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The Cursed Alpha - Episode 35




The Cursed Alpha - Episode 35

©Pinky Presh Chi❤️ma


“My Alpha, she's been found. I think she fell off the cliff.” 

The desperate voice of Gamma Drake struck Marcus, and he quickly sprang up from the stool where he was seated beside Natalie, whose wounds were being treated by the doctor.

“What? She fell off the cliff, but how?” Marcus was about to leave, but Natalie grabbed his wrist, feigning pain, and replied. “Where in heaven's name are you going, Marcus? Can't you see that I'm in pain, huh?”

He shook his head, and replied. “The doctor is here to take care of you, Natalie. Allison's life is in danger, she might not survive it as her wolf is not that strong.”

“How does that concern you, Marcus? She's Alpha Atlas's mate, have you forgotten so soon? He's there to take care of her. Why do you need to bother?” She shrugged.

Without sparing her another second to say a word, Marcus snapped. “Allison has been under my care for God knows how long. You don't expect to fold my hands, and watch her struggle for her life. I don't have much time to keep speaking with you. I'll be back.” 

With that, Marcus slapped her hands off and rushed out of the room. Groaning angrily, Natalie clenched her fist. 

“Get out, doctor! I want to be alone.” She yelled at the doctor, who heaved a sigh before walking out of the room with her first-aid box.

“He would rather be with that peasant girl instead of his severely hurt Luna to be? How ridiculous! For so many years, I've tried to take Allison out of the picture, but she has a way of getting all the attention in the world. Now what?” She scoffed, and continued. “She's in between two powerful Alphas, and they are fighting for her love. What about me? I'm still begging for Marcus's attention all these years, but he'd rather give all his attention to Allison, who doesn't give any f*** about his feelings.”

She glared at her bandaged foot, and growled angrily. She even had to hurt herself just so Marcus could look after her, but look at her now, even with her feet badly hurt, Marcus would rather be with Allison.

“I should have strangled her before pushing her off the cliff, that way, both Alphas would never find her again. And she won't have to be an obstacle between Marcus and me.” Natalie burst into tears, and then her beaded necklace glowed.

Upon seeing that, she wiped off her tears, and smirked. It was a sign. She mumbled. “Your end is getting close, Allison. Enjoy all the attention you're getting now because it won't be long before you get forgotten by everyone.”

Meanwhile, I was lying unconsciously on the bed while I was getting examined by the doctor. After a few minutes of examining me, Atlas rushed to him and asked. “Doctor, what's going on? Why isn't she awake yet? Will she be okay?”

Sighing deeply, the doctor took off his stethoscope, and replied. “She's been severely wounded. As a matter of fact, she dislocated her ankle, but there's nothing to worry about. She's stable now, but might take a few days before she regains consciousness.” 

“A few days? Like, how long? I can't bear to see her like this.” Atlas asked impatiently.

The doctor said to him, “I’m sorry, I can't tell how long she'll be like this, Alpha. But you don't have anything to worry about because she'll definitely wake up.”

“What about our bond? I'm sure it's going to help her heal faster if I try to touch her or get intimate with her, right?” Atlas snapped at him.

“You asshole! What are you thinking about? You still have the guts to think of making out with her in this condition, huh?” Alpha Marcus cut him off, as he stepped into the room.

Glaring hard at him, Atlas continued. “Is that going to work, doctor? I just can't bear to see her like this.”

“Alpha Atlas, you don't have to worry, she'll be fine. I think touching her dislocated ankle will accelerate her healing process. But, I advise that you let her rest for some time first.” The doctor replied before leaving the room.

Turning his attention to Marcus, who had already rushed to the bed, and held my hands. Atlas pushed him away, and yelled at him. “Get your stinking hands off my Luna, you punk.” 

“How dare you, Atlas? You seem to have forgotten that she's my pack member.” Marcus snapped at him.

Atlas scoffed. “Really? I think there's a mix-up somewhere. She was… get that straight, okay? But not anymore, she's no longer a part of your screwed Pack. I still have that damn fiancée of yours to say what happened to Allison”.

“We raised her, and you think you can show up and take her away from me, huh? Just because you think she's your mate, emphasis on ‘mate’.” Marcus snorted at him.

Without hesitation, Atlas punched him hard on the nose, and grabbed him by the collar, then spoke in between his gritted teeth. “I do not want to k·ll you, Marcus. Do you know why? That's because you and your ruined pack took care of my Luna… even if you were mean to her. If you don't get f***** up self out of here, I'll be forced to.”

With that, he let go of his collar, making him step backwards to get back his stand. “You're mistaken, Atlas. I loved Allison for 18 years. Read my lips, 18 years. Do you think I'll let you take her away from me, huh?” 

“Say that one more time, and I'll let you see your tongue dancing to my tone on the ground.” Atlas threatened him.

Of course, Marcus repeated. “I said, I loved her and still love her. What can you do about that, you arrogant jerk?” 

“You dare to say it again?” Atlas growled, and his eyeballs turned red.

My eyes were already opened, and I could see them arguing. With the little strength in me, I tried to tell, but my voice disappointed me. It came out as a muffle, but they heard me anyway. “Stop it, both of you.”

They turned their gazes at me, and rushed to me, but I mumbled at them. “Get out! Use the door, you both.”

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