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The Billionaire's Heartbeat - Episode 55 & 56




The Billionaire's Heartbeat - Episode 55 & 56

Theme: Blazing affection

By Terri Savage

"I want to be in your arms" she whispered, and he sighed softly, not really knowing what to say in this situation.

He was worried as f+ck when she cut the call on him, his heart was beating so fast when he heard her weak voice.

"Please wrap your arms around me" she said in a low voice, pulling herself more into him.

Gently, Everest broke the hug.

"You really think that was the best thing to do? I was worried, I wasn't myself Paige" he said and she started smiling.

"You think it's funny?" he frowned.

"It's really nice hearing you say you were worried about me" she replied prettily and he creased his brows.

"You are not different from a 7 year old girl" he heaved and she smiled widely.

"A baby because of you, I knew you would refuse coming to my house if I asked you directly" she pouted.

"But we spent time in the office, we ate dinner together, so why this?" he asked calmly.

"Because I was missing your face, I was craving being in your arms" she said with no ounce of uncertainty in her voice.

His eyes narrowed on her, and she started staring at him with that exquisite zint look in her eyes.

"So what now? You have seen me right? Thank you for making me worried" he muttered softly, and she smiled.

"Stay with me" she said, sounding so cute and irresistible.

"You sound so cute and irresistible right now but I won't fail for that, I haven't slept outside all my life..I don't think..." she shut him up with a kiss.

"You will hurt me if you say the next words" she said after the kiss.

"Can I do that next time?" he asked.

"Why not tonight? You can call your sister and explain things to her, tell her your boss got sick and you came to take her to the hospital, you will convince her, she is your sister, she will understand if that's what's stopping you" Paige stopped talking and looked up to see him laughing.

"You said all that at once, you are really serious" he chuckled, and he pouted.

"It's late now, don't go home please, I want to see your face..."

"I'm sorry, not tonight, I will do that next time" he said and she bit her lips.

"Bye" he pecked her on the lips and walked out of the house.

Paige stood at that spot and touched her lips.

She bit her lips hard, almost wounding herself before going upstairs.


"Ahh...!!! Kingsley" Ceres loud moans echoed through the corners and walls of the room as Kingsley sank his c+ck deeper into her pool of wetness.

He was banging her in a hot doggy style, and her teeth kept sinking deeper into the bed as she m0aned.

The loud collision of their skins kept making sinful sounds, he was f+cking the hell outta p+ssy and she was enjoying every bit of his hard and deep strokes.

"Harder baby...Yes, Kingsley, don't stop!!" she rasped erotically, grabbing the bed sheets tighter.

"Yes...f+ck" he groaned as he started emptying his seed in her.

She gasped and squealed sensually as she started cuming too.

"Baby" she called as he pulled out of her and sat on the bed edge.

She turned around and crawled her way to him, she hugged him from behind, hugging his back with her b+*bs whilst wrapping her hands around his chest.

"Whenever we f+ck it's a different vibe, I love you" she smiled.

"I need some money" he said.

"I recently wired 55 million dollars into your account" she said.

"I have bills to settle, I need money, my pay as Jennifer's secretary can't foot my bills" he said and she sighed.

"You are not going to give it to me right?" he asked.

"I will do that tomorrow, don't be offended,I love you" she replied.

"I love you more baby" he smiled this time, and she reached a hand to grab his weapon.

They were still naked.

"I need another round, use any hole you want" she whispered seductively, and a thick smirk grew on his face.

This will be the fourth round they will be doing. BANG.


Jennifer's eyes parted and opened slowly. She sat up in bed and the first person her mind went to was Myles, she was thinking about him till slept off, and now that she woke up he's the only thing on her mind.

Maybe at this rate is not going mad, she is totally mad in love with him, she misses him every second, minute and hour he's not around her.

She grabbed her phone and went to her call log, his number was the last person she talked to.

She dialed the number and her hands started shaking, what if he refused picking the call but her eyes lit up when he picked after three rings.

"Sexy python" he called sleepily, and she blushed with a fluttered heart beat.

"Myles" she called cutely.

"Sounding so cute in the middle of the night" he said and she smiled.

"I... missed you babe" she said.

"You said that with difficulty, you didn't mean it" he uttered, his voice sounding thin.

"I...mean it, I missed you"

"Even in your sleep, you couldn't stop thinking about me right?" he asked.

"Yes" she replied with a bit on her lips.

"Stop biting your lips, Jenny" he said and she chuckled.


"I know you would do that" he interrupted.

"You thought I wouldn't pick the call right?" he asked.

"Stop seeing through me, Myles" she shouted and he started laughing.

"I noticed it in your voice, you can call me anytime you want" he said.

"Really?" she asked with a bright smile on her face.

"Yes, sexy" he replied and her cheeks heated up with a blush.

"I will sleep now" she said.

"Sure, bye" he said.

"Babe" she called prettily.

"Yes" he replied and her eyes widened.

"You said yes!!...Awww!" she remarked and cut the call.

