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The Billionaire's Heartbeat - Episode 47 & 48




The Billionaire's Heartbeat - Episode 47 & 48

Theme: Blazing affection

By Terri Savage

"I'm feeling cold" she said in a low voice, and he moved on the bed, turning his face to her.

"Use the sheet and cover yourself, you will feel better" he said and she frowned.

"What is it? Did I say anything wrong?" he asked with a smile and her frown deepened.

"Is that what a man says when a woman makes that statement to him?" she asked.

"I think so" he replied and she hissed.

"So clueless" she glared and turned her back on him.

"Good night" he slept back with a smirk on his face.

Jennifer laid there but her mind wasn't steady, she wanted to be in his arms, the sheets couldn't solve what she wanted at that moment.

She looked back and saw him sleeping peacefully.

How can he be so clueless? He hasn't been with a woman before? Oh! She is his first kiss.

She is going to take the bull by the horns.

"Myles" she called, turning to his side.

"Yes" he replied without turning.

"I'm... feeling cold" she said.

Myles smiled and turned to her.

"Why are you smiling?" she asked, looking at him.

"Nothing" he replied and she shifted closer to him.

"What are you doing?" he asked.

Without answering, she hugged his body tightly, snaking her hands around him as she pulled his body closer hers, making a direct contact with his skin.

"Jennifer" he called.

"Jenny" she corrected, and he smiled.

"You were feeling cold or is this what you wanted?" he asked, staring at her face.

"Both of them" she replied, and he smiled.

"Stop smiling or I will kiss you again" she said, gazing at his lips, and he chuckled.

"Ok" he muttered shortly and her eyes went to his chest, his chest was nude since he gave out his shirt to her.

"Don't show this body to girls" she whispered.

"Why?" he asked.

"Just don't do it" she replied, looking at his eyes.

He smiled and she returned it.

"Tonight is my happiest night" she said and he nodded.

"You won't ask why?" she questioned.

"I guess I already know the reason" he replied, and she smiled.

"You are so smart" she replied, placing her head on his chest.

"This position" he muttered.

"What about it?" she questioned.

"We shouldn't be sleeping this way" he replied.


"It's for lovers.."

"Shut up" she interrupted, and he chuckled.

"Are you feeling better now?" he asked.

"Yes" she smiled.

"Good night" he said.

"Good night" she replied and closed her eyes on his chest.


Myles was the first person to wake up. He tried moving on the bed but he discovered something was holding him down, his eyes went down and he saw Jennifer holding him so tight in her sleep.

He didn't know when he smiled, she was looking so cute and adorable.

He took his eyes to her face, she was looking so innocent, her pretty lips and her cute nose bridge.

He can't deny that this lady lying next to him is so pretty.

"Jenny" he called after staring at her for two minutes.

"Jenny" he repeated, then she moved on the bed.

"Jenny" he called for the third time.

"Hmmm" she replied drowsily.

She opened her eyes weakly, raising her head up from his chest slowly, their eyes hooked on each other and they started staring at each other.

"Good morning" she said prettily.

"Good morning" he said.

"It's morning, time to go home" he said.

"Let's stay like this" she said, moving into him.

"We can't stay like this, what about the work in the office?" he asked.

"I'm the boss, Kingsley can handle everything" she smiled.

"No, I will take you home, your guards will be looking for you" he said and she whined like a baby.

"Stop acting cute" he said and tried getting up but she pushed him back.

"Jenny, what?" he laughed.

"No morning kiss?" she asked.

"Huh!" he blinked.

"Why that look?" she asked, staring at him.

"Nothing" he replied and she quickly pecked his lips.

"So sweet" she licked her lips and he shook his head.

"Can you allow me to get up now?" he asked, and she slowly sat up.

"You should take your bath" he said, flexing his muscles as he stood up from the bed.

He expected to get a reply from Jennifer but she was so silent so he turned to her and caught her staring at his body.

He walked to her and carried her up from the bed, Jennifer gasped as she came back to her senses, she blinked for more than fifty times before looking away.

"Stop drooling and have your bath" he said and her cheeks heated in a blush.

"You want to bathe me?" she asked as he started taking her to the bathroom.

