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The Billionaire's Heartbeat - Episode 45 & 46




The Billionaire's Heartbeat - Episode 45 & 46

Theme: Blazing affection

By Terri Savage

She held him by side, kissing him so hard as he held her face in his palms, returning the same energy.

Her legs raised from behind, trapping him in the middle as she enjoyed the kiss and his scent, she kept pulling herself into him as she kept inhaling his scent.

Her heart beat freely in her chest, racing crazily as she felt her inside churning, she almost burnt out a moan but she kept it inside.

The sparks in the kiss made them kissed hungrily and passionately, they weren't ready to go of each other, they kept on kissing like it was going to be the last time, Myles broke the kiss after some minutes and she licked her lips, staring at him with an unsatisfied look.

"You want more?" he asked, noticing the look on her face.

"I want more, I'm not satisfied" she muttered cutely, pulling him to her.

He smiled and started caressing her lips with his thumb.

"So have you forgiven me now that I have shown you?" he asked and she shook her head.

"Huh! Why?" he asked.

"I want you to kiss me again" she said.

"You are bribing me now" he said.

"Am I?" she pouted.

"Yes" he replied and kissed her again, she reconnected her legs around him and started kissing him sweetly but he quickly broke it.

"Answer me" he said, looking at her face.

"I have forgiven you" she replied and he smiled.

He tried to move back but she held him by the shirt, stopping him from moving away from her.

"What?" he asked.

"I want us to stay like this for five minutes" she said, looking at his lips.

"Don't get addicted to my lips, please" he said and she bit her lips. 

"Are you hungry?" he asked, and she looked up at him.

"What would you do if I'm hungry?" she asked.

"Stop acting like my boss, we are not at work" he replied and she smiled.

"I'm hungry, Myles Kennedy" she said, pronouncing his name sweetly.

"Acting sweet and cute doesn't suit you Jenny" he said and she brushed her hair, hiding her blush.

"Come with me" he said and took her down.

"My coffee" she said, grabbing the cup.

"It will be cold now" he said and she took a glance at the coffee.

"I will drink it, I don't want to waste it" she said and he flashed her a bunny smile, and she blinked, wondering how a guy can be this handsome and perfect at the same time.

"What are you thinking about?" he asked and she quickly drank the coffee at once.

"Come" he took her hand and led her into the kitchen.

"Wow! A kitchen?" she remarked, taking her eyes around the kitchen.

"What were you thinking?" he scoffed.

"Stop reading my mind Myles Kennedy" she rolled eyes.

"Looking at you right now, you are not the egoistic Jennifer keys that the whole world fears"

"Except you jerk" she shot, and he chuckled.

"This is not your house..."

"I rented it for today" he cut in, and she looked up.

"Just to abduct me..."

"To ask for your forgiveness" he cut in again.

"Stop interrupting my statements" she said, drawing closer to him.

"It costs a lot of money right?" she asked.

"Yes but it's nothing since I'm not feeling guilty anymore" he said and she felt her heart skip several beats.

Okay, what is this guy doing to her?

"Why do you bring me to the kitchen? To cook for me?" she asked, and he looked at her.

"You asked the question and answered it" he said.

"Can you cook my favorite?"

"Yes, Rice veggies" he replied, and her eyes widened.

"How... Do you.. know my favorite food?" she asked with a gasp.

"I'm Myles Kennedy" he replied proudly.

"I got the ingredients to cook that for you" he said and she felt her inside turning.

Why's she feeling this way with him? The loud heartbeats, she knows what is happening but she doesn't want to believe it yet, it may be infatuation.

But the fact that he used his money to rent this house just to ask for her forgiveness and to cook for her was making her have this vibe she hasn't felt with any guy before, it's priceless, in her life, this is the first time a guy will be cooking for her.

"This is the first time a man will be cooking for me" she said in a low voice, and he faced her.

"Really?" he asked, bringing out the ingredients.

"I'm sure" she replied.

"Your favorite wine is Martell, you hate too much and you hate spicy foods, i already know your favorite juice and biscuits" he said and she opened her mouth and closed it like a fish.