"He said yes" she said and started throwing her legs up excitedly.


Myles came out of his room after getting satisfied with what he was wearing.

A white long sleeve shirt, tucked in on black pants with no belt and black shoes.

His hair was sticky, sticking to some part of his face, he brushed his hair and made it cover his left eye. His right hand in his right pocket.

"OMG!! Myles" grandma Patricia gasped when she set her eyes on him.

"Baby" he winked handsomely at her.

"Are you planning to make girls go crazy, gosh?" she held her chest.

"You are exaggerating now" he smiled.

"I'm not, your fashion taste looks simple but gosh, boy you are hot"  she remarked and he hugged her.

"No need for breakfast. I love you" he said and started leaving the house.

"Come home with a girl" she shouted.

"I have the most handsome grandson in NY" she smiled, widening her old cheeks.

Myles kept receiving stares at him till he got a taxi and entered.

"OMG!!! An angel" the lady in the taxi shouted.

"Miss, are you okay?" he turned to her.

"Your voice, your dressing, I have seen an Angel, this beauty is so surreal" the lady kept gasping and Myles became speechless.

"I would have asked for your number but I don't want your girlfriend to break my head" she smiled and he looked away from her.

The taxi pulled at Jennifer's castle and he came out.

"Here" he gave the driver some dollars.

"A guy like you deserves a free ride, a guy can't be this handsome and sexy at the same time, handsome guys don't deserve to pay for a ride, bye handsome" the driver said and drove away.

His lips parted and he looked at himself.

"What is happening? What is so different about my dressing today?" he muttered and went to the gate.

The security guards opened the gate and he came inside.

"Good morning" he said and no response came from them, he looked at them and saw them staring.

"What is this?" he groaned and walked till he got to the main castle, he decided to go inside and see her instead of waiting here for her but he didn't know he was going to cause heckus with his presence.

He entered the castle, the maids were walking around but immediately he came in and it started.

🗣️ Gawd!!

Two maids collided into each other and the plates fell from their hands, shattering on the floor as a result of too much staring.

The murmurings from them increased and he walked away faster till he entered the main living room.

Jennifer came downstairs that minute and he turned when he saw her on the staircase.

"Jenny" he smiled, walking closer.

Jennifer froze as she stopped walking.

Her heart started acting weird, and she felt emotions rushing through her like electricity.

Who told him to change his style, his hair style, his dressing?

She is falling for him again, and she falls deeper.

She was lost and when he looked at her he got what was going on.

"Jenny" he called and climbed the stairs till he got to her.

"Jenny" he called and she blinked like fifty times before smiling.

"I got a heart disease" she said funnily.

"Why?" he asked.

"It's beating so fast" she replied, looking into his eyes.

"You are HOT" she remarked, and he hugged her.

She hugged him tightly.

"Your scent" she whispered.

"Why do you love my scent so much?" he asked.

"Cos it's the strongest scent" she replied and he gently tried to break it but she refused.

"Let's stay like this for five minutes, I might lose my control if I look at your face" she said, hugging him tighter, and he smiled.


"Are you alright?" Michelin asked and Sloane looked at her.

"I'm fine" Sloane replied.

"You are not fine, you have an issue with Newton, he's not talking to you, what's wrong?" Michelin said, and Sloane sighed.

"It's my fault anyway, I started it yesterday, he got angry" she said.

"I think you should start showing him that you like him back, you will lose him if you continue pretending, go for the hunt" Michelin said with a baddie gesture and Sloane chuckled.

"Follow him" Michelin said.


"He's going to the store room, follow him" Michelin said.


"No but girl, go for him, don't f+ck up" Michelin gingered and pushed her towards the direction he took.

Sloane looked back.

"Make me proud" Michelin shouted.

"Michelin, there's a customer at table 14" A voice said.

"Coming" Michelin rushed away.


Sloane hot to the store room and stopped at the door. She started staring at it while playing with her fingers nervously.

She bit her lips thinking about what she would say if he asked her why she was here. She remembered Michelin's words and built up courage. She was about to enter when Newton came out.

His eyes fell on her and her nervousness came back. He looked away and tried to walk away but she grabbed him and pushed him back into the store, closing the door with her leg, she pushed him to the wall.

"What are you doing?" he asked.

"I'm sorry about yesterday, stop avoiding me" she said, looking into his eyes.


"Don't try to deny it" she interrupted sharply and he started staring at her.

"I think this will settle everything and try to win my heart" she said gently and came closer.

"Sloane" her lips were on his lips immediately he finished calling her name, his eyes came wide as a p+ssy.


Jennifer came with Myles and Paige came with Everest but the guys refused having lunch with them so they chose another suite.

"I think I have a heart disease" Jennifer said.


"I can't control the way my heart beats when I see Myles, I kissed him countless times and I can't stop thinking about him, I kept missing...."

"We are in love" Paige cut in.

"I feel the same way towards Everest, I'm going crazy" she said.

"I confessed"

"What was his reply?"

"He asked me to give him time, but I'm planning something tonight" she replied.

