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The Darkest Conjuration-Episode 39&40




The Darkest Conjuration-Episode 39&40

Theme: Stuck With The Immortal Emperor...

Genres:  Historical/ Royal Dark Romance/ Fantasy/ Erotica. 

By Summer Gold R. 



Zhuri was already wearing back her uniform and the emperor entered the bedroom,he was already dressed up like he was going out. 

"Good morning my Lord" Zhuri bowed. 

The emperor let out a short smile which Zhuri returned immediately,rememberiny how their steamy night went. 

They were both staring at each other lostly when they heard Asher's voice. 

"I will leave now my Lord" Zhuri bowed again before going out. 

She bite her buttom lip,trying not to smile but she couldn't control it. 

"Oh finally" She sighed out loudly. 

"Who's that?" Ryleigh immediately asked the maid walking beside her. 

"Oh,that's the emperor's Slave girl" The maid replied. 

"Slave? Then what is she doing in the emperor's chamber so early in the morning? Did they sleep together?" She asked pissedly. 

"I'm afraid so my lady" The maid replied and Ryleigh scoffed. 

Back in the royal chamber,Asher was telling the emperor his schedules for the day. 

"Is that all?" Emperor Augustus looked at him. 

"You have a dinner with lady Ryleigh tonight your majesty....."

"Evening" The emperor cut in. 

"Oh...right evening" Asher agreed. 

"Does she know about it?" Emperor Augustus looked up. 

"Not yet,she's waiting for your message" Asher replied. 

"Then....I will have dinner with her" The emperor said. 

"I will deliver the message" Asher bowed and walked out of the chamber. 

The emperor sighed out and his mind went to Zhuri. 

"What exactly is she??" He thought,he could remember failing to control his crave last night,it was too hard to let her go without having her,he can't even remember the last time it happened. 

But Zhuri.... there's just something about her and he can't even guess. 

But whatever she's doing to make him sleep so much,he wouldn't want her to stop. 

"Someone had a good sleep last night" The deity appeared on the seat beside him. 

The emperor rolled his eyes. 

The deity smiled. 

"I want tea" She said. 

"You know where to get it" The emperor replied. 

"You should be less rude now,I thought you two made up" The deity smiled. 

Emperor Augustus turned to her. 

"You should stay away at this point,I don't want to change my mind again" He said. 

"That human.....is different August,you know,you're just pretending not to" The deity said. 

"Stay out of it" 

"It wasn't me all along,she was the reason for everything,all I did was direct her path here....she doesn't even know about your tree,she must have thought the tree doesn't exist." The deity said. 

"She doesn't know?" The emperor asked,looking surprised. 

"You can read her mind,do it" The deity said. 

"If she doesn't.....then why is she like that? Why is she so persistent and....."

"Find out yourself,who knows if you would sleep for two days next time" The deity said in a mocking voice before she disappeared. 

The emperor sighed out loudly. 


Alora adjusted the box she was carrying and sighed out loudly. 


Alora turned and saw Gael who smiled at her. 

"Oh...I know you" She said. 

"Really?" Gael touched his chest. 

"Yeah,your name is Gael. I always see you with the princess" Alora replied. 

"Let me help you with this first" Gael took the box from her. 

"Thanks" She smiled. 

"I've always wanted to talk to you" Gael said. 

"Me too!" Alora said sharply and Gael chuckled. 

"Cute" He muttered and Alora smiled. 

"Oh..my lady" She saw Zhuri and immediately took the box back from Gael. 

"I will see you later" She said and Gael nodded,watching as she ran after Zhuri. 

He bite his lips and turned back,his eyes widened when he saw Sabrina. 


Sabrina ignored him and walked away. 

"Is she...angry? Did someone made her angry?" He asked himself,staring at Sabrina. 


"You mean you spent the night with his majesty?! Really?!" Alora asked excitedly and Zhuri nodded. 

"You must be so happy about it,you're glowing. Unlike the past days" Alora said and Zhuri smiled.

"Is it that obvious?" She asked and Alora nodded. 

"Where's McKenzie? Let's go eat,I'm starving" Zhuri said. 

"I will drop this first in the store room" Alora said. 

After dropping the box in her hand,they walked to the maids dinning hall. 

"Zhuri!" McKenzie called from where she's sitting. 

"Why are you calling her to sit here?" A girl asked beside McKenzie. 

"Then get out from here" Kenzie snapped. 

"You can just quit being a maid if you want to make it look more proper,bitch" Alora said and Zhuri chuckled. 