"I don't have anything to say"

"Should I tell you your best perfume, your best color and your.." he said and leaned closer to her.

"Your pant size" he whispered the last part, and she gasped.

"Anaconda" she yelled.

"Sexy python, please don't blush" he said and she rolled eyes.

"Pervert" she shot.

"Said by someone who took my first kiss" he said and she looked at him.

"I'm your first kiss?" she replied and he nodded.

He smiled and took a pot, he turned the gas cooker on and put it on the gas head.

She started watching him as he brought out the ingredients, and started chopping it.

He's giving her more reason to have butterflies in her tummy, who would know this mini devil will be this sweet.

"I never thought devils were sweet too" she said, jumping on the counter.

He turned to her, and looked at her, he smiled and faced the gas cooker.


"What? You said you were going to release the product on Monday, what happened?" the person asked, he's standing before her with a cup of hard wine.

"Things changed, but I bet you darling, she is going to cry when I release the product"

"You have to be fast, she is working on releasing the designs, you gotta be fast" he said.

"I'm ahead of her, don't worry" she said and stood up.

She tried to kiss him but he looked away from her and her lips landed on his cheeks.

"What is it?" she asked.

"I need 50 million dollars" he said, and she smiled.

"Is that all?"

"Yes" he replied and she took out her phone.

His phone beeped and he took it out, his eyes widened when he saw a credit alert of 55 million dollars.

"Baby" he called, and held her face, kissing her so hard.

"I love you" he beamed.

"I love you more"

"Tell me what you want now?"

"I want you inside of me, I want you to f*ck my brains out" she replied, a moan laced in her voice.

He carried her up in front and she wrapped her legs around his waist. She started taking his shirt off as he took her upstairs.


"What? Myles kidnapped Jennifer, how's that possible?" Paige asked with wide eyes.

"He took her out of the company and instead of taking her home he took another road, we have been trying to track her but we can't, we already reported it to the police" the guard reported.

"I don't think Myles will do that, I will call you back" Paige said and hung up, she quickly called Everest.

He picked up at once.

"You call to ask about Jennifer right?" he said straight.

"You know about this?" she asked.

"Your friend is in good hands, she is with Myles" he replied.

"He took her with him, her guards already reported it to the police"

"I can already see my twinnie future in the prison" he chuckled.

"Be serious"

"She will handle it, don't worry" he said.

"I wonder what he will be there with her there"

"Let's say a date, let's stop talking about them" he said.

"Ok, we should talk about ourselves, right?" she said.

"Us? What about us?" he asked.

"When are you abducting me?" she asked and he started chuckling out loud.


Myles came out of the kitchen and dropped the plates of rice veggies on the table.

The rice was covered with full vegetables.

He set the table and turned to see her coming in with the cutleries.

He smiled and went to the freezer, he took out a bottle of Martell and her eyes lit.

"You were serious about this thing" she smiled.

"I hardly say sorry to anyone except my baby, so I'm going to make it special since you are the second person I will be saying sorry to" he said, sitting down as he placed the Martell in the middle of the table.

"Your grandma is your baby?" she asked.

"Sure, were you getting jealous already?" he teased and she scoffed.

"You always think ahead of you, we are not dating so why would I be?"

"You might be catching feelings" he smirked and she rolled eyes.

"Eat up" he said.

He poured the wine in a cup and gave it to her.

"You don't drink Martell?"

"I drink only Maltina" he replied and she started laughing in mockery.

"Seriously? Are you a woman?" she laughed

"Yes, call me Monica" he said and she laughed harder.

"Taste the food" he said and she took the cutleries.

She tasted the first spoon and her eyes widened.

"How's it?" he asked, and she looked up.

"11/10, Gawd!!!, aww" she replied and started eating so fast.

"You are a chef" she said, eating fast, and he smiled.

"You are not eating" she said and looked up from her food.

He smiled and started eating.

"Your future girlfriend will be so lucky" she said and he smiled.

"Future girlfriend?"

"You don't plan to have one?" she asked.

"I never said that" he replied and she chuckled.

"We are doing the dishes after right?" 

"Sure" he nodded.

