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The Cursed Alpha - Episode 31




The Cursed Alpha - Episode 31

©Pinky Presh Chi❤️ma


“Oh, my God!”

My jaw dropped in shock at the stunning scenery. This was perhaps one of the things I missed as a slave. We were never allowed out of the castle, so my life revolved around the four corners of Night Wind Pack castle.

Alpha Atlas smiled a little, and replied. “Pretty nice view, huh?” 

“Nice? This isn't nice. This is a thousand times prettier than anything I'd ever imagined. It's so, so beautiful.” I kept looking around. The building was high, and the whole place was dark apart from the lights all over the city. Is this how beautiful the night view is? Who knows how good the enormous mall will be?

“It is beautiful. Let's take a seat.” Alpha Atlas pointed at the bench at the left corner. We sat on the chair, but my attention wasn't there because I was still staring around in admiration.

After a few minutes of silence, Atlas broke the silence, and said. “So, I thought you might be hungry, are you not?”

With my eyes still fixed on the beautiful sky with stars, I snapped. “Hungry? I'm starving. Is there food?” 

“If that means that you pay attention to me, then yes.” He calmly replied, squeezing my tender fingers into his palms.

I turned my gaze to him, biting my lower lip, then mumbled. “I'm sorry, it's just, all these feels like I'm in a fairy tale. Being a slave, and turning into a princess all in a stamp.”

“Well, wait until you see the food. I asked Jackson to get the best…”

“Braised pork chops stewed in peppery sauce?” I snapped, turning my gaze sharply at him.

He raised his brows, rather astonished. “What?”

Gulping hard, I replied, withdrawing my gaze. “Oh, It's fine if it's not. It always smelled so good when Natalie brought some home, but I can only see the dirty plates. I was never allowed to try it. Of course, I had the name in my head, and I wondered what it tasted like.”

“You've never had braised pork, huh?” 

I shook my head in disagreement. Undoubtedly, I could see the annoyance in his eyes. He was probably feeling bad because I was treated so badly by the Night Wind Pack. “No.”

Getting up from the chair, he smiled calmly. “Give me a second, okay?”

He walked to the other side, brought out his phone and dialed the number. “Beta, cancel all of it. We're not doing pasta anymore. Yes, I'm very sure of that. Get me a bucket of braised pork chops stewed in peppery sauce. Braised pork! Make sure it's hot.”

A few minutes later, his hands were wrapped around my neck, and he caressed my hair gently as we admired the beautiful sky. Then, I perceived it… braised pork. I might not have tasted it before, but trust me, I know how it smells. A gasp escaped my lip, and my mouth water. Beta Jackson walked towards us with a bucket of braised pork. 

He handed the bucket to Atlas, and he gave it to me. Without hesitation, I took the bucket, and tried to eat with my bare hands, but he stopped me, and said tenderly. “No, Allison. You can't eat with your bare hands. It's too hot, you can enjoy it with chopping sticks.”

I bit my lips in embarrassment with a faint smile. Of course, I don't really know how to use the chopsticks. “I… I can't…”

“You can't use it, can you?” He smiled, and continued. “You have nothing to worry about. I'm here, Allison.”

Shame didn't let me raise my head. He took the bucket of braised pork and the chopsticks from me. Gently, he scooped the braised pork with the sticks and fed me by himself.

He paused, trying to figure out my countenance. “Is it everything you've ever dreamed of? Or your worst nightmare?”

“Holy crap!” I munched hungrily on it. “I mean, I apologize for the swear word, it's just…that I feel like I'm in heaven.” 

He picked the serviette, and wiped my mouth with it, then sighed. “I can't believe that they made you live like that. Night Wind’s are real bunches of trash.”

I turned to him, and said. “There's something I haven't told you, he was my mate.”

“Who? Marcus” He twitched his brows, and I nodded my head. “I would rather not keep things from you, so yeah. I don't know how or why it happened, but he rejected me and I accepted. Which is why the Moon Goddess paired me with a second chance mate, and that's you.”

After a few minutes of silence, Alpha Atlas asked. “But… why didn't you two ever have…”

“What? He rejected me on the spot, and we never got along too. Our bond lasted for like five minutes before he rejected me.” I snapped at him.

He exhaled deeply. “Well, that's a relief. I don't ever want to share you with another person.”

“Except…” I paused, biting my lips nervously.

His eyebrows twitched. “Except what?”

“Except when I thought it was you. We… we kissed and…”

Atlas cut me short by interrupting. “I'm right here now, and I'm never letting go. He just doesn't know what he lost.” He kissed my forehead, and held me tight.

Furthermore, he disengaged the kiss, and whispered something dirty into my ear, and my body shivered. “You, spoiled brat!” 

“Can you swear that I was lying? Aren't you sleepy? I think it's time we go back to the conference.” He held my hand.

I hesitated because I wasn't satisfied yet. I still wanted to stay and watch the beautiful scenery. “I don't want to. I just want us to be here. Watch the stars, and even sleep here.”

“Why would the Moon Goddess pair me with a baby, huh? That's unfair.” He mocked me, and I flared up, glaring hard at him. “A baby? Me?”

“If you're not a baby, then let's go back and make babies.” He winked at me, and I shivered.

Was I wet?

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