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The Billionaire's Heartbeat - Episode 51 & 52




The Billionaire's Heartbeat - Episode 51 & 52

Theme: Blazing affection

By Terri Savage

His eyes came wide as he heard that statement from her.

He looked at her and their eyes met, she didn't bother to look away, she stared intently at him.

A dead silence fell in the room which lasted for five minutes, they were staring at each other without breaking the contact, and her heart kept beating so fast.

"Are you serious?" he asked.

"Do I look like someone who's joking?" she asked back and he swallowed.

"I know you won't believe it, it sounds weird to you, I know but I don't know how it happened Myles, I hated you the first day I saw you but I didn't know why I took interest in you and decided to hire you as my driver, I hired you so as to make your life miserable but I guess I underestimated you, you are the first guy to stood up to me, you were never afraid of me, maybe I started liking your boldness, I don't know how I developed feelings for you, I can't control it though I have tried a lot of times to hide it, I want to be with you every time, I want to kiss you all the times, I'm going crazy because of you Myles, I don't just know but I'm crazy in love" she said and he sighed.

"I know you are going to reject me but I don't... "

"Can you give me a little time before I will answer you?" he intruded and she stopped talking, she looked at him.

"You are not going to reject me?" she asked.

"I didn't say that" he replied and she swallowed hard.

"I will wait" she bit her lips and moved closer to him.

"Can I still kiss you though you haven't given me an answer?" she asked slowly.

"You have the permission Jenny" he replied and like a flash, she was already kissing him hungrily. 

He reciprocated and started kissing her back but he broke the kiss when he noticed she wasn't ready to break it anytime soon, and it's not right doing it here, someone might come in.

He gently broke the kiss and she sighed, finally breathing.

"Are you.." she started saying something but he interrupted.

"Someone might show up" he said.

"Then let's go to my room" she quickly said, and he chuckled.

"Let's do it next time" he said and she smiled widely.

"You are going home but can you eat with me?" she asked, pulling her brows cutely.

"I can't say no to you cutie" he said and she blushed.

"I can't wait to have you as my boyfriend" she said and took his hand, walking away with him.

From a corner, Monica was watching everything that took place, she came out of the corner and started jumping excitedly.

"I thought she was going to end up single"

"She is really whipped completely, who wouldn't fall for that handsome face, awww!!" she gushed, holding her cheeks.


Paige pouted when she checked the time, it was really getting late but she didn't want to go yet, she wanted to keep talking with him.

They had fun after the coffee and she ordered snacks for them after drinking the coffee.

"It's getting late" he said, looking at his phone.

She pouted, looking away and he smiled.

"You don't want to leave yet?" he asked.

"Sure, let's spend more time, I will take you home after" she said.

"But... It's dangerous driving at night" he said and she sighed.

"You don't want to be with me right? You are saying these things.."

"Stop being dramatic" he cut her off.

"I'm enjoying being here with you, I don't pretend, you should know that by now, I ditched my date with Vivian when you called" he said, though the last part came out unexpectedly.

"A date with Vivian?" she asked, sounding so jealous.

"She is so lucky"

"She proposed it, Miss Everton" he said.

"No difference" she frowned with an eye roll.

"I'm not going home now" she said.

"Then I will leave you here" he muttered.

"You won't do that" she said and he stood up.

"I don't say empty words" he said and started walking out but his steps weren't upto to three when Paige bursted into tears.

His eyes widened and he quickly turned to see her crying on her chair.

"What!" he gasped and rushed to her.

"Paige" he tried touching her but she hit his hand away.

"Don't touch me, you are so heartless" she cried.

He couldn't believe it, was she really doing this? The almighty Paige, the saying that women are babies is exactly true, she was looking different from the tough billionaire the world knows.

She was seriously crying like a child.

"I'm sorry Paige" he said and squatted before her but she stood up and started walking out.

He ran after her and grabbed her hand, he turned her around and started cleaning her tears.

"I'm sorry, stop this" he said softly and she sniffed.

"I'm not going anywhere till you will decide" he said and she finally smiled.

"Let's go back" she said and hugged him tightly before breaking it to look at his face.

"I want to... kiss you" she said shyly.

"You can" he said and she quickly kissed him, connecting their lips deeply.


Myles got home and met grandma Patricia waiting in the living room, she looked up from the couch she was sleeping on when the door opened.

"Baby" he called with a sweet smile.

"My boy" she said and sat up.

"How are you? You didn't miss me much right?" he asked, sitting beside her.

"I do, I can't help it" she replied and he quickly hugged her.

"You came back late today" she said and they broke the hug.

"My boss closed so late today" he said and pecked her cheek.

"Your dinner is ready, I will go get it" she said and tried to stand but he stopped her.

"I will do that myself, just go and sleep" he said.

"No, not until I watch you eat" she insisted and he smiled.

"I will get it then" he stood up and walked to the kitchen, he came back with a covered plate and went to settle at the dining table.

Grandma Patricia joined him as he started eating. She drew closer to him and started stroking his hair, he looked at her and smiled.

"Why do you love doing these so much?" he asked.

"I used to stroke your father's hair when he was little, you are just adorable, I can't stop doing it" she replied and he grinned.

Myles drank a cup of water and dropped the spoon.

"You ate at your boss's place?" she asked and he nodded.

"You are getting so close to her, should I be expecting something?" she asked.

"Maybe" he shrugged and her eyes widened.