They both sat down beside McKenzie.

"So....how was your night? I saw you going to the emperor's chamber last night" She whispered in Zhuri's ear. 

"Stop it" Zhuri laughed. 

"Wow,you're laughing. I get it clearly,you don't need to tell me a thing" McKenzie said. 

"I know,my lady is so happy today" Alora said. 


"We are really glad you accepted lady Ryleigh into the palace your majesty" One of the royal elders said. 

"But your majesty,what do you think about her? You haven't really said anything about her" 

"You said you needed an empress,not me" Emperor Augustus said an they all exchanged glances.

"But your majesty,we can't do it without your permission and order"

"She will have to stay here for some days your majesty,after that you will decide if she can have the title" 

"How many days am I supposed to inspect her and give my feedback?" The emperor asked. 

"Sixty days your majesty"

"Thirty" The emperor snapped. 

"Your majesty,isn't that...too short? We don't want you to regret making the decision......"

"After thirty days,I will tell you what I want. She have twenty eight days left now." Emperor Augustus said. 

"Yes your majesty" They all bowed. 

"Is there anything else you want to discuss?" The emperor asked. 

"The full moon festival will be coming soon your majesty" 

"Full moon" Emperor Augustus replied. 

"The astronauts finally confirmed that we will be experiencing the full moon...soon,it's been years" 

The emperor said nothing. 

"Let's talk about something else,you can plan that out yourselves" he muttered. 

"Of course your majesty" they chorused. 


"You can go in" Asher said when they got to the Emperoe's chamber. 

"Oh okay. Thank......" Before Ryleigh could finish,Asher walked away. 

"Why is he so cold toward me?" Ryleigh's eyes followed him a little before she finally opened the door and entered. 

"Wow" She uttered,looking all around the lounge. 

"So big and beautiful" She said. 

The emperor came out and Ryleigh immediately bowed. 

"Good evening your majesty" She greeted. 

"You too lady Ryleigh" The emperor said and she smiled. 

"I was really happy when I was told I would have dinner with you your majesty" She said. 

"The maid will be here soon,why don't we just wait in the dinning room?" 

"The chamber is really big,I really want to see everything,can I?" Ryleigh asked as they approached the dining room. 

"Maybe later,it's quite late. We should just eat" The emperor replied. 

"Then tomorrow? Do you promise?" Ryleigh smiled. 

"I will let you know" The emperor said. 

As soon as they sat down,Zhuri came in. 

"My Lord" She bowed and also bowed for Ryleigh before she started setting the table. 

"Isn't she...the slave girl?" Ryleigh asked and Zhuri held the spoon in her hand tightly. 

"Just for me" The emperor replied and Zhuri glanced at him. 

"Huh? I thought...she's the royal slave" Ryleigh uttered. 

"Like I said lady Ryleigh,she's only allowed to serve me,nobody else have such power over her" The emperor replied and Zhuri could feel some strange excitement in her heart. 

"Oh...I understand" Ryleigh muttered. 

"Your hair is really long,it looks so cool" She immediately changed the topic. 

"Yours is prettier" Emperor Augustus said and a plate dropped from Zhuri's hand. 

They both looked at her. 

"Are you okay?" Ryleigh asked. 

Zhuri's eyes met with the emperor's own but he looked away. 

"Are you okay?" Ryleigh asked again. 

"I'm fine" Zhuri muttered. 

They started eating

Ryleigh tasted the food. 

"Hmm" She moaned. 

"Taste so good,go on and eat your majesty" She smiled.

The emperor coughed a little. 

"Here" Zhuri and Ryleigh raised a cup of water for him at a time. 

He took Ryleigh's own and Zhuri scoffed inwardly,glaring at Ryleigh. 

"You can go Zhuri" Emperor Augustus said. 

"I will be back to clean up" Zhuri bowed and went out. 


Sabrina opened the door and saw Gael standing. 

"What are you doing here?" She asked. 

"Can I come in?" Gael asked. 

"No" Sabrina said. 

Gael entered and she frowned. 

"I said you can't come in"

"Why are you mad at me?" Gael asked. 

"Who said I'm mad at you?" Sabrina snapped. 

"Because....since morning,I haven't heard from you,normally you send for you every minute even when what you want me to do isn't important" Gael said. 

"Well,I have nothing to do all day,that was why" Sabrina rolled her eyes . 

"You're lying" Gael said. 