"I will pay you to cook for me the next time, Monica need to learn from you" 

"My grandma taught me how to cook since I was 7" he said.

"Wow! It's obvious" she said.


They were doing the dishes in the kitchen and talking.

"It's past 9, I need to go home" she said.

"I'm taking you home after this" he replied and she came closer.

She stole a quick kiss from him, and he giggled.

"You are slowly getting addicted" he said.

"I can't help it" she smiled.

"All done" they said and faced each other.

Thunder struck outside and before they could know it, it started raining heavily.

"What?"Jennifer shouted.

"Why are you shouting?" he asked.

"Can't you see it's raining? How do we go home now?"

"We are not in the bush, we can sleep here" he replied and she swiftly looked at him.

"Huh!" she blinked.

"Yes, there's a room here, enough for the two of us" he replied, going out.

"Anaconda" she ran out and grabbed him.

"I can't sleep like this, I will need a shower, what am I going to wear?" 

"I didn't expect the weather to turn on us, you can use my shirt" he replied and her eyes went to his shirt.

"I can't" she said.

"Then fine, you can manage in your clothes" he said and tried to move but she held him back.

"I will wait for when the rain will stop"


"You are acting cold again" she said, staring at him.

"I'm not, Jenny" he said softly and she smiled.

"I don't think the rain will stop soon but if you..."

"I will wear your shirt, where is the bedroom?" she interrupted.

"Let's go" he smiled and took her hand.

They entered the bedroom and she was amazed at the decorations.

"Nice" she said.

"That's the bathroom" he pointed at the door, and started taking his shirt off.

"What are you doing?" she gasped, covering her face.

"Taking my shirt off" he replied freely, and she slowly let her hands down.

Her breath seized the moment she saw his chest, she quickly tried to look away but it was like a force held her back, she started staring so hard as he took his shirt off completely.

He looked at her and caught her staring intently at his chest.

"Jenny" he called and she blinked, walking to him.

She got to him and the first place her hands went to was his chest, she started running her hands on his chest, caressing his skin.

"You are so beautiful and I love your scent" she said cutely, rubbing her hands on his illegally sexy abs and packs.

Myles felt a chill on his skin, his hair started standing up on his body, he started feeling the heat.

"Jenny" he called and she looked up, locking eyes with him.

"Go and take your bath" he said.

"I want to keep touching your chest" she said.

"It's dangerous" he whispered.

"I don't mind" she said, gazing at him.

"Don't be naughty" he said and started pulling her to the bathroom, he opened the door and pushed her in, handing the shirt to her.

"Myles" she pouted, giving him puppy eyes.

"That eyes won't work on me" he said and closed the door.

"Myles" she pouted, going into the bathtub.

She came out after twenty minutes, wearing his shirt. It stopped at the middle of her thighs, she was looking so hot in the shirt.

He looked up from the bed where he was sitting and he had to employ all his self control to look away.

"You look good in the shirt" he said and she bit her lips.

She was expecting him to say words like "HOT and S£XY" but since it came from him she was okay with it.

He stood up from the bed and walked to her.

Jennifer tucked a hair behind her ear as she tried to hide her nervousness.

"You are nervous" he smiled.

"I'm not" she said, trying not to show it in her voice.

He smiled at her before going into the bathroom.

She released the air she didn't know she was holding as he walked out.

"Gawd....I'm feeling hot" she said and sat on the bed.

She heard the water splash in the bathroom and started thinking naughty things but she quickly waved it away.

She smelt his shirt and smiled.

Her mind went to what Kingsley said to her, and she sighed.

"I can't do it" she muttered and the bathroom door opened, he came out dressed only in his pants.

She tried her best not to look at his chest cos she knew what would happen if she looked at him.

"You are not going to bed?" he asked, getting on the bed.

"I'm" she replied and climbed the bed.

"Good night" he said and lay on the bed, turning his back on her.

Jennifer laid on the bed and started staring at Myles's back, she started biting her lips, she started tossing on the bed but he didn't make a move.

"Myles" she called after she couldn't handle it.

"Yes, what?" he replied without looking at her.

"I'm feeling cold" she said.



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