"Maybe" he smiled.

He got to the door and opened it. He dropped her in front of the door and she quickly faced him.

"You are not coming in?" she asked with a naughty smirk.

"Stop being naughty and have your bath" he pushed her head and closed the door at once.

He could hear her laughter from inside as he walked to the bed.

She had her bath and he had his too. She got dressed in her clothes.

He came out of the bedroom and she walked to him.

"I'm hungry" she pouted.

"We woke up late, I couldn't make breakfast" he said.

"Can you cook my favorite food for me again?" she asked.

"Yes" he replied and she smiled.

"Let's go" he said and walked to the table, he got her phone there.

"Your phone" he said and she took it from him.

She tried unlocking it but it was switched off, it must be the way I fell roughly in the car yesterday.

They walked out of the house and entered the car. Thanks to the manufacturers, the car was neat as it was parked yesterday despite the heavy rain.

"I might be getting arrested for abducting you yesterday" he said and she smiled.

"I won't mind if you will continue abducting me everyday" she said cutely, and he chuckled

"You are not serious" he said and started the car.

He looked at her with a smile and she returned the energy

He drove out of the house.


The cops were waiting in front of Jennifer's castle when Myles drove in.

He sighed and turned to Jennifer.

"I will handle this" she smiled and opened the door.

She came out and the guards rushed to her.

"Boss, we are sorry.."

"It's not your fault, so don't beg" she interrupted and they looked at each other before bowing.

Myles came down from the car and immediately the cops saw him, they walked briskly to him.

"Myles Kennedy, you are under arrest for running away with.."

"Stop" she said and the cop who was making that statement stopped.

"I was with him, you can go" she said calmly.

"Okay ma'am" the cop said and made a signal to his other colleagues, they started leaving the castle, and Jennifer walked to Myles.

"I told you" he said quickly and she laughed.

"I'm here, you can't be arrested when I'm here, you did nothing wrong" she said.


"You will be late.."

"I'm the CEO, Myles" she pouted prettily.

"I have a lot of explanation to do at home" he said.

"You are not going home till we have breakfast" she said, taking his hand.

"I'm not going to argue with you" he affirmed and she smiled.


Grandma Patricia was sitting in the living room with a worried look on her face, Myles didn't come home yesterday and since yesterday she couldn't reach him as he didn't answer his phone.

She was facing the door when it suddenly opened and he came in.

"Myles" she stood abruptly and rushed to him.

"What happened to you? You didn't answer my calls" she asked at once, rushing her words.

He pulled her into a hug and she hugged him back before he broke it.

"I was with Jennifer, I would have come home but the rain stood as a hindrance" he replied truthfully.

"You weren't picking your calls"

"I'm sorry, I wasn't with my phone, I'm sorry for making you worried baby" he said and she smiled.

"It's nothing, I'm fine now" she uttered and he kissed her cheeks fondly.

"I couldn't even make breakfast" she said.

"Don't worry about that, I ate breakfast, I'm going back to work" he said.

"Okay but call me if you are not going to come back tonight" she said and he chuckled.

"I know what you are trying to say grandma" he said and she started laughing.

"You seem to be spending a lot of time with your boss, I thought you were enemies with her" she eyed him.

"I will take my bath" he said, ignoring what she said, he rushed into his room.

"He's so good at avoiding conversation" she muttered and sat back on the chair.


Sloane was watching Newton as he served some ladies on a table, they kept talking about his handsomeness and she was finding it irritating as they kept talking about his face.

"Aren't they shameless? They kept talking about his face nonstop" she muttered, squeezing her face.

"Are you jealous?" Michelin asked behind her and she almost flinched.

"Michelin" she called, looking back.

"You are jealous because they are talking about his face right?"

"Jealous? Why would I be? It's just annoying how they kept talking about his face" she replied and Michelin smiled.

"Just admit you are jealous, you like him, don't deny it" Michelin said, and Sloane away, her cheeks heated in a blush.

Newton came to where they were with a package in his hands.

"Going for a delivery?" Michelin said.

"Yeah" he replied.

"I'm coming with you" Sloane said.


"Don't say anything" Sloane cut in and took his hand, she started pulling him away.

Michelin smiled looking at them.

