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The Cursed Alpha - Episode 34




The Cursed Alpha - Episode 34

©Pinky Presh Chi❤️ma



Alpha Atlas winced in pain, holding firm his left leg. He was obviously in excruciating pain as Beta Jackson rushed to him, and helped him up.

“My Alpha, are you okay? What happened to you?” He asked with concern.

Still groaning in pain, Atlas raised his head and replied. “I think it's the mate bond. Something is definitely not right. Allison… She's in trouble.”

“Allison? But she went for the treasure hunt game with her partner, and they have the map. There's no way something could have happened to her.” Beta Jackson tried to calm him down.

Shaking in head in disagreement, Alpha Atlas picked up his cell phone, and dialed her number. Unfortunately, it wasn't going through and that got him more worried. The rain was getting heavier. He dropped the phone, and said to Jackson. “I don't care what's going on, but I have to find her.”

With that, he rushed out into the rain, and ran towards the mountain, while Jackson ran after him. 

On his way to the mountain, he ran into Marcus, who was also out in the rain with a torchlight and a raincoat. 

“Hey, what are you doing out here?” Marcus scoffed at him.

Without much interest, Atlas replied. “Whatever I'm here for is none of your business. Do you understand?”

“Well, I might be of help to you. But since you don't think it's necessary to let me know, then suit yourself.” Marcus rolled his eyes at him.

Upon hearing that, Atlas quickly turned his gaze to Marcus, and grabbed his arm, then said desperately. “This is no joking matter. I have a feeling that Allison is not okay. Others are back from the treasure hunt game, but she's not, and her phone is not going through.”

“Allison? Same with Natalie. She's not back yet from the mountains.” Marcus gasped.

“I f****** hate to say this, but we have to become a team if we must find them.”

Immediately, they shifted into big wolves and ran up the mountains with Beta Jackson and Marcus's Beta. 

Meanwhile, Natalie watched me roll down the cliff, and of course, she giggled in excitement. 

Surprisingly, she had an umbrella with her in the backpack she was carrying. It was as if she knew that there was going to be a pour down. 

“No one will find you on that cliff. You're definitely going to die and rot there forever. That was so brilliant of me. I'm sure your good-for-nothing mate will be looking all over for you.” She smirked maliciously, and continued. “All I have to do is to go far away from this cliff. Then, I'll pretend to be a victim, just like you. So dumb! What made you think I'd lose the map, huh?” 

Blowing her gum noisily, she walked far away from the cliff. Of course, she was going to put on a pity show for herself. 

Immediately she saw the torchlight from afar, and then wolves growling. She quickly slipped the map and umbrella into her backpack. Without hesitation, she poured the bottle of water all over herself, took some dirt from the ground and poured it on her hair, cut her feet with the sharp edge of her bangle. She was definitely going to heal, so it was no big deal… That was all for a show.

She fell on the ground, crying loud as if she had been crying for help. In a few seconds, Alpha Marcus and Atlas rushed to her. 

“Natalie, are you okay? What happened to you?” Marcus asked anxiously, and sat beside her. 

Still faking tears, she sniffed hard and replied. “Where have you been, Marcus? You don't know how scared I was. I've been traumatized.”

“Where's Allison? I thought you're her partner, and she should be with you. Where did she go? How come she's not here with you?” Alpha Atlas looked around in worry.

Marcus shook his head in agreement. “Yes, Nat. Where is she? She's supposed to be your partner. Why didn't you guys come back to the Castle when it began to rain, huh?”

“We lost the map. I'm sorry, Alpha Atlas. You know that we are not the best of friends. Of course, she got upset with me and went off angrily. I tried to look for her, but I got wounded on my feet, so I couldn't walk on my own.” She replied pathetically.

Taking a deep breath, Atlas turned to Beta Jackson, and said. “Let's go, Jackson. We have to find Allison. I'm sure she's not okay anywhere that she might be.”

“I'll go with you.” Marcus snapped.

Natalie flung her eyes wide open, and yelled. “What? Are you going to leave me drenched, and wounded, just to look for Allison?” 

“Natalie, please, you've been found. Allison is missing, and she could be in danger. Look, I have to help Atlas look for her, okay?” 

She scoffed, and replied. “Marcus, I can't even walk on my own. My wound is bleeding and I'm drenched. Are you being serious right now? Have you forgotten who you're engaged to? I'm your future Luna, Marcus. Does that ring a bell?” 

“Stop being insensitive, Natalie. Beta can take you back to the castle while we look for Allison. We really don't have time to waste, do you understand?” 

“No way!” Natalie cried out.

Cutting her off, Atlas said to Marcus. “I think you should sort things out with your fiancée. Take her back to the castle. I'll find Allison.”

With that, he rushed off with Beta Jackson while unwilling Marcus carried Natalie, and headed back to the castle. 

“Allison! Allison!!” 

The voices of Alpha Atlas and Beta Jackson rented in the air as they kept calling her. They had been searching for an hour and the rain was heavier.

Suddenly, Alpha Atlas gave out a shout. “I can feel her. I think I can perceive her scent.” 

“Are you sure, Atlas?” Beta Jackson asked.

“Yes, I am. She's close.” Atlas replied as they approached the cliff. He continued calling. “Allison! Allison!!”

“At…Las!” A faint distant voice said.

They rushed to the cliff, and Jackson gasped in shock. “She's in that cliff.”

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