"I haven't summoned enough courage to confess my feelings to Everest" Paige said, and they started staring at each other.

"How did it happen?" Jennifer asked.

"I don't know" Paige replied and they started laughing.

Paige explained everything that transpired between her and Everest.

"You cried? You are crazy, you made him run to your mansion, gawd!!" Jennifer laughed...

"I'm crazy, baby girl, tell me about yours" 

"I'm better than you" Jennifer said and started explaining about her own part to her.


"She confessed, so what did you say to her?" Everest asked when Myles told him.

"I want to be sure of what I feel before giving her answer" he replied.

"Paige is in love with you, it's obvious" Myles said.

"I know" Everest said simply, and drank from his cup of wine.

"The name slow poison really fits you" Myles said and Everest chuckled.

"Mini devil, don't keep her waiting"

"So how do you feel about her?" Myles asked.

"I'm waiting for her to confess first" Everest smiled.

"You are bad" Myles cackled and he started laughing too.

"I was given a free ride because of my handsomeness today" Myles said and Everest bursted into a big laughter.


A special clubhouse for only billionaires, you can only be allowed entry if you come with any of the billionaires, that's to say if you are not a billionaire, millionaires are not considered as worthy people to attend the clubhouse.

A car stopped in front of the building and the windows went down.

"I don't really like clubhouses" Myles said.

"Why?" she asked.

"I naturally hate it" he replied.

"Just endure for my sake, I have been working a lot, I need to relieve myself" she said.

"There are many ways to relieve yourself without coming here"

"I'm the boss here, Myles" she said and he smiled.

"Fine" he said, and another car drove in.

Everest came out with Paige.

"Everest" he muttered and came down.

"Baby girl" Paige called happily and hugged Jennifer.

"We got here at the same time"

"I got here before you" Jennifer said.

"Why are you making that face?" Everest asked.

"I hate clubhouses" he replied.

"Wow! First time I will be disagreeing on something with you, I love parties" Everest smiled and Myles scoffed.

"Enjoy buddy" Everest said and patted his hair.

"Hey, I'm not a child" 

"Myles" Paige waved and he waved, Everest waved at Jennifer and she waved back.

"Let's go inside" Jennifer said and they went in.

Loud music and smoke from joints filled everywhere.

"This is what I hate" Myles complained.

"Chill bro" Everest said, he's enjoying everything, a smile on his face as a proof.

They entered the elevator which took them to another floor.

It was different here, there were not many people on this floor.

They were led to a suite and they sat down.

Drinks were brought and everyone started drinking except Myles.

"You don't drink?" Paige asked and he nodded.

Jennifer winked at Paige and she smiled.

She took out her phone and texted someone.

"You are boring now" Everest said and Myles was about to talk when a guy came in and sat with Jennifer.

"Hello cutie, we meet again" he said and Jennifer blushed.

Myles looked at them and his face started changing as the guy started flirting with Jennifer.

"You look appetizing tonight, you are here with someone?" he asked.

"No" she replied and his heart squeezed in pain.

Paige started smiling secretly as she looked at Myles.

Myles jaws started hardening.

"Are you okay?" Everest asked but no response came from him.

"Can we talk privately?" he asked.

"Sure" she replied and he gave her his hand.

"I'm coming guys" she stood up and walked away with him, Myles eyes didn't leave them till they went out of sight.

Myles drank a cup and started drinking aggressively.

His anger started to build up and it was trying to burst.

"You are drinking aggressively, what is it?" Everest asked.

He started picturing them being close and his head started sparking inside.

"I'm coming" he stood up and went to the direction Jennifer went earlier.

"Expect a drama" Paige laughed.

"Drama?" Everest muttered in confusion.

Myles head was sparking inside as he walked through that way till he came out from a door and saw Jennifer with the guy, they were standing so close to each other and he started leaning in, she kept smiling and he lost it completely.

He literally ran there and pushed the guy away.

"Myles" she gasped.

"How dare you try to kiss her?" he shot, facing the guy.

"Who are you dude? Her boyfriend? She is single so any guy can hit on her" he smirked and Myles grabbed his collar.

"She is single but she's out of reach" Myles said meanly.

"Really? Who are you to decide that?" he asked.

Myles pushed him away and took Jennifer's hand, without a word he started dragging her away.

Jennifer turned and winked at the guy, he smiled adjusting his shirt.

"Jealous freak" he muttered.

"What are you doing? Leave me alone" she yelled and he stopped.

"You were really going to allow him kiss you?" he asked angrily.

"Yes, he's cute and straight forward" she replied and he frowned.

"I can't believe you, you claim to love me and now you were going to allow the guy to kiss you, he was flirting with you" he shouted.

"Why are you so angry about it? You are not my boyfriend, so why are you angry?" she barked, staring at him.

"You wanna know why?" he asked and came closer, he pushed her to the wall gently and pressed himself on her.

"You wanna know why? It's because I'm f+cking in love with you Jennifer, I love you" he said to her face.



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