Don't you know the deity's plan? You will only remain his puppy forever"

"Stop it!!!" The emperor growled and sped over to her,he wanted to grab her back but she vanished she appeared behind him. 

"I'm only telling you the truth,join force with me......." The emperor snapped his finger and she started melting. 

"Ahh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" She screamed out loudly as she finished melting and the liquid vanished. 

"Gosh,she talks too much" The emperor muttered. 

"You know I'm saying the truth!!!" Tabitha scream sounded in the air. 

"Why not try and make yourseld visible again so I can burn you forever" he scoffed and vanished from the woods. 


While the maids were getting the emperor ready for the royal seminar which would be taking a whole day,he was expecting Zhuri. 

She had requested the previous day that she has always wanted to try typing the royal robe. 

'Where is she??' He sighed. 

The door opened suddenly an Zhuri ran in,breathing heavily. 

The maids looked at her,Asher smiled inwardly. 

"Good morning my lord" Zhuri bowed. 

"Everyone can leave" Emperor Augustus said. 

They were all surprised but none of them said a word,they bowed at once and want out,Asher also left. 

Zhuri looked at the emperor and their eyes met. 

"I'm sorry I came late" she said and moved closer. 

"Why are you late?" The emperor asked. 

"I slept in,I'm sorry" Zhuri replied as she started tying the robe. 

"I will be busy all day" The emperor said and Zhuri looked up. 

"I won't be able to see you?" She asked. 

"Why would you see me? You have something to tell me?" Emperor Augustus asked. 

Zhuri shook her head slowly. 

"Be careful my lord,don't fall sick" She said. 

"Don't worry about me,I don't fall sick" The emperor said and Zhuri smiled. 

"All done,this Robe looks so good on you my Lord" She said. 

"Right,Ximena got some good eyes" The emperor said and Zhuri looked at him. 

"The mistress? She....got you this?" She asked. 

Emperor Augustus nodded. 

"What,you don't like it again?" He asked. 

"I didn't say that" Zhuri immediately shook her head. 

"Be careful,don't get into trouble" The emperor said. 

"You're scaring me" Zhuri muttered. 


"You're talking like you won't be back today my Lord" Zhuri said. 

"Your majesty! May I come in? It's Asher" 

"Yeah come in" 

Asher entered immediately and bowed. 

"Your majesty,we should leave now" he said. 

Emperor Augustus looked at Zhuri who also bowed. 

He nodded and went out with Asher. 

Zhuri sighed out loudly and looked around before leaving


"This one looks good on you my lady" The maids said as they styled Ryleigh's hair. 

Ryleigh smiled. 

"Thank you" She said. 

They suddenly heard a knock on the door. 

"Go check" Ryleigh ordered. 

A maid opened the door and bowed. 

"My lady,lady Ximena is here" she said. 

"Lady Ximena?" Ryleigh sound surprised,she never imagined that she would come visit her. 

"Let her in of course" She said. 

Ximena came in sone seconds later. 

"Good morning my lady" She smiled. 

Ryleigh returned the smile and ordered the maids out,Xinena looked around the suite. 

"Sorry It's my first time here" She said

Ryleigh smiled. 

"It's an honor having you here" she said. 

Ximena sat down 

"I can't believe you've been here for three days without seeing his majesty,is that right?" She asked. 

"Oh...I was told he's busy this week...."

"Busy with his slave girl" Ximena scoffed. 

"Huh?" Ryleigh frowned. 

"You know who I'm talking about....Zhuri. They've been spending so much time together,you're really so slow for who want the emperor" Ximena shook her head. 

"But....she's just his slave" Ryleigh said. 

"What about the se.x? She's satisfying his majesty,that's why. But if you don't act smart,I'm sorry but you might end up leaving without having his majesty" Ximena said. 

"I won't let that happen,never ",Ryleigh said and Ximena smiled. 

"Then why not start acting now" she said. 


Sabrina have about five books in front of her,she already finished three,she was holding the fourth one. 

"I'm so tired" She groaned. 

"Gosh,witches must be really powerful" She muttered. 

"Of course they are" Gael sat down beside her. 

"What are you doing here" Sabrina sighed. 

"You can't keep on ignoring me princess" Gael muttered. 

"Who said i can't?" Sabrina scoffed and tried to stand up. 

"Are you going to admit that you were jealous?" Gael asked and she looked at him. 

"Says who?!" She screamed. 

"If you weren't jealous,then please stop ignoring me Rina" Gael groaned. 

"Rina?" Sabrina mumbled. 

"You said I should stop calling you princess,I guess I finally got the courage" Gael muttered. 

Sabrina bite her lips,trying not to smile. 

"Well,I will forgive you" She said and looked away. 

Gael smiled. 

"Thank you" 

"So,Is there anything you want me to do for you....." Sabrina sat down back and hugged him. 

"I'm tired" She mumbled. 

Gael swallowed. 

"Someone might come in....."

"I said I'm tired,so let me just rest this way for now" She said and closed her eyes. 

Gael smiled and touched her hair . 

"Are you sleeping?" He asked. 

"I think I should....why do you manage to smell so good?" Sabrina said in a sleepy voice. 

Gael chuckled and said nothing.

"Stop acting like you're drunk and just sleep before I change my mind" he said. 

"I won't let you go" Sabrina hold his shirt tightly. 


Zhuri entered the biggest court room in the palace where the Seminar was going on,it was the fourth break for the seminar was finally made to bring some refreshment for the kings.

The guards led her inside the room where the king are before going back. 

"Good evening your Majesties" She bowed and they all looked at her. 

👥 Is she not the....slave girl.

👥 She is

👥 She's looking attractive. 

Zhuri looked around to see the emperor but he was nowhere. 

"Can you check the room over there? His majesty went in there to take a rest,please give him some drink" One of the kings instructed. 

"I will do that your majesty" She bowed and took the route she was told. 

"I didn't know she was asking pretty as this" 

"Me too,his majesty must be taking good care of her" 


Zhuri gently entered the room where the emperor was...he was Right there,staring out of the window. 

"My lord" She called with a smile and the emperor turned. 

His eyes flashed when he saw her. 


"Your majesty,you must be tired" Zhuri said. 

"No I'm not...." He stopped. 

"I'm tired" He said and Zhuri smiled. 

"I will pour you the drink" She muttered. 

"No,I dont want that. We will be done soon anyway,so don't worry about me" He said. 

"Alright my Lord,take care of yourself" She bowed and turned to walk out

The emperor's eyes followed her backside,he wanted to look away but he just couldn't,it was as if something kept his eyes glued on them as she walked. 

She was about opening the door. 

"Zhuri" The emperor called back and she turned. 

"Yes my lord" She answered. 

"Can your moans be controlled? Like....more lower?" He asked and Zhuri was confused. 

"My Lord....I don't understand" She said. 

"I'm asking if you can control your loud moans and bring them down a little" The emperor repeated. 

"I......think I can...but why are you asking?" Zhuri asked. 

"I want to fuck you right now Zhuri" he groaned and Zhuri's eyes widened. 


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