"Really?" she asked, sounding excited.

"You like her? Did you ask her out?" she asked at once.

"Good night baby" he stood up and ran into his room.

"Myles, come back here" she shouted.

"But won't he get heartbroken if he falls for her, she is out of his league" she mumbled.

Myles got to his room and the first thing he did was bringing out his phone to call Jennifer but her call came in even before he could dial her number.

"Myles" she called in a low voice and he almost chuckled

"Why are you sounding that way?" he asked.

"You don't like it?" she asked and he groaned.

"I love it, I got home and I had dinner already" he said and he could hear her laughter.

"I was going to ask that, so.."

"So what?" he asked.

"Nothing.... good night" she replied.

"Say what you wanted to say" he said.

"I love... you" she said and quickly hung up.

His giggles filled the room as he sat on the bed.

He remembered when she confessed to him and he still can't believe it till now.

"She really fell for me, is this some kind of dream? Like how?" he said, sighing repeatedly.


It was almost 11pm when a car drove into the house and stopped.

"Second time coming to your house, I will like to see your sister someday" she said.

"Ok" he said and she faced him.

"Don't say anything when I show up late at work tomorrow, you caused this" he said.

"I can't believe you were crying just because I wanted to go home, you are a baby with an adult body" he mocked and she bit her lips.

"Are you suddenly speechless?" he asked and Paige looked up.

"I... just don't know" she said when she didn't really have anything to say.

"I can go now right?" he asked.

"I didn't kidnap you" she replied and came closer.

"You want a kiss again?" he asked and she nodded cutely.

He smiled and captured her lips, imitating the kiss this time, her hands went around his neck immediately and she started kissing him so deeply till he broke it and kissed her forehead.

"Nice dreams" he said and came out of the car, he waved at her and went inside.

She kept looking at the house for five minutes. She was thinking about the kiss till her phone started ringing.

She looked at her phone to see his call, and she quickly answered.

"You want to sleep over?" he said and her heart skipped a beat.

"Really?" she asked.

"I was just joking, go home" he laughed and she frowned.

"Bye" she said and he hung up.

"I got over excited over nothing" she said and dropped her phone on the seat before driving out.


Ceres walked into the company feeling hyper and proud.

Her face was full of smiles as she walked into her office.

Her company is trending right now and the products are being purchased widely.

All the good talks were about her company and she got two big offers from big companies.

"I can't wait to see Jennifer's face, how would it feel like seeing someone using your idea to excel" she said and laughed.

The door opened and Mr Adam came in.

"Father" she called, standing up.

"For the first time you made me proud" Mr Adam said and she smiled proudly.

"You should expect more, this is just the starting point" she said, drawing her fingers on the table.

"Don't be too confident, Jennifer is a hard woman, just try to keep on...."

"You are not trying to compare me with her right?" she snapped, getting angrily already.

"Just try to be as good as her" Mr Adam said and walked out.

Ceres took a file on the table and threw it at the wall.

"No matter what I do, he will always compare me with her" she seethed.


"How the f*ck did she gotta have the same design, the same plan? How?" Jennifer yelled.

"How is that possible?" Jennifer yelled and everyone kept silent.

"No one is talking?" she shouted.

"I think someone is here who is working for her" Kingsley said and she faced him.

"I can't believe this, I had a plan to launch the clothes next week but now it's already out" Jennifer yelled.

"I'm going to find out how our idea got out, I'm going to the root of this" she said.

"Calm down..."

"Don't tell me that crap, do you know what this cause?" Jennifer yelled and walked out of the hall.

Kingsley followed her immediately and he caught up with her on the way.


"I don't want to talk to anyone now" Jennifer said and walked out on him.

The staff avoided Jennifer like a plague cos everyone was aware of what happened.

They were hiding when they saw her angry and boiling face, she got out of the company and walked to the car.

"Where are you going?" Myles asked.

"Take me to Adams corporation" she replied.

"You want to confront your half sister?"

"I don't want to talk much, take me there now, don't stop me, please" she said, sounding very angry.

"Do you know what that will make her feel? She will think she finally got you, you are bigger than her even with this, you can still come up with something greater than this, you invented the ideas Jenny, it's stupid going to her" he said and she sighed.

"I know what to calm you down, don't say anything just follow me to your office" he looked at her and she stared at him for a while before getting down from the car.

He came out from the car and took her hand, he entered the office with her and all the staff kept looking at them, especially at where he was holding her hand till he got to her office.

Kingsley gave Myles a disgusted face when they passed his desk but Myles ignored him.

He entered the office together with her and faced her.

"Is there another room here?" he asked and she looked at him.

"Yes, I have a storeroom here" she replied, and he quickly lifted her up from the ground.

"What are you doing?" she asked.

"Just keep quiet and watch me, where is the door?" he replied and she pointed at the door.

He began going there, and her heart started beating so fast till he got to the door, he gently opened it and went inside with her.

There's a chair in the middle of the room, he walked to the chair and placed her on the chair, he squatted before her and started giving her an intoxicating look.

She swallowed hard, staring at his handsome face.

Staring at him was making her anger to start going down bit by bit.

He held the chair armrest and came forward, she inhaled much of his scent as they held eyes.

"Do you know what you need now?" he asked sexily.

"No...No.!!" she stuttered as a result of the hotness and nervousness she was feeling.

"You need a hot and st£amy romance" he said naughtily and her heart skip a loud beat.



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