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The Billionaire's Heartbeat - Episode 57 & 58




The Billionaire's Heartbeat - Episode 57 & 58

Theme: Blazing affection

By Terri Savage

Jennifer had a calm look on her face as she stared at Myles.

He mirrored her face with his eyes as he said that statement. He didn't plan to confess his feelings for her, he wanted to wait but seeing her with the guy brought out the hidden jealousy in him and he knew that moment that he had to mark his territory before he would lose her.

She was staring so deeply as her lips curved into a cheeky smile.

"You are not saying anything" he said when the silence was lasting longer.

"Do I have to say anything?" she asked, touching her teeth with her tongue.

"I love you" he said softly, and she felt her heart jiggling.

"Say something Jenny" he said impatiently, breathing calmly on her neck.

"I don't have anything to say" he said and he went for her lips. Her went shut instantly as his lips landed on her lips.

He started kissing her gently and she quickly made a mental note not to kiss him back.

He noticed the slowness of his lips.

Her lips were not moving as he kissed her.

He gently broke the kiss with an unreadable expression on his face.

"You are not kissing me, why?" he asked, mirroring her face.

"You look so adorable and cute" she smiled.

"That didn't answer my question" he said.

"You should say the proper words, Myles" she uttered, and he sighed.

"Be mine" he said gently and she smiled widely.

"I love you" she said.

"I love you too" he replied.

"Kiss me" she said s+xily, and their lips reconnected.

She hasn't feel this fulfilled in her before like she is feeling now. The happiness in her was overflowing boundaries.

She finally got him as man, the guy who make her crave for things with just his eyes. The guy she has come to love so much without control.

They kissed feverishly, savoring the tastness of their lips, music and melody sang in their moment of hot and passionate romance.

His hands strolled down and held her waist, she almost moaned when she felt his hands there, she was tempted to m0an but she controlled it.

The fire in the kiss kept growing more and more hotter, they were at the peak as he started touching her in her s+nsitive spots.

Her hands held his shirt in front and she started removing his buttons impatiently, she wanted to feel the softness of his s+xy chest.

He smiled into the kiss and gently broke it, he looked at her to see a look on disappointment etched on her face.

"Why did you break the kiss?" she asked.

"Things may get out of hand if we continue" he replied.

"I don't mind" she pouted.

"We are outside, Jennifer" he chuckled.

"Stop laughing" she said and he stopped.

"Okay, your majesty" he teased.

"The guy, who is he to you?" he asked.

"I was waiting for you to ask me about him?" she chuckled.

"I paid him to act like my admirer" she replied and his eyes widened for a minute.

"Wait, you paid him so you can make me jealous?" he asked smartly.

"You are so smart, yes babe" she smiled.

"Okay, what if I didn't reacted?" he asked.

"I would have know you don't love me back"

"You didn't want to confess in the easy way so I made you express your feelings in the hard way" she said cutely and his lips parted but no word came out.

"Suddenly speechless" she teased.

"I can't believe I was played, don't try that next time, I promise myself never to fight because of a woman that's the reason I stopped myself from punching his face but I'm breaking that, I will punch any guy that trys to hit on you, you are off limits now" he said and looked at her to see her cheeks covered in pinkness.

"You are so sweet" she smiled prettily.

"I can't believe you love me back, I'm so blessed, I love you so much" she said excitedly, rushing into his arms again.

"I don't know how too...But I fell for you Jenny, I love you"

"You won't hurt me right? You won't leave me right?" she broke the hug after asking the question to looked at him.

He stared passionately at her before giving her an answer.

"I won't do any of that, I don't think my life will be fine without you, I love you so much Jenny, I love you more than I hated you back then" he replied sweetly, seriousness laced in his charming voice.

"I love you" she said.

"I love you too, my s+xy python" he said s+xily and she blushed.

"Let's go back" he held her hand and they started leaving.

"Buddy" Everest stood when they came back together.

"I want to hear the gist" Paige said.