"They are so adorable" she said, smiling.


Newton pressed the doorbell and after a minute the door opened up and a young pretty girl came out wearing a short skirt and a crop top.

"Good afternoon" he said.

"Afternoon handsome" she said with a seductive smile on her face.

Sloane made a disgusted face.

"Here is what you ordered" he said.

"Oh!!" she smiled and took it from him, making sure her fingers brushed with his.

Newton sharply looked at her.

"Sign here" he said, bringing out a paper.

He gave it to her and she signed, she looked up biting her lips.

"Can we exchange contacts?" she asked.

"Huh?" he blinked.

"Can I have your number?" she asked again.


"You can't see he's not here alone?" Sloane asked with a glare and the girl faced.

"Pardon" she said.

"You clearly heard what I said" Sloane shot.

"Who are you? You look like a waitress"

"Yeah, I'm a waitress, do you have a problem with that?"

"Is he your boyfriend? You don't look like his girl" she asked.

"It's not written on the forehead" Sloane shot and took his hand, dragging him away.

"What was that?" he asked.

"Are you going to scold me?" she replied.

"Why would I do that? I like what you did there?" he said and she looked at him.

"Really?" she smiled.

"I don't like exchanging my contacts with random girls but you didn't deny being my girlfriend there" he said.

"I don't want it to look like I was acting overprotective" she bit her lips.

"You were so pretty there" he said and her cheeks heated in a blush. 

"A drink tonight" he said and she smiled.

"Let's go pretty" he took her hand and she nodded, hiding her pink cheeks.


Everest was displaying the slides for the next project in the meeting room.

"These are our target areas" he said.

"Can you bring the previous slide?"

"Sure" he nodded and reversed the slide.

"It's good" the chief director said.

"It's a yes then" the others chorused.

"Then I will get the report back to the CEO " Everest said and bowed.

He walked out of the meeting hall and the board members started dispersing.

He was walking to his desk when he came across Vivian.

"Vivian" he called and stopped.

"Everest" she called.

She came closer and hugged him but he broke it shortly.

"Can we go out tonight?" she asked.

"Around what?" he asked.

"8pm" she replied.

"Sure, just tell me the location later" he said and he smiled before walking away.

Vivian giggled and rushed excitedly into her office.


"You are back?" Jennifer asked as Myles came into the office.

"You sound like you have been waiting for me?" he asked smartly and she glared at him.

"Stop reading my mind, Mr Myles" she said and he chuckled.

She stood up from her chair and walked closer to him.

"Are you okay?" he asked, seeing the look in her eyes.

"I want a kiss" she replied and he raised his brows.

"You are becoming an extra naughty girl" he smirked.

"Girl?" she giggled cutely.

"Do you know that I'm not your boyfriend?" he said.

"I know but you don't have a girlfriend either" she said.

"I will see you later" he said.

"Don't try to avoid what I said" she said, holding him.

"You said something!" he asked and she frowned.

"You heard it" she shot, and he shook his head.

"I didn't" he said.

"Okay, just forget it" she said.

"See you later, sexy python" he winked, and started leaving.

She looked at him till he left the office, and she bit her lips, walking to her desk.

"I can't control it" she said, taking her finger into her mouth, she started sucking on it while thinking about his lips.

She got whipped completely.


Paige was tapping her feet on the floor as she waited for Everest in her office, she had a very important meeting so she asked him to represent her in the board meeting.

She didn't know what was going on with her but she might go crazy if she didn't do it.

She badly wanted to see his face.

She kept waiting for ten minutes and when she couldn't take it, she started walking to the door but it opened and he came in.

"You are back?" he asked and she literally ran to him.

"Everest" she called with urgency in her voice.

"What is it? Are you okay?" he asked.

"I don't know..." she replied.

"You don't know?" he asked slowly.

"Yes, I don't know what is wrong with me" she replied and grabbed his hands.

"Come with me" she said and took him to the couch.

She made him sit and she surprisingly sat on his lap.

"Paige" he called shockingly.

"I might die if I don't do this, I'm sorry" she said and started leaning in, Everest got what she was trying to do, he tried looking away but he couldn't till her lips slammed on his lips soothingly.



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