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The Cursed Alpha - Episode 33




The Cursed Alpha - Episode 33

©Pinky Presh Chi❤️ma


My eyes widened in shock the moment I saw Natalie. She was the least person I expected to be my partner for the treasure hunt game.

“I think there's a mix-up somewhere. This slave can never be my partner. Why would I be tagged with her?” Natalie freaked out, turning to the organizer.

I was already burning with rage. Not like I even wanted to be her partner. I spoke up immediately. “Can I get someone else as my partner instead of Natalie?” 

“I'm sorry. The decision has already been made, there's no way you can change that. You picked that yourself, remember?” The organizer replied.

Natalie scoffed in disbelief. “I don't believe that. At least I have a choice of my own. I can't stand this thing anywhere around me.”

“Natalie?” Marcus nudged her, and she snorted. Of course, I wasn't even ready to battle words with her. 

She whispered to him. “What? Do you expect me to agree, and partner with someone I despise?”

“This isn't about hating her. This is just a game, don't make me regret bringing you with me to this conference. Any wrong move from you, our pack’s image would be tarnished. I'm sure you don't want that, or do you?” Marcus spoke in between gritted teeth.

The organizer cleared his throat, and said. “If you can't partner with her, then I'll have your pack canceled from the game. I'm sure you know what that means, right?”

“I… I really don't want to be close to this…” She paused, glaring hard at me. After a few seconds of silence, she faked a smile and continued. “For the sake of the game, I'll do it.”

“Very well, then. You can step aside for the others to pick their partners.” The organizer said, and we stepped to the left side. I knew I wasn't wanted, and I would rather not be with Natalie, but I just can't embarrass Atlas. 

There was silence between us, until she cleared her throat, and whispered. “Don't think you mean a lot because you're in the same group with me. I just wish you'd disappear forever.”

I smiled coldly, then replied. “Vice versa, Natalie. I can't stand the sight of you as well, but my hands are tied. I have no choice but to stick with you, so don't think so highly of yourself.”

She fumed angrily. “You, wretch. Seems you've forgotten how to respect your Luna.”

Upon hearing that, I couldn't hold back the laughter anymore. I burst into laughter, but kept shut because I would rather not attract an audience. Then, I responded. “My Luna? I'm distressed about you, Natalie. I think you've got amnesia. Have you forgotten so soon how you framed me, and got me kicked out of your so-called pack, huh? I'm no longer a part of your Pack, I have a pack of my own now. As a matter of fact, I don't need to inform you that it's the strongest and biggest Pack in all of North America. Soon, I'll be the strongest Luna you'd ever think of.”

“You…” She raised her hand to slap me.

Without even sparing a glance, I muttered. “Try slapping me, and watch yourself stabbed for real with a silver. You would rather not try Alpha Atlas of the Cold Moon Pack, do you?” 

“Even from afar, you still manage to get your stinky self to annoy me, huh?” She gradually brought her hand down.

I smirked, and mumbled. “I'm just that dirt you'd never be able to get rid of. Live with that, or get yourself killed.”

After the grouping, we were given the map to enable us to find our ways in and out of the mountain. My phone chimed, and I took it out of my pocket. It was a message from Atlas. My battery was low, but my face beamed with smiles as I read the message within me. “That naughty…”

“I miss you, bunny. I trust you do too. Let's make out before the game.”

Immediately, I dropped a message for him before we were told to leave for the treasure hunt. We walked towards the mountain. Natalie was in front, while I walked behind her with the map and my cross bag. 

Suddenly, she paused and turned to me. “Why would you have the map and still walk behind? Do you intend to get me lost? Listen, if we lose this game, then I'll never forgive you.”

“I wasn't the one who told you to walk in front.” I mumbled.

We continued the search, and then we found one of them. She insisted on holding on to it, and I let her have it.

After an hour, she asked for the map and I gave it to her. Suddenly, she let out a yell from behind and I rushed to her. “What is it, Natalie?”

“The map. I think it's lost. I was with it a few minutes ago, but when I was climbing over this hill, it was gone.” She cried out.

A gasp escaped my mouth. How do we find our way out of the mountains? That question kept ringing in my head. I freaked out. “What the hell? You lost the map, huh? What is that supposed to mean? It's almost dawn, and you're telling me you don't know you misplaced it? How do we get the hell out of the mountains?” 

“Why are you yelling at me, Allison? Are you deaf? I just said I don't know where it is, I'm also stuck here too.” She rolled her eyes.

Stamping my feet in annoyance, I quickly brought my phone out of my cross bag. “Dammit!” 

“What is it?”

Biting my lips, I replied. “My phone just switched off. The battery was low, and now it's down. Do you have your phone?” 

“I don't.” She snapped.

Tears circulated my eyes. The weather was becoming cloudy, and suddenly, there was a loud crack of thunder that scared the living daylight out of me. It was going to rain any moment from now.

I cried out. “What are we supposed to do, Natalie? How do we get out of here?”

“If I knew, I would have been long gone. Suit yourself, find your way out, while I do the same.” She said, without remorse, and walked away.

Fear gripped me, and I ran after her. It was getting darker and soon, the rain started. It was so heavy, there was lightning and rumbles of thunder. 

The ground was becoming slippery, and darkness was slowly enveloping the earth. We were drenched in the rain. I couldn't even find where Natalie was as it was dark.

Suddenly, I felt a strong hand push me over the cliff. I let out a loud yell as I rolled down the cliff.

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