"Well yes I'm lying?" Sabrina said. 

"Then,why are you mad at me?" Gael asked. 

"You've always wanted to talk to her? Even when we were together right? That means I'm the hindrance,so I decided to stop talking to you so you will have enough time to spend with your crush,I'm sure I did well so why are you here?" Sabrina said. 

"It's not what you're thinking,that was....."

"I don't want to hear,goodnight. Leave" Sabrina cut in. 

Gael sighed and bowed. 

"Goodnight princess" he muttered and walked out of the suite. 

Sabrina scoffed and went into the bedroom.. 

"So annoying,who stopped him from talking to her? Me?" She hissed. 


The emperor sighed out as he walked,he couldn't sleep and he wasn't planning to send for Zhuri,she looked sad and angry the other time and he doesn't even know why she was so mad. 

He suddenly stopped walking when he caught her body scent from the other side,he turned. 

"She's in the field? Doing what again?" He groaned and started walking to the field. 

"Don't follow me" He said to the guards and they immediately stopped. 

"He's not trying to leave the palace again right?" One of the guards asked worriedly. 

"It's already late,I don't think he would do that" 

Zhuri was there standing and admiring the stars in the cloud. 

"She's something else" The emperor scoffed while watching her. 

Zhuri turned and saw him. 

"Oh...my Lord" She immediately ran to him and bowed. 

"What are you doing here?" The emperor asked. 

"I just...came for some fresh air" Zhuri replied. 

"Fresh air in the field? You really like getting hurt,you don't know the field can be dangerous to stay in the night?" 

Zhuri shook her head. 

"I'm sorry,I won't come here again." She muttered. 

"But...why are you walking alone my Lord" She asked. 

"Same reason" The emperor replied and Zhuri smiled. 

They started walking together in silence. 

"Are you okay? You looked angry earlier,did something happened?" The emperor asked without looking at her. 

"I didn't know.....I was asking myself also...why I was mad" She muttered and he looked at her. 


"Whoa,the stars are just so beautiful" Zhuri said walking to the front more faster. 

The emperor saw a rodent crossing from one side of the field to another and it was like Zhuri would step on it because she wasn't looking down. 

"Watch out Zhuri" The emperor said but the rodent run on Zhuri's legs. .

"Ahh!!!" Zhuri screamed and almost fell. 

The emperor sped up to her and caught her before she could fall. 

"You're more careless than a stray wolf" He said as Zhuri held him,not letting go. 

"That's enough,you can leave me now" The emperor said but Zhuri didn't move. 

He looked down at her and Zhuri also raised her head to look at him,her eyes fell on his lips,the emperor also looked at her red lips as she stared at him innocently. 

'What is this? I've never felt the urge to do the lips thing' He thought and immediately pulled Zhuri off himself. 

"I told you it's enough" He snapped. 

"I'm .....sorry" Zhuri mumbled and bite her lips. 

The emperor saw that and scoffed. 

"Is the deity playing a prank on me?" He muttered. 

"Your majesty!" They suddenly heard Ximena and they both turned. 

'The witch is here again' Zhuri scoffed. 

"How did you know I was here?" The emperor asked. 

"The guards told me" Ximena replied. 

"Is there a problem?" The emperor asked. 

"I wanted to talk to you....alone" Ximena said. 

"About what?" 

"I know you won't be able to sleep,so I made some snacks myself and I planned to spend all night with you" she smiled. 

The emperor haven't said a word when Zhuri spoke up. 

"Don't do that" She said. 

Ximena frowned and the emperor looked at her. 

"What do you mean?" Ximena asked. 

"Why do you always do this? Anytime I'm with him,you come from nowhere to take him away" Zhuri said. 

"What? Is this bitch crazy?" Ximena asked angrily. 

"I'm not crazy,I demand for an answer lady Ximena. I have the right to know because his majesty and I were having a conversation before you came,we weren't joking,so why would you take him away?" Zhuri asked. 

"Your majesty!! Allow me slap this bitch!!" Ximena half yelled. 

"My Lord,please choose. Are you going with her,or you want to stay here,I will follow your order right away" Zhuri said,glaring at Ximena who was also glaring. 

The emperor didn't know when he smiled but nobody saw that. 

"Your majesty......." Ximena tried talking. 

"You should go Ximena" The emperor cut in. 

"Your majesty"

"Leave Ximena" He repeated. 

Ximena looked at Zhuri, breathing angrily. 

Zhuri smirked at her with a wicked grin. 


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