Jennifer smiled widely and looked at Myles who was smiling at her.

"We are now dating, he's my boyfriend" Jennifer said and Everest's eyes widened.

"The drama you mentioned earlier?" he faced Paige and she replied with a wide smile.

"F*ck" he said.

"You guys are couple now?" Everest asked.

"Yes bro" Myles said and kissed Jennifer.

"Aww!!" Paige gushed happily.

"So it's now.."

"Shut up" Everest cut Myles off.

"What?" Paige faced Everest.

"It's a brother thing, let's pop champagne" Everest said.

Jennifer left Myles and walked to Paige.

She leaned into her eyes.

"Make a move girl" Jennifer whispered and Paige smiled.


Everest and Paige already left, Myles is currently in the car with Myles and instead of sitting at back as usual, she was sitting in the front with him and she kept smiling.

"Why are you smiling?" he asked.

"I have every reason to smile" she replied and he chuckled.

"Do you love me that much?" he asked.

"I don't only love you, you are my obsession" she replied, and he came closer.

He mirrored her face and she started staring at his lips, she quickly pecked him and he chuckled.

"You are so pretty" he said.

"Don't wear what you wore in the morning, you were a big distraction to girls, I don't want them to look at yo, I want every if your attention" she said and he kissed her.

"You were so cute saying that, jealous girl" he said and she laughed.

"I don't want to go home" she said slowly.

"Where do you want to go?" he asked.

"I want to go home with you" she replied.

"I'm introducing you to my grandma soon" he said and her eyes lit up.

"But.What if she doesn't like me?"

"She will like you" he said, touching her face.

He started the car and drove out.


Jennifer had a bright smile on her face she came downstairs, she was smiling so widely till Monica blocked her and she stopped smiling.

"You don't usually smile in the morning like this, something happened between you and Myles in the club right?" Monica asked and her eyes widened.

"Don't ask how I get to know, you are in love with him, deeply in love with him, so did he ask you out last night, I saw you two kissing hotly in the living room, deep tongue kissing" Monica said and Jennifer sighed.

"You are such a talkative" Jennifer muttered gently.

"Tell me what I want to hear" Monica persisted.

"I don't have anything to say" Jennifer smiled, and started leaving.

"She is lying, something happened last night, I can feel it" Monica smiled.

Jennifer got out and her smile came back as she saw Myles leaning on the car.

"Baby" she ran to him and right there, she kissed him.

The guards eyes widened but no one said a word.

"I missed you throughout the night" she said cheeky.

"I missed you too" he replied and she took his hand, they entered the car together.

"I want to badly kiss you right now but I will patient till we will get to the office" she said and he chuckled.

"Naughty" he muttered.


"What!" Ceres flared as she saw the sales of her new product.

Jennifer's lowest sale is her biggest sale.

"How can she be ranked as the number one, how?" she yelled.

"Do you really expect to be at the top?" her secretary asked, and she shot her a glare.

"What about the deals we got?"

"I'm sorry, they refused signing with the company, they went for Jennifer's company" she replied and Ceres's eyes reddened.

"Jennifer" she shouted ragingly and Mr Adams came in.

"I told you right? You couldn't outshine her, should I just take this company away from you" Mr Adam said angrily.

"Don't blame me, dad" she said.

"Oh! I should blame myself, right? I'm letting you handle this company because I don't have anyone apart from you" he shot and angrily left the office.

"Get out now" she barked and her secretary ran out of the office.

Her body was shaking with fury, despite stealing her big idea she couldn't outshine her, she is still at the top.

"I don't have any option but to get rid of her now" she said with cruel eyes.


Myles and Jennifer came out of the elevator holding hands, they got to Kingsley's desk and he looked back.

A smirk appeared on his face as he saw them holding hands.

"Boss" he stood.

"Meet me in the office after thirty minutes" she said, and started walking to the office.

Myles looked at Kingsley and they exchanged hateful glares.

They got to the office and she quickly took Myles to the couch.

She straddled him and her hands located his shoulders.

"Wow! You are so impatient" he said.

"I can't wait" she breathed rasply.

"What are you waiting for?" he asked.

She pressed her lips on his, their lips wedded perfectly and they started moving in sync.

His hands went to her @ss and immediately he pressed the fleshy part, a rasp m0an came out of her lips.

"Mmm" she m0aned, their lips making contact.

"Myles" she gasped and started moving her @ss on him.

"Damnit, Jenny" his voice erupted.


"Sign here" Everest said and dropped a pen on the document, Paige took the pen and signed in the appropriate place.

"Done" he said and she turned to him.

He was standing close to her so their faces were closer to each other.

She started staring hard, her lips parting slowly.

She quickly stole a kiss from his lips and he chuckled.

"A trickster" he smiled and she smiled prettily.

"I was craving for it" she said.

"You got it now" he said and kissed her, she started deepening the kiss but he broke it.

"I want more" she pouted.

"You are looking so cute but not now, Miss Everton" he caressed her forehead with his thumb and she froze.

"See you later" he winked handsomely and walked out.

"Gawd, he's driving me crazy" she smiled cutely.


Sloane felt a presence behind her and she was about to turn when he hugged her. Her body reacted and she stood calm when she inhaled the minty scent.

"Newton" she called slowly and he turned her around.

She looked down immediately.

"Why are you avoiding my face? You weren't like this yesterday when you kissed me" he teased.

"Stop it" she muttered slowly.

"You weren't shy yesterday, Sloane" he chuckled.

He held her face with a hand and raised it up.

"You are so pretty" he said and she blushed.

"I want to kiss you again" he said and her heart skip a long beat.

"We.. are in the kitchen, anyone can come in" she stuttered.

"I want to see the bold Sloane, you are nervous now" he said and she looked away.

"I will kiss you harder the next time I got the chance" he smiled at her and walked out.

She smiled widely, feeling her chest with her fingers.

"It's racing" she said.


Everest came out of the bathroom and fell on the bed.

He sighed softly, his mind quickly drifted to Paige and he smiled.

His phone vibrated on the bed and he took it.

A text message appeared on the screen and he opened it.

His eyes widened when he saw the text message Paige.


"Is she joking or what?" he muttered and came down from the bed.

He went straight to the living room and opened the door. He came out and his eyes widened when he saw her standing beside her car.

"Everest" she called happily and he quickly walked to her.

"What are you doing here by this time?" he asked.

"You are not happy to see me?" she asked.

"I didn't mean that, I'm just surprised" he replied.

"I missed you so much that's why I'm here" she said.

"Really?" he asked.

"Sure" she nodded, coming closer to him.

"I'm sleeping in your room tonight" she said and his eyes widened.

"Paige, you can't, my sister is home"

"I didn't say we are going to f+ck" she said and started walking to the door.

"Geez" he muttered.

"You ain't coming in?" she looked back when she got to the door.

He sighed rasply and walked to her, she opened the door and they went in.

"See try to reason with me, I'm not home alone.."

"We are not going to do anything" she cut him off.


"Don't talk to me if I leave your house" she said and he said nothing.

"Fine" she started leaving but he went after her and grabbed her hand.

"Don't leave" he said and she smiled.

"Your room?" 

"Come with me" he said and she followed him.

They entered his room and she started looking around.

"It's not up to your taste..."

"Who said it's not up to my taste, I love it" she said and took steps to the bed.

"Are you seriously sleeping here?" he asked slowly.

"I wasn't joking when I said it" she replied, placing both of her hands on the bed.

"You are so cute to resist" he said, drawing closer to her.

She grabbed his hand and pulled him, he fell directly on her and their faces mirrored each other.

They started staring at each other as silence took over, only the beating of their hearts was audible.

Their eyes were beginning to become emotive and she found herself saying the words she didn't expect to say at that moment.

"I love you Everest" the words came out of her lips freely, and a cute smile etched his face.

"I love you too" he said emotively, and her eyes came wide.



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