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The Cursed Alpha - Episode 32




The Cursed Alpha - Episode 32

©Pinky Presh Chi❤️ma


Pacing around the room in annoyance, Alpha Marcus grabbed a glass of wine and gulped it down.

“Alpha Marcus, here is the report from the contract with the neighboring Pack.” Gamma Drake handed the files to him.

Without taking a look at it, he flung it on the couch. Then grabbed Drake by the collar, his eyeballs turned red immediately, and he asked violently. “Take a good look at me. Is there anything Alpha of the Cold Moon Pack can give Allison that I can't?”

Gulping hard, Gamma Drake struggled to loosen his grip. Well, he gradually let him go, and Drake coughed slightly. “My Alpha, why are you still thinking of her?”

Marcus raised a brow at him, furiously. “Does that f****** answer my question?”

“No, Alpha. I mean, you… you have everything that he has, and even more.” Drake tried to calm him down.

Clenching his fist, Marcus asked. “Then, why? Why doesn't she… Why doesn't she want to take me back? I love her… I mean, I love her more than he does, right?” 

“You… You really have a weird way of showing your love, Alpha. I think that's why she…” 

On hearing that, Marcus shook his head. He was yet to understand what his Gamma meant by he had an odd way of showing his love. He had always had his eyes on Allison. “What do you mean, Drake?” 

“Uhm… I still have some things to do, my Alpha. I'll take my leave now.” Gamma Drake rushed out of the room.

Alpha Marcus fumed in annoyance, and banged his fist on the table. “No one is allowed to take her away from me. Not even that Alpha Atlas.”

Meanwhile, Atlas stood in front of the mirror in the sitting room. His eyeballs were red, and he could see his wolf in the mirror.

“We're so lucky to have found her on time. Dude, you must always take care of Allison.”

The exciting voice of Jake, Atlas's wolf, was heard. It sounded extremely ecstatic. 

“Jake, aside from the fact that Allison is my cure, I have fallen deeply for her. Of course, I won't let anyone harm her.” Atlas replied.

After a few minutes of silence. Jake continued. “When are you going to tell her about your curse?”

Upon hearing that, Atlas exhaled deeply. Of course, he wanted so badly to tell her that he was cursed, and that she is the only one who can cure him. But, he didn't want her to be scared. Atlas replied. “Jake, I think I should wait for the right time to tell her that. I don't want her to be scared or worried about it.”

“Make a pup soon. A new Alpha.”

Atlas scoffed sarcastically. “Yeah, right.”


The sun rays directly from the window, straight to my eyes. The duvet was wrapped around me. Slowly, I opened my eyes, but flung them open when I saw someone staring deeply into my eyes. It was Atlas. I sighed in relief.

“Atlas? Good morning.” I smiled broadly at him. Without saying a word, he shut me up with a passionate kiss. “Radiant as the sun. Good morning, my Luna.”

Okay! I will be honest. I couldn't help but blush. My cheek turned pink immediately, and I mumbled audibly. “Your Luna? When did I become that?”

“Don't worry, it won't take long before I Mark you as mine, Allison. Do you understand?” He stared seductively at me.

Gulping hard, I yanked the duvet off my body with a sigh. “We are still here for the conference, Atlas. Do you have to be so naughty?”

“I can't help it, especially when you're around me. I just stop myself, bunny.” 

With a faint smile, I replied. “We have a task today. I just need to take my bath, and join the others outside. We would rather not keep them waiting.”

I walked towards the bathroom, but I could feel his eyes all over me. That pervert! He was obviously feasting on me with his eyes… I just know it. Immediately, I got into the bathroom, I slammed the door noisily. 

“Gosh! Why do I feel so shy to look at his face?” I mumbled.

That was when my eyes caught the red petals in the bathtub. My eyes widened in astonishment. Did he… Did he do this? It smelled like roses. Smiles escaped my lips. Who would have thought that I would ever be given such a treatment? 

A few minutes later, I was ready, so I stepped out of the room with Atlas wrapping his hand around my neck. We were out of the castle, where the other Pack members were waiting, when I suddenly said. “Atlas, we're almost there. Don't you think it's time you let go of my neck?” 

“Why? Are you shy? You're my mate, Allison. And showing you off to the world is what I love doing. I love securing whatever is mine.” He sounded so possessive.

Blinking my eyes rapidly, I turned my gaze away, and slapped his hand off. “No one said I'm not yours. Besides, we still have to get our partners for the games today. It's best if you stop being clingy.”

“Are you sure you'll be able to take good care of yourself? The game is played on the mountain, I don't want you to get hurt.” He held my wrist, and said passionately.

“I will be okay, Atlas.”

Meanwhile, the members of different packs were already grouped. They picked their numbers to get a partner.

“Allison Acosta, it's time for you to pick a number.”

I stepped forward, and picked the tally. I glanced at it, and mumbled inaudibly. “34? Who could my partner be?”

“I'm 34, who's my partner?” I heard a voice from behind, and turned around. “I'm no. 34 too.”

My eyes widened in shock as I saw her. It was Natalie. Why should she be my partner? How could my worst enemy be my partner for the treasure hunt game?

“You?” We chorused at